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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    You misunderstood. We know exactly where Episode Three takes place. We haven't confirmed in detail publicly what parts of the world the Episode takes place in. Please don't jump to conclusions about release dates.
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    Hello community, I'm going to try to get a dev diary out next week, to provide a more general update regarding stuff we've been working on since the holidays, but for now, let's dive right into this week's Mailbag. I'm out tomorrow so this week's Mailbag comes a day early. Enjoy! ***** Question from @Mystix: Not many field tests. Most of the stats for Calorie counts and whatnot were taken from actual food guides, including for game meat(s) but we generally tune to gameplay needs rather than realism, the reasons for that being fairly obvious I think. For snow melting/boiling and other survival-type activities I general consult wilderness survival books, articles, and talk to people I know who are mountain guides and/or people who are generally knowledgeable about outdoor survival. The snow melting/water production timings were taken from tests that some mountaineers had done, when checking out different types of stoves, but of course boil time depends on altitude as well which we don't currently simulate in the game. ***** Question from @Tylor9261: *Very* stoked! I love the Metro series, and I really miss STALKER so this has to kind of scratch that itch for now. ***** Question from @Huffeltuff: Oh wow -- thank you for playing the game despite it not properly catering to your situation. I don't have a solution in mind right now but we'll take this feedback to heart and see if we can come up with something. Do you find the Rifle presents the same challenges? Stone Throwing? Knowing this will help us consider a more global solution vs. just trying to "fix" the Bow. ***** Question from @acemok: I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about. ***** Question from @Faithful Cartographer: New location -- yes. New animal -- sure hope so! ***** Question from @XaldinVii: Could happen! But we haven't confirmed the locale for Episode Three yet so you'll have to wait and see. ***** Question from @bois vert: I've been thinking about this lately and will consider it along with the request to make Bow Aiming more accessible. ***** Question from @Sceh: Well, some people call a toque a "beanie" so I try not to be too offended by the vast ignorance of Canadianisms out there. In all seriousness, we were careful to include a voyageur reference in Jeremiah's Bear Legend story in Episode Two, partly to help with this. I don't know that it encouraged anyone to run off and research the history of the Canadian fur trade, but it sure made a good story (I thought)! Also, it helps that all our main voice cast (including Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer, and David Hayter) are Canadians. In this case, David Hayter (who plays Jeremiah) didn't need any help nailing the pronunciation. He knew it in his GUT. **** Question from @Skelegutplays: Kind of like a...Hushed River Valley? Something along those lines? ***** Question from @Azdrawee: Fluffy is a relic of the past, but it doesn't mean her legend doesn't (or won't) live on... ***** Question from @piddy3825: It's because those backers didn't provide any material for their Cairn. We're hoping to still hear from them! ***** Question for @BogenBlitz: Some of our interiors re-use elements; our art team isn't very big. We have discussed updating some that are too similar but it introduces a lot of additional hassles (including: how to handle all the stuff people may have stored in the existing locations)? A lot of what prevents us from making changes like this is just not wanting to break existing saves. But, we'll see what we can figure out in the future. ***** Question for @bikingviking: We are open to it, but also fear a "backlash" from players who may not want to see us working on Survival DLC while WINTERMUTE isn't yet finished. It's backed us into a bit of a corner, to be honest. If there was enough confirmed interest and we thought players would accept it (and not review bomb us or whatever) we'd probably do it. We love to add to the game but it does feel like we've been giving away a lot of content for free (for a lot of years). Profitability is not our primary motivation but more $$ means we can add more to the game. ***** Question for @Doc Feral: Nope, no plans to add this. ***** Question from @DarKube: I can't speak to how quickly the actual decoy item is consumed (i.e. removed from the world), but the Wolf should be slowed by the decoy in the sense that its advance should be delayed. This delay depends on the item. ***** Question from @Smellyfries: We're reluctant to add another click/button-press. If the loads are too short it's because your system loads the next content quickly which is a...good thing maybe? I get your point, but it's a tricky problem to solve, and please don't say "make it an option!". ***** Question from @U47: I'm not sure these are exploits per se, but they also aren't fully working as "desired". Some of the solutions/fixes for these issues are kind of noodly and in some cases make the problems worse. For example, for the tea thing, do we destroy the remaining tea if you couldn't consume the whole thing (b/c your Thirst bar was full), or leave the remainder so you can use it later if you are Dehydrated. Do we only offer the buff if 100% of the tea is intact? Do