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Found 974 results

  1. When the circle menu is brought up, character stops even the forward key is still pressed. This disallows doing actions when walking, like eating, drinking that should be normally possible. Bigger problem is getting a weapon. When followed by a wolf, you usually want to be able to continue walking and in the same time bringing it up. The current way makes the character stop which creates very dangerous situation. Can you please implement this in the way that bringing up the circle menu doesn't affect the movement?
  2. Another feaure that would be useful is to have a possibility to walk without holding W key. Sometimes I just want to go forward for a longer time and don't want to still hold the key. I see that Left ALT key is not used, so L ALT+W would cause the character to move forward until the same directional key is pressed again. But other directional keys and running by L SHIFT would work normally. In example, I want to go somewhere, I press L ALT+W and the character just walks forward. I can correct direction by mouse without affecting the movement forward. I can also use A or D keys to move aside or L SHIFT to run when pressed when still walking forward. Pressing W again or S key (back) stops the walking.
  3. My current wish list: Binoculars. They would be so useful on clear days to track the movement of animals, work out whether its worth walking all the way over that tree stump to see if they are mushrooms growing on it or just my failing eyesight playing tricks on me. I love being able to move stuff about, but I would like to able to stack - like things do when you drop them, but tidier! Wolf skill - after being attacked 10+ times by wolves, you'd think our intrepid survivor would pick up some skills on how to defend him/herself better, right? That's just plain instinct, humans have been learning how to defend themselves for millennia. How about a slow percentage increase in defence ability, less damage, more chance of critcial hit with hatchet/knife, etc just like the other skills? To jump. I would love to be able to reasonably jump onto or off of things - obviously with the risk of damaging myself dependent on how much weight I'm carrying. That's all for now thanks, I'm off to have a nice
  4. As simple as it sounds. I can't see why we can not sleep on the floor when we don't have access to a sleeping bag or bed (Carter Dam interloper mode), when we are lying by a fire. The temperature is just more than adequate, and sleeping on the floor is definitely better than DYING because of weariness. We are condemned to roam the indoors at night until we die holding a lamp.
  5. Hello, On my wish-list is the ability to look out the rear window of a vehicle when you are inside of it. It seems realistic that you could twist your body and head most of the way around to look out the back window for predators. Thanks!
  6. Evening all! So, Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend, Halloween is two weeks away and American Thanksgiving is shortly after that. Last year, Hinterlands released a special event in the sandbox with Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, and demon wolves. I for one really enjoyed it. Although nothing has been announced yet (and I definitely don't speak for the studio!) would the community at large enjoy another themed event for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.?
  7. The Cooking skill tree is a bit overpowered. When you reach level 5 cooking, you can store meat forever due to you never getting food poisoning, and you get a crazy 25% calorie bonus. I would suggest the following changes: Level 2: 10% faster cook times. Level 3: 15% faster cook times, ability to harvest lamp oil, 25% less chance of food poisoning on cooked food Being able to smash open cans is a terrible benefit. Eventually, there won't be any cans to smash open. Requiring level 3 cooking to get oil from fish is a much more worthwhile benefit. It also makes oil a scarce resource initially. Level 4: 20% faster cook times, ability to harvest lamp oil, 10% calorie bonus, 50% less chance of food poisoning on cooked food I'm putting the calorie bonus at level 4 because I think that you need to put in more effort to get such a powerful bonus. Level 5: 25% faster cook time, ability to harvest lamp oil, 15% calorie bonus, 75% less chance of food poisoning on cooked food, 50% resistance to parasites Instead of being completely immune to food poisoning and parasites, you only have a reduced probability of getting it. This means you can't eat ruined food or lots of wolf meat, making food somewhat harder to stockpile in the long term.
  8. Hello, I have seen many times players explaining they establish a "base" somewhere, and live around there. That is a rational choice, for example by living in CH, there are enough resources to keep living without having to move and take risks (fishing + beachcombing is a huge combo). And usually, that's when the interest in the game starts to drop, and players start to care more about the interior decoration than not starving/freezing/dehydrating... To keep interest in long-terme gameplay, I suggest to have a much much longer time before the items/wildlife respawn in a location. If you have used all the branches and sticks somewhere, and/or fished/hunted a lot, you would have to keep moving elsewhere in order to continue to survive, while the resources are slowly respawning. This way, the "I build my base and won't have to move for the next 10 years" strategy would be nerfed. People would have to explore the map, take (calculated) risks and search everywhere for the slightiest resource. Then other valid strategies could appear : 100% nomad "I move non-stop lightweight with only tools and live from what I find" ; or maybe using several bases dispatched around the different regions, switching around them to let resources respawn. Today, these strategies are strictly inferior to using a permanent base and "looting" everyday : why would I have to keep moving when it is tacticaly superior to just pass days in a secure place with an established routine ? On an ethical/philosophical view, this would cope well with the "manage your needs instead of sacking nature around you, becauses resources aren't eternal" that (I think) the game is trying to teach. That is what was done in the "previous world", and maybe what leaded to the long dark.
