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17 hours ago, MarrowStone said:

Also, ever wonder what the red flag means at the trappers cabin in the main menu? And the red strips of cloth on Astrid's arrows during the story trailer?

Are they markers? Do they signify being part of some sort of group?


I believe that the "flag" is actually just a scarf wrapped around the post, but that's just what I've always assumed. The red strips on her bow may be a way of keeping track of your arrows. Nowadays they have LED notches on modern arrows, and this could be something similar in nature- just being able to find your arrows for later.


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14 hours ago, Timber Wolf said:

I completely disagree.  It is made perfectly clear what you are purchasing.  You are not entitled to complain about a delay in or lack of development.


Well, take it as my humble opinion, but that sign is there not to avoid anyone to complain... but to avoid legal issues ;) 

That's a Steam disclaimer, present in every single EA game in the Store. I don't know what most of the people do, but before I click on "buy" I tend to read what the developers have to say. Here is an example (not TLD).


Obviously I'm not encouraging bashing devs, firing up flames in forums, or any short of bad behaviour. But complaining is not a bad thing if is done with respect. Criticism is not a bad thing. Critics are what makes us improve, and what usually let us see the forest behind all those trees. 

(Edit: by the way, quotes are always better when they include full sentences, otherwise it would lead to missinterpretation of the original meaning. Bolded part below for reference)

I think people is completely entitled to buy an Early Access game and them complain about the time it takes to deliver the product, when it surpases the original estimations...

12 hours ago, togg said:

This is incredibly OT and risky but wait... You can complain to people that have struggles complete a difficult thing as a videogame? This is shocking. Those people have a life, they're normal people. One thing is complaining if someone scam you explicitelly, another if things simply don't work out perfectly.

Just to recap it in my head:

1) videogames, especially 3D ones, need a lot of time to make. Everything push the devs to underestimate the time needed, this distorted view is not their fault.

2) Life is hard, if you put 10$ into something and then be half happy it's ok. We are not those that live or die with 10$. Also the point of early is that it's a process that can go well or not so well.

3) Complaining to self employed workers means hurting people deeply.


Bottom line: the future will not be better by trying enforcin stricter/realistical deadliness or anything like that. Just learning to manage expectation together in a more relaxed way.

I agree, we went too OT... :D 

I think you guys see the action of complaining in a harsher fashion that I do. I don't want to take this post hijack much further, but:

1 & 3. Its always part your own fault when you understimate the time it will take you to do something. Pointing the finger to the people rushing you will never fix the root cause. I'm not "bashing" anyone here. I think you are trying to make me realize developers are real people with feelings (thanks for the hint :D) in order to deny a simple truth: is the real people who make mistakes. I dont want to hung them in the square, I'm not insulting anyone, I just said that, after deadlines are surpased, people should have at least the right to complain... in a polite way.  

2. This was never a conversation about the money. 

Bottom line: the future will be better if we all give the best we have, while remaining open to hear other's people criticism about our actions without feeling so personally hurt that any improvement is denied by proud ;) 

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