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  1. suggestion

    Call me silly, but I think they need to add poop into the game on some level! I don't care, in particular, about the main character having to poop, as that can be chosen to be added (or not) at a later date - I can see some serious complications coming about from your daily routine if you had to throw bathroom breaks into the mix. However, I am mostly speaking about Animal Droppings. Tracking of Animals - I'd like to know if a Bear or Wolf had been near my cabin recently and left their scat in the area to prove it - otherwise, I'd never know! I'd also like to track and hunt-down the occasional, specific, type of animal for their hide to make items out of it. Burning of Fuel for Fire - Yep, this is real, in real life. Nomads in the Sahara Dessert use Goat/Horse Poop (after being dried) to fuel their fires. It smells nasty, of course, but it works wonders (provides a consistent burn), lasts a long time, and (to my knowledge) doesn't require tinder.
  2. suggestion

    To take a bit off of my previous suggestion (adding of Poop into the game), I think we should be allowed to setup an Indoor Gardening System. Indoors would be much warmer and allow for a higher chance of successful crops due to being protected from the weather and animals. It should require Poop or Fertile Soil/Fertilizer Bags to create a Crop Plot of sorts. It should require at least 1 Seed to start the Growth Cycle. The area needs to have proper Sunlight and be near a Window. Have a beginning of a 15% succession rate in properly cultivating a Seed into a Grown Plant. Require a minimum of 15 Days to get a plant to Full Maturity. Require Potable Water (or Non-Potable?) each day to grow. I'm thinking 0.07 Gal might be a good number - per Plant that is. Now, obviously, in order to make this happen several items would need to be added. Seeds Fertilizer/Fertile Soil/Poop Crop Plots/Pots/Pans (could use the ones already implemented in the game, maybe?) Growth Cycle - Seed, Sprout, Blossoming, then Fruition. Different types of editable fruits/vegetables, such as, Potatoes, Nuts, Radishes, and other items that can be grown without the use of a Seed or other items that need seeds to start, such as, Apples, Tomatoes, and Oranges. Additionally, I could see this also expanding into the idea of being able to grow your own Cat Tails, Rose Hip Bushes, Old Man's Beard Lichen, Maple Saplings, and Birch Saplings. The overall idea is to make it easier to "Live Off the Land" and remain in one location, if someone desired.
  3. suggestion

    It always seemed a bit funny when i look in my pack and see a line of cups, all full of cold tea/coffee. [never quite worked out how i managed to never spill a drop] A Thermos flask would be a welcome addition. Not only would this stop this weird cup balancing exercise that i manage to pull off throughout the most insane blizzards, but it would also allow us to set off with a few cups of warm beverage. The extra weight of the unit vs the benefit of having a few warm drinks at hand, would see players at an interesting crossroad when they are deciding how to pack for a tromp through the woods.
  4. I feel that the difficult should also change the behavior of animals as well as changing the overall difficulty of the game. The reason I feel this way about it is mostly due to my opinion in that animal difficulty (specifically anything higher then pilgrim mode) should scale along with survival. The main thing I would like to see changed is that animals will become defensive as apposed you just running away (which can stay for pilgrimage) or just attacking you on sight (which is fine for harder difficulties) When I say defensive I mean that animals will not attack on sight, but they will not run away and instead chose to hold their ground and will attack if you aggravate them/get to close to them. But it's not as easy as just walking away. Rather you have to face the animal and back away slowly. If you run the animal may chase you. If you turn your back to the animal, it may take it as an opertunity for an easy meal. There is also a chance that you can scare it away by running at the animal (especially if you posses a weapon of some kind) showing your not afraid of ithe but this is something you should only save as a last resort. This way it's still a bit of a challenge for players looking for something more difficult then Pilgrim level but not so difficult that your have to rely on luck.
  5. Not sure how difficult it could be to implement any of these into the game, but it seems like equipment that would be find-able in that part of the world, and useful. Would make even more sense if a ski location is added, where it would be easy to find these things. Would also be something that a new skill book could be made to help learn about it. These would add a definite fun factor, and an alternative way to travel in much of the landscapes. What are your thoughts?
