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Found 902 results

  1. TL;DR: Wolves should act more like Wolves and less like death machines from hell. I love this game. I have stayed away from survival Games in the past due to their cheasy environments (zombies and islands with dinosaurs) however this game keeps itself grounded in what's realistic and believable and I love that. The only thing I don't love is the wolf AI. Look, don't get me wrong, I like a challenge. I'm all for week long blizzards and little to no food anywhere, however the wolves in this game are just downright crazy. I dread encounters with these things, not because they are all very lethal and can kill you with ease, but because they will spot you from 3.5 km away and hunt you down to the ends of God's green earth just because you exist. This IMO kills the immersion and overall flow of the game. In stead of sneaking past a wolf or trying to shoot and kill it, I often find myself walking around entire Montana just to avoid them. I think they should be tweaked to display a more natural behavior, some suggestions I have are: 1. FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Right now, all wolves are gonna try and kill you if you are spotted by them. I think a mechanic where some wolves attack and some don't would make for an overall more realistic experience. Some factors that could influence the fight or flight could be proximity to food (wolves being more likely to attack if you're standing next to a dead deer) nber of wolves (1-2 may run while 3-4 will attack as a pack) as well as player actions suck as killing other wolves or injuring a wolf (they should be less likely to attack if you just killed 3 of their friends). Time of day should also play a part, with wolves being more docile during a the day and actively hunt at night. As well as of course the smell factor the game currently has. 2. SPEED: Wolves should be fast when they rush you, however, once you put a bullet or arrow in them, they should slow down. A lot. To have the wolf continue running dispute bleeding and having a large hole in its body makes no sense. 3. AWARENESS: Wolves should fear you more then anything. In reality, wolves avoid people at all costs, and while I understand this is a game, there still should be a degree of realism. Fireing a rifle or flare gun should send all the wolves in the area running as far away from you as possible rather than bidding behind a hill to jump you when you pass. I understand that the developers want to make the game hard and punishing, however I believe that a degree of realism when it comes to animal behaviour should still play a part. Feel free to give me suggestions or reasons that this is a terrible idea. Thanks!
  2. So, here we are finally with story mode, and although I expected a bit more interaction and choices, I'm impressed. I havent finished episode 2 yet, but I love it. Its awesome, and was well worth the wait. This has been one of my favorite games for the last couple years, but I'm really fed up with some things that could/should have been fixed a looooooooooooooong time ago. I grind my teeth every time I try to repair something or start a fire. I've reported this time and again, with various dismissals and discussions and denials. I don't care what you say about the possibility of it happening, and I completely understand the non relation between one attempt and the next but there is no way to deny the odds. With an 85% chance of success to do something, the odds of failing at that thing OVER AND OVER are so slim as to be inconsequential, and yet I ROUTINELY have to use 3 or 4 or 5 matches to light a fire, or waste 3 or 4 cloths to repair an item. not a big deal when its one cloth, but when you're repairing a wolfskin coat.... My other huge complaint is the "condition" on meds. This is absolutely pointless, and serves no gameplay purpose whatsoever except o make inventory management a pain in the arse. Ive never had low condition meds not work, and I've rarely lost them to becoming useless from condition. All it does it create 4 or 10 seperate bottles of pills in my first aid box, or backpack. I've made several suggestions in the past, ( I don't presume to have all the answers or expect that my word must be followed) but this has never changed. There simply is no justification for something like pain pills having a "condition". Same with several other items, like lamp fuel, and matches. Its pointless, and detracts from the game while adding nothing. Matches will work after sitting in a cupboard for 100 years, if they are kept dry. Kerosene will burn in a lamp after sitting in a can for 20 years. As for pain pills and antibiotics and water pure pills, yes, they do go out of date, but adding that level of reality to a game... well, lets just say it doesnt fit in a world where you must eat 7 KG of fish, twice a day, and theres no toilet paper.
