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  1. 1. TRAINING MAP You should make a training map, which would teach the player how to interact with the game in certain situations. I personally went through the keybindings before starting my first game, but I completely forgot about the radial menu and didn’t know that there’s such a thing as a snow shelter until I’ve already played for tens of hours and lost many times to the frost. I’ve also seen other people around here forgetting about ’paper doll view’, which shows the state of clothes. Thankfully, I have used it well. And the training map I suggest to make, may be somewhat interactive. For that snow shelter, for example, it may spawn the player outside, then tell him to go to a house and collect some, cloth, then go outside to the middle of the forest, collect enough sticks, start middle blizzard on his head and tell the player: ‘Pal! It’s going dark and you’re going to freeze! You have almost no chances to return, because your footsteps were buried with snow, so make a snow shelter, while you still have these 72% of condition!’ Teach him that he can make tinder for sticks, bands and fishing tackles WITHOUT the workbench and light. 2. HOT WATER I don’t understand, why the hot water I did just boil, cannot be consumed as heated tea and provide me with warmth, so I could suffer less from the cold outside? That shouldn’t be hard to implement. 3. USE BED AND BEDROLL SIMULTANEOUSLY In real life, I sometimes used them at the same time for warmth. Why can’t I do so in The Long Dark? It’s only logical to use them both in the very cold places, such as Forestry lookout in Mystery lake, where the temperature inside may fall below zero. 4. MAKE PLACING THE CAMPFIRE SIMPLE I once wanted to start a campfire and almost froze to death seeing it always red, red and RED wherever I wanted to place it. I have lost 10% of my health (leaving me with only 20%), while trying to start a fire. I was in panic, but suddenly found out that I can only place it in the very close proximity from myself. THEN DAMN WHY I SEE THIS RED CAMPFIRE MODEL LIKE I CAN PLACE IT LITERALLY A MILE AWAY? I guess you should allow the player to start a campfire wherever it is actually possible, and if it’s not near him, then make the player go on autopilot to that place and start making the fire on the spot the player has selected. 5. MAKE THE WIND WORKING FOR THE PLAYER AND AGAINST HIM If the wind blows from the player’s side to a deer or a wolf side, a deer or a wolf should spot the player more easily/quickly. If the player runs away from the wolves in the wind/blizzard, and the wind blows from the wolves’ side, they should give up on finding him quicker. 6. LET THE PLAYER MAKE A CLOAK TO HIDE HIS APPEARANCE A coat and a hat made of moss/sticks should help the player to blend with nature when he leans to the trees, which in its turn should help him avoid being noticed by both predators and prey. Putting on and adjusting a clock should take a couple of minutes, so it would be stupid to put in on, when you’ve been spotted. Of course, moss and sticks alone wouldn’t make a proper cloak, one would have to bind them somehow… There can be two kinds of cloak – a simple one would be tucking sticks and moss in the player’s current clothes (or let him make a separate outfit for the cloak?) and a better cloak that is worn separately and is made on a workbench. 7. GIVE THE PLAYER A MAP My silly attempts to create a map of Mystery lake were so laughable that they were useless. Yes I connected some places, but creating a proper map requires weeks of stupid walking and still people with topographic idiocy like me wouldn’t be able to make a good map themselves. Everyone uses the maps from the wiki anyway, so adding a map in the game would change nothing in the gameplay. But for the game itself it would serve as a good characteristic: for today the player has to switch between the game window and his browser. Make the game better by removing this necessity! There’s nothing wrong in getting a map of Mystery lake at the Camp office, I’d say there should be a wall dedicated to the map. Oh, that’s a good idea too. Though a map on paper, that the player carries with him, is what I thought of initially. 8. LET THE PLAYER MAKE TARGETS TO PRACTISE THE BOW I find the bow unusable at its current state. On Stalker and above I wouldn’t pick it against a wolf – it’s only raison d’etre, because you can’t hit a deer from far away. The accuracy at no master lever is awfully bad, which makes me think, that it’d be better to make targets and practise on them first – mastership doesn’t seem to bump without successful hits, and getting them is nearly impossible on Stalker. Excuse me, but I consider going against a wolf on Stalker imbecility just for the purpose of honing bowmanship. I would do that when having at least 70% hp to get meat or a hide, but not for the bowmanship. No. I can’t imagine how much times should I put my life at risk just to get one level in it this way. No. 9. CHANGE THE WAY PLAYER GETS TIME I suppose that ’??? of day time left’ were introduced intentionally, because at dusk it’s hard to tell the time? That’s cool. But make it even better: force the player to get time by the use of certain devices using the sun (make a gnomon at his homestead and use his palm to check how much fingers above horizon is the sun). Also as a bonus add a rare item: mechanical watches with autowinding. Such watches may work for decades without service and are inexpensive in real life. But force the player calibrate the watches before he can use them by standing at noon at a sunny place while checking his own shadow (Noon is for GMT, for Canada probably lower). I really enjoyed checking the level of oxygen on my watch in the game Metro 2033, so introduce watches without fear: it is a fantastic feeling only adding the experience. And certainly easier, than implementing getting time from the nature. 10. LET THE PLAYER HIDE HIS SMELL WITH PUTTING SNOW IN HIS MOUTH I’m not sure whether it’s true, but I’ve seen it in some film, that hunters put snow in their mouth to hide the smell of a human from the animals. 11. USE GUN AND CROWBAR TO BREAK ICE This one is just a wish. If I am so rich (or stupid) that I can shoot to break ice, I want to do so. In case of using the rifle, there should appear 6–10 marks around the ice-hole – player shoots them, then he must use something (hands may be used too, but with a small risk of breaking and heavy wearing on the gloves) to break the ice. 12. HARVESTING CORPSES BY PARTS AND TAKING THEM HOME Allow the player to take rabbit corpses with him – they shouldn’t weigh so much, and dissecting them at home, in warmth, would safe time, that the player could spend outside. I mean that I can go outside, see that I’ve caught some rabbits, and take them with me instead of staying in the cold and losing condition. Chopping off a leg from a deer corpse would be fine, if it would take less time than dissecting. Would be useful to quickly harvest some meat before wolves spawned.
  2. The community has a very diverse group here, loads of talented story tellers and artists. I wonder if any of you are talented enough to create some music that Will/Astrid might enjoy were he/she to find a harmonica or make a guitar from some reclaimed wood and gut or drums perhaps? No doubt our survivor would need to get creative to battle boredom over the long haul so he/she might turn to painting with crushed berries and charcoal on the walls, maybe turn to music or whittling some wood figurines etc. The more complex stuff would probably come after the reality of being alone starts to set in... maybe 100+ days maybe 200? If you are talented enough... post it! I would love to see it, I appreciate the art, I can't do it myself...not a lick of talent.
  3. Hello, Go hunting with a bow is not easy in the game. But just like in the reality, we could remain squatted in certain cases to fire. The improvised bow is not very big. For the moment, it is necessary to stand to use the bow. Thank-you (sorry for my bad english)
  4. So, recently my coffee maker broke. Without it, I've been dumping coffee grinds straight into the hot water, (AKA campfire coffee) and it looks something like this.. Anyway, this got me thinking. How does the survivor make his morning Joe? Does he use the same strong, gritty method? Probably so, with the lack of electricity or a maker. But surely in the northern Canadian wilderness, SOMEONE has to own an old stainless steel campfire percolator. There would have to be an added perk to using the percolator as opposed to mixing grinds into the hot water, however, or it would be a pointless addition to the game. I really have no idea what that would be, since every cup of coffee is virtually the same effect no matter how it's made. But yall sound off on this thread and pitch some ideas! Let's make it happen
  5. Holding the walk key down for long hauls gets nasty on my carpal tunnel... would love to have a toggle walk key option.