  9. Hello, In this post I want to share my opinion on the fact that game doesn't provide any build in way how to save game. I save my game and I couldn't play without that at all. As described in my previous comment about passing a time. I cannot imagine I would spend like 5 hours in a row (which is very normal) achieving something and than was killed and needed to start over. Or worse that happened to me, an ice broke under me and game was saved at this point for an unknown reason to me. So restoring the last save brought me into the water again and again. Not saving the game on my own, I would never played it again. It should be possible to save game in the game directly unlimited times because you never know what can happen. I save my game every time I need after game makes a quick save by copying the content of: \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Hinterland into special folder and if I screw up, I just copy it back. Works well for me but having it in the game would be much better. I have read some frustration of some user here who needed to start over after few days playing for several time already. To be at his place, I would break something or never played it again. Please add game saves into the game please. Thanks Tomas
  10. Hello, I like this game a lot but what really bothers me is how quickly the time passes. The speed of walking is real but the time runs so fast. Going for longer distances takes too much time to get there. It looks like going like one kilometer far takes whole day. It is not much realistic. I have a feeling I can't do much during a day I would like to. Also he is still hungry or thirsty, tired but nothing really happened during a day or he didn't go that far to be that late already. Also some activities are too time consuming. I can't understand how breaking a one bigger branch into three smaller pieces can take 20 minutes using bare hands. In reality it would be done in seconds or in a minute at the most. But 20 minutes in this game time pace is a big portion of time spent by a such minor activity, break a few more and your day is gone. And I could get much more other examples to that. So instead of doing useful things like exploring I'm still looking for a food and something to burn but I could manage to do all those things and much more during a day if the time would pass more slowly. I don't say make the real time pace but like four times slower would be more useful and adjust the activities to be more realistic in terms of how much time they take. Thanks Tomcat
  11. Feels like two different teams made Episode 1 and 2. Quests for 1 automatically put any keys or quest items into your inventory after cut scenes. In EP 2, tiny quest items would be dropped on the ground when the player would have expected the PC to have picked up or automatically inventoried the item as part of the cut scene following the pattern from EP 1. More quest information please. Add more landmarks into the stories that the NPC tells. For example: Type out the entirety of what the NPC says into the quest description. Add footnotes as hints and impressions your characters has in the margins of the quest log/journal. Details are important in story and world building.
  12. Hi guys !!! How you doing ? I working on a novel. I get inspired by TLD !!!! I Should Thank my friend who helped me !!! @Wastelander @Baukster77 I will edit this whenever I can !!! So don't forget to check it out !!! (I will do my best but it might have a typo !! ) I hope you enjoy it !!! Don't forget to comment your idea about it !!!!!!! The Survivor The sun was setting slowly, as little snowflakes came falling from the sky. Young teen was running through the streets. He suddenly stopped in front of a dilapidated apartment building. He looked around, but there was nobody there. He took a deep breath and looked at the building, it used to be one of the biggest buildings of the neighborhood. But that was before the earthquake happened. Now it was just a death trap. The earthquake destroyed the entrance, and the building was not accessible. He walked around the back of the building. There was a small old metal fire escape ladder at the back of building. After double checking his backpack (today was a good day!! He found a tuna can !!!) he started to climb ladder . Arash climbed up the ladder. and after fifty steps later he was at the rooftop. There was a big hole in the roof, and on the other side of the roof there was a door that led to fifth floor. Arash stepped on a plank that was laid over the hole. He tried to keep his head up - the hole was about six meters deep.... He finally reached the door and opened it, not before watching the sunset for a second. "Well, one good day's about to finish" he whispered. After a few minutes He entered the house from the rooftop door. A big part of the staircase had collapsed about a year ago. so he walked carefully to the fifth floor. There was a lot of stuff on the floor, but the usable stuff he had taken a month ago. He sat by the big hole and jumped to the fourth floor. This floor was full of stuff, which made walking pretty hard. It took some time for Arash to get to the door. "Never gets easier" Arash said. He got out of the house and climbed down the stairs until he reached to old wrecked door on the third floor. He tried to open the door but it didn't open. "Come on!! It's going to get worse day by day !!!! " Arash said Impatiently. finally he busted the door down. The door landed on the floor. Arash tried to keep his calm. He entered the house and put his backpack on the ground, lifted the door to its place. after that he looked at his semi-wrecked house. . . . * : Arash is a Persian name http://www.behindthename.com/name/arash