  6. --Allow First Aid related items to open the First Aid menu. --Make the icons for reishi, rose hip, and herbal tea more distinguishable. An idea would be an icon on the cup, or vastly different colored cups. Right now it's hard for me to tell what I need to collect from the First Aid menu. --Allow fire related items in inventory to open the Start a Fire menu. --Allow eating from the cook/fire menu. When I've just cooked something, it would be great to eat it right away. --Show thirst/hunger status from food inventory menu. This would help me make decisions on whether I should eat that moldy beef jerky now or save it for when I'm really desperate. --When an animal has already been harvested by the player, make it appear different than one that hasn’t. I've had to leave behind rabbit carcasses with hides and just take the meat and guts, and when I come back to catch more rabbits I can't tell which are the fresh ones by looking. #CanadaApocalypseProblems I'm really enjoying this game, so thanks for your hard work!
  7. suggestion

    So, in real life, you have to have water and boil it to make the MREs able to be... eaten. I'm just wondering why this was never implemented!? Requiring 0.07 Gal of Potable Water to "cook" an MRE (without the use of Fire) would seem more feasible to me, given that this is a survival game, and MREs provide up to 1750 Calories! Also, I think that MREs should come with little bonus items - just like they do in real life. The occasional gum, herbal tea, or coffee really would be a nice little surprise jack-in-the-box to get from finding an MRE!
  8. Good day, everyone! First of all i want to thank Hinterland team for fantastic game, love it) Here some thoughts (sorry for my english): big pieces of meat or fish should take more time to cook than small pieces, also cooked meat should weight less than a raw meat (fish too) running should warm you up wild animals can eat meat you storing outside (i saw a bear passing by a pile of meat and paying zero attention to it :)) pen, pencil etc. so that hero could draw a map probably ability to brake extremities when hero falls from high places (hero could craft splints and crutches for recovery, if hero make it to safe place:)) maybe ability to take a bath or shower (my character living without bath for a 70 days, i guess it should be some consenquences for that :)) Thank you and best of luck!
  9. I believe anyone with an idea should put it here ,this could be the suggestion box compressed so that the developers don have to tak a long time to find things that they are looking to implement, I will add what I have seen and liked later as well as put the most approved ideas up in a final page. So please, put your polethora of ideas here to be compressed into a list comprehendable for the great developers at Hinterland studios here. The ideas that I believe In most are dogs, making some old and some young, the young would be easier trained and healthier all around but slower and less helpful while very old would not learn as easy and would need to be tamed,the classes would be hunter to help retrieve killed animals "game", scavenger to point out loot and food, defender for keeping you safe from bears & wolves, and traveller wgich are a special type only for the promised huge map in place of a car the idea would be that electricity only works during certain hours and are not as safe but. are faster and have good features, Alaskan malamutes & Siberian huskies as the traveller, golden retriever then beagle then Irish setter as hunter dogs from worst to best,and street mutts in abandoned city areas for scavengers, the defenders would be the german shepard, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, bullmastiff, Kuvasz, and the Chow, the rank is the same as the hunters and the rest, the chow will intimidate every animal while the others will need to go into combat and you can train each, another thing would be to have abandoned cities workinhg cars that need gas and maintenance, and enclaves at the top of the promised huge map,it can have lots of trading markets and you can live there in the end. Ialso think more complex things can be done to crafting like making riflerounds as well as having club and blade weapons, I personally would like to see a revolver shotgun handgun and scopes added each thing you would have to find in rewpect to the scope abut could be attached rarely and id like to see npc's and maybe even small servers for a handful of people in a multiplayer setup. Now go on and tell me your ideas...
  10. Thinking we could fix some audio cues when picking up items. Im pretty sure nobody needs a stick found in the woods
  11. I didn't see another thread on this topic, but I just encountered the situation in-game. I have a TON of meat that is spoiled/spoiling. It's not completely ruined, but has a condition of around 27%-35%. I've been food-poisoned by some of this food already. It would make sense to be able to re-cook this food, to kill the bacteria that would make you sick, at the expense of weight and calories. I was surprised to see that this isn't an option, so now I just have all this risky meat laying around that I can't really use.
  12. I've noticed that if I'm outdoors, and the wind is howling, and I click on a door to go inside, the sound actually cuts out completely during the load screen, and then once I'm indoors, I hear the indoor version of the outdoor sound. This "blackout" in between somewhat breaks immersion. I think it would make more "soundpicture" sense to keep the outdoor ambient noise at full volume until the transition to indoors is complete, which would be broken up by the sound of the door close, and then the attenuated sound from indoors would pick up.
