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    Moved to Wish List Forum.
  2. Let’s avoid backseat moderation. If you honestly think someone has broken the forum rules then use the reporting feature and we will look into it. Thanks.
  3. Please use this thread to discuss @Raphael van Lierop's answers in this week's Milton Mailbag. If you want to ask a question, even one that follows on from one of his answers, please use the Milton Mailbag Question thread.
  4. Please use these forums, and this thread, in a community minded and friendly way. There are a large number of places on the internet you can go to be combative. This isn’t one of them. @Raphael van Lierop takes time out of his week to try to answer fan questions. If yours are basically “why do you not do exactly what I want” and “why are you so bad and I’m so great” then you’re wasting your time because that sort of question isn’t going to be answered. You’re just making points in a debate that isn’t happening in this thread. If you have honest questions about how game development works, how we as a studio prioritize things and why certain decisions are made find a way to ask them that shows you want to learn rather than to make it known what your opinion is. I think most people want the Milton Mailbag to continue and so far the vast majority of questions have been great but if it turns into people just yelling at Raph then it won’t last long. To be clear if you use this as an opportunity to treat anyone, including the game’s developers, disrespectfully then you will be removed from the forums.
  5. Locking thread as it's an old one that was resurrected. We understand that players are anxious for the continuation of WINTERMUTE but we are not providing any dates as to when that might occur. Our next update will be a Survival Mode Update and we've shared details on that in both the most recent Developer Diary and in various questions in the Milton Mailbag.
  6. We're going to share a response we've given elsewhere and then close up this thread as it's an old one that shouldn't have come back to life. If you want to talk about the subject then start a new thread in a week or so - but the response below will still be our view on the matter.
  7. Keep it classy people.
  8. We don’t answer every question each week. Checkout the Index to see if perhaps it’s been answered before and feel free to ask it again for another Mailbag if it hasn’t.
  9. Please use this thread to discuss @Raphael van Lierop's answers in this week's Milton Mailbag. If you want to ask a question, even one that follows on from one of his answers, please use the Milton Mailbag Question thread.
  10. To answer the original question, there are no game mechanics differences between the two options (Male or Female) when picking your survivor. Discussions of what those differences could/should/would be, tend to go off the rails and never end anywhere useful. Thus to preempt anyone getting themselves into trouble we're going to lock this thread.
  11. That was unfortunate. Hope to see you in The Long Dark again.
  12. Please use this thread to discuss @Raphael van Lierop's answers in this week's Milton Mailbag. If you want to ask a question, even one that follows on from one of his answers, please use the Milton Mailbag Question thread.
  13. We have done test branches with the community in the past. It's not out of the question in the future.
  14. This decision is absolutely not meant to be a "punishment" for players disappointed when we previously missed our deadlines. As stated this is just to help us manage expectations, not disappoint you and to ensure that we're not releasing content early to hit an arbitrary date that we've set. The team at Hinterland will still have internal dates and goals and there are expectations on us to finish updates by a certain point so that we can move on to what's next, it's just that we're not going to say "X is coming out on day Y" three months in advance in a blog anymore. We will continue to showcase the things that we're working on, as Raph did here. Nothing is gained by us providing a date and then missing it. All it does is frustrate fans and we'd like to avoid that when possible.
  15. We've passed this on for more investigation. We'd also suggest that if you're getting such constant crashes next time opening a support ticket at . That will allow us to best track the volume of people having the issue, as well as get details from those affected easiest.
  16. Moved topic to Survival Mode.
  17. That shouldn't be happening. Make sure you're on the most recent update of The Long Dark and if it's still occurring log a bug on our Support Site with details about your platform and the team will see what they can do. That will also allow them to talk with you about getting additional details that might help them track down what's going on.
  18. If you see something in the game that is clearly a bug, you can report it here, or by clicking the Get Help / Report an Issue link in the top right of the Support Portal. If possible, please include the following information: Where in the game you were (Region, approximate location, Game Mode) How often you have seen this issue What steps we could take to reproduce this bug ourselves A screenshot or video link, if relevant Your Session Log file, if you play on a desktop or laptop. If your issue is related to crashing or graphical glitches, try these troubleshooting steps, first! Taking Screenshots If you play on a desktop or laptop, the best way to take a screenshot for a bug report is to use the F8 key. The image will be added directly to your desktop and will include some detailed information about your game that can help us look into the issue more quickly. For detailed information about taking Screenshots and Video Clips on an Xbox One, visit If on a PS4, visit:
  19. The forum update is now complete. If you see any errors or run into any technical issues please report them in this thread. Thank you.
  20. We will be performing forum maintenance and an upgrade starting at 12 PM PT today. This may result in the forums being slower than usual or temporarily offline.
  21. Please use this thread for discussion of @Raphael van Lierop's answers. However, while we will be monitoring the thread, he won't be following up on questions here. If you have more questions please post them in the main question thread and they may be addressed in a future Milton Mailbag. If you want to know if a topic has been addressed please check the Milton Mailbag Index.
  22. Thanks for reporting this. We're looking into various issues around this area and if there's more information our team can get from you I'll follow-up and ask. At this time we don't have a solution or workaround for you, but it's something we're hoping to address.
  23. Most of the Hinterland team went to watch the movie today. It was excellent and well worth watching if you get a chance.
  24. For this question, I'm going to refer to @Raphael van Lierop 's answer in the Milton Mailbag #4: