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      The Long Dark Test Branch **February 2018* [OPT-IN, FORUM PASSWORD, SPOILERS]   02/21/2018

      Hello community, 

      As we have done in the past, we are implementing a TEST BRANCH to look over numerous fixes we've completed for The Long Dark. This reflects the fact that we have a huge diversity of players on a variety of hardware configurations, and as a small studio we just can’t test them all! 

      The idea here is to provide an early version of the next update, about a week or so before we’d like to launch it officially in the Release branch (i.e. where you are currently getting it), so that we get some extra time to find bugs, crashes, and any other issues before it goes lives for the rest of our community.  >>> IF YOU DO NOT OPT-IN TO THE TEST BRANCH, YOU WILL NOT GET IT. I.e. You will not get the Test Branch build "by accident". This should help keep spoilers to a minimum. Here on Official Forums the Test Branch Discussion subforum requires a password to access. The password is: test_branch
      Some details. READ THESE CAREFULLY: 

      * The Test Branch is for STEAM ONLY. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
      * The Test Branch is full of SPOILERS. If you don’t want to see what’s in the next update, stay out of the Test Branch and all its discussions. 
      * The Test Branch is a tool for us to find issues with Work In Progress features. We’re primarily looking for feedback on bugs, crashes, and any major balancing issues. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the appropriate TEST BRANCH sub-forums on Steam and in our Official Community. DO NOT DISCUSS TEST BRANCH FEATURES outside the Test Branch sub-forums. Those posts will be moved or deleted. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the posted bug submission procedures. This will help the development team filter the feedback, eliminate duplicates, and in general ensure we can act on the feedback in a more timely fashion. 

      Our hope is that this new Test Branch process will allow us to ensure we can continue to put out stable Sandbox updates well into the future. 

      We’re very hopeful that the people who choose to opt-in to this Test Branch will approach this as a way to help ensure the updates are as smooth and stable as possible, and not use the Test Branch discussion as a forum to lobby for or against certain features or content. 

      As always, The Long Dark is a community-informed, not community-driven, project. We look forward to enlisting your help in identifying whatever issues we’ve missed in our own internal testing! 

      For more details, please check out the TEST BRANCH discussion forums [SPOILERS!] http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/forum/81-test-branch-spoilers/ (See password info above for access)

      Thank you! 

      The Hinterland Team 

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  1. Dealing with the Dead

    A couple of suggestions which I'd like to put out there to the guys at Hinterland. Being a tidy minded sort of chap, it's getting me down that if you make a base at the Camp Office there's always that poor dead chap sitting at the top of the stairs. Now, is it possible, do you think, that we might be able to click on them and move them? If we can't do that, the logical thing to do would be to have him slowly decompose, which of course would make the cabin uninhabitable, I suppose. An option for the custom mode, maybe? Secondly, how about using the dead bodies for decoy meat for wolves and bears? Or indeed...... cannibalism, with a downside in terms of disease or mental issues (as with cabin fever). Frankly, if you're out there, freezing and starving, a lot of normal humans might be tempted to take a sneaky mouthful of Ol' Pete the corpse. And finally, what if you're in custom mode and it's getting a bit hard,or boring. Why not have the ability to change the settings on the fly, if you want, rather than start a new game?
  2. Strafing While Running

    I finally broke both my ankles. BTW, love the limping with both broken legs. However, it got me thinking When running you should strafe very slightly. 2 pixels to the right with the first step, then 4 to the left, 4 to the right, 4 to the left, etc etc etc, until you stop running, then the next step should end in 2 pixies back to center. Why? Running along the side of a cliff is stupid. I've seen it in videos and done it in game. Climb up high, run along the side of a cliff that is basically an 89 degree angle. If you had the very slight wobble when you run, the result would be slowly being forced down the side of the cliff. Yes, you could angle it so you don't slide down the cliff, but you are talking about a 45 degree angle against the desired direction of movement. Such an angle would totally defeat the purpose of running. I'd also like to see the same effect when you have a broken ankle, but only a 2 pixel drift in one direction. Specifically, the direction of your broken ankle. When you have both ankles broken, you should have it alternate. And to be a REAL dick about it, make it a random amount of pixel drift when your ankles are broken. 1-4 pixels a step. Of course, if your legs aren't broken and you are walking, there shouldn't be any strafing at all.
  3. I hope this is the correct place to post this as I hope it inspires the dev team and players of what is now possible! I wish the long dark could become like this! This game has unique zombies but developer has said after release they would have PVE mode where it just you and the environment! I hope this gets everyone excited on the future of TLD! https://venturebeat.com/2017/11/14/scum-the-survival-sandbox-that-simulates-the-whole-human-body/ Scum trailer wateness and weight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k35oY5jRxk Scum survival game dev Q&A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvwZbjTS0oA
  4. I know these ideas are complex and will take time but I hope Hinterland will keep expanding the game like a series, improvement like the sims 4 for instant! They keep producing the same thing and players just don't mind spending heaps of money playing the same thing and EA has no passion. But Hinterland does have passion and i don't want hinterland to abandon the game and stop production cause there is just so much that can be done! Have not heard from the developer what is their long term commitment for TLD? Will it close after releasing the episode and that is all we will experience in sandbox mode? Anyway since story mode is more like teaching you how to play the game is it necessary for the future? After the last episode to be release can time just be spent building up the environment? Reason for this change? You want to move beyond the point where there is more then just eating and watching calories and finding loot here and there and that is all you do in the story and in sandbox mode. Why not combine these things with more variety immersions? Improved realistic graphics for realistic immersion. Players can specialize and use different skills for different situations? More animals to find and more things that can be use from the animal? A living ecosystem where things are alive around you? No more loot lying around you got to realistic get it from where it came from. Players can specialize hunting and gathering different resources. A simulation system to run the world so things get affected. And a good complex AI system to run the animals and other survivors Co Op can finally happen in the game! Its all about giving players the freedom to choose what, how, why they want to survive by expanded the options and varieties. If i want to go hunting then I can hunt for animals that i like and not just rabbits or fox or a bear or a deer. Or if they are the only ones around then it makes it more exciting if they produce, die, and do thing so players can have that exciting movement to discover something about rabbits! You finally find their babies after tracking them! Or perhaps small animals that hibernate and have storage of food? Like bears? You going to steal it from the bear? What will you do? These different things or if animals is not something you like you could do more things in a house, decorate, repair, build from things you find? Just add more interest and variety. From there a story then can be made if need too with all these advance exciting features and the journey will add more interesting things then what we currently experience. It has shown already that the success of TLD was not the story but the sandbox mode. So I hope there can be more concentration on this once story mode ends and more love can be poured into this area. Still they has not been a offline survival game that can compete with the Long dark. Star citizen will be a game that will go beyond this and there is another MMO game that will have deep survival mechanics not seen in any other game! You basically can survive like in the Long dark but in an open world with other players! So if Hinterland don't archieved this then we might never see this happen! But I hope one day they can concentrate on these things when story mode ends. Been a long time waiting for this to occur and i hope it can become a reality. I long to see an ecosystem with seasons and everything grows, dies and produce. There is a small indie developer that is making a survival game where it does have this but not to the complexity of the long dark and its also online too! There is also another indie developer who has been around and not as famous and also catching on! Creating animals that do their own thing with their own behaviours. So if these smaller less popular games can do it I am sure hinterland can make something great after story mode! I was even thinking the hard and easy mode can all be delete cause players can now adjust the complexity of the simulation for the game! They can make it as realistic or as casual as they want and the living world will adjust to these things. No spawn no levels just realism. I know again it will all take time but i hope once story mode ends they will have time to do this! Just look at euro truck 2! They just keep expanding and building their truck realistic sim game! So TLD can do this too but expand on feature for a more complex world and as the years rolls on to have the ultimate simulator! The aim I see is that if players were only to spend their character time in one large region like for instant Call to the wild they will never get bored of the things to do in that once place! Then say ubisoft or other games where they need to keep creating new maps to keep players interest! Its like real life you don't get bored in one area when your camping! So the dev can work on one large region perhaps even online and it all dynamically changes and that one of the things to provide the variation plus other important things added to this. I hope the team and fans are excited about this idea!
  5. Hi folks, just started playing the game (survival) a couple of days ago after about an hour in the story mode and I'm still learning, which is a lot of fun. I am now at day 13 on a beginner's map. I am currently forced to stay inside my hut during the daytime with the reason being three wolves apparently taking advantage of the rabbits' habitat that is my yard. Other reasons I've experienced so far were a dangerously low condition two days ago (which would have made it impossible to survive an attack) and also the occasional blizzard. Now the thing is, I run out of indoor chores and activities rather quickly, have no reason to sleep and wouldn't want to take risks (e.g. by trying to go outside anyway) just to make things more interesting since that would be beside the point of the experience (I guess this would be less of a problem on more challengingly set-up survivals but I'm not there yet) So here's my idea (honestly it must have been brought up before but just in case): How about you find some (classic) literature (be it prose or poem) with an entirely uncomplicated copyright status and place a handful of actually readable books inside the game? I'm talking about complete literary works. Let me read them, let time pass as usual an maybe implement some kind of bookmarking. Two or three different works would probably be enough and then have a couple of copies placed randomly on the map. I know I would read them and keep reading them whenever the occasion would arise and I believe that's something I would actually do in that kind of a situation Wish you guys all the best with your genuinely intriguing project and really looking forward to how the game is developing in the future!
  6. Most of this is just kinda nitpicky but some I think would be great. Changes: Chopping wood gives you logs and sticks, not tinder. You can make tinder afterwards if you want. (Late game, you don't need tinder). Arrows should not have to be made at a workbench. You don't need any tools to make them but your hands. Movable wooden planks. Like the planks placed in that barn in Muskeg, you can place them inside that barn near Trapper's Homestead to utilize that platform, if so desired. Just for instance. Break down those planks holding up orchard trees (reclaimed wood), branches on fallen trees (sticks). Take down boards from houses, enter, loot. Replace Cured Gut with Tendons. Tendons must be used to craft arrows, makeshift axes and knives. Tendons are used to sew clothing. (I'm not an expert but I don't think intestines - what Cured Gut looks like - is used for any of those things.) Stones can be used to quickly Harvest 1-4 legs from an animal carcass, yielding some meat (also marrow, see below). This is useful for early game scavenging. Movable containers (those plastic/metal ones). Putting them outside acts like an outside freezer and food degrades slowly. Possible loss to predator looting if they patrol that area. Similarly (and maybe this is already the case), food stored in fishing hut cabinets should degrade slowly. Clean That House. Clean up all that garbage from places like the Mystery Lake Camp Office. Optional, takes energy and time to do. (Like, really, who needs a laptop now). Bury Those Corpses. Sometimes there are bodies inside a place you want to squat in. Take a couple hours to bury the poor sap. Corpses outside attract crows which we need for feathers, but I think it'd be neat to have the option to bury them too. We should be able to Harvest a few pieces of cloth/cured leather from frozen clothes on a corpse, as all corpses are dressed. Harvest Those Mailboxes for scrap metal. New things: Meat caches. Build them anywhere on the landscape, like snow shelters. Required items: 1 hide or 4 cloth/cured leather (to line cache). Meat degrades much, much slower inside. Add risk of predator theft (RNG) if meat is just dropped somewhere outside without being put into a cache. Like melting snow, covering a cache with collected snow takes time. Can be harvested by hand (slower) or knife (faster) or hatchet (very fast). Can be repacked (again taking time, like melting snow). Snow caches have very low predator theft RNG. Possible protection against scavenging would be an option to melt the snow with a torch, letting it glaze (requires hatchet to break open thereafter). Meat caches have a weight limit, say 100-200 lbs. Stone tools and a knapping skill. Introduce quarries of usable stone (not all minerals are knappable). Stone tools don't last as long as metal ones but can be made anywhere, anytime. The Ravine would be a good place for a quarry, also Timberwolf Mountain. Use rabbit hides for small clothing items: scarves, hats, socks, underwear. Use deer hides for clothing items head to toe. Make a deer-hide shelter (lean-to) with sticks. Deer-hide pack will also lighten your load, a little. Use wolf hide for clothing items head to toe, warmer than deer. Use cloth to Craft yourself any number of items, such as a balaklava, which are apparently rare in the game. Make a teepee out of multiple deer hides. The structure would not be transportable once built, but you can repair it where it stands (would need to incorporate shaping big branches instead of breaking them down, or use of planks perhaps). Damaged by high winds and time. Chance of predator invasion without fire going inside. Bone tools. Bones are harvested from a carcass. For simplicity's sake I'd say 4 per animal, using the metapodials which are all going to be long and straight and sturdy. These bones can be used to make needles (awls) and bone points for arrows (multiple per bone). Use rabbit bones for awls, deer/wolf/moose/bear for arrowheads. Bear/Moose bones could be used for forged hatchet/knife handles. Bone awls and arrowheads cannot be harvested/repaired once ruined, but bone handles can be harvested from the makeshift tools. Oh, and fish hooks. Yes, bone can be used as hooks/spears. Marrow. Harvested from animals, again for simplicity let's say 4 units, harvested from the humeri and femora. Can be harvested in the field or later after quartering. If you don't harvest them on the spot you have to pick up the bones to take with you and they are heavy. You need a stone (any stone found on the ground) to break the bones open. You can also boil the bones (a cooking option at a fire) to obtain grease, which can be used to make soups with meat. Anyone eating mainly meat forever will be malnourished because Snowpocalypse animals will be crazy lean. The game could even introduce a Protein Poisoning affliction if Marrow is made an option. (I'll withhold my suggestion of also harvesting brains and other organs, and stomach contents of herbivores, to avoid malnutrition). Harvestable nails from furniture, to build things like pantries to keep outside as makeshift freezers using either reclaimed wood or planks. Maybe even tables, chairs. (Needs heavy hammer as tool, or maybe make a stone+fir wood into a hammer at a workbench). Hacksaws could be used to turn cedar logs into planks. I'm sure I've had more ideas but these are what I could get down at this time. I'm sure others have suggested some of the same over the years. And, no, I don't know what Hinterland has planned for the future.
  7. Hi there, This hit me again when I saw February Dev Diary about terrain generation. Did you guys at Hinterland ever discussed the idea of terrain/maps being generated randomly at each new game? I imagine you did but understood quickly that it is a really tough development process, almost like a nightmare... But wouldn't it be a critical feature for a survival game like The Long Dark? After so many runs, I really hate the feeling when I start a new game and I immediately know where I am and where to go at first glance. I literally don't even need to walk, just move my mouse a bit and voila, I know where I am. I wish I could feel again that sensation of exploration, the fear of being lost, the joy of finding by chance a shelter when I was about to give up. The way I see it is: Identify and classify portions of terrain that will become something like "terrain units" with different sizes. Each unti has constraints, like possible orientations, mirroring, distances, amount of times it can appear in the world, variations, it can or cannot appear if another unit is present, must be close to certain units (like cemetery close to church). I imagine there is a long list of possibilities here. Each region has a list of must have terrain units that identify the region itself. Timberwolf Mountain must have a hut somewhere and a plane crash. Mystery Lake must have a lake, fishing huts... Or maybe not? Like the Light House or the ship wreck could also appear at Costal Highway. Regions can be connected with each other in different ways too. Desolation Point could be before Coastal Highway. Mining tunnels could connect to Mystery Lake instead... I guess region names could also be variable since they would be random and it doesn't make sense to know exactly where you are just by walking into the place. Maybe there wouldn't be region names anymore but region types (coastal, mountain, valley, etc). Damn... I would collaborate in any funding campaign for this! Though I guess the main problem for a feature like this is more technical. Maybe a very small team could be put aside to research and experiment with the idea. Who knows, maybe is not that far from reach after some time.
  8. NEW ACHIEVEMENT: Fish o'clock

