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  1. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    Please use this thread for discussion of @Raphael van Lierop's answers. However, while we will be monitoring the thread, he won't be following up on questions here. If you have more questions please post them in the main question thread and they may be addressed in a future Milton Mailbag. If you want to know if a topic has been addressed please check the Milton Mailbag Index.
  2. Death Plummet at Mountain Lookout

    Moved to Technical Support as this seems like a bug.
  3. hopes for next update

    Moved to Wish List.
  4. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Locking thread. At this point, if you want to break out discussion of aspects of the Dev Diary into their own threads feel free to do that. However, we've been through the discussion the Episode 3 delay extensively at this point. As noted everyone has made excellent points both for and against and registered their approval/disapproval. We continue not to get any new points being made on the topic and so it's done being discussed for now.
  5. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    That's more something for the Wish List section of the forums.
  6. Dev Diary - November 2018

    At this point, we are circling around the same points and while everyone has made good points and expressed themselves well the conversation is stalled. Please move onto other topics from the Dev Diary or we will lock the thread.
  7. mellowing a deer for labor

    Please don't insult other people or their ideas. If you see a reason it wouldn't work you can politely point that out - but don't be combative about it. Thanks.
  8. #ResurrectFluffy

    Removed some replies. As lighthearted as this thread is please stay on topic.
  9. Just art

    That's great.
  10. Wandering Nomad

    That's great. We've shared this today as a Fan Art Friday!
  11. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Just a heads up that @Raphael van Lierop is too busy to do the Mailbag this week. But keep the questions coming and he'll be back in December!
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Back from July @Raphael van Lierop addressed this in the Milton Mailbag: We don't have anything further to say at this point but here's his answer:
  13. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    We do take in player feedback and reports of technical issues with the game. We are looking at ways of making the process more unified, but we do appreciate the community's help in reporting issues they experience. It is, however, less helpful to speculate and estimate how long addressing an issue would take.
  14. I missed this last week. I'll take a listen later on! Looks good though.
  15. Vote for The Long Dark

    Dear Community, The Steam Awards are back! Please help us make it into the shortlist - by nominating us BY NOVEMBER 27th 10AM (PST). (Please note that you can nominate both Hinterland, under "Best Developer", and The Long Dark, under any other category.) For additional details on how to vote, please visit the official Steam page.