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  1. Bear Spear (hype?)

    To be 100% clear -- I mean the Bear Spear will be added to Survival Mode in the next update...after Redux.
  2. Supplies at risk?

    @Gazbeard Winding River should be fine.
  3. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Bear Spear is a big part of Episode Two Redux. That is where it will first appear. The Bear Spear will be added to Survival Mode in the next update.
  4. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    Just wait for Redux + the December update to drop. You can all get back up in arms about UI changes again!!!
  5. Wrist Sprain while walking (evidence)

    Thanks, we'll have a closer look at Sprains (again) when we have some time. I don't think we need any more info at this point, but thank you for your help!
  6. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    Hey all, I don't have a ton of time this week as we're stomping bugs for the Redux launch but I'll hit as many as I can and will pick up the slack next week. Enjoy! - Raph ***** Question from @Smellyfries: Yes, the Main Menu is it's own little scene that has all the same time of day, weather, and wildlife of any other scene. **** Question from @MarrowStone: Sadly, I haven't had time to pay THAT many games, but one that really stood out for me is FROSTPUNK. HELLBLADE: SENUA'S SACRIFICE is also quite good. ***** Question from @NardoLoopa: This typically happens when the game is saving, and you'll see the save icon appearing on the screen. The slowdown is due to the sudden "hit" to your system storage while we write out a save file, and since system storage is slower than RAM, this causes a bit of a hitch. ***** @DerpyLemon115: I would like to! I think this is a pretty cool system and kind of under-utilized right now. ***** Question from @ArcherAC3: Search bar "mechanic" -- probably not but maybe? New Survival Mode game after December -- I would, yeah. Brands coming back -- probably not. ***** Question from @Stapeldiagram: (Not so much a question as it is an ongoing discussion about Whetstones...) Keep in mind realism is not the focus or the goal. The value of a whetstone is increased because it is limited. If you can craft a whetstone out of any old rock, and the whetstone helps keep cutting tools in great shape, then it has a negative impact on game balance and reduces the value of both things. In general the harder it is to maintain stuff the more valuable those things are, and the more valuable they are the more careful you are about using and preserving them. And scarcity creates the need for choice, which is what the whole game is about. ***** Question from @BareSkin: As a general rule, in The Long Dark, as in real life I suppose, Mother Nature is pretty ambivalent to your existence. This extends to wildlife. The Wolves don't hate you. But you are the invader in *their* territory, and if they can, they will take you down. I don't think anyone engaging with Wolves should ever feel superior to them. If you encounter one and "win" a struggle, you should feel lucky. You survived...that time. Next time, when you can least afford it, they may take you down. ***** Question from @Salty Crackers: Your chances of making a stupid mistake increase every time you make a large move to a new region. As it is, we provide some variables in the Custom Settings that let you play with this, or if you really feel like you need a challenge go spend time living in Timberwolf Mountain or Hushed River Valley. ***** Question from @Cr41g: Redux -- no, b/c we are not allowed to change or take away Achievements that we have already given out, and we have maxed out the total amount of Achievements/Trophies we are allowed to include in a game. Episodes 3-5 -- yes, we will be able to add more Achievements/Trophies for those episodes. ***** Question from @ajb1978: I wanted to create the opportunity for the player to use Morphine to "help" Jeremiah, but at cost to his health. You'd balance the benefit of giving him Morphine to get him to provide more info to you (while slipping into a feverish state), but this would be at the cost of getting him addicted, which he would...not be grateful for in the end. But, you can't use drugs like this as a gameplay mechanic without triggering issues with ratings so I pulled it out. In Redux, you'll see these references have been toned down a fair bit. ***** Question from @PlayerPawn: We've always used Wwise, from the very outset. ***** Question from @Moll: When you can best make use of it. ***** Question from @TropicalSurvivor: Both! Vancouver Island, where I live. ***** Sorry folks, that's all I have time for today but I hope to have more time next Friday!! Hope this is still useful and interesting to you all. Enjoy your weekends! - Raph
  7. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Incorrect. We investigate all the bugs we get and fix as many as we can. Often issues with systems emerge from a variety of causes so fixing them in one place doesn't necessarily fix them everywhere. For the custom settings -- nothing only takes a "minute or two" to address. First step is verifying the settings are doing what is intended, which is very time consuming. Next step is ensuring the descriptions are accurate, and when they aren't, addressing them.
  8. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    I tend to avoid it, but I'm glad it's appreciated here. In general though, as @admin helpfully points out, I won't usually do follow-ups just because (a) it's super time consuming and (b) it can devolve into unhelpful arguments which makes (a) even more frustrating. That said, I will always provide as much engagement as I can afford. Only in these forums though, TBH. They are special to us.
  9. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    There is still a random element in the sense that just because you may be in a situation where you CAN get a sprain, doesn't mean you always WILL get a sprain.
  10. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Outside of the behaviour I described, you shouldn't really see Sprains. I'll have to see what might be causing these on flatter surfaces, if that is indeed happening. This whole discussion is a great example of the difference in quality, for us devs, in feedback like "I get sprains way too often, it sucks!" vs. "I'm getting sprains in places I don't expect to, like when walking along flat surfaces". The first can be easily dismissed as grousing or issues with tuning. The latter can identify real issues with the game and unintended behaviours (bugs) that are causing the system to not work as intended. Thanks to all for taking the time to clarify what you are seeing!
  11. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Ask these in the next mailbag. And please keep them short.
  12. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Everything is fine with the design of Sprains, but that doesn't mean they are working correctly in the game. The more bugs we get the more effectively we can diagnose the issues. If anyone is predisposed to helping out with this, please report some bugs to the Public Bug Database, along with screenshots (coordinates are very helpful): https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/projects/TLDP
  13. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    I'd have to investigate the specific location, but that double-sprain situation looks like a bug to me. If you can give me the coordinates in the world we can take a closer look. There might be something invisible in the geometry that is triggering this. Looking at the screenshot, I wouldn't expect you to get either sprain from that surface.
  14. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Very sorry you feel this way.
  15. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Your frustration is duly noted.