    Just of the halibut, I tried to fish for 12 hours straight. It actually took me quite a while to do it in one single pass. I kept getting too cold, or my line would break, or I made the mistake of not sleeping/eating enough before starting. I eventually made it when I finally got my fishing up to 4. but I managed to do it. I'm not normally one to care about achievements, but I know some people do. So I suggest the new achievement: Fish o'clock: You have managed to fish for 12 hours straight without interruption. One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock fish Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock fish. Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock fish We're gonna fish around the clock tonight. Put your glad rags on and join me hon' We'll have some fish when the clock strikes one. We're gonna fish around the clock tonight We're gonna fish, fish, fish, 'till broad daylight We're gonna fish around the clock tonight.
  9. I know this something simliar to this has been mentioned before, but I think it be a great idea to introduce a mechanic that allows for the descent down a mountaineering rope if you are encumbered. Here is the scenario I am thinking of... You find an assending mountaineer rope while out exploring. You drop as much as you can so as to allow for whatever you might find at the top of this climb. While foraging you become encumbered due to your finds. Let's face it, there's no practical way to make it up-and-down that mountaineering rope multiple times in attempt to bring down the goodies that you have found. This is where the "drop bag" concept comes into play. It could be made of cloth, or rabbit hides. It would be a small bag that would hold 'X' amount of weight and then when you click the mountaineering rope an option could be displayed like: If you deploy the drop bag, your weight would be reduced by whatever was designated and when you reach the bottom, the bag could be found on the ground at the base of the rope. The wear and tear on the bag could be such that it takes 25% damage each use and if not repaired, you lose items (RNG choice) in the drop. Its just a thought...my 2¢.
  10. Making clothes out of wool

    As I was making myself a pair of deer skin pants I started thinking, wouldn't be great if we could make our own clothes out wool instead. Considering how warm and light it is(compared to the clothes made out of hides) it would be perfect. What if when we found an item out of wool we could unravel it and then knit or even weave it to make something else, something better. Or maybe we could have random ball of yarn spawn here and there that we could use. I've grown up in norway and we could easily get -20c(sometimes down to -30c) up here so I know very well how effective this stuff is when fighting the cold. And it remains warm when wet to so it's ideal for the climate we face in the long dark. I know very well there's good wool clothing in the game but not so much in interloper and custom modes with low resources, and I thought it could be quite fun if we could make our own clothes that way. So any thoughts on this? Is this something you'd like to see too or am I being completely unreasonable?
  11. Wolf Behavior

    So got to talking with some of the old crew and one of the other gamers I hang out with had some good suggestions. I may be a minmaxing power gaming munchkin, but honestly, she puts me to shame, That said... Wolves need some coding love. There should be a number of factors that affect wolf behavior. But first we need what behavior wolves have: Attack, Flee, Ignore, Search, Monitor Now, a player should have two scent scores which have a radius modified by wind direction. The two scents should be "attraction" and "Fear". Attraction should be dependent on how much meat and fresh guts you carry. The more you carry, the higher your attraction score. Modifiers should be if you are bleeding or not. Bleeding should greatly increase your attraction scent. Now fear scent should be dependent on a if you are wearing a wolf coat. If you are wearing a bear coat. If you are wearing deer pants or rabbit mittens. I think those two should only give you a very small negative to your fear score, but if you are wearing the skin of prey, then wolves should see you as prey. Also modifying your fear scent should be if you are facing the wolf or not. If you are holding a weapon. Also if there is a dead wolf nearby. It has always annoyed me that I could be at the fishing hut at PV, surrounded by dead wolves, and another wolf comes over the rise to attack me. I mean, don't you see the other FIVE dead wolves? Nope! Apparently not. So, I propose that your "fear" scent is modified by if you are in a certain distance of a dead wolf. Like a fire, it should have an "aura" that raises your fear score if you are near a dead wolf. BTW, all these modifiers should stack. It should be possible to have two bear coats, standing next to three dead wolves, and any wolf that gets close enough to smell you, should just turn and run like hell. Other modifiers should be, looking away. Limping. and if your Health percentage drops below 50%. If you look wounded, I don't care how bad you smell, a wolf should be willing to take a shot at your back. Now, two other characteristics I suggest. "Hunger Bar" - Wolves should be able to eat and raise thier hunger bar. Depending on difficulty, the amount of calories a wolf can store and at what point he gets hungry again and how fast he gets hungry again, should be variable. However, the basic concept is: A wolf can store a maximum of 3000 calories. When a wolf goes over 2000, the extra calories are "burned off faster" but they then are converted into harvestable meat. You should be able to "fatten" a wolf. If the wolf drop below 1500, the wolf starts to growl at you and will "Monitor" you. He isn't quite ready to attack you, but he knows he's getting hungry. If you feed the wolf, he'll walk up, take the food, then go away. Depending on how much you fed him, he'll either go back to ignoring you, he'll monitor you, or if you just fed him zero calorie "guts", then he'll more then likely turn around to attack you. Once a wolf goes below 1000 calories, he will follow normal rules for attacking and killing humans. However, if a wolf ever reaches 500 calories, he should be "weak" and even though he may attack you, it should be much easier to kill a starving wolf. That said, when a wolf reaches 0 calories, he should automatically lose .5 kg of harvestable meat and gain 400 calories. This still keeps him at "weak", but it's as good a mechanic for simulating a wolf starving to death as anything you can code. If a wolf reaches 0 cal and 0 harvestable meat, he dies and despawns. No meat should be harvestable, but you should be able to get guts and hide. Finally, over feeding a wolf. If a wolf eats enough to get to 3000 calories or more, he is considered "sated". A Sated wolf will no longer do anything with you and will, until his calories drop below 2000, go back to his "den". Wolves can range fairly far over a map and they tend to bunch up until killed and they respawn. However, they never go to sleep. Wolves should have a spawn point that is their "den" and they should return to that location, ignoring everything else, and remain at that point, simply lying down and resting, until they drop below 2000 cal. Then they get up and start wandering about. At 1500 they start giving warning cues, and at 1000 they attack. So, it should be possible for someone to carry 30 kg of bear meat and wander a map, dropping the chunks of meat like johnny appleseed and basically feed every wolf you come across until they go home and leave you alone... for a while. This would be the suggestions that me and my friends worked out as workable mechanics for your wolves. You already have the hard parts coded, so it shouldn't be that hard to fit in. The only things that might be an issue are "dead wolf auras", but given the mechanics you have for campfires and "feels like" temp, this shouldn't be that much of an issue. If you have any questions or need any clarification, feel free to ask. -Bob The Eldritch God
  12. Have a Tee Pee in the game

    There should be a tee pee in the game we could create out of animal hide.
  13. Bearskin bed rolls use up 1% condition every 12 hours of rest which i feel is unfair. I have lived in a cave for over 100 days now and having to go out every 50 days to get a new bear hide is annoying. My 2 bearskin coats have lost 2% condition for the 100 days i have spent in the cave. Also instead of cloth to repair it should just be bearhide to repair. The bedroll should only lose 0.5% Condition every time i sleep in it instead of 1%.
  14. Story Restructuring Suggestions