we offer 60% of the buff if you drink 60% of the tea? How do we communicate that the player? It ends up creating tons of annoying edge cases, UI problems, bugs, etc. and in most cases doesn't make the game any better (or at least, the improvement is not in line with the effort) so it just makes more sense to leave it as is. A lot of what makes games work is the abstraction of systems and while some of these inconsistencies can feel annoying, I don't think they detract terribly from the experience. ***** Question from @mean_jim: We've discussed it; could be added in a Survival update this year, yes. ***** Question from @amadeuszbx: We'll have more accessories coming. ***** Question from @Smellyfries: 1) Yup, depending on what you mean by soon. 2) Great! We're very busy. More info in dev diary (hopefully) next week. ***** Thanks for all the great questions! See you next week. - Raph
  3. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #22

    Hello everyone! I'm going to dive right into the mailbag as I missed it last week. Thanks for your patience and for your questions. **** Question from @Sipriano: Great Bear is a pretty big island, so we'll continue making regions as needed to support WINTERMUTE and Survival Mode but I'm not sure if we'll complete the entire island. That said, you never know! ***** Question from @Its_the_Gman: Yup, we are adding more tools to the game, and one or more of these tools might be a new firearm. ***** Question from @Smellyfries: It's boring to watch a progress bar for too long. That said, I don't think our current solution (shortening them) is the best one. I've wanted to add a more "active" firestarting method for a while, and this ultimately would be better than watching a progress bar. ***** Question from @codfish107: Yup! You can currently do this. Just go into the settings and rebind the Interaction button to something other than LMB. Some people use Space Bar. ***** Question from @Azdrawee: Yeah, we have some fixes to make to our localization pipeline and then we'll be updating the Community Loc doc once that's done. At that point, the doc will have all the current strings so it'll be ready for community language mods. ***** Question from @Jendo: We use loot tables in the game so I think they are great. I don't think people sharing them is great, but that's up to the community. All items that appear in containers are determined using loot tables, and all items that spawn in the world (ex. placed on shelves, laying on the floor, etc.) use individually tuned spawn values. There are very few 100% spawns, so if there are guaranteed matches they are either there for a specific reason or their spawn % is bugged. I think refreshing the loot tables could be a fun idea, although I suspect some players would find it irritating. ***** Question from @NardoLoopa: UI changes are always the hardest to get used to. The previous HUD elements gave us less of a "range" to work with and made it difficult to feel a sense of things changing by looking at the bars. By adding the always-on HUD as default, and adding the radial progress bars to the status indicators, we make those aspects of the game more present for players, and we also ensure they see them and understand these mechanics are always in play. We also made some aesthetic changes to improve the overall look of the HUD elements themselves, embedding the warnings and the delta arrows a bit better, in our opinion. We didn't want to go back to horizontal bars and the radial bar is more compact, but this amount of "bar" is useful in that you can see changes more visibly (vs. a much shorter bar that has fewer "pips" to transition through from 100 to 0). ***** Question from @TheDrocker: It's a little hard to offer suggestions without knowing more about the specific crash. We fixed a memory leak and a few other PS4 crashes in the Redux update (and subsequent hotfixes), but it sounds like some issues are persisting for you? It'd be great if you could report some info to hinterlandgames.com/support. We continue working on overall game stability and performance and it's our goal to remove all crashes in the game -- sorry to hear you've run into this issue. ***** Question from @Michi: I guess the answer depends on if you think a darker game is more interesting. I don't feel that we've abandoned anything too significant and I certainly don't feel that the game or story has suffered for our rating. As you can see from Redux, we don't have any issues with portraying violence when needed, provided it's in service to the experience and it's not gratuitous. There are very strict rules about portraying drug use in games, in particular if it has a gameplay impact (which it would have in our case), so this isn't so much a question of "removing the darker stuff" as whether a decision like that prevents us from actually selling the game or not. In short, I think you're reading too much into the morphine thing. **** Question from @CalNieDaGtarGuy: What, games can't use literary references? ***** Question from @Faithful Cartographer: We're only including locations that are relevant to the WINTERMUTE story. You'll have to see what all those are by the time we finish Episode Five. ***** Question from @melcantspell: If we felt there was enough community thirst for new regions as paid DLC, we'd consider making them, yes. ***** Question from @musrass: Will knowing the answer make you enjoy the game more, or less? My guess is less, so for your sake I'll keep it secret. ***** Question from @Doc Feral: Probably not that exact cave, but maybe another like it. ***** Question