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  1. What worked for me was to make a fire that lasted 9+ hours, then exit the fire interface. Right after that the character says something along the lines like "that should do it. Oh, I'm so tired" and then goes to sleep.
  2. Great idea @cekivi! Not just useful for new members either, learned something myself as well
  3. Wow, talk about not giving up... Respect!
  4. Congratulations on this huge milestone! The update looks really good, it got me playing again
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  6. Thanks for the reminder @Patrick Carlson!
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  9. Congratz @Yolan! Still need to start my first interloper game
  10. Welcome to the forums @Prering!
  11. Welcome to the forums @Cizsel! I can't agree with the way people vent their frustration but I do think a large part of the blame lies with Hinterland. You say we did the hyping ourselves. That's true but it's not like Hinterland didn't expect that to happen. The only thing that really annoys me is they didn't manage peoples expectations once those expectations were getting so far removed from the truth. It's not cool if you take a day of to play a new update you're expecting only to find nothing new to play. True, nobody promised us an update at the end of the timer. But the wording of the announcement of the timer at the start of this thread does lead people to believe an update was to be expected. I get that people are feeling frustrated, sad, disappointed, misled or angry. I don't get the way people express those feelings. People make mistakes. It happens. Don't hate them for it! I sincerely believe the people at Hinterland did not intend for this to happen, they've just seriously underestimated how people would feel. For them this is a huge milestone, but most of us don't see that. They are working very hard to deliver to us the best game they can make. And from what we've all already seen in the sandbox these past couple of years, it's going to be one of the best games ever! So give them a break already! Focus on the good things and let's enjoy our game to the fullest.
  12. You've hit the nail right there, at least for me. I think everyone was expecting at least the new sandbox update to be released once the timer was over. I know I did. And yes, I'm very disappointed that there was no update. I am happy with the release date for WINTERMUTE and all the info we got yesterday, but I can't help but feeling duped. When you see people taking days off because they expect at least the sandbox update they have been awaiting eagerly, that would have been a good time to manage expectations... It's human to make mistakes and the good people at Hinterland are only human after all. I'm not holding any grudges here and hope they have learned from their mistake. I think people are greatly overreacting (but then again, isn't that what the gaming audience is known for?) and should take a deep breath and count to 10. And then take a long walk in TLD and take a good look at what a great game this already is and think about how much fun they've had already in this beautiful world! Seldom have I played a finished game that has captivated me and provided me with as much pleasure as TLD has in early access. So speaking out negatively about the game or even giving negative reviews is completely unfair. Vent your frustration with Hinterland if you must but saying this game is not worth the money is simply not true, even in it's current state! To finish on a positive note: the trailer looks great! I'm looking forward to the update later this month and the release in august.
  13. That's good to hear @Rusty_Old_F250! Have fun with the update tomorrow. Happy gaming!
  14. question

    I was born 20 years after the start of the series myself @WildGPS But that didn't stop me from enjoying them when my older nephews were watching Strange thing, I just did some googling and it turns out the phrase was only used in 3 eppisodes, but somehow lot's of people associate the 2. I could have sworn every episode I saw started out that way. The tricks the mind plays on us...
  15. question

    Submitted for your approval: a place on the internet where people respect each other and their opinions. Welcome to... the Long Dark Forums If you get that reference, you're at least as old as I am and probably older