    I've been giving your narrative structure some thought. I think you might have more IC notes lying around with the new test build. I approve of this. It got me thinking. So I have some suggestions for the narrative: 1) The story mode should double down on the linear storyline. No. I'm serious. I know everyone wants NPCs in the sandbox, but it won't fit. Sorry. I'm already into episode 2 and I can already tell that unless you are going to ditch the whole story, it just won't work. Don't do it. Seriously. I don't care how much the players complain or whine. DON'T. I have a fix, but it won't be by butchering your story arc. Instead, double down. Make the "story mode" the main story. The place where you address the BIG QUESTIONS and you develop your main plot lines an stories. The Story Mode needs to be compact and more importantly, it needs to be a solid foundation that focuses on getting us hooked on these characters. Now, that's not important to all players, but it will be a big draw for certain types of players. Story mode does not need re-playability. It needs to be the introduction and it needs to help set the mood. 2) Create the StoryBox. The StoryBox, or combination of Story Mode and Sand Box, is set AFTER the events in story mode. Story mode needs to be compact taking us from the day of THE EVENT to the first day of StoryBox Mode. You can have both going on, as long as nothing you do with Story Mode contradicts StoryBox as it moves forward. Think of it as two different plot lines being explored concurrently. You can keep Mackenzie as a character, but add new ones. Astrid for example. And maybe add a Drunk guy who used to work at the dam, or one of those environmental radicals. Maybe the prepper who keeps making those shelters. Stuff like that. In StoryBox, it's maybe 3 months after THE EVENT and you can have the Grey Mother needing more food. The Trapper gets attacked by another bear. You can have a paranoid prepper in a Shelter who trades bullets for food. You can have The one environmentalist who got trapped down in the gorge on the broken railroad map. He needs help getting out and getting to the hunting lodge. Once there, he can be willing to give you wood for food. Stuff like that. You don't need a TON of NPCs. And they don't have to do much. Just a few sprinkled in for story purposes. 3) Keep Sandbox, the sandbox. It's basically AFTER the other two modes. Nobody is left. You are the last human alive. You were trying to reach some radio signals and you crashed your plane. Now, survive. That's it. Now here's the important part. You know those notes you leave around everywhere? You need a different set for each mode. Basically, you need multiple different storylines that are only possible to read in each mode. The letters in Story Mode are different from StoryBox which is different from Sandbox. Why? Because it's cheap. Look. Lets be honest, players want re-playability, however, free content is usually expensive to make. So take the cheap route. Story Story Story. If you need examples on how to have an interesting game where you throw story lines into the back ground that are only visible if you examine the environment, then I direct you to the YouTube Channel Oxhorn. Just watch ANY of his fallout lore videos. Steal his ideas without mercy. I mean it. Seriously. Oxhorn doesn't have the definitive story of Fallout lore and you can just take his ideas, mangle them a little so they aren't so obviously stolen, and use them in your game. Every corpse should have a story. Every cairn should have a meaning. This is cheap and easy to do. The NPCs are going to be a pain in the ass to code. But once done, it will, by far, appeal to the broadest base of players. But if you want to keep people hooked, you need to keep pumping out content. That content needs to be cheap. The cheapest method is background plot lines and stories. Then you just have a new set of reactions from every NPC to every character you choose to play through the game. Now, how to raise money from this. Frankly, people don't like micro transactions unless the game is VERY addictive. But there are some things you can do that people will tolerate. A) Make sure the base game is playable without any DLCs. And by playable, you can do the main plot, screw around on survival, and have fun in StoryBox without spending extra money. I would point to Unturned as a good example of this. B) One, and ONLY one expansion pack. Look. It's an easy way to make money, but if you do it too much and you will lose credibility. Your fan base will tolerate it every few years. Once a year is the limit. Absolute LIMIT. And I recommend against it unless you are absolutely strapped for cash. But it has been a long time since the game started. You have build up a lot of "credit" with your fans. You can have one expansion pack. Basically it's recolors of the items everyone already has. Make it 2.99. Give us all sorts of new hats, coats, jackets, stuff like that. DO NOT include any new game mechanics. A new jacket is fine. Cookware is not fine. If you are introducing a new game mechanic in a DLC, you are basically REQUIRING people to get the DLC and that will piss people off. Don't. Just don't. However, there is something else that went well with Borderlands 2 that you could use, that would work well with StoryBox. New Playable characters. Krieg from BL2 is a perfect example. You can play the game just fine without him, but if you do buy him, you gain a list of new abilities to play with, but more importantly, it opens up new lore. Playing BL2 with Krieg is a new game. It really is. You can have new characters available for download for DLC expansion. They aren't needed to play the game, but if you want the additional story, you pay your 1.99. By making it clear it's 100% fluff, so if you are a hard core gamer you don't need it, then people won't buy it unless they like the story lines. Or if they want to support the game. I do that. I buy stuff just because I like the game. I don't even play the game anymore. I just go, "Huh. New expansion? I don't play it anymore, but I liked the game so much, they deserve their 2 bucks." Although for some games I wait until a steam sale and they only get 0.89. I might have liked some games, but I might not have liked said game 1.99 worth. Of course this means that each new character that you add as a DLC has to have something to offer, and that means additional storylines and fluff content. However, the wonderful part of fluff content is, it's FLUFF. It's CHEAP. Hell. Give me my usual fee and I'll ghost write you an entire novel! Or promise me I get a free copy of all DLCs and full editorial approval (you do not get to publish anything without my approval) and I'll do it for free. Your game appeals to me that much that I'd be willing to help out. but only if I have final say in any use of my material in your product. Sorry. I sold the rights to use my name exactly ONCE. The result was a nightmare. I refuse to accept that the resulting (in the absolutely LOOSEST sense of the term) "book" was mine. It may have my name on it, but I didn't write that. The editor mangled my vision so bad, I refuse to allow anyone to use my name without absolute over sight before publication ever again. My point is, once you get the proper structure set up, you can then expand on the lore of your world and charge people for it without pissing them off or looking like you are just trying to cash cow a franchise. The StoryBox will satisfy the players' need for more content and a better integrated Story mode and Sandbox, and yet it won't require you to mangle the Story Mode to fix your player's need for expanded playability. Once you set up a separate storybook mode, you can take your time with the Story Mode. Hell. Honestly, you give us StoryBox, I don't think many players will care if you ever finish the story. And then YOU can take that structure and set up expanded lore/Character/DLCs. Sure, some people will take your expanded lore, do a "LET'S PLAY" video and people won't NEED to buy your DLC to get the new fluff, but I promise you, fans, if you treat them well and with respect, will buy the DLC anyways, because they know that by doing that, they are funding you and giving you the chance to spend more time developing the game PROPERLY and without the need for gimmicks. Oh. Side note, NEVER go after anyone who makes a "Let's Play" of your game. Yes, you might be losing some "money" in future revenue, but in reality the money you are "losing" is advertising in the most organic way possible. And infinitely more productive vs actually paying for advertising. I ran the numbers. Attacking people who are revealing "spoilers" actually hurts more then it helps. Nothing is a better form or advertising then fan created art/material based on your product. See WTNV as an example of what happens when you attack your fan base. Just my thoughts. Hope it's helpful. -Bob The Eldritch God.
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  16. Fire Pit