  6. The current 'jump in a car and the wolf / bear completely forgets you ever existed in the first place' technique has always bugged me since I started playing this game. It would be absolutely awesome if the wolf would climb on the hood of the car and claw at the windows, barking and snarling at you for a brief period before walking away in defeat. And depending on the aggressiveness level of said wolf, that may be quite a while before he gives up on getting you. Similarly, a bear might climb on top of the car and start bashing in the windshield with his paws, or charge at the door, both scenarios cracking the glass, and again depending on the aggressiveness of that bear, might do that enough times to actually break through and injure you and maybe even attempt to pull you out of that car. It would also be awesome if an animation for actually opening and closing the car door were added. And if the wolf was too close to you, would leap into the car before you could get the door shut. A bear would bite down on your legs and drag you out. Or you might slam it on his neck and send him running
  7. At first, I wanted to tell that game is one of the best amongst all those I've used to play for the last 20 years. It owns a fantastic potential be it in the story or sandbox mode and I eagerly wait for updates everyday. That said, there's some room for it to improve and I wished to share some though about it. Some of them have been submitted before for sure : 1- Don't focus only on story mode. I believe lot of upgrades have yet to be made on sandbox and that mode could stay a hooking one long after story mode will have been finished. The aim is to lead to a game you could follow on the long term, just as an experience to go wild for some time and struggle with nature. 2- Healing is really OP : the fact that eating 2 pills instantly treat some diseases or afflictions is not realistic. I believe the cure could take some time before being efficient (painkillers as instance) and that some illness should remain longer even if they are not deadly (bars ceilings). I'd like new afflictions too, like broken limbs that you would cure with makeshift splints and would impede your stats for a week or more... Lacerations too should demand some sort of suture to stop bleeding and completely clean infection. Not the one shot instant cure bandage. 3- On the other side, food is UP : 2 pounds of fresh meat should sustain you more than 8 hours... There's no mean to force player to constantly look for food, even if the pression should always exist. But predators should compete more for food, like wolfs and bears being attracted by fresh ou cooked meat lying on the floor in the exteriors... You should have different means to preserve food, like smoked meat or fish. 4- Wildlife is a key point for variety and struggling against boredom of the long time games. I saw you planned to add mooses and cougars but add more species would be the key. I especially think about racoons, lynx, eagles/owls (for ambient only), beavers, foxes which would perfectly fit with American Great North setting. Birds like ducks would be good option if you ever make seasons. 5- Seasons would be Heaven ! It means new activities, new landscapes, new lenghts for day and night time, new threats and aims that will vanish the long term boredom of the end game. I could easily make a 360 days run if they were ever implemented. 6- Moral setting would be welcome also. I believe struggle with nature is always a mental fight with his-herself. Moral should be tracked the same way health, with events decreasing it (long time blizzards, be mauled by a wolf/bear, food/water/wood scarcity, affliction of all sort, frozen bodies, no light source in dark places, failed crafts, etc...) and events increasing it (successful hunting or fishing, rabbit in snare, quiet weather, reading a book - maybe others than skill ones - discovering a new place, fullfiled needs, successfull crafts etc...). With a empty moral bar, you could have strange behaviours like character refusing to move further, worse healing times and skills, event suicide attempts - which could work or not). Full moral bar could bring some buffs like better resistances, exhaustion bonuses etc... Don't forget to add audio for bad or good feelings... There are the main points I hope to see one day into your faboulous game. Notice that those suggestions are sandbox oriented. As I sais before, I believe sandbox mode shouldn't be abandonned for a story mode that will surely not satisfy everybody out there, regardless the efforts you invest in. Sandbox, on the other side, will be what you - gamer - will do of it and the maximum diversity in that part of the game is the key to hook players for long time. Good luck for the future of The Long Dark and, again, thank you for this superb piece of art you gave us.
  8. I for one don't find the food pickup dialogue immersive at all. Here I am starving for 2 days, venturing into a cabin, which I raid a cabinet and find a brand spanking new can of pork n beans... I don't think "man, I hope I can still eat this..." would be my reaction. Maybe that can be a line for food under 40% condition. Rusted cans, stale / mouldy candy, granola, energy bars, crackers, etc. As a side note, I found myself laughing out loud when my survivor picked up a can of summit soda and said "hm. Wonder if this is any good to eat." I also may or may not have said out loud "nah, but it's probably good to drink idiot." Just a small issue that kinda somewhat bugs me
  9. Hello, I'm not a very active forum member, but I do enjoy, fear and love this game. Even in Alpha it shows a mature degree you can hardly see out there. I started this topic because I just had my first sour moment playing TLD. I've achieve 21/22 of steam badges and I was about to beat 200days (stalker) badge before starting a higher difficult challenge. I was wearing +22ºC clothes and sleeping in a Bearskin Bedroll (+5,6º bonus by then... a bit used) and I just died of Hypotermia while sleeping at a fishing cabin. As you can see in the screenshot, I've played some other long runs and I spent as much time outside as I can but never died of hypotermia before so I believe the heaviest blizzard ever struck CH that dammed night. Have you ever experience strange temperature fluctiactions that might cause you dying while sleeping? If you pass time you can monitor your status and weather while looking thru the window (which makes sense), but dying while sleeping SO CLOSE to the 200th night has been a bit heartbreaking. Maybe a last warning from your body and natural instinct.. enough to use an emergency stim and drink a hot beverage (5 or 10 minutes game time) would make sense? Anyway... "never think you can outsmart the death" are going to be my first words every morning in the next sandbox. And everytime I go to bed. Keep up the good work and thanks for your comments/suggestions.