  13. I'm assuming this isn't already suggested, nothing similar turned up in forum search. Since I don't keep entries, and I only occasionally read notes in game, I can't be certain this isn't already in game. Though nothing I've read in game so far suggest it is. Cairns are reserved for KS backers so are excluded from this process. game journals appear to be saved when player dies. Presumably they are still accessible. game journals are saved on per day basis there is random spawn, so notes can be inserted practically anywhere. player's travel history is recorded on per day basis. notes use same game asset with different on screen texts. total game session numbers is recorded somewhere, as evidenced by automatic sandbox name+number scheme So it seems to be all the necessary internal mechanisms already exist to randomly spawn some journal entries from previous games in new games. the notes can be found at locations player has visited in previous game sessions, and on corpses near those locations. Selection of entry can simply be random but with a check to cull blank entries. Maybe 0 to 6 notes per region. To go a step further a new journal item can be created, 0 to negligible weight, as a scaled down version of generic book asset, or new art asset altogther (not a whole lot of work) and randomly spawn once or twice per game, same basic criteria checks as notes, but limited to locations that player has spent more than sometime, e.g 30 days, and/or corpses near said location. This item contains a consecutive series of journal entries less/equal to the days spent at the location where the item is found. Blank entries are omitted. If no prior game sessions meets the number of consecutive entries check, then no journal book items spawn in the game session, only single notes. There may be some modification to the final (death) save process necessary, but it's probably just a few additional tags to allow new game sessions to parse earlier data, I don't think it'd be anything major. All in all I think it's a fairly light feature that adds a lot of individual flavor for players in the end. good value for the buck.
  14. While playing TLD i was thinking a little about story mode when it struck me that we might (80% sure) have humans that we will have to kill in self defence or to save another survivor as shown in your story mode trailer at 1:26 were Will Mackenzie (i assume) kills two other survivors to save the one lying on the ground. So if we got hostile humans in story mode i think that a damage system like the one in Rimworld were very specific parts of your body can be damaged or destroyed could fit really good in TLD. Im not saying that we need to have liver transplants and that but maybe some parts of the system like you will lose some consciousness if in great pain or if you've lost too much blood from your wounds you'll pass out for a certain amount of time or never wake up again if the wounds are too severe when passing out. what i mean with "lose some consciousness" is that if you have lost some consciousness the screen will get darker and you will get wobbly just like when you are really hurt >10% Condition but your character will also do things slower like turning or reloading. If npc's roam in story mode then if you pass out because blood loss then if one of them finds you unconscious then they might save you so you'll wake up in a house somewere after you've recovered. This is a really bad explanation of what i really mean but its 2 past midnight and im tired so can't really do my best or finnish this to 100% but please try to understand and if you wonder about anything just ask me and i WILL reply.
  15. Hello, ive played about 65 hours after than i took a break for a long time. After all these updates i wanted to have a look what's changed and played again 5 mins ago but i didnt see the major problem about moving. So, im sure there are alot of Skyrim players here and they can easily remember that the "c key binding" in the game. I mean the aut-move key i used to assaign to "c" key for it idk maybe the default key was different. So, you just press the key and let the character goes forward automaticly and you could control only the mouse Why does not still The Long Dark have this ability ? It would be awesome because we need to MOVE almost forward in this game to discover and it means you have to put your middle finger always on the "w key" and it's just frustration and ice on the cake I hope you know what i meant. I guess this key binding example is a feature that should be in the game to make play this game easier. Sincerely.
  16. suggestion

    it woud been awsome if ther was a multiplayer function! but there had to be a limit of players like 3 or 4. i dont know if it would be a negative thing because the game is based on being lonly, but i thaught it would be cool anyway.
  17. question

    Hi guys I want to ask if The Long Dark will run decently in my Lenovo Z50-70 laptop. ( Intel Core i7-4510U(2 cores, 2-3GHZ), 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 840M 4GB, Windows 10 64-bits) Thank you!!! ^^
  18. I would really appreciate If devs add option to take care of human corpses. By "take care" I mean drag them out of building, stripping their clothes and chop them into pieces to make baits.
