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  1. 1. In the new survival mode game I randomly spawned somewhere in the Great Bear Island, and i'm just curious where is the Will Mackenzie's plane or debris, which should be nearby in this case?2. Seems you will add a region with a flight strip and planes, so, will we able to fly away from Great Bear Island or Aurora won’t let us go?
  2. [align=center]Experience mode (Уровень сложности)[/align] Hello. Does the level of complexity of the amount of food in the game? Pilgrim mode. 3 hours of play, lived 70 days. without killing anything and without firing the Rifle (rus)Привет. Зависит ли от уровня сложности количество пищи в игре? в режиме Пилигрим. За 3 часа игры, прожил 70 дней. При этом не убивая и не стреляя из винтовки