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Patrick Carlson

Signal Hill Radio, a Hinterland Games Podcast — Episode 0

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Loved hearing from the devs. Would like to hear more about the game itself though. The lore and world of the game fascinates me :) would love to hear some more future plans also. What the devs think about certain good topics on the wishlist and so on. But either way thanks for making the station! Always great to hear from the devs :D


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Just got around to listening to Episode 0. I have a huge subscription list for podcasts as I commute for an hour each way and also listen while doing gardening and housekeeping on the weekends. 

I'm down with the fireside chat style. It's a reasonable length and you mostly kept to the one theme, which is good. A meandering discussion usually only works if the presenter is very well prepared and the guests are always different. Having a solid structure to the discussion (even if it is mostly focused on tangential topics like other apocalyptic fiction or broad inspirations) gives a central point to each episode. My personal preference for topics would be: 

- The creative process, how you approach design

- The natural world and ecosystems (I'm assuming you've an interest in that sort of stuff)

- Any other essential interests/topics that strongly resonate with TLD

- Casual discussions with other members of the team (include a short discussion on what they contribute to the project and their thoughts, but don't make it all about that) They can be special guests if the topic is one of particular interest to them. 

Q&A is always welcome, though I always prefer it as a part of the format overall rather than disrupting the usual structure of episodes just to do a one off. 

Hoping you can commit to a few more episodes and a schedule before deciding whether its something to stick with or not. :) 


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