  10. "I am vegan" You know what to do... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. This is my very first post on this forum so I want to take the opportunity to thank you guys at Hinterland for making an awesome game, I have played for over 40 hours and I love every single minute of it. Now on to the subject, I don't know if this have been mentioned before but here goes; You walk a lot to get to different places which is cool, I like it, but what would be even cooler is if you could get around the map using skis, ice skates and sleighs! The game takes place in a snowy Canada so there is bound to be at least one pair of skis laying around. I think the expeditions would be even more exciting and fun if you had a small sleigh that you could use to pack some of your stuff in and make longer expeditions as you can travel faster than what you can do on foot and don't have to search for food just as often if you have a lot of food with you and you can pack the stuff that you find along the way in the sleighs storage. It's just an idea that I got that I think would be very cool. I don't know if it is possible for you guys at Hinterland to implement this in the game but I really hope you at least will give it a thought as I think this is something that the game is missing. If anyone else got more ideas about this subject please feel free to post them here as I would love to read them
  12. I'd like to move those plastic and metal containers. If I can load myself down with 70 pounds of meat, I can strap a box to my back and relocate it to my porch.
  13. The title says it all, but I think being able to forge a prybar would be clutch. Alternatively, if not forging a new one, how about repairing the prybar at the forge? I stress about prybar health so much! I hate carrying a couple of them with me in case one breaks. I guess I could always just plan better, but but...
  14. I know we (me too) are against maps or map HUD. How about trailblazing? I know we can use sticks to point, but sticks are a finite resource(?) in Interloper. Being able to mark trees along the path would be a great way to let new players learn the maps, and older players to keep track of resource locations during blizzards and fog. Just a thought.
  15. I strongly feel that the devs should consider adding tauntauns for us to ride in the game. It's totally unrealistic that there are no tauntauns at all in such a wintery environment. Winter and snow are always associated with tauntauns, plus it would help us to move all of our supplies between zones, especially considering the harsh weight limitations and overburdening that we are experiencing. Even in interloper, there is way too much junk to carry. Having a tauntaun would make it easier and way more fun to run around the maps and still be able to carry 20kg of water and 3 hammers with me at all times. Also we could kill the tauntaun and sleep inside it, or eat it for extra meat and craft a tauntaun cape. The tauntaun could fight off wolves with its large talons and provide companionship (considering we don't even have any dogs in this totally unrealistic game). There should also be a rare spawn wampa living in the cave on Timberwolf Mountain. Or they could just add a new zone called "Hoth" and just have everything cool in that one zone. P.S. also needs more wendigos
  16. So, I don't know about everybody else, but for me, this Nomad Challenge is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. Now, keep in mind, this level of difficulty is not due to the "challenge" presented, but rather the challenge within the challenge, which is: Boredom! Seriously, guys, I think you should reduce the time required to be inside of the specific building down from 3 Days to 1 Day (or less). It is soooooooooooo easy to do on Voyager difficulty that I'm getting very bored from it. I'm receiving absolutely no challenging aspects of this so-called "challenge". In fact, I'll be able to complete 2 more Achievements (Silent Hunter and Happy Harvester), while, simultaneously, completing this Nomad "Challenge". Am I the only one who thinks that the number of days inside of the buildings should be reduced!?