    @Celeblith posted a topic here in the wish list section proposing the implementation of indoor fires due to the fact that lighting fires outside isn't always possible due to wind. In my opinion being able to build an indoor fire would be quite overpowered; however, I do tend to agree with him that making an outdoor fire in windy conditions is a pain in the sphincter, but what I'm proposing is a bit less overpowered, fire pits. Still overpowered... well hear me out. Now I'm aware that @Mobscene proposed the implementation of fire pits in a thread talking about uses for stones, but here I want to discuss the implementation of fire pits specifically. Now I know many TLD players, especially the more experienced ones, don't think that we need fire pits and I, myself fall into that category. But at the same time, before the re-implementation of snow shelters I didn't think that we really needed them. Now I use them a lot when playing interloper. My suggestion for making fire pits not/less overpowered would be to make them like how snow shelters are implemented. They would require maintenance. Building them would require 20-30 stones and keeping them going would require 1-3 stones per day. They would lose about 10% condition per day and once the condition goes below 50%, any change in wind direction would set the timer of the currently lit fire to 10 minutes. Still overpowered? Add another item to the crafting requirements. Metal, animal hide, wood, saplings... Thoughts? Suggestions?
  17. Base Building: Not really needed, if you can modify existing houses. Modifications could include: removal of dead bodies (with or without perhaps the addition of a mound/tombstone outside the shelter afterwards) re attaching cupboard doors/fixing drawers for extra storage (just need to have basic/quality tools) boarding up windows/holes in the roof to increase the inside temperature. general clean up (just aesthetics) addition of a pot belly stove (you can lift the hoods on cars already, with tools you could remove it, and with rope you could drag it. so all those pot belly stoves in houses you dont want to stay in or fishing huts could be chucked onto the sled and pulled. also, why are toilets so infrequent? do canadians not go number 2's? Carrying capacity: The addition of the moose hide satchel was great! perhaps it could be possible to change your pack by finding a hiking or backpackers pack, or a hunting enthusiasts milspec style pack? also the addition of something like a make shift sled. it could be used for moving large amounts off wood too? also, maybe not being hungry (so people have to think about starvation mode), might allow you to carry a little more (because you are full of energy). Multiplayer: pvp is dumb as dogshit. coop would be nice. i dont know how much work it would take but a few thoughts are: dont change the quantity of items. so in interloper people get to enjoy sharing that one shirt in the challenges you cant use books to learn, so switch them off in multiplayer (there is one time lapse thing gone already) i believe i read somewhere in the roadmap that hinterland wanted to make cooking realtime, so that you could do other things while cooking/boiling (another time lapse thing gone) things like wood cutting and harvesting could be tweeked a little. sleep could be done in a similar style as The Forest, in that everyone needs to sleep at the same time for the same amount of time, which they need to activate at their own sleep space (bed/bunk/roll) More animals would be nice, but i dont know what or how many. Foxes i thought might be good, not really a threat other then maybe they steal the meat you leave outside on the ground? so you would need to keep it in barrels or hang it? Seals perhaps in coastal areas? Beavers around inland water sources? Collectables (straight up someone elses idea i just read). things that you could display wherever you ultimately end up calling home? an idea that came to mind would be a chess set. a fixed number of pieces and a board. having it on display would really be ironic in that you dont have someone else to play with? Character Voices: maybe have a few different voices for both the male and female characters, so that there is a bit more personality/variety? could be simply different people, or it could be different accents/nationalities? let the player choose or have it be random, but i think this would be nice map markers. hikers already do things like leaving piles of stones at the start of a path, and doing so might aid navigation in poor visibility? thats it for now. any thoughts or constructive criticism welcomed!
  18. I saw an earlier post that requested base-building as a new feature in the game. I can see this being cool, but I'd like to posit an alternative: simply put, added options for modifying houses, including indoor fires and placeable light sources. TLD is a survival game in its purest form. With that in mind, full-blown base-building might be a little uncharacteristic of what TLD is all about: eking out an existence wherein merely surviving is thriving. To that end, I'd like to suggest adding the ability not to build houses, but to reasonably be able to modify existing structures. For example, I started a new survival game in Coastal Highway. I've established my base of operations on Jackrabbit Island (a temporary hunting camp/bunny mitten factory), and the biggest issues I've encountered have been light and fire. The house on Jackrabbit Island has no stove or fireplace, so I have no choice but to build my fires outside. You can imagine the impracticality of this: cooking food and boiling water now comes with an extra step and can only be done during certain times. Being able to build some sort of indoor fire receptacle (perhaps some sort of craftable, clay fireplace?) would A. make a lot of sense and B. be much more convenient. Obviously, this should come at the cost of a high craft time (maybe even one that requires multiple crafting sessions to complete?) and other expenses. Alternatively, how cool would it be to have a portable gas stove that runs on lamp oil or something? Those exist in real life and are close, personal friends of backpackers and tailgate-campers alike . . . so why not red-nosed, wolf-massacring PC survivors? The second problem I've run into in my bunny gore dungeon has been lighting. My player character likes her late night snacks and the occasional soda splurge, but she's always getting lost in the small house or stepping on the drying guts I've strewn all over the place. Placeable light sources (and I don't mean expensive-to-burn and heavy-to-lug storm lanterns) would be a dream come true for my rabbit-slaughtering sadist of a survivor. These may include candles, electric lamps, etc. Other minor yet useful building-editing tricks and tools would be cool as well, and I'll leave it to other members of the community to build off this idea. Happy hunting
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  20. Just a humble suggestion to add to the store. I know I'd buy it! This toque is really, to me, one of the "symbols" of the game, along with the hatchet and maybe the wolves. Tell me what you guys think about it =)
  21. First of all, what a great game! The Long Dark is the most immersive game I played in years. Period. The cartoonish presentation, the sense of isolation, the cold, the nature’s sound, the good balance … it just call me back to my computer every time I walk in front of it. I live in Quebec myself and I grew up in the Baie James territory (Northern Canada) and I can tell you that Hinderland really hit the nail on the head with the mood of this game. GREAT WORK HINDERLAND! You created a marvel. Finally a survival game that really is one, not another redundant zombie apocalypse thing. So yes I do enjoy the game to a new limit and the perma-death of the survival mode makes it even more immersive. I am about 60 hours in the survival mode game so please be gentle if I ask for features that could be existing already. I am trying to stay away from youtube and the forums to not get any spoilers or tricks that could ruin the game for me. I just came here to drop suggestions and tell Hinderland about the good work they did. Here is few simple things that I would like to see in the game and that should be easier to implement (I am a developer myself) while not breaking the game balance (as far as I know). 1. More lantern fuel availability: crafted from animal fat. The mood of a lantern light at night in a cabin is priceless. I would love to read my books, cook, craft and repair at night under the lantern light. Unfortunately, the lantern fuel is quite scarce and we cannot fully enjoy working at night in the cabins. An easy way to enjoy it more would be to drop animal fat when you harvest a deer, wolf, bear or moose. And from this fat, you could craft lantern fuel. For more I doubt it would break the game balance. 2. Where are the candles? Again, only for the mood, it would be nice to find candles and craft those. They would provide light for like 12 hours, but no heat. Again, this would be a mood thing only. 3. Add Q/R keys to rotate objects you move in game. I really like the simple mechanic of dropping objects and place those everywhere you like. You should add the rotate option on the Q/R keys to help us out placing those. 4. Being able to move furniture around. I would really like to be able to move furniture around, select those, and move those …exactly like we do with all the other objects. You should be able to take those as well (while dealing with the weight for sure), so if you decide to take a chair and move it in another cabin …why not? It would also be so nice to place the chair exactly where you want it. Just a bit of customization to our cabins 5. Being able to craft chair, tables, shelves, wood box, chest, wall mounted shelves from reclaimed wood. Later in the game, I would like to be able to set my cabin the way I like. It would be nice to be able to build some basic furniture and set those the way I want. We do not need to get crazy here, we do not need another minecraft. But some choice of basic furniture/decoration would be awesome and VERY immersive. 6. Have a bear gun, like a .44 Magnum revolver. For sure I do not want The Long Dark to become a guns fest, but a rusty old .44 Magnum that would weight 2 kg would be awesome. In Alaska and Yukon, many men walk the woods with those for bear protection. You could carry this one while on expedition and keep the riffle for pure hunting days. Again, the ammo must be scarce, but you guys know about that. Both the revolver and the riffle would have the same damage stats, but the riffle could shoot at longer distance. 7. Have some collectibles Would be fun to discover some collectibles. People would walk all over the maps to get the full collections. Some soapstone carving little statues, wood sculpted animals, a series of books with short stories to read while warming up (I am pretty sure the community would provide those for free)… no special bonuses or anything. Just for the fun to collect and put those on our shelves. They could be hidden all over the world map. 8. Add northern Canada/Alaska wild life This one is a bigger request, but here are few animals that populate the northern region that would fit the mood. Wolverines, foxes and bobcats: Those rare spawns would be small, not aggressive to the player but would defend themselves if attacked. They would be a big competitor in the rabbit hunting scene, sometime driving the player nuts while stealing their rabbits caught in snares. They could also be used for clothes crafting. Implementing traps for those would also be so nice. Great game guys. Keep up the good work.
  22. Underwhelming side quest

