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Found 798 results

  1. Before I start, I understand full well I am beating a dead horse. But we have never gotten official responses about the spear. I believe that spears not only should be in this game, but NEED to be in this game, spears would add a layer of balance that is not seen in the game. One example of balance is , would you rather use the maple sapling on a bow or a spear, would you rather rely on close quarters combat/ throwing, or keeping your distance? The addition of a spear would add yet another important survival decision in this lovely game. Thoughts?
  2. Hello , here is the game has different Windows with glass , in the car, for example transparent glass , and why it is not , could you please make transparent glass in the houses and in the car , so you can see what is happening on the street , and then the hearing to determine it is sometimes not very convenient. Thank you.
  3. For us older players and those with arthritis can we get an auto walk key as holding down keys for awhile can be painful. Thank You
  4. One of Hinterland's core design philosophies seems to be that mechanics should be intuitive, and at least somewhat realistic. No absurd or needlessly complicated system should be present in the final game if they can be streamlined, and "gamey" features should also be avoided. The thing is, right now, everything involving sleeping and rest is unintuitive and a bit strange. For starters, why is it that I can't sleep if I'm not tired? People who been gravely injured tend to sleep a lot more than a normal person, so why can't I spend the whole day in bed if I get mauled by a bear? And even I, a normal, non-mauled person, can comfortably rest for anywhere between 8 and 12 hours a day - If I want to get more sleep before a big trip but I wake up 3 hours early, I shouldn't need to play cards for two hours and then sleep for one more. I should be able to do the same thing I do in real life, that is, remain in bed and sleep some more, even if it ends up being less restful than the previous 8 hours I spent in bed. Everything has a limit, of course, but we should have some leeway. We should be allowed to oversleep for, let's say, 2-3 hours, or even more if at low condition. Adding to that, the bedroll mechanic is also a confusing one. Right now it's possible to die of exhaustion beside a warm fire with a full belly, simply because you forgot your bedroll somewhere (or it got ruined). Why am I not able to sleep on the floor of the dam, even if at a significant temperature penalty? Thankfully this part of my complaint seems to have an easy fix: Allow us to sleep without a bedroll, but with a warmth penalty. I'm not a programmer or designer, but (I know I know, it's harder than it looks) it seems to me that this would be a relatively easy feature to implement - the only potentially hard part would be detecting what kind of floor the player is on and how much the penalty should be.
  5. I don't mind deaths in the game when they feel valid, but it is frustrating to die while sleeping because your character refuses to wake up. One would expect to wake up if a certain amount of discomfort is experienced during sleep. My suggestion is to simply wake the player if the equivalent of 25% from the total available condition is lost in a single sleep.. or at the very least, wake up when the 15% condition remaining is hit.
  6. Hej , Only I have a big problem with new path 1.Particle comes from player mouth ? They are TOO strong now , I almost cant see anything else outsite (specially when is night) - only white particle in middle of screen. 2. No more shortcut from fast menu <space> directly to cloth 3. No more "feel like temp. " in quick look 4. Now I must hold mouse button to reserch for ex. backpack - Im not happy with it becouse before I can do something else in this time for ex. drink some coffe (in real) now I must always hold f. mouse Really tested this path or just put it online ? For me point 1 from list abowe totally killing this game and if it not change I will not come back to it , sad
  7. Hi, i wanted to add a warning when you try to eat raw meat.. this is so frustrating when you want to eat your cooked meat and misclick on the raw meat without knowing you did a mistake and then take intestinal parasite cause a miscliking leading you to death cuz you didn't prepare to get this and still don't have stock for it. juste a windows saying: you really want eat a raw meat?... cuz no body will eat it intentionally exept when they are at 1% condition and starving to death and this warning should pause the game to take time to eat it or not (in case you really need to eat it raw)
  8. It already exists for some elements (e.g. the amount of water you melted/boiled the previous time), but sadly is missing for many common actions - e.g. breaking a small branch. The default option is always hatchet if carrying one, regardless of if you never use the hatchet to do so, but rely purely on your hands for these menial tasks rather than suffer tool durability. I'm thinking there could be a 'memory' of the last tool or hand used (which becomes the default selected item next time) for each positioned in-game harvestable item type - limbs, branches, scrub bushes, carcasses, chairs, shelves, stools, crates, tables, curtains, towels, pillows... It would also be nice to have the fire-starting menu remember your previous options and default to them if still available in your inventory.