from @UTC-10: Not really. Do you think it would be useful? In Story, the game introduces most of the concepts you need to know. In Survival, part of the fun is discovering how the game works. ***** Question from @Foxo: The Demon Bear from Jeremiah's fireside story-time. ***** Question from @Oystershell: I've never heard of them -- I'll definitely check them out! Thanks for the recommendation. I've been enjoying the Lumineers a lot lately though I'm not sure if they qualify as "indie folk"? ***** Question from @Smellyfries: It's not permanently winter, but I wouldn't call the seasons "normal" either. ***** Thanks for your questions! If I skipped yours, it's probably because the answer would be too long, or maybe it's something I've answered before (check the Index). Maybe you asked multiple questions in a thread and I wanted to give a chance to someone else so I picked one of yours and skipped the others. It's also possible that I felt your question was intended to kick off an argument or wasn't really in the spirit of the Mailbag, so I'm ignoring it vs. taking the bait. In general I try to respond to every question (although I may genuinely just miss some) and I try to use the Mailbag to try to enrich the community discussion around the game. Hopefully it's doing that for you. Til next time! - Raph
  4. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #21

    Hello everyone, Wow has this week gone quickly. Here's Dispatch #21! Looks like a shorter one this week as there weren't *that* many questions. ***** Question from @smaointeoireacht: This was to accommodate changes to the opening hour of Episode One. I found the old intro path into Milton felt kind of winding and empty, and was difficult to pace well, so it didn't make for the best opening or introduction to the game or world. By adding Mackenzie's Hangar, the player would have 15-20 minutes of gameplay before crashing on Great Bear, and by clipping the "survival bowl" section to just one night (vs. 4-5 days in the original), along with simplifying the route into Milton, I felt that this just made a stronger introduction to the game and world in general. I particularly like that this new route lets us present a vista of Milton before you arrive. So, the route change was made primarily for pacing and staging reasons. ***** Question from @Vinceofpyrenees: The reflection of player choice for hand and arm coverings in first-person is still on the list, yes. It's a pretty huge technical and animation challenge which is why we've put it off. It's always interesting to me to see how many people find this to be an issue -- it's certainly not universal (remember when you didn't even have hands in the game? ). But as long as we can do it with an effort that is reasonable, we'll make an attempt, as I agree it's an important way for players to feel more connected to the game world. ***** Question from @Michi: I have some ideas for this, yes, but I don't think it's what you have in mind. ***** Question from @Looper: We actually already have some of this behaviour in the game, although it's certainly not as transparent as Frostpunk's UI which shows you exactly when these major temperature shifts will happen. For us, it's more gradual. You'll also see if you play the WHITEOUT challenge (which predates Frostpunk, I'll add ) , that we have this idea of a "monster blizzard" and a kind of almanac page that counts down the days to this massive blizzard, and also shows days where you are likely to have blizzards (big and small) along the way. This challenge was a test to see how that kind of a long-term weather forecast might affect player choices -- ex. you might find Almanac pages in the world, and they might give you a hint of weather that might be coming in the future (next 5 or 10 days) so that you could prepare for it (stock firewood for the 2-day storm that's coming), or make travel decisions around it (don't plan that trip from Mystery Lake to Desolation Point because there's a high likelihood of a blizzard tomorrow). I still like this idea and it's definitely something we could build on in Survival Mode. I also like the idea of dramatic temperature drops, as in Frostpunk, although I think it makes more sense in their world (arctic, steampunk, etc.) than it would in ours. I agree that we should be manipulating indoor temperatures more to keep indoor shelters a little more interesting. ***** Question [SPOILERS] from @DerpyLemon115: I didn't want the decision to be motivated by whether you would get a knife out of it or not. The knife in this instance is a prop. The decision should be a narrative one and a moral one, not a gameplay optimization. ***** Question from @BareSkin: I think that depends on if you are the curer or the "curee". ***** Question from @Arran: 1) Adding the position and arrow is a concession to Story Mode players who are generally more focused on exploration and narrative than on survival challenges. Even with the arrow, the game is still pretty tough. 2) I prefer that players rely on landmarks vs. a location marker. 