  3. You're hanging at base camp, too short on food for a long trek, out of matches to start a fire for one reason or another. You have plenty of dry guts lying around (cuz you know, who doesn't?!) Wouldn't it be nice to be able to start a friction fire with the many many sticks lying around, or perhaps better yet, take some of the mentioned dry guts and fashion a bow drill fire starter. Poof, suddenly an ember, then add tinder and all of a sudden you're warm. Probably not likely on a windy or snow day, but feasible on calm days and indoor fire pits.
  4. suggestion

    Success and satisfaction is possible here at Highline Residences. Should you be interested about this luxurious development, feel free to contact us. Contact person: Pauline Tang Contact number: +65 61005518 Website: http://highlineresidences8.com/
  5. Hello all, I have been reading another player's suggestion for a personnal difficulty preference, and it struck me that we are quite many wanting to play the game with prefered rules. As Hinterland cannot add a difficulty for each of us, why not create a new pannel for sanbox mode difficulty customization ? For each category, we could choose between already existing rules (pilgrim, voyageur, stalker, , interloper) but that would allow us to mix them : Possible categories : Harshness of the weather Available buildings (standing or burned down, prepper caches) Number of containers spawned (including plane cargo boxes) Spawning ot items inside buildings and containers Intestinal parasites coupled or not with Cabin fever Wildlife : number (coupled or not with the next one) including fishing Wildlife : behavior/damage done number of feats available ... any other one For exemple, I would like to play stalker loot with voyageur wildlife, with intestinal parasites but not cabin fever (not immersive IMO) So let me know what you think of it Achievements are often disconnected from the difficulty so any one available in pilgrim would be available in custom mode. Any one available only at a specific difficulty would required to play the game with that difficulty setting
  6. suggestion

    Earlier I was talking with a friend that also plays TLD, and I had an idea about storage options. I am completely alright with the player not having the ability to build any sort of structures or even foundations of any kind, but it would be really nice to have the ability to make some sort of storage containers. I am aware that you can store items in containers within pre-existing structures, but sometimes you have more items than you can easily store, so this would just be a very helpful addition. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
  7. It would be nice if we could construct custom shelters as kne would probably do in the real world or at the very least repair and improve an existing structure you are using as a base camp.
  8. I've been considering what could be done with the cattails in a late game scenario (besides straight eating them) and with some googling it appears that you can actually make cattail flour. If you have an abundance of cattails in a late game sandbox scenario why not turn it into cattail flour, store it outside (apparently you can freeze flour) to give you a months long shelf life, and then pull some out to make ash cakes as needed. Now I've never had cattail flour based ash cakes, but in the spirit of the cattail stalks description, I'd bet it still wouldn't taste too good.
  9. Hello . here in the game, the animation hanging on the wall of skulls and all that . what if , for example, killed a bear and dried his head and hung on a fireplace as a trophy , you know, terribly , but the house looked like a real house ).
  10. I know they'd be pointless at night. I know they'd be pointless in a fog. I know they'd be pointless in a snow storm. But please can I find a pair of binoculars to gaze at the mountain ranges of this unquestionably beautiful landscape. That and all this time I've spent alone has turned Will McKenzie into a paranoid schizophrenic and I think I just saw someone over at signal hill.
  11. Playing with a controller on PS4 makes it somewhat more difficult to point precisely at an object quickly, such as a small stone or stick. If the interaction zone was made a bit larger, this would make it easier to do so, in my opinion.
  12. Playing the game I noticed that too many times the interiors are too dark during daytime.While being dark during the night adds a lot to the immersion, I think Hinterland should tweak the darkness during daytime,too many times I've used a torch ecc. To see when outside was sunny and bright.Another cool feature to add would be eyes getting used to dark and so being able to see a little bit more at night when staying in interiors for a long time.