  9. Yknow what would be pretty awesome, in my opinion? If you had the option to start a new game with the previous world state. like, so that all the stuff your previous survivor did is still existing in a new game, and the loot is still missing from when you took it in the last game. In this world state, you could be able to find and loot your survivors body, however for only a certain percentage of the loot you actually had on you at at the moment of death, to avoid exploiting. and in an immersion standpoint, you can simply assume that another survivor already picked the body over and took what they needed before you found it. on your previous body you might also be able to find and read your journal as a collectible. Then again, I suppose it can still be exploited. say, if someone wanted to leave a stash for their next survivor they'd be free to do so and it'd still be there in a new game. that's the only problem I see with it. just had that idea randomly, let me know what yall think
  10. If a male is eating less than 1000 calories a day, wouldn't that cause them to lose muscle mass? After daily starvation (only 810 calories at dinner with nothong else eaten during the day ) day after day, wouldn't someone's max carrying weight decrease?
  11. Hello , maybe my idea will seem strange but in the game there are bodies of people, lie and made me sad,please give the opportunity to bury them, well, when there are times of the year , it will be easy to bury them , and how it is not comfortable near the corpse , and yet, they could burn as in ancient times.
  12. Let me start by saying I've followed your game for a long time and bought it for Xbox One when it released on preview program. I appreciate the work put into it, seeing the game take shape, and am excited to play it when it releases soon. As a console player with over 200,000 achievement score, I thought I'd suggest some achievements that would help the game find a bigger audience. These are just my suggestions, but ones that Xbox players tend to prefer. I'd break down the list into 4 categories; story, easy, medium, and hard. 30-40 percent (in terms of gamerscore and quantity of achievements) should be story.related. Granted I don't know any details of the story, but in general these should mostly consist of unmissable, story progression milestones (ie: Complete episode 1, 2, etc, Survive your encounter with the woodsman, reach the lighthouse, finish the campaign, etc). These should be obtainable by most every player, regardless of skill level. 25% of the achievements should be easily obtained with minimal skill. Survive your first night, kill your first animal, catch and cook a fish, loot 50 containers, pick up 50 sticks, read a book, successfully light your first fire, etc. Players that spend a couple of days playing should earn most of these. 30% should be medium difficulty. Things that would require learning details of the game over a period of time and continued play and requiring a fair amount of effort. Hunt/kill every animal, catch all types of fish, craft 50 items, find and use all the tools/weapons, discover all locations, sleep a total of 200 hours, survive 50 consecutive days, traverse 250 mi/km, etc. Finally, 10-15% should be hard achievements but obtainable for dedicated players who invest a reasonable amount of time. Complete all 5 challenges, survive 250 days total (not cumulative), kill 10 bears, survive 25 days without killing an animal, cure every affliction, survive 15 wolf attacks, increase all skill attributes to level 5. These should be challenging, requiring advanced skills, but not overly "grindy." By grindy, I mean things like; kill 1000 animals, survive 200 consecutive days. After 50-60 days, players will or should have most of the resources they need to survive, but are just waiting out the other 150 days for the achievement. Mostly, your hardcore players won't mind grindy achievements because they're already huge fans and players of the game. They'll eventually earn off the the difficult achievement over time. My suggestions are for the casual player, or those interested in playing but fear being turned off by a poor achievement list. As a member of several community achievement websites, I'm often frustrated hearing people say, "it looks like a fun/good game, but I'll never buy or play it because of the poor achievement list. I don't want be forced to kill 10,000 players, win 2500 matches, get 1000 kills with every weapon." I've played my share of grindy games, and upon reaching end they just aren't fun any more. By no means am I suggesting that every player should unlock every achievement, but about a 15-20% completion rate would be fair. Again, there are just my suggestions. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the wilderness soon!