3) Hmmm...I'm not aware of an object limitation there. We'll have to investigate. If there is one it's not intentional and something I'd like to fix. In general I think our mapping system in Survival can use some love and it's something I'd like us to improve this year. ***** Question from @Azdrawee: In general, TV shows don't change their opening titles for each episode. Do you find it weird there too? ***** Question from @codfish107: Do you mean this bio? https://thelongdark.gamepedia.com/Will_Mackenzie If so, I wrote this bio during our Kickstarter campaign in 2014. The game's story has changed since then, so the bio is no longer accurate, although some of the details are still true. I don't think we've released an official bio for Mackenzie, but we certainly could. ***** Question from @ltnshinysides: I'm not sure I'd agree that shortening the path into Milton makes the game "easier" -- I think it makes the introduction more interesting and better-paced, which is really important for the opening of a narrative experience. Otherwise you are likely to lose players due to disinterest or unfair difficulty and then they never get into the "good stuff" later on, including -- possibly -- never discovering Survival Mode. We always have to think about the various "entry points" our players find into the experience of The Long Dark, and also it's very important to remember that not everyone who plays our game is looking for a punishingly challenging survival experience. In general, I think what we've learned about WINTERMUTE and Survival Mode is that they appeal to different types of players, people who are looking for different things from the game. I do think that, even though Episode One isn't intended to be a tutorial per se, that like most games, the beginning tends to be a bit softer because there's so much for players to learn. This learning process is very different in Survival Mode, because there the regular failure and permadeath are integral to how you learn. But in a narrative experience, that kind of failure works against the emotions and sense of connection to the story we're trying to create for the player. The challenge of survival and the "no hand holding" philosophy will always be core to how we make The Long Dark, and the best place to experience that kind of pure survival is always going to be Survival Mode. And if you are interested in the story of what happened to Mackenzie and Astrid, Great Bear Island, the history of the people there and what happened before and after the "first flare", then Story Mode is always going to be the best place to experience that. I do think it's also worth acknowledging that even if we've made some slight concessions towards new players or making the story experience a bit more accessible than Survival, The Long Dark -- in all its modes -- is still pretty unforgiving, and I don't feel at all that we hold the player's hand. We still expect a lot from the player, and that's never going to change. But, I also don't believe the most important thing we can do is make the game interesting *only* for those players who care about finding the toughest survival challenge around. That is one group of players we make the game for, but it's not the only group. I think what's important about that idea is that we have fluidity in our player community, meaning some people come in as story fans and "graduate" to the challenges of Survival Mode, while others might be long-time Survival fans and then find that WINTERMUTE adds new dimensions to their experience that they then take back with them to Survival. In short -- I would deny the "general softening" claim. I think a healthier way to think about it is that Survival and Story are both becoming better at delivering the experiences they are intended to deliver. ***** Question from @Faithful Cartographer: I would say the current in-game world map is more accurate than that old one. We're still revealing the world of Great Bear slowly so we'll update the map accordingly over time. ***** Question from @Doc Gonzo: Whenever I look at the name The Long Dark, I feel like everyone must be better at naming things than I am. ***** Thanks for all the questions and have a great week! - Raph
  5. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    Ah! Well not everything spawns, or spawns in exactly the same place, from game to game!
  6. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    I understood from your feedback that you find the new HUD to be a "mess" and "annoying" because you couldn't find information you were accustomed to finding. My feedback is that the info you are looking for is still there. I'm more than happy to take feedback from players (and do, and have for 5+ yrs) and the only time you'll see rudeness from me is when I think you are unfairly attacking me or my team for editorial decisions we make, or challenging our "right" to change the game to improve it as we see fit, which this statement: ...clearly does. The implication being -- if the "community" (in quotes since with 3m players there is never a consensus on what is better or worse for the game) doesn't like something, it should be changed, and if the community likes something as it is, it shouldn't be changed. We changed it because we felt it improved the game for the majority of players. I still believe that. We'll continue to make these kinds of changes. Regarding this: I know this is a convenient way to write-off my response, but we both know this isn't true.
  7. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    We'll have another look at the sun position to verify.
  8. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    I find it incredibly insulting that you would assume we only make changes based on instruction by our players. You think you're the first player who hasn't liked something we added or changed in the game? You think your downvote is worth more than the upvote from players who like the change, or new players who will benefit from it? This game is changing all the time. You won't like all of the ways it changes. Either get over it, or go play something else.