  13. So, yea, bandages. Current issue of most players who try to play the lasting games. At the moment, bandages are used when you treat the blood loss, and can be crafted out of cloth which is a resource also used to repair clothes and make a dozen of other items via crafting. And that is why I believe this was suggested times and times again, no doubt. I think the bandages should be re-usable. The Faithful Cartographer update which brought in smelliness into the game can help a lot with making this a balanced situation. Here is my idea: Main suggestion: Whenever you use a bandage to treat blood loss, the bandage will become "bloody". This will turn it into a semi-powerful smelly item which can be used as a bait. - In order to turn it into a regular bandage, you need to "boil" it - it would be a Campfire cooking option "wash the bandage" which would require 0,5 of potable water (to make it somewhat expensive). - Bloody bandage can be used to stop bleeding again, but it will instantly give you "Infection" sickness. ___________________________ This allows players to choose - do they discard the bloody bandages and make new ones, or take them home despite they attract wildlife? Throw them away, or use this rather expensive cleaning method to turn them into regular bandages again? To make this more "lucrative" with players, the new crafting method would be 1 cloth = 1 bandage. Optional suggestion: Bandages can be used to treat "sprained" limbs. This would "remove" bandage from inventory, and change "sprained ankle/wrist" into a "treated sprained ankle/wrist" - basically the same condition, but with weaker debuffs. - You would still need to use the painkillers/rose hip tea or sleep to remove it entirely. - Only once you cured them entirely, you would get your bandage back - it would be "dirty bandage" - which does not smell and attract wildlife, but still needs to be washed. - You can use dirty bandages to treat sprains with no debuf. - you can use bloody bandages to treat sprains with no debuf, but you would constantly "smell". Curing the effect will give you "bloody bandage" back. - you can use weapons with treated sprained wrist and you can sprint with treated sprained ankle, but weapons would have bigger sway and sprint would be slower and more exhausting. - You cannot climb ropes. - using a dirty bandage to treat blood loss results in instant "infection" sickness. - Once treated, the players could not sprain that particular limb again. _____________________________________ This would help improve the current sprain system in-game which is rather bad, since it offers some massive debuffs for what is essentially a "random" encounter in game, as well as offer some new ways to perform self-treatment and make the game more realistic. _____________________________________ Feel free to discuss and suggest your own improvements! I think these changes are rather balanced and realistic, and would greatly improve the current bad "spraining" mechanic as well as offer new challenges with the medical system that is currently in place. There are significant issues if one is not careful to use sterilized bandages to treat wounds, it would open more realistic encounters where players might find already dirty bandages while looting (not bloody ones, I imagine noone would be foolish enough to use a bloody rag from someone else to treat themselves), and the infection sickness would be an excellent punishment for performing a mistake during self-treatment. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In real life, I wash bandages a lot because I have genetically weak ankles and I sprain them a lot. I would wash bandages and boil them to sterilize them quite often, and I even used such a washed bloody bandage to treat a blood loss in the past without getting an infection later on. So it can be done.
  14. Wintermute too easy for you? Here is The Vegan Mackenzie Wintermute Challenge. - No extra matches. Just the ones Mackenzie has on him after the crash. (You will leave the tutorial area with only 7 wooden matches on you and will not pick up any more). - No extra clothes. Picking up clothes to harvest cloth is allowed and of course mending the ones Will already wears. Will's jacket is allowed. No gloves. - Food allowed: Pinnacle peaches, Tomato soups, Salty Crackers, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Rose hips, Mushrooms, Cat Tail Stalks, Orange/Grape/Summit Sodas and Milk. You are not allowed to pick up anything else, even if you don't eat it. (i.e give it to an NPC to raise "trust" or finish a quest sooner). - Harvesting carcasses: Guts are allowed (decoys), also 10 kg of deer meat to complete the hunting quest in episode 2. - Eating meat is forbiten. (Except in the tutorial). - Fishing: Only the 5 kg of fish needed to complete the fishing quest. Eating fish is forbiten. - Killing animals: Only Old Bear. No other animals are to be harmed by you. - Drugs: Only natural healing by using Bandages, Old Man's Beard, Rose Hip Tea and Reishi Tea. Pills and Antiseptic not allowed (except in the tutorial). No emergency stims either. The goal is to complete ALL main AND side quests in the least amount of time. Good luck! Looking forward to reading your survival stories! Even better if you start a video series!. Still too easy for you? Try the Liquid Diet Wintermute Challenge! Same as above with these changes: - Mackenzie doesn't pick up the jacket. - Only coffee, milk, sodas and teas for food. Nothing else, not even cat tail stalks. Remember: you can't pick up anything else in your inventory. For the most hardcore TLD survivors try the Purist Wintermute Challenge! Same as the Liquid Diet Challenge with this change: Sodas are out, Cat Tail Stalks are in. Hope you have fun with these!