    *******EPISODE 2 SPOILERS ALERT ******* Did anybody also feel a little bit angry at Jeremiah, when you finish the Old Letters quest and there's not even a new possible dialogue? I mean, we get deerskin pants from the Forest Talkers, a great boot from the Grey Mother, and then this quest which is by far the hardest one - endless nights waiting for an aurora, eaten by zombie aurora wolves, burnt by the cables, with a possibility of being stuck waiting for yet another aurora... - and not even a "thank you"?? F**K you Jeremiah! P.S.: I love how the game challenges us and I actually loved doing the quest. Just the lack of a reward or even an acknowledgement was really dissapointing
  23. This is a list of improvements, reworks and additions i could think of to make the game more challenging and realistic. Struggle changes Flare gun selectable as weapon in a wolf struggle to instantly scare them off Note: The option to instantly scare of a wolf in a struggle is a very helpful and realistic addition to the game and the rare amount of ammunition for the gun prevents it from being too strong being able to use an already activated flare in a wolf struggle to scare them very fast Item changes Knife/hatchet condition rework: the higher the condition of these items, the more damage they deal in a struggle and the lower the time to harvest carcasses and branches etc. Note: the current condition system is not very realistic and this change improves the gamepay in a couple of ways. Not only is it realistic that sharper weapons do more damage and sharper tools harvest faster, it also increases the incentive to use whet stones. These stones are usually useless in the early or mid-game or in non-interloper games in general, because of the huge amount of tools available in the game. This way players are also motivated to keep their tools sharp all the time. Being able to move more objectives by rightclicking them note: there are many objetives in the game that should be able to moved around (boxes, planks, small carcasses). These objectives are not too heavy for the player and the player should be able to move them around, however this should come with a very high movement speed penalty to keep it situational. (moving carcasses towards a campfire or out of the wind/ moving bosxes or planks towards a campfire to break them down) Taking a „torch“ from a campfire doesnt result in obtaining a normal torch note: the previous mechanic (taking a burning branch from the fire that can not be relight) was way more realistic and getting a free torch also made one of the already few crafting items obsolete to craft Animal changes More fur color variety for animals, especially for wolves Note: a more grey-ish or white fur color makes them look more realistic, it would also make the game harder in a very iteresting way, if they are much harder to detect Wolves roam around in packs note: change to reflect the natur of wolves and also make the game more interesting. The more wolves in a pack, the more aggressive are they, less wolves have a higher chance to run away in fear New animal: fox (more passive and less damage than wolves) note: just a addition to makte the world feel more alive and interesting. This would also introduce a new type of fur and more options for crafting items New animal: Mountain lion (more aggressive and more damage than wolves) note: again, to make the game more interesting and dangerous for the player Carcass harvesting changes Ravaged carcasses only harvest 1 guts and no hide Note: the huge amount of revaged carcasses and fixed spawnpoints forces the player to play in a certain way to be effective. The appearance of the ravaged carcass deer also indicates that you cant use the hide anymore and it should have less useable guts. It also makes the early game a bit harder and increases the incentive for hunting, if you dont have so many free guts and deer hides available in the early game Being able to „harvest“ arrows that are stuck inside a dead animal over the harvest option Note: at the moment you just lose too many arrows depending on how the animal drops on the ground Being able to harvest bones/antlers from dead animals to craft primitive weapons and tools with low condition (bone knife, bone arrowheads) Note: this will add more variety to the game and provide a simple alternative for the early game Being able to harvest animal fat from dead animals or as a product from harvesting meat (similar to oil from cooking fish) to use it as fire starter New items Adding more maps to the game note: this should be an addition to the current charcoal mapping system. I was thinking about typical „foldable tourist maps“ for each zone. These maps should not be as detailed as the handdrawn map and only show major point of interests, streets, certain houses etc. In addition to that there should be a map of the whole „world“ which only shows the different zones and how they are connected. These maps can be found randomly in the world and maybe also on the wall of certain builds, like the mistery lake house, post office in milton, gas station in coastal highway, etc. Most of the experienced players dont use the current map anyway and it would be a nice addition tot he game. Bear trap Note: being able to place the trap and bait wolves or bears with meat and bleed them out with the triggered trap Snow shoes note: a very loved piece of equipment in many winter survival games, which increases your walking speed on (deep/fresh) snow More variety of handcrafted fur clothing note: there should be a craftable item for every major equipment slot in the game Hunting changes Note: in my opinion hunting needs one of the biggest reworks in the game and hunting deers/rabbits and fishing should be the primary source of food in the mid- to late-game. Therefore it needs a lot of small changes to make hunting more interesting and challenging Change respawn time of animals (being able to set the approximate days for a respawn in the custom settings instead of low/medium/high) note: the respawn rates are just way too fast (even on the slowest setting) and it would be much more interesting when the wildlife takes a couple of weeks to respawn. This would also force players to travel between the zones constantly Wildlife wildlife roams around the world instead of having fix spawn areas Note: searching or tracking down animals should be a major part of hunting but that is currently not possible with fixed spawn points Big wildlife is leaving foot tracks while they are roaming around the world note: makes hunting more interesting and the weather should determin how fast these tracks fade away Wildlife detection range should be much higher note: at the moment you can jsut sneak up too far to an animal an literally be 2 feet next to a rabbit and they dont detect you. to compensate that you should always be able to shoot your bow when you are crouching because it makes no sense to not be able to do that. It also makes snares much more viable again because hunting rabbits with stones is just way too easy Survival Skill changes Note: skill systems are a very important way for survival games to reward the player and keep the game interesting and create incentives to do something and make the players better at what they are doing, but it should not make the game much easier in a unrealistic way and take away some important survival aspects. The current system is outdated and here are some ways to change this and make it more realistic. Fire starting always needs tinder note: tinder is essential to start a fire and you should always have to use tinder to keep it realistic (in my opinion survival skill systems should only make players better in what they are doing). Not having to use a certain item anymore also removes an important survival game aspect to always be prepared and plan ahead and gather things. Fire starting skills dont incrase the burntime of a fire. note: it jsut not very realistic and the fire starting skills should be increased to 10 levels or more and each level should increase the chance to start a fire by 5% and reduce the time to start a fire by 5% Remove cooking skill 5 note: being able to never get parasites or food poisoning just breaks the endgame. Again, this just makes the endgame so much more easy and a survival game should not do that in my opinion. There are already so few afflictions in the game and removing 2 of them makes the game a lot more boring. Being careful with mouldy and parasite infected food is a good survival aspect and it should not be removed from the endgame Carcass harvesting skills should only reduce the time to harvest guts and meat note: again, to be realistic you should not be able to harvest carcasses by hand that are significantly frozen or only with hands in general Adding more base characters to the game note: each character should be a specialist (chef, hunter,…) and start with a specific boosted survival skill Crafting books note: it would be intresting to introduce books that teach the surviver to craft a certain item after finishing the book Custom setting changes Being able to increase the duration of blizzards Note: i would like to see blizzards that last for a couple of days and that i have to sit out in a shelter It would also be very interesing to change the duration of how many hours of daylight you have every day (even being able to play with 24hours of night each day) Affliction rework Increase the recovery time for some afflictions Note: the recovery time is just way too low in many cases and there should be put significant meaning to it (broken ribs are a step in the right direction) and a sprained ankle or wrist should not be cured after sleeping for couple of hours (this also increases the value of medicine, hence makes the game harder in a realistic way) Add some new afflictions like a simple cold or flu note: jsut some simple and realistic ways to make the game so much more interesting Empty ressource drawbacks note: each empty ressource should have a negative effect on the player, just like low stamina reduces the weight you can carry. For example having an empty stomach should also decrease the weight you can carry. This makes the game more interesting and challenging, even if it is jsut a very suttle drawback That all being said…the list above is just a list of improvements i could think about in a very short time and i hope it makes clear that the most important thing this game needs is mod support. TLD is a game that focusses on detail and atmosphere and you can imagine that the game is not that much fun when you have all these improvements in mind that will probably never get adressed or only in a couple of years. Every friend i know who plays the game says the same thing, that they have fun for a couple of hours after each patch but then it gets boring and unplayable because they are just to many things that need tob e improved, and only the community can change that issue if they are able to give their input with mods. Custom settings are a good step in the right direction, but by far not enough. What are your thoughts about these things?
  24. Scarf is an accessory!