  13. i dont know much about the flora of canada but would it be possible to add some plants that one could brew up to some tea that works against fatigue? i know of some plants that do this without coffeine for example: peppermint <could grow in northern america cinnamon <could not be implemented as natural ressource, maybe as loot? cinnamon tea? cayenne <could not be implemented as natural ressource, maybe as loot? dryed cayenne? ginkgo <ginkgo tree could grow in northern america licorice root < This fatigue-fighting herb helps rebuild damaged adrenals and reduces cravings for sweets and caffeine which cause a energy crash after an initial rush. The glycyrrhizin contained in licorice root enhances the body’s cortisol activity increasing energy and reducing fatigue.
  14. 1. TRAINING MAP You should make a training map, which would teach the player how to interact with the game in certain situations. I personally went through the keybindings before starting my first game, but I completely forgot about the radial menu and didn’t know that there’s such a thing as a snow shelter until I’ve already played for tens of hours and lost many times to the frost. I’ve also seen other people around here forgetting about ’paper doll view’, which shows the state of clothes. Thankfully, I have used it well. And the training map I suggest to make, may be somewhat interactive. For that snow shelter, for example, it may spawn the player outside, then tell him to go to a house and collect some, cloth, then go outside to the middle of the forest, collect enough sticks, start middle blizzard on his head and tell the player: ‘Pal! It’s going dark and you’re going to freeze! You have almost no chances to return, because your footsteps were buried with snow, so make a snow shelter, while you still have these 72% of condition!’ Teach him that he can make tinder for sticks, bands and fishing tackles WITHOUT the workbench and light. 2. HOT WATER I don’t understand, why the hot water I did just boil, cannot be consumed as heated tea and provide me with warmth, so I could suffer less from the cold outside? That shouldn’t be hard to implement. 3. USE BED AND BEDROLL SIMULTANEOUSLY In real life, I sometimes used them at the same time for warmth. Why can’t I do so in The Long Dark? It’s only logical to use them both in the very cold places, such as Forestry lookout in Mystery lake, where the temperature inside may fall below zero. 4. MAKE PLACING THE CAMPFIRE SIMPLE I once wanted to start a campfire and almost froze to death seeing it always red, red and RED wherever I wanted to place it. I have lost 10% of my health (leaving me with only 20%), while trying to start a fire. I was in panic, but suddenly found out that I can only place it in the very close proximity from myself. THEN DAMN WHY I SEE THIS RED CAMPFIRE MODEL LIKE I CAN PLACE IT LITERALLY A MILE AWAY? I guess you should allow the player to start a campfire wherever it is actually possible, and if it’s not near him, then make the player go on autopilot to that place and start making the fire on the spot the player has selected. 5. MAKE THE WIND WORKING FOR THE PLAYER AND AGAINST HIM If the wind blows from the player’s side to a deer or a wolf side, a deer or a wolf should spot the player more easily/quickly. If the player runs away from the wolves in the wind/blizzard, and the wind blows from the wolves’ side, they should give up on finding him quicker. 6. LET THE PLAYER MAKE A CLOAK TO HIDE HIS APPEARANCE A coat and a hat made of moss/sticks should help the player to blend with nature when he leans to the trees, which in its turn should help him avoid being noticed by both predators and prey. Putting on and adjusting a clock should take a couple of minutes, so it would be stupid to put in on, when you’ve been spotted. Of course, moss and sticks alone wouldn’t make a proper cloak, one would have to bind them somehow… There can be two kinds of cloak – a simple one would be tucking sticks and moss in the player’s current clothes (or let him make a separate outfit for the cloak?) and a better cloak that is worn separately and is made on a workbench. 7. GIVE THE PLAYER A MAP My silly attempts to create a map of Mystery lake were so laughable that they were useless. Yes I connected some places, but creating a proper map requires weeks of stupid walking and still people with topographic idiocy like me wouldn’t be able to make a good map themselves. Everyone uses the maps from the wiki anyway, so adding a map in the game would change nothing in the gameplay. But for the game itself it would serve as a good characteristic: for today the player has to switch between the game window and his browser. Make the game better by removing this necessity! There’s nothing wrong in getting a map of Mystery lake at the Camp office, I’d say there should be a wall dedicated to the map. Oh, that’s a good idea too. Though a map on paper, that the player carries with him, is what I thought of initially. 