  17. The overhaul to the clothing system in the Resolute Outfitter update was a truly welcomed and refreshing event. It not only changed how we clothe ourselves from the elements, but also contributed a significant diversity in the variety of clothes and garments we can find and craft. That being said, I still think that there might be a few items that would provide even more diversity and fill vacant niches if they were added into the game. This topic is open to anyone with new ideas for clothing and appeal. Let me get the ball rolling with a few of my own ideas: Silk Liners Description: "Thin, lightweight socks designed to wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable." Slot: Feet Weight: 0.10 kg (0.22 lbs) Warmth: 0.25o C (0.5o F) Windchill: 0o C (0o F) Waterproof: 40% Protection: 0% Sprint: 0% Repair: 1 cloth, 75% in 15 minutes Rabbit Fur Cap Description: "A handcrafted cap made out of warm, fluffy rabbit's fur." Slot: Head Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) Warmth: 2o C (3.6o F) Windchill: 1.5o C (2.7o F) Waterproof: 50% Protection: 3% Sprint: 0% Recipe: 3 rabbit pelts, 2 guts, 8 hours to fabricate w/ sewing kit Repair: 1 rabbit pelt, 1 gut, 30% in 30 minutes Galoshes Descripiton: "Encased in waterproof rubber and lined with insulation, these tough boots have been worn by fishermen and miners alike to keep their feet warm and dry." Slot: Feet Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs) Warmth: 2o C (3.6o F) Windchill: 1o C (1.8o F) Waterproof: 80% Protection: 7% Sprint: 10% Repair: 1 Leather, 30% in 90 minutes
  18. I know that like 75% of the dev team is working on the story mode but here are a few things i think should be added to the game. Me and a lot of other players does not like the way the current food/hunger system works right now because when you "starve" you die really fast compared to real life were your body starts to break down fats and muscles to keep your body running but in TLD you die in like a day and i do not like that at all. What i suggest is that the devs add body weight that affects you in a lot of ways like your strength and how long you can keep warm in a cold climate and how good you will survive against a attack from wildlife and how much calories you use while moving and sleeping. You should be able to get overweight so you cant carry a lot and you become slow and tiered easily but you can keep your body heat much better and you do not have to eat for a really long time. You should also be able to get under weight which leads to weakness and you can barely do anything physical because your body is running on fumes of energy and even if you get your hands on food after you've been starving for a long time you shouldn't be able to eat a lot because your body is now used to not have a big intake of food for example the jews in nazi Germany who were walking skeletons and when they were saved they had to be given a special diet to not die when they finally got to eat. The devs should also add a flashlight thats high quality(waterproof LED) and one low quality (not waterproof and uses a lightbulb and its weak and has low range) and they use batteries and this is lightweight and much better than the 2 Kg lantern that uses fuel and it takes time to turn on the lantern The HQ flashlight (LED) uses 2 AA batteries and lasts for 5 hours but depending on the power left in the batteries it will give out a weaker light after 2 hours and a quite weak after 3 and the last 15 min is almost useless. The LQ flashlight (normal lightbulb) uses 3 AA batteries and lasts for 3.5 hours and it will give out a weaker light after 1.5 hours and a quite weak after 3 and the last 30 mins are almost useless but this is just how i think these stats should be but i have not look up how much weaker flashlights become after time. The HQFL is a lot more durable because its made out of lightweight aluminium compared to the LFL which is made out of low quality plastic. A nice addition would be to add chemicals/chemistry to the game so you can use normal household chemicals for some useful stuff like here:https://thesurvivalplaceblog.com/2014/01/18/top-5-household-chemicals-you-need-to-stock/ but you might want to read a chemistry book before using some of them(in game). It would be nice to be able to take down burnt down houses and the fishing huts for planks because they are really not that useful and with the wood we can fuel fires or build a snow sled with them. It would also be useful to be able to blow into your hands when they are cold because thats what you do when they are cold and this could save you from frostbite on your hands at least. why don't the character sweat when it "feels like" +20C when you have a lot of clothing inside or +60C when near a fire for a long time so could we get something that stops us from having like 2 parkas and 8 pairs of pants on while inside like if we are too hot we lose water faster. Will we ever be able to heat up a room because if i burn like 5 cedar wood shouldn't the camp office be quite warm inside for at least over night or a whole day? If anyone that reads this that have seen the movie World war Z will know what i thinks of here so i think it will be really useful to be able to use duct tape and a magazine around your arm to protect it vs wildlife because you do always use your arm to keep the wolf away from your throat if attacked. It would be nice if you could use the antlers of the deer to make bone hooks if you don't have access to metal. Add chocolate bar that contains a high amount of fat. camouflage to be able to get closer to your pray. could be nice to have some dextrose tablets when you're tired so you don't have to use your emergency stim. Don't forget to vote in the polls to show your opinion!
  19. All the dead people look like clones of the same person, and also there are no dead women at all, only dead men. This may not be a big issue, but it does take away some of the realism after a while. []
  20. suggestion

    It always seemed a bit funny when i look in my pack and see a line of cups, all full of cold tea/coffee. [never quite worked out how i managed to never spill a drop] A Thermos flask would be a welcome addition. Not only would this stop this weird cup balancing exercise that i manage to pull off throughout the most insane blizzards, but it would also allow us to set off with a few cups of warm beverage. The extra weight of the unit vs the benefit of having a few warm drinks at hand, would see players at an interesting crossroad when they are deciding how to pack for a tromp through the woods.
