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  1. Jep
  2. Relax. They'll get to you when the quality is tested and shipping details are made sure. Although I share the same concern about mailing address. I just simply can't remember if I gave my address at some point, but since I've moved about a month ago to a new apartment, I'd like to make sure that my details are up-to-date.
  3. I've encountered some problems with hunting (shooting in general) too. Sometimes I'm able to down a deer from 200 meters and sometimes it seems like the bullets pass through the animal without any damage to it. I've had more luck with killing an animal when it's moving, but stationary or slowly walking animal is almost impossible to kill.
  4. I have been attacked three times by wolves also. First time, it straight up ripped me apart. Second time, I was able to fight it off with just couple of scrapes. The third time the furry menace got me to 2% condition before I was able to get free, but soon died to blood loss after that. I'm not really sure how the whole sequence works, but usually it takes a couple of fully charged attacks before the wolf backs off. The second time though, I needed only one hit. Funny sidemention here: I got surrounded by wolves, but had a s**tload of supplies on me (maxed out on carrying cap.). I was able to get inside a cabin and decided to stay there for the night. The next morning I went out to finally reach my destination of ranger tower, but to my horror, the wolves outside my cabin had doubled in numbers during the night! I ended up spending 53 hours in there, checking outside time to time. When I was able to count 12 wolves and my backpack was empty. I decided to dash out! I only got about 50 meters from the cabin...
  5. So... Hey. How you doing people? Yeah I know... I've been away for a looo-f*n-oong time. Anyway, we finally managed to get new apartment, big enough, for our little family (by little I mean 2 adults, 2 kids, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 hamsters). And just a week ago I came around to plug my PC in. I'll make sure to hop in more often and clock a few hours in. I really missed all of you...
  6. Hey everyone! I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to visit you more often! I've met this really great woman (and her two kids) and I've just been putting a tremendous amount of energy and time to building that relationship. Recently our thing has come to the point that we are looking out for an apartment to move into together! I'll try to drop in more frequently from now on! Apologizes to everyone and especially to the Hinterland team that I haven't exactly filled up my duty as a backer and an alpha tester (even though I have been able to squeeze in a couple of hours of gameplay!). I really am sorry... Still loving all of you - Jetro
  7. Sunday is the earliest I can get around to play! I'm devastated... The email was a nice surprise tho'. Can't wait to get killed by wolves! Btw, we are allowed to record videos of gameplay, but not share them?
  8. Have you guys decided on what is the maximum capacity of your inventory? When I was in the army my heaviest set of equipment weighted at 118kg and I did full 9 hour march carrying those. Just a point of reference.
  9. Sorry man, but I think it inappropriate to post such thing on The Long Dark - General Discussion -board. As this is meant for general discussion regarding The Long Dark. You could just bump the old thread on Off Topic section. I'm not saying it's a bad doc and no way am trying to offend the makers (or you), but it's just my opinion that this doesn't belong here.
  10. Wanna check the date on OP, bro.
  11. +1 I love the new screenshots!
  12. I find it really cool that you let us take these sneak peeks. Love 'em! Also stashing loot to a corpse sounds good, but imho it should affect the said items. Blood and guts tend to block hammer and trigger on guns (am I right?). Btw, can't wait to be the Bugmaster²! PS. It's really good to see you again Alan.
  13. - The Long Dark (obviously + my biggest pledge so far) - Paradise Desk (work desk) - Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim (game) - Interview with a time traveler (film) - Death Road to Canada (game) - Smart Herb Garden (exactly what the name is) - Adventures for a Lazy Afternoon (art book) - Raindrop (Unsuccessful)
  14. I keep throwing money to the screen, but no prints are coming out. These are amazing! Really love them! <3
  15. I've enjoyed the show and comics thoroughly... [spoil]...although I stopped reading the comics right after they "got" out of the prison. I think the TV show did focus too much on their time in the prison and it kinda turned boring. I have to agree with Raph, that the show is so much better when they're on the road.[/spoil]