8. LET THE PLAYER MAKE TARGETS TO PRACTISE THE BOW I find the bow unusable at its current state. On Stalker and above I wouldn’t pick it against a wolf – it’s only raison d’etre, because you can’t hit a deer from far away. The accuracy at no master lever is awfully bad, which makes me think, that it’d be better to make targets and practise on them first – mastership doesn’t seem to bump without successful hits, and getting them is nearly impossible on Stalker. Excuse me, but I consider going against a wolf on Stalker imbecility just for the purpose of honing bowmanship. I would do that when having at least 70% hp to get meat or a hide, but not for the bowmanship. No. I can’t imagine how much times should I put my life at risk just to get one level in it this way. No. 9. CHANGE THE WAY PLAYER GETS TIME I suppose that ’??? of day time left’ were introduced intentionally, because at dusk it’s hard to tell the time? That’s cool. But make it even better: force the player to get time by the use of certain devices using the sun (make a gnomon at his homestead and use his palm to check how much fingers above horizon is the sun). Also as a bonus add a rare item: mechanical watches with autowinding. Such watches may work for decades without service and are inexpensive in real life. But force the player calibrate the watches before he can use them by standing at noon at a sunny place while checking his own shadow (Noon is for GMT, for Canada probably lower). I really enjoyed checking the level of oxygen on my watch in the game Metro 2033, so introduce watches without fear: it is a fantastic feeling only adding the experience. And certainly easier, than implementing getting time from the nature. 10. LET THE PLAYER HIDE HIS SMELL WITH PUTTING SNOW IN HIS MOUTH I’m not sure whether it’s true, but I’ve seen it in some film, that hunters put snow in their mouth to hide the smell of a human from the animals. 11. USE GUN AND CROWBAR TO BREAK ICE This one is just a wish. If I am so rich (or stupid) that I can shoot to break ice, I want to do so. In case of using the rifle, there should appear 6–10 marks around the ice-hole – player shoots them, then he must use something (hands may be used too, but with a small risk of breaking and heavy wearing on the gloves) to break the ice. 12. HARVESTING CORPSES BY PARTS AND TAKING THEM HOME Allow the player to take rabbit corpses with him – they shouldn’t weigh so much, and dissecting them at home, in warmth, would safe time, that the player could spend outside. I mean that I can go outside, see that I’ve caught some rabbits, and take them with me instead of staying in the cold and losing condition. Chopping off a leg from a deer corpse would be fine, if it would take less time than dissecting. Would be useful to quickly harvest some meat before wolves spawned.
  15. I'd enjoy the mechanic of being able to kick out the fire after it has been started. Once it has done its job, to be able to kick it out and retain its unburnt fuel would be nice and pretty realistic. Its terrific that we can now reuse old fires, but that next step would take it that one step further in the direction of awesome !
  16. New clothing menu is a great start, a couple of things i would like to see it improved is: 1. A clearer way to see the clothing wear without having to click on each item of clothing [or switch to the inventory screen] 2. Add the ability to roll through available clothing in inventory using the mouse wheel, in the same way that you can use the mouse wheel to modify the amount of items to drop etc... "Less clicks=More fun"
  17. I purchased this game in the very early days and enjoy streaming it on twitch. I love the way things are always improving and evolving, I do have some ideas I would like to share. 1. We need Polar bears. Bigger, meaner, larger aggro radius and obviously hard to see in the snow. They are known man eaters when hungry. 2. I notice some people shoot a bear with an arrow then click "pass time" and wait for the bear to bleed out. This needs to be addressed, the bear would either leave or maul them. 3. Long term DLC. Imagine different adventures where the plane goes down in the jungles of South America or the Australian outback! This would obviously be after the full game was released and could be DLC that customers could purchase. Love the hard work you all do and thank you for such a wonderful survival game.