    I think scarves make much more sense as an accessory than as a head gear. In real life too, we refer to it as an accessory. Currently we have 3 different scarves and 5 other head gear, whilst ear wrap is the only accessory (with warmth bonus) (8 head gear and 1 accessory) Wouldn't it make the game more balanced if we have 5 head gear and 4 accessory options?
  25. A new goal and gamemode

    Multiplayer. BUT, before you click off... This isn't quite multiplayer - let me explain. This is a pseudomultiplayer gamemode which would work on a matchmaking system wherein players choose their preferred difficulty - e.g. stalker - and queue up (or play against friends) and have a survival experience with the same world, same spawn etc to see who can survive the longest in that world whilst not actually physically playing in the same world. Of course I am aware that there are problematic factors such as loot RNG but i think we can come up with solutions for it for example: Key balancing points -Non-container items are identical in spawn -Container items work based off of who gets to that particular container first for example someone opens the trunk in the paradise farmhouse bedroom in Mountain Town and gets nothing, the other person would also get nothing; however, if that person DOES get something, then the other gets either the same thing or same type of thing e.g. food, clothes - Or (less preferable) container RNG could just be untouched I am aware that someone can already create a custom code and share it with friends but what if you want to play against a random person? Please let me know if this idea was any good as well as upvoting if you think it was and thanks for reading!