  19. Hinterland, in my opinion there is one thing missing in The Long Dark and that is fur hat, we have rabbit mittens why not rabbit fur hat like this?: i'm starting to run out for cloth, so soon my two wool toque wil eventually be broken, so a rabbit fur hat would be great to have .
  20. Would it be possible to replace some (news) papers with bank notes and use that as tinder? Burning money to stay alive would add to the survival feeling for me.
  21. suggestion

    What do you think about wolf pack with a alpha wolf stronger than the other wolves. beacause in the long dark the wolves are alone and it would no be realistic.
  22. suggestion

    Hey Hinterlandteam, thank you for the game, i really enjoy it. I have a suggestion regarding a new difficulty. Firstly, why? I enjoy the realism in the game and the resulting gameplay. I always play in in "stalker" difficulty, because i want it as hard as possible while there are items which are realistic to be found in this environment, for example knives, axes and rifles. I have a kind of autistic side in me, which cannot except the fact, that there are no such items as mentioned in interloper mode. Keep in mind, that it is totally ok for me that the interloper mode is the way it is, but i just cannot play it that way So, what then? How about a new mode between stalker and interloper, items should be as rare as interloper or even a bit rarer, whilst the weatherspikes can get even worse. Even the aggrorange of animals should be widened (perhaps just the range of the smell), but the key difference should be, that every item can get found. Very important to balance this mode, is that the good items should really be a rare find, like only one gun in the complete game, and only one knife per map or something. Finding the loot should be the most awesome feeling ever, i think you know what i mean. The result? I still remember the first rifle i found in this game, after being hunted and abused by wildlife, being a total noob and dying stupid deaths, it was an amazing feeling to hold it in my hands. And i want this feeling again, without having to be a noob. Thank you for reading, keep up the good work. Hausmusik
  23. Hello together, I love The Long Dark very much! I wish only two things: 1. A Cap. Build from rabbit coat. Because in Game all Clothes can build from Animals, but a cap is missing. 2. A Fire-Drill. Build with two sticks and one cord. Because when you don't find matches, loupe or something else, you can not make Fire. A Fire-Drill is so easy and also used in reality. Thanks you for this great game!!! Burner
  24. Last night around midnight I heard a loud screeching/screaming sound outside. At the time I couldn't begin to imagine what it was. I was thinking, like, cougar, or raccoon or something. But turns out it was a female fox (vixen), which I discovered the next day. For those of you who haven't heard a fox scream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6NuhlibHsM Give it a listen at about 0:31. Anyway, it occurred to me that a fox might be an interesting little addition to The Long Dark. They would be more of a small aesthetic to the game rather than a gameplay mechanic (As wolves are hostile, as well as bears. And other animals are good for hunting). I'm thinking maybe it would be interesting if the foxes were sort of an elusive part of the game that you can only find occasionally in certain parts of certain maps. Maybe you can hear them at night, or they can wake you up or something. I don't know. I just think it would be a cool little experience to hear or see a group of foxes in the distance. Plus that scream would add to the atmosphere at certain points, maybe catch some players off guard. I would have done some quick Long Dark concept art for the fun of it, but I don't have my Cintiq with me. (Some of my work, btw:) Again, just a thought more than anything else. It would be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts. I hope this isn't too far fetched, or miscellaneous. At least listen to the screams in the video if nothing else. Thanks.
  25. Hi there! I noticed something when I got my rifle a few days ago in story mode. I Haven't been playing for a long time and came back to story mode and I am hooked at the survival mode since then. To the issue I had: I loaded the rifle to see how many rounds i had. Since I had 13 the rifle was fully loaded, when I spotted the cleaning kit in the lodge I was was wondering if I could clean the loaded rifle. Tried it and it worked! Is anybody else bothered by this? I try not to be bitchy about it but come on! This is like asking for an accident. Anyone who has only the slightest experience with weapons knows that you do unload before cleaning not only because it is neccessary for safety reasons but also because you cannot clean the rifle properly if it is loaded. I mean this should not be too hard to implement that. I suggest makeing it mandatory to unload the rifle before cleaning. And since I am already nitpicking: Refueling a stormlantern while the are running is also not really a thing in real life. A storm lantern needs to be pumped up to have the neccessary gas pressure to function properly and if you open it to refuel it will not function. And I wouldn't do that for safety reasons too, the lamp is hot and has a ignition source, this in combination with gas is like asking to set yourself on fire. I know those are details but I think it would add some "think-about-what-you-are-doing-before-you-do-it" mentality. I am not asking for injuries while repairing or loading a gun, I just want it to be unloaded to be able to do so. The same for the stormlantern.