  18. Ok so at 65 days I've started to note something. There are a few key materials/items that are uncraftable once you have depleted the world resources. Here they are in order of importance: 1: fire making implents matches magnifying glass and Flint strike. Once these are gone you can no longer make water or cook. There needs to be a craftable fire starter. 2: sewing kits/fishing line with hook. While the line is indefinitely spawning with animals the hook is not. Ergo once you have scraped all of the metal into hooks or arrow heads that's it no more. To fix this we need a craftable hook of bone or wood. 3: arrow heads. Not only as in number 2 but you can only craft them with the heavy hammer which requires 1 for wood and quality tools. To fix this same as number 2 bone tips possibly stone. 4: no craftable hat. While the manufactured gear will eventually break and you run out of cloth once you do have fur everything being minus a hat kinda sucks. To fix this a rabbit hat would be nice. 5 knives. Same as 3. Fix: bone knives. 6 axes. Same as 3 fix: stone axe. 7 snares. Limited amount of reclaimed wood. Fix: be able to craft snare wood from sapling. This would enable you to survive indefinitely in any mode.
  19. In light of clothing repair equipment being a finite resource in the game, Does anyone else think it would be useful to have some sort of indication as to whether certain types of clothing are worth repairing over others? With so many new items of clothing in the game, when i look at a bunch of clothing in various states of disrepair, there isn't much in the way of information at hand [aside from a wiki search if I'm lucky] to help me with making the best decision between keeping the 90% item I'm currently wearing over spending precious time and resources to repair the 20% item i just found, to replace it. Whilst I can appreciate that in some aspects, this makes the decision a little less number-y and a little more organic, but there are already a bunch of number-y stats on the screen, so its hard to pretend its not about numbers. In R/L i would have many more things aside from a picture and numbers to use at my disposal to base my decision on though. [not that im dissing the numbers entirely] The game knows what is the most useful and useless clothing in the DB, and it can probably compare every facet of each item of clothing, and throw back some nice text to steer away from the numbers without too much trouble. My suggestion is some sort of mechanic where you can easily and instantly appraise the current qualities of the item of clothing you have selected vs the current qualities of what you are wearing, and instead of numbers it could be text, mentioning something along the lines of 'Even though your current parka is in a slight state of disrepair, In its current state, the 'expedition jacket' you are looking at is currently no warmer/waterproof etc.. than the 'parka' you are wearing, but with your experience, you think that with a little [or a lot of] work, it would far surpass the thermal and waterproof properties of it, even if your parka was fully repaired' etc... Various parts of the text could relate to the items strengths and weaknesses in comparison to what you are wearing, perhaps there could even be room for a sort of appraisal skill which reveals more, or gives you more accurate results etc.
  20. How about adding single-use activated heat packs (hand/feet/body warmers)?? Provides a nice short-term warmth bonus while exploring. Could be a lifesaver in an unexpected blizzard with no fire materials and hypothermia approaching.
  21. If you keep wearing very wet clothes, this could risk pneumonia, which would be a real danger in a survival situation. This would be similar to risking hypothermia when you are too cold for too long. There have been posts regarding getting sick, and this would be a preventable illness.
  22. Hey Folks, First of all hi guys, Im FO4Builder hailing from the UK and new member to forums and new player to TLD. As you can guess by my name I love Fallout 4 and also have a youtube channel for the game. I found TLD via a 1 hour free trial on XBox Live and have never reached for my wallet so fast for any game in my entire life. To find out it was only £15.99 was pure madness I would happily pay more for TLD. Its without a doubt the best survival game I have ever played and the realism/immersion of it is just outstanding not to mention the artwork. I have been playing Interloper since I bought the game and its kicking my ass and I LOVE IT! I have some suggestions and thoughts and im trying to keep them all in essence with the realism of TLD and I am aware we are in Alpha. Suggestions - Possibly already mentioned Hay Bails like in PV can be harvested for hay to use as tinder and insulation for clothing/makeshift bed roll. Lantern can be used to make fire (if im surviving the ice cold wild im sure I would find a way to get that flame out of the lantern and onto tinder) It would never take me 27 minutes to rip up a cardboard box to make into kindling. If i dont have a hatchet that wont stop me picking up a rock to smash an ice fishing hole Some cabins have glowing windows of a night time (Im not sure what thats about) Anything made of wood should have the option to harvest it for fire fuel Cars/Vans - Harvest seat covers (for makeshift clothing) Wire (Cordage) Gas (For