  21. So, I just made my first save (Stalker) at Coastal Highway to explore the area. My friend claimed it had a lot of resources, so I'm trying to use it to get the "Pacifist" Steam Achievement. Well, I've been finding a great many Toilets filled with Potable Water. Now, for the Toilets with a Back Section that contains clean drinking water for flushing, it makes perfect sense that it's Potable Water (the amount doesn't match real-life, but I think that falls in line with why the Devs made 1 Gallon of Water weigh 7 lbs). However, my suspicions were confirmed upon finding a Toilet with no Back Section to hold water in, but despite this, you could collect "Potable Water" from it! This was at Quonset Garage in Coastal Highway - feel free to look to confirm. I'd highly recommend that you change any Toilets with no Back Section to have "Non-Potable Water" to be collected from them. It's just common sense!
  22. Who finds it hard to find how to get to new regions / map still? I presume new players have no idea at the start? I still get lost if I have not played for a while.(over 400 hours) Sure some of will say no problem it's easy, or I just use a cheat sheet/map. Others might say I get lost every time trying to go to Pleasant Valley or find Timber Wolf Mountain region. I suggest Hinterland add some simple but subtle direction signs into the world. This would surely make us explore more and find all these wonderful new regions of this amazing game? Rough example of a sign.
  23. If temperature is above 20 degrees you dehydrate faster because of sweat. the player should take of clotting first before sleeping or being near a fire indoor.
  24. First off for the non-climbers like me: A hitch is a knot used to attach a rope to a fixed object. Throughout the game there are numerous climbing spots where the character can climb up or down a cliff using a rope. The way ropes work means that the character can´t use the rope of the cliff they just descended. This is meant to avoid the player being stuck somewhere without the ability to get back up. The issue is: The player can still get stuck by simply walking down cliffs. I actually use that strategy a lot, it is particularly helpful in traversing TWM. Because of this, I think a more realistic approach to climbing would be nice. Real life mountaineers don´t leave their ropes on the mountain, those things are expensive. Instead they use either release-hitches (the climber ties the knot in the middle of the rope and takes both ends down to the bottom. One end is used for holding the weight of the climber, the other one releases the knot if pulled) or hitches that only hold while under stress (I could not find information on them online, but I have seen some in real life. Basically the climber just has to shake the rope a bit in order to release the knot). Both of those allow the user to retrieve the used rope without hassle .I think if a player can make the decision to take a rope and walk down a mountain with it, they should also be able to climb down the rope and still take it with them. Maybe this can be combined with a new climbing mechanic that may or may not be coming, maybe additional knots could be part of the skill system for that mechanic. As always Ideas, critiques and trivia are very welcome! I will add any important information to the original post in order to improve accessibility (no one wants to scroll through 20 comments quoting the full original just to say "agreed +") so feel free to post as much as you want.
  25. First Aid is a huge part of the game that your character is bound to require at some point sooner or later, yet it's actually a taught skill with many levels of training. This would make for an ideal (and likely) research book to improve on this skill, and perhaps to learn more advanced techniques. It could also be a skill that the more your character works at, the better s/he gets at it ~ which is how it happens in the real world, as nothing helps with First Aid training like real-life, hands-on experience! Anyone who's had this sort of training will know that you really do get better at it with knowledge and practice...so what about in this game? This could mean an additional badge to earn as well, which would be cool after many hours of practicing First Aid within the game. This sort of thing would really add to the game for me, if First Aid is extended on even a little bit more. What it could mean for the game: An additional book to find and research. Character gets faster at First Aid with researching/practicing this skill. Their First Aid treatment gets more effective, and injuries/ailments heal or improve faster. Slightly less risk to infection even without antibacterial treatments. Learn more advanced First Aid treatments (Stitching up wounds for one. Not sure if oxygen tanks would be useful in this game for First Aid, but that's an example of advanced First Aid). Less negative affect on the character's mental health from injuries/ailments (which could also mean less likely for your character to fall into shock, if that is ever included - and that is a huge problem during First Aiding!), one example could be for multi-player, where the First Aider is less likely to fall into shock while using First Aid on someone else who is seriously injured (this is very common in real life...even paramedics and doctors have fainted when they first started their job, but they get used to it). Better at foraging for First Aid supplies, or crafting First Aid supplies. Being able to craft more First Aid supplies. If multi-player is ever added (not sure if it would be), then First Aid would really shine as a great skill for at least someone in a group to have. A lot of people are really attracted to the role of being a medic, and would find this kind of thing really satisfying in a game. There are many possibilities with this, and I really think it's worth considering!