  9. This always makes me want to play TLD again

    Re: ARCTIC --
  10. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    Hey all, I hope you've all had a great winter holiday, and hopefully some of you had the opportunity to dive in REDUX and some of the stuff we added to Survival Mode as well. The team was able to get some rest after the big push getting REDUX out the door, and now we're working on hotfixing some of the issues that arose during the studio shutdown, as well as planning for what's to come in 2019! Below, I'll try to get caught up on some of the Mailbag questions that have accumulated in the mean time... - Raph ***** Question from @henroe32: So, we kept the placement-based system that we introduced in the previous last big update, but we also added the "picker" UI element to help clarify the different uses of each object. This means that the player can make a top-level decision about what they want to do (cook, boil water, etc.) and then go into those menus, vs. being taken to one menu that has to support all those actions, which becomes messy as we add more capabilities. With this revised UI, we can easily add new actions to lit fires, like Crafting (for example) -- things you can craft from a fire itself -- and now that we have this set up for fires, stoves, forges, etc., we can also start using it for other items, ex. Chairs (do you want to sit on a chair or harvest it? currently you can only do the latter when you interact with it b/c our interaction UI only allows a single action per). I know this feels like a big change when you're used to the "old" version, but it's really not that big a change. We're just surfacing the top-level choices you can make right away. This is also particularly helpful for new players that don't know anything about what different actions they can take. ***** Question from @AltkanzlerSchmidt: I'm not sure I want to *drive* anyone from their cozy cabin (cough, Cabin Fever, cough), but I know that lots of players would like more reasons to to explore and get out into the world *after* they've put themselves in a pretty good situation with regards to supplies and whatnot. There are lots of different ways we could do this, but as always we have to find the right balance between supporting various play styles and not break behaviour that has become too favoured or too familiar. ***** Question from @Moll: We haven't announced any official plans for what we'll do with The Long Dark after we've finished WINTERMUTE. We could take things in a lot of different directions, which is pretty exciting. I also want to work on something new, so whatever we do will have to be a balance of continuing the work we've done on The Long Dark and keeping the game and community "alive", but also making sure we have the time and resources to nurture our next original IP. For my part, if people want to keep playing and paying for it (so we can keep running the studio), it'd be easy to keep making The Long Dark for 5-10 more years*, expanding it with new stories, locations, mechanics, etc. There are so many ideas and things we could do with it. * Not a promise. ***** Question from @Sipriano: Jeremiah is sure full of mystery, isn't he? Re: Animations -- yeah we're really happy with how they turned out. The team really knocked REDUX out of the park. ***** Question from @Jendo: It's not a bug. We did this when we did a big overhaul of the fire/fuel system a couple of years ago. The intention was to provide some balancing incentive to using fires outside, as otherwise an indoor fire is *always* better than an outdoor fire (while being indoors has other obvious advantages). I'm not sure this still makes sense and if we were to overhaul the way fires work I'd probably revisit it. ***** Question from @Serenity: I don't know if we'd add more settings, but we might have to modify how some of the settings work. When we rolled out the Custom Settings, we basically exposed all the same tuning variables we used to create the Experience Modes themselves, and that's why some of them make more sense than others (as some are very much about internal tuning and were never meant to be player-facing settings). Most of the slider settings correspond to a numerical value that's a multiplier -- so the difference between something like how quickly you become Cold in Interloper vs. Pilgrim might be a 1.5x setting on a base value. This "multiplier based" system works well for some settings and less well for others. We also clamped some settings in-game to avoid game-breaking settings which also limits how far into the extremes we can let you push things. If we are able to redo the custom settings, we'll try to expose a lot more variation in the ranges, so you can experiment with more extreme settings. ***** Question from @Guenter: We haven't announced specific release dates or quarters for Episode Three, and we aren't likely to. We probably won't announce any dates until we are basically on top of them. ***** Question from @Ghost79: Because Customs Settings allows you to make the game very easy which makes it very easy to harvest progress to unlock Feats, which goes against the spirit of why we included them. ***** Question from @Messyjesse81: It isn't. ***** Question from @Brulreursdeloups: We'll stop working on The Long Dark when one of two things happens: (1) it doesn't make business sense to do so anymore, or (2) we get tired of it and don't want to do it anymore. ***** Question from @hozz1235: In general, we don't. If we move something in a region it updates for all games using that region. That said, we are able to isolate changes between Story and Survival, so for example if we need to move a truck for a Story reason we can do that in the "story version" of the region and not the Survival Mode region. We have a pretty complicated layering process for our worlds which lets us control, to some degree, what you see in each mode. ***** Question from @Tri13: If I ever believe the benefit is worth the effort. Right now, equippable Hatchets, Knives, Prybars, etc. imply a lot of new things about how you can interact with the world and those things create a lot of new challenges for us (effort + bugs) and would force other changes so we'd have to see a lot of benefit to doing this to make it worth it, vs. just implementing new features. ***** Question from @Its_the_Gman: I'm just cherrypicking this question from your big list -- feel free to ask the others again (maybe one at a time though )... Moose -- seeing the markings on trees indicates this is an area a Moose *can* spawn. Doesn't mean it has or will in that particular game session. That said, there is a good chance it will. All wildlife spawns are governed by a variety of things, but as a general rule things appear on some kind of cycle (can be every 6, 12, 24, 48 hours, etc.) but this can also be impacted by weather or Experience Mode, etc. In addition to the two locations you noted, there's definitely a Moose spawn in Hushed River Valley. We'll probably add some more in the future. Good luck! ***** Question from @Faithful Cartographer: We're working through the implementation details for the Spear. It's definitely a challenge to make it work well against other types of wildlife, so we have to be really careful how we approach this. Currently it's a defensive weapon and I think it's likely we'll keep it that way, but we haven't completed our work on it yet so things can still change. We'll do our best! ***** Question (sort of) from @tulkawen: Same info as before. Just presented differently. Adapt or die. ***** Question from @Stapeldiagram: Unknown as nobody has survived that long. My guess is eventually lack of Cloth (bandages) or a useful firestarter will kill you. Depends on so many variables and of course, a lot of luck. I suspect you are more likely to get killed by wildlife than die from running out of a particular critical resource. ***** Question from @PistolMadman: Yes we probably will, but mostly for "predator" types. ***** Question from @jesseofthenorth: Anything over 100 degrees introduces pretty extreme fish-eye effects and really messes with some of our other camera stuff, but we'll see what we can do. ***** Question from @sunkbunk: Yeah, we're not that happy with console performance or quality at the moment. We're pretty limited by hardware capability there, and also by what Unity can do. We've been told that Unity has done a lot of optimizations to their terrain system and we're really hopeful that we can capitalize on this to get the game running smoother and looking better for everyone, but it's too early to say. We'll be working on this in the next month or so. Beyond that the only thing we can do to really improve performance (dramatically) would be a complete overhaul of the game world to make it compatible with streaming (vs. large levels like we use now), but that would probably be about a year's worth of effort on its own and so it's not something we can really justify at this point. If/when we make a new game in The Long Dark IP, we'll definitely build out a full streaming open world, which will give us more tools and flexibility to handle performance. ***** Question from @Skelegutplays: Because we come back to Forlorn Muskeg for a big chunk of the game after you craft the Spear and it would feel like extra backtracking. ***** Question from @Gecko-[GER]: Are you sure? We did a big update on this about a year ago and we were careful to ensure the sun rose and set correctly. ***** Question from @Darcilyn: I'm not sure about having an animal familiar, but if you ever want to provide us with some extra feedback on how we can improve the game's accessibility, I'd welcome an email from you!! You're a real inspiration. ***** Question from @legolegs: Hey -- yes, we review all the bugs that come into the public database, and if we don't already have the issues in our internal database, we copy them over. You don't see any communication in there b/c it'd introduce a lot of extra overhead for us but we are definitely reading all the bugs that come in, not just in the public JIRA database but through our various communications channels. These days we're trying to get people to use our Support Portal: hinterlandgames.com/support ***** Question from @hozz1235: Yes, we plan to offer official mod support for The Long Dark. ***** Thanks for all the questions! Enjoy your weekend and see you for next week's Mailbag. - Raph
  11. The Long Dark Updated to V1.41 [43925] – REDUX

    That's great to hear!! Thanks for letting us know.
  12. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #19

    In Predux, the earthquake and economic backstory was deeper in the Trust tree. Now it's surfaced in primary dialogue and collectibles, so you encounter it more readily.