Fires/Lamps) Glass (Makeshift knife) Ability to mark your way/path perhaps with ribbon/colored wire from cars/carving into a tree ect. More Variety in animal/plantlife (probably already planned) When I fire dies out especially in an oven the embers should last for X amount of time so you just add fuel and tinder to restart it without ignition source If im out of water and dehydrating you can bet your life im going to try and get some water from a waterfall. Well as for ideas thats what I have from my limited play time within the TLD world, If you disagree with any of the above I would like you to say why rather than just a flat out no Questions When looking for a base camp what do you look for/suggest? When storing raw food does keeping it outside extend its life? When you have played for 12 hours and your wife/girlfriend is moaning at you, whats the best way to get more play time? Haha well thats it for now folks, thanks for reading this far and thank you Hinterland for the best game I have ever played in my entire life...LITERALLY
  23. When I have started Whiteout, I didn’t know the complete rules and stupidly assumed, that I am locked on Coastal highway. The food I collect must be fresh (at least above 0% or better 40%) to be qualified as passable for the stash I gather. I will have to actually make it through the storm that will go for several days (the red arrow on the calendar suggested me so). But when I completed it and went to read what people say about this challenge (maybe they knew some hints?) I’ve found, that one can complete it in damn 8 days. What’s the purpose then?.. Why do I collect all these things in the Garage, if I can leave that wolf-infested, though very beautiful place for some Mystery lake and stay there? So my suggestions are: The player must survive the final blizzard inside the garage with what he has collected. Let him go kill wolves or whatever if he needs to. And die from wounds, if he forgot to find antiseptic or collect hanging moss, that weren’t on the checklist. Make the collection harder by either reducing supplies that are overall found in the world, assuming that he’ll go travelling for a week; or locking him in Coastal highway, until he harvests a certain amount of certain supplies (say 80%, except for food and wood) from Coastal highway, or depletes the resource on this map – only then unlock other maps for him. Alternatively, respawn resources (such as bullets) 2–3 times on the map after several days, so one could save 15 or 25 or even 30 bullets while staying on Coastal highway. The only problem I have experienced (except disappearing wolf corpses) is wasting too much bullets in assumption I can always find them somewhere. At the day 22 I shot the last bullet and started to have a concern: ‘What if the purpose of this challenge is not to actually survive the blizzard with what I could collect (independently from whether did I collect everything from the checklist or not), but only to collect those items and complete the checklist?’ And, to my surprise, it was the latter. Ha-ha! I didn’t have to survive in the survival game, I only had to mark the checkboxes! So I made a dash to the Church at Desolation point to collect the bullets – also got poisoned by expired food on the way, because I stupidly assumed, that I have to save FRESH products for the stash – and returned to go fishing. So the bullets were the only problem for me, and only thanks to my own wastefulness. I must explicitly mention, that I had no problems with food and oil – by the end of the 27th day I had level 4 in cooking, which added 20% calories to everything I prepare, and the fish gave more oil than I needed. I filled two lanterns with spare oil.
  24. Having just reached my 50th day in game I have been wanting 2 buttons and I have been wanting them bad. I want a "Sleep until rested" button and a "eat and drink" button. Every time I have to sleep I have to click that arrow 6-10 times to set the hours. Even if it stayed to the last amount you slept last time it would be helpful, but I think "Sleep until Rested" makes a lot of sense. Every time I eat, my water level plummets. I have to click food, then click on water. I'm 99% of the time I'm going to want to drink water right after I eat food. I wish I had an "Eat and Drink" button that just did both at the same time. You can even grey out the button if you don't have enough potable water to bring you to full hydration.
  25. A fur hat. Made of native fox +1 armor and +0.8 above Canada hat on wind and heat +0.5 wet resistance. Native fox. Much less aggressive than wolves and higher population. Lured by rainbow trout. Wolf dens with cubs. With a chance at capturing and taming a cub that could eventually hunt rabbit and protect you from other wolves. The cub would have a similar survival stats as your toon. If it gets too hungry it goes feral and attacks you. Too thirsty it runs off on you. Too tired and you have to carry it. Cross country skis. 2x heavy as the rifle x2 movement speed over flat snow -x4 over ice or road. Sled. +25kg carry -35% walk and no sprint. -30% calorie and tires consumption vs sprinting while over burdened -10% that of walking over burdened. Ice skates +50% movement on ice useless everywhere else as heavy as ski boots. Small birds quail or similar. Trapable with seeds and bird snare. Seeds from rose hip 10 calories for 10.