  15. I know this has probably been talked to death and I did find an answer from a dev saying they were considering it but that "they wanted to make it the right way" . I just want to say the main reasons why this is a must: The game becomes immortal Remember Skyrim? Of course you do, why? Because it's still alive and kicking thanks to the modding community. "But Bethesda launched a special edition!", you found yourself shouting at the screen, and yes, because mods still make it relevant. Old games, like Baldur's Gate II for instance, were kept alive by mods until Special Editions became a thing. Fans really make games last forever. The game can be vastly improved (in a customized way) Mods are, as someone on the internet once said, "all that the developers didn't have the time or money to do". They are the brains of hundreds of great people put at work, adding content for free. Just check how many posts there are on the wishlist section, so many people with so many great ideas. One dev said that they have a vision for the game, it's an emotional experience and they know which emotions they want to play with. That makes cannibalism, urination/defecation, and other grim stuff a big no no for the game, but if you would like to turn TLD into something a bit more horrific you'd be able to do it without affecting the experience of other players. Want survivors in sandbox? Go get them, some people prefer the utter feeling of loneliness instead, and so on. Now I'd hate to see silly mods like it happens with Skyrim, but you just don't install them, and that's it. It prevents piracy How? The greatest example of this is Cities Skylines. The modding community of that game blew up and its Steam Workshop is filled with amazing things, that you can only get access to if you actually buy the game. It got to the point where not having access to the mods actually makes for a worse experience. Rome Total War II is another example, mods for that game are a must for having a really good experience. So please Hinterland, double, triple consider it! Your mod tools don't have to be perfect, you don't need to create a Creation Kit a la Bethesda, just access to the files and the possibility of editing them and adding them back, and of having ways to add new data to the game can be enough. That's it! I just needed to get it out of my system.
  16. I would like some kind of repellant to make some areas safer (no more or less wolf spawning). It is quite frustrating that some areas can't be enjoyed because there are many wolves (and respawning is just a few days). I just read something about predator urine being used as such : https://www.predatorpeestore.com/coyote-problems-wolf-urine.html?_ga=1.174092577.2012738355.1417876306 So there could be several ways to gain them : - bottles in buildings/containers (not too common, best quality and durability) : commercial stuff like what can be bought as now IRL - ice (moss) tainted by wolves with urine : purification/preparation needed ? low quality/durability - removing the bladder from a dead wolf (average quality/durability) Same thing with a dead bear but more efficient (and more quantity) How to use them : they could be used on a piece of cloth that would be dropped on the ground. Each cloth would be efficient for a perimeter around. A circle sould be made around an area to prevent wolves spawning/going inside (any wolf going close by would just turn around) This would not reppel a charging animal The cloth with urine would be efficient for a certain time (more than the time for a wolf to respawn) but that time would decrease faster with very bad weather (blizzard, snow, strong wind) Probaly less than one month as seen on the today commercial products. A tainted cloth could be reused/recycled when urine has gone (recycling suche a cloth to a normal cloth would require to clean it with fire and boiling water) A moderate area could be portected this way with some time dedicated to it (like around Quonset Garage, let's say so a player exiting it can't be seen by a wolf because it is too far) but protecting a very big area should not be possible/efficient (not enough urine to do it), for example, the player could not protect the whole Coastal Townsite, juste a portion of it A player running from a wolf (non charging animal) crossing such a line woudl be protected unless is is carrying a lot of raw meat (there could be a check a player scent vs urine strength to know if the wolf will cross or not). A wolf crossing the line would become more aggressive because of the stress (it is "invading"). What do you guys think about it ?