  13. Hello you great people, I have just a really small suggestion for adding a skip intro scene button in The Hunted challenge. When you repeat that challenge for the 15th times (yes, I am "NOT" good), it gets kind of annoying to watch the long bear scene:) Thank you p.s. sprained wrist when I am walking slowly and straight on a flat ground? Loving the game
  14. What logging camp isn't complete without a trusty chainsaw. Of course you need some gasoline and some 3 in 1 oil but it could be very heavy but handy cutting up fire wood in a jiffy. Poor chainsaw sharpening and kickback could result in serious injury.
  15. Hello , here is the game has torches , fireworks and lanterns , but what if the game would be to add candles, I heard that the candles do a lot of animal fat if I'm not mistaken. http://www.treeland.ru/article/eko/candle/2011-04-08-4 here is a link to what you can make candles from animal fat.
  16. Have you ever been out of Rifle Rounds, and a Wolf is trying to attack with all its might? And right before you die, you wish you had another round, or even a new weapon? Well, that's what this post is all about. The idea is basically that there is more than on kind of gun, and that you create your own ammunition, using scrap metal and gunpowder. The new weapon would be a smaller, faster firing weapon, such as a revolver. But fear not, because they would have there own kind of ammunition an everything else. Hinterland Studios, I thoroughly hope that you would add this into the final copy of the game, and thank you! Have a nice day!
  17. Great Game! I just want to ask why can't there be built slingshots, snow shoes, skis, and spears? All those abandoned cars have tires, and tire tubes. And a spear deals with predators and game since the dawn of time.
  18. Hi guys!! How you doing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glow_stick For caves and mines!!!
  19. Hello, Being a long time Interloper player, I have a few things I would like to discuss about the new update. I know it is still very new, but there are a few things that I find a bit troublesome. There is no "auto-loot" function. Before this update, looting wasn't too bad, but now having to hold a button to loot can be a little tedious. I don't know if anyone feels the same, let me know. The big pet peeve is cat-tail gathering. Having to hold LM (or A) to get the option to gather, then consider gathering both the head and the stalk individually is a bit redundant and time wasting, and, if I am to be honest, every millisecond in Interloper counts, a lot. EDIT: While there is still no auto-loot and the separate cat-tail function exists there is a way to change the press-and-hold feature. Thanks to user @chuckie as he posted the way to change it to one-click function instead of press-and-hold. Simply go to options->controls->accessible interactions. Although the visuals are very, very good, and the HUD is visually pleasing, the imprecise nature of condition and calories concerns me. I like detailed information, and losing that definitely does not help me make informed decisions on what to do next. Am I at 30%? Or is that 20%? I don't know, and, as such, I am not entirely sure of ensuing decisions. Being able to see exact calories in the status page helps a bit to alleviate the issue of not having it upon tab or start, but I feel it should be there. EDIT: The TAB HUD could be condensed a bit more to avoid players having to dart their eyes around to see vital information, just a thought/suggestion. There is a bug with old man's beard bandages. When applied in the new first aid as antiseptic, it consumes the bandage but does not stop blood loss. This is a problem, as the infection risk comes before blood loss. I do not know how one succeeds at the Hunted Part 1 challenge now. EDIT: This is not a bug, but as revealed by user @nicko this is intended. A challenge like The Hunted is still impossible unless a bandage drops in the basement you escape to, though. The game was already too easy. While I do think the campfire wolf-deterrent mechanic should stay as-is, I do not think we need stone throwing. The buildup previously needed on high difficulties was fine the way it was. Gut and food gathering, especially a renewable source, is now instantly available. I do not like this, as the game needed to get a bit more difficult in the late game (post bow/snare/wolfskin coat crafting), not easier in the early game. EDIT: Applying first aid is also a hassle, as the two-layered system where you can see what is wrong in the "Status" page yet be able to do nothing about it until re-routing back to the first-aid in radial is a little tedious. One should be able to treat afflictions from *both* sections. EDIT: As I, and other players have mentioned, the breath of the character is far too bright and covers an enormous portion of the screen, I wanted to make sure to note in the OP of the thread that this has been mentioned as well for the sake of not having to fish through the thread to see it. EDIT: User @Raf109 pointed out that we do not have the day/night indicator stay on screen during sleeping/waiting. IMPORTANT NOTE: Bugs are very important to report, as @Dirmagnos pointed one out about resources in the new mapping system, please report them here- https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/projects/TLDP/ On the bright side, I love the new visuals, I love the new inventory breakdown, and I like how I don't auto-equip that damn storm lantern every time I get it lol. Please let me know what you think, thank you.