  13. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #19

    Hello community, I'm sure you'll all too busy playing Redux to read this, but just in case you can spare some minutes, here's the final Milton Mailbag entry for 2018!!! Enjoy, and we'll see you in the new year. - Raph ***** Question from @Seshins: We already have this kind of system and we already do most of this, although typically only on a region-by-region basis. We've talked about applying it using a more global system to simulate herd movement, etc. We might do that in the future. ***** Question from @Tri13: We don't currently have any plans to do wholesale update to the game's art style. We've done several incremental improvements, as you noted, including in the most recent REDUX update. I imagine we'll continue doing that sort of thing, without fundamentally changing the art style. ***** Question from @hozz1235: We've done this in the past, on an anniversary. We could consider it in a future version of the game. The problem is maintaining old versions of the game. A lot of them run on old versions of Unity that are no longer supported. ***** Question from @esam115: Typically, if we see growth in a certain territory or language that isn't currently supported with a localization, we'll consider investing the resources to do so. We often look to see what languages are supported by popular community language mods, to get a sense of territories or languages that might be growing in our community. I haven't seen much uptick in Arabic players, but if we saw an interest there, we'd definitely consider supporting an Arabic localization. ***** Question from @Pillock: Now that it's out, and people seem happy -- the chance to take a rest. ***** Question from @hozz1235: People seem to really cherish the absolute solitude of Survival Mode. That's really the only reason why we haven't pushed harder to get them into that part of the game. ***** Question from @Sopinien: If we can get it running smoothly and looking good, yes. So far, it's been very hard to achieve both on the platform as it's not as powerful as the other platforms we have the game on. ***** Question from @XAlaskan_420X: Yes, earthquakes is a big part of the backstory to Great Bear Island and what happened years before you arrived. We mention it several times in WINTERMUTE and it appears in various bits of lore throughout the world as well. ***** Question from @CalNieDaGtarGuy: Yikes...no, I had no idea this was that game's storyline. I certainly wasn't involved with that game. But now I feel sad. ***** Question from @DaveO: No actual plan to add it, but it's something I've considered, yes. I think it makes sense. Not sure if or when we might add it though. ***** Question from @Skelegutplays: I guess we'll have to wait for Episode Five to find out! ***** Question from @Avosetta: That's a pretty big question! I think we'll keep tinkering away on the game and keep adding stuff and see what happens. I still have a lot of things I'd like to do with weather effects, lighting, vista views, object density, etc. but it'll depend on what we can run well on the crop of consoles the game exists on. Our regions are really big and full of details so we're already reaching performance limits in some areas. ***** Question from @JeremiahJohnson: Hmm...it would be a huge amount of work. I don't think taming a Wolf would make sense, but perhaps a dog companion? I'm not sure we'd be able to pull it off. I do like the idea, but creating a good AI and meaningful mechanics so that it felt like a real relationship...that'd be a whole other game's worth of work! ***** Question from @Guenter: WINTERMUTE will end with Episode Five. ***** Question from @Mroz4k: We've talked about it. For now, for the most part, each region has the "standard" wildlife (Rabbits, Deer, Wolves), and some also have Bears and Moose. I think as we get more wildlife over time, we can try to be more specific about where we have it live in the world. ***** Question from @Sipriano: I don't think we've ever had anything like that, no. ***** Question from @loriaw: I don't see the value of an Experience Mode that falls between Pilgrim and Voyageur, but if you want to have that, you can certainly use the Custom Settings to achieve it! ***** Question from @ThePancakeLady: Yes, we'll be delving more into Mackenzie and Astrid's past in future episodes. ***** Question from @Smellyfries: We've discussed the possibility of being able to craft different versions of each clothing type with different stats based on the material, but I'm not really sure it's worth it. The current system forces you to hunt and harvest a variety of wildlife if you want to have the full suite of crafted clothing, which is what we want -- we don't want you, for example, just harvesting 100 rabbits to make clothes from. We want you to have to tangle with a Bear, Wolves, and Moose to get the full roster. And yes, we'll add more Accessory items over time. In a future Survival Mode update. Probably the next one. We have to make it viable with all wildlife types which is a huge amount of work. ***** Thanks for all the questions, enjoy your holidays, and we'll see you in 2019 for more of The Long Dark and other exciting stuff!!! - Raph
  14. The Long Dark Updated to V1.41 [43925] – REDUX

    We have a fix for this and will get it out on console as quickly as we can -- we just need to get it through Cert.
  15. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    Only players of this game could experience a moment like that, face a choice like that, and then worry about why they didn't get to "keep the knife" after.