  17. I would really like it if you guys added a custom Game Mode where you can pick certain inputs. Like how punishing the weather is too you and how good or bad the looting it. Also if animals are hostile or not and how far their agro range is. I would like this because I want a game mode between pilgrim and Voyager. I want the environment and looting and how fast you need food and water and sleep but I hate dealing with wolves that constantly attack me and make me nervous and annoyed. I think adding a game mode where you can control certain inputs would really improve the game.
  18. I love this game. I'm currently playing version 1.05 on ps4 and its buggier than a swamp in autumn. Evey 5 to 10 minutes it crashes back to the ps4 dashboard when I try and go through a door. Because of this and having to back track repeatedly due to constant crashes I think a manual save is in order until this problem is resolved.
  19. Newest episode of story mode The Long Dark hope you all enjoy and thank you for watching my episodes appreciate any feedback so look forward to your comments.
  20. I think a rock sling, a spear, and a zippo lighter could be added to the game without negative impact to the lore. A rock sling seems like a weapon that would fit in between stone throwing and the bow and arrow. This would be a natural upgrade from stone throwing and could have the following attributes: Created from blueprint without the need for a work bench Would cost 2 cured gut and 1 cured leather Unable to improve condition Use the current stones in the game as projectiles Similar aim system to stone throwing Kills rabbits instead of stunning them Cause wolves to flee upon successful hit to the body Kills wolves if hit in the head Kills deer if hit in head Only pisses of bears A spear also seems like a natural fit in the game as a pre-bow and arrow weapon that can be built with things already found in the game. The spear would have the following attributes. Created from blueprint without the need for a work bench Would cost 1 scrap metal, 1 cured gut, 1 cured leather, and 10 sticks Unable to improve condition Lunge attack when only pressing attack button Throw spear if also holding aim button Similar aim system as stone throwing when throwing spear When equipped, there is no speed reduction when walking up hill or into wind (using spear to steady yourself like a hiking stick) The zippo lighter could be added to the game and would rely on existing items to maintain. The zippo lighter would have the following attributes. Can only be found, not built Refill with existing lantern fuel Can be used as light source Can be used in place of matches to build a fire Improved chance over matches when building fire Can light torches and camp fires in windy conditions I think all of these items would live well in the silent apocalypse without seeming out of place in any way. Thank you for the consideration!
  21. First of all I would like to say Hinterland you did a great job and the wait was well worth it! I love the music, the artwork is great. Now I would like to bring some attention to the wolves in story mode. Now before people say get good, learn to play, and all that. I have played sandbox in early access for a couple years now. I would really appreciate it if we could get an option to turn off the wolf aggression in story mode (Pilgrim difficulty). Having to constantly watch my back, and getting jumped, and getting trapped in buildings is kind of taking the fun out of doing the quests. I play this game to relax, and I would like to just get to enjoy the story, and have fun with it.
  22. Short and concise: Less fetch quests. It almost felt like playing World of Warcraft. More meaningful player choice-based quests (cause and consequence). More than one NPC survivor to interact with. I dread the thought of being presented to yet another episode of "save the NPC in the region" questline. A more dangerous threat: the Old Bear is great, but it's too heavily scripted. Maybe a hostile human survivor? Levels of difficulty: from pilgrim to interloper. This way you get to please the crowds, imho. Less hand-holding in stalker and interloper difficulties (assuming you're at least thinking about it). A better way to predict the occurance of auroras. Maybe tie it to the phases of the moon. Add your own below.
  23. This is just a small idea but I think we can all agree that Fluffy gives life to an otherwise dark and creepy building. Now, Fluffy is special in the game in that she is the only indoor animal (which makes sense with the dam given the size of the structure) but I think it would be cool to have random wolf spawns in other indoor places as well. Wolves should never always be in places (it should be a random chance) but I think there are some structures which need a resident. Some of these could include: •The abandoned mineshaft and connector one at desolation point •The whaling warehouse •The mountaneerimg office •The barn i would also like to ask that the carter hydro dam be made darker again. I was playing on The Hunted and I didn't even need a light source to navigate through it which really takes away from the scaryness it had before of this pitch black looming, creeking structure. Any thoughts?
  24. Can you guys please add a large box out likely base places for wood or our kills