  20. pretty much the title. anything like whiskey or vodka. could be used as antiseptic, accelerant and also be consumed with intoxication and maybe a warmth mechanic similar to coffee or energy stim (first boosts then drops rapidly). Since this game is playing in the canadian lumber area I am quite surprised there isnt any alcohol to be found yet.
  21. Man... yall don't understand. I'm a writer. I can write 5 pages worth of content all about what happened in a long dark day, every day. Even if all I did was maintenence on my tools all day makes me kinda sad that I have to limit it down so much. I'd love to see a a longer character limit in the journal to jot down all my characters thoughts and feelings and give him a rich back story
  22. Faithful cartographer has been marketed as the final sandbox update. Unfortunately, this means that many forum requests and items from the aspirational road map likely are not going to make the final release. A consequence of time and other constraints. I just thought it would be nice to make sort of a "top three" list of things to add if there is time between now and July 31st (August will be needed for certification). Rules are simple: If you're posting an idea put it in bold, only one idea per user, please make it your personal #1 wish list item, and follow up the idea with a short (1 paragraph max) explanation. Discussion is encouraged Assuming there are a lot of responses I'll make a poll for the ideas in about 2 weeks and then lock the thread after people get a chance to vote. Cheers!
  23. While the UI is definitely much improved, there's something strange about the new textures and lighting. A lot of the environmental textures now lack the slight outlines they used to have, and I don't think it looks very good. The outlines and cel shading on the textures added a really nice visual style to it, as if it were a painting. Now it just looks like a lot of the objects have weird single-color placeholder textures. The cardboard box is really the best example here.
  24. * Hinterland didn't remove the temp gauge, they just relocated it to the F screen. But if precise measurement of your temperature is still available, people are still gonna use it, no matter how hard it is to check. So essentially what this patch did was slow down the gameplay by having you press F instead of tab when you want to see the temperature (because let's be honest, nobody is going to stick to tab only). Either remove it completely (and make the tab overlay a bit more informative) or put it back where it was. And since it appears that Hinterland wants to stick to this minimalistic approach to UI, the exact temperature meter should be removed. In its place, something as simple as more tiers of temperature could be added - Instead of 1/2/3 arrows for different levels of cold, perhaps we could have 5 tiers. That would make it more informative and we'd get used to it over time, wouldn't even miss the old gauge! * The scent meter isn't very well designed. I see people asking "what are the 3 bars?" daily online, so it could be made more intuitive. I don't really have any ideas on how this could be managed (other than lines from the character, maybe) but it's important to point out as I feel that it needs changing. Bonus feedback: The steamy breath that your character exhales is a bit too opaque, and a bit too bright. Many people have complained that this makes it very hard to see, especially indoors and in the dark.
  25. So, snaring is a good way to get rabbits in the game, but I think hunting them is more fun. The bow is cool but I find it difficult to use and because I need a forge to make arrowheads I think there should be another to hunt them. The .303 is way overkill so I propose a new gun. Either a .22 lr, .410 bore, or pellet rifle would work well. I think the .22 or 410 would be best as the pellet seems a little weak. Either gun could be used (again not the pellet though) for more game besides rabbits. The .410 would work for the crows/ravens and the .22 while not super great might have some luck on a deer or wolf. A .22 mag or hornet would work better probably for that. If the shotgun was a 12 gauge you could add slugs or buckshot for big game. Anyway, .22 bullets are often sold in bulk meaning they would work even better for rabbits as ammo would be easier to find allowing multiple shots for misses or several kills.