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  1. Hi there! This is my first post, so it's possible that what I'll be saying has been said in other threads, and I'm sorry if this is the case. First I just want to say that, from memory, I have never sunk as many hours in any game before The Long Dark, let along in a Sandbox, which is not a genre I usually am fond of. But what you guys did is truly something special, and I find it insane that I get so much enjoyment from a pre-alpha release. I can safely say that I very rarely played something as uniquely engrossing and addidctive as The Long Dark and I can't wait to see what the story mode will add to a game that is already that satisfying in sandbox mode. I am now a 100+ day of my voyager sandbox, and plan to finish of my journey on the summit and maybe jump to my demise when this is done, as some kind of poetic closure when I'll have seen everything there is to see, but that's another story. So here are a couple of remarks about my experience. 1- There is some graphical glitch at the top of some of the long grass when getting close to it, I'll post a screen cap once I see it again, but it looks like some particles stuck over the top of said grass. 2- I find it weird that the wild can't attack me when I'm on a porch or in a snow shelter, even if a wolf sees me and runs in my direction, it will stop dead in it's tracks if I'm in either one of these artificial barrier. 3- I also find it weird that I can use the bow in the snow shelter, but not while crouching outside of it. 4- When I keep meat outside, raw or cooked, it stays preserved for a long time, but I find it weird to be able to eat a cooked piece without having to heat it first. I also find it weird that a piece of raw meat will not invite wolves, or birds at its location. I would have assumed that leaving raw meat outside for a long time, it would eventually all get eaten away by wild animals. But then, maybe it's just a "Voyager" thing, I did not try the higher difficulties yet. 5- Sometime I get a sprained wrist while walking on a flat surface. A sprained ankle, I can understand, but a sprain wrist seems a little silly. 6- Finally, it happened to me once to enter a snow shelter but that the change of POV did not work. I still saw around as if I was standing outside, but by looking around I still got the promp to exit the snow shelter. It only happened once though, but I'll let you know if it happens again. In any case, congratulation for this fantastic game, and keep up the good work! If I could buy the game again once the story mode is out I would! Luc Desjardins, Montreal
  2. What other ideas did I miss? Is there something else would you like? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!
  3. - How fit you are. It would effect your warmth, speed and calorie burn - More complex cooking. You could make beverages, more plants you can cook with and water needs container in interloper and stalker - You could cut down trees but it would take very long time - Growing food items
  4. Firestarting Level 3 enables the player to start a fire without tinder. Because of this, cat tail heads, newspapers and tinder plugs become completely useless. I think it should at least be possible to burn them, getting a few minutes and degrees out of them, but maybe they can be used for something else. Ideas so far include: Tinder could improve the chances of starting a fire (@CalNieDaGtarGuy) Tinder could be used to start fires (Firepiston) (@Rolandtigerfish) Tinder could be compressed into Firelogs or Pellets (@Seshins @vancopower) Firepiston Pellet Compressor [Note: Could a moderator or other official tell me if I should include the results of the discussion in the original post or not? Thanks]
  5. Just a suggestion to have some objects in the game (way-points, sign posts, whatever) to save your game as you're progressing. I've experienced the problem where you want to stop playing but you're far form a safe location to sleep so you're left choosing to play longer than you have time for, sleeping in an exposed area, or quitting and losing whatever progress you've made since the last save. I may have even deliberately tried to sprain an ankle once so I could save and quit. Hopefully by having the save points be certain areas it will prevent any save corruptions or accidentally saving in an area that you're then trapped in.
  6. I believe that sitting should increase stamina faster than being idle, but makes you exposed, because there would be a small bit of time elapsed when you sit up from the ground, I also feel that we should be able to sit in a chair. Thoughts?
  7. While I don't want to be critical of TLD as it is probably one of, if not the, best game I have played in decades, there is one thing that bugs me every time it happens, and it happens a lot. I shoot an animal, it runs off bleeding, and I never see it again. I can't count how many times I have either fought a wolf, or shot a deer, wolf or bear, and near get to reap the rewards of my hard work. Thinking about how to fix this without a major overhaul of the game mechanics, I came up with a possible solution. If crows were to circle all dead animals (perhaps 24 hours after they are killed?), that would make the tracking of injured animals MUCH easier. By the time crows circle the corpse would be frozen and some of the meat gone, but at least I would be able to retrieve arrows or get some rewards. As a side note, I tried to find an appropriate topic about this that already existed, and went back in time quite a ways. If it isn't too tedious and/or labor intensive, would it be possible to archive topics that don't relate to the current build of the game? I was reading quite a bit the forum and unsure of how much of it is still accurate. This may or may not become a bigger issue after May 4th...? Again, I cannot stress enough how much fun this game is, and all of the hard work of the entire Hinterland team is much appreciated. Keep up the great work.
  8. support

    Hello all you fellow Long Dark players hope you all enjoy the new community/the long dark episode. As usually let me know what you think. I really appreciate your support and ideas! MonkeyboyGamer salutes you!
  9. Considering all the loot and goodies a player can accumulate, it's hard for me to leave stuff behind when I move camp to a new location or map but weight matters when you travel especially carrying a heavy backpack. Enter the Travois: The basic construction consists of a platform or netting mounted on two long poles, lashed in the triangular shape which was dragged by the pointed end. Sometimes the base or blunt end of the frame was stabilized by a third pole bound across the two poles. The travois was traditionally dragged by hand, sometimes fitted with a shoulder harness for more efficient dragging. A travois could either be loaded by piling goods atop the bare frame and tying them in place, or by first stretching cloth or leather over the frame to hold the load to be dragged. Although considerably primitive, on the type of territory where the travois was used (forest floors, soft soil, snow, etc.), it is possible for a person to transport more weight on a travois than can be carried on the back. So, two poles lashed together with a leather or cloth harness that you can load your stuff up on and drag it all to another location? Sold! I think that would be a neat craftable item. Two fir limbs, one branch, two deer hides 4 pieces of cloth and 8 pieces of gut to fabricate. now capable of dragging additional 25 kilos of stuff. Yeah, i know, hard to drag thru a cave or across the trestle, so you would have to abandon it when you change maps. It would still be there when you cross back, maybe a little more worn from exposure, but that seems reasonable to expect. I would expect to build one or more in each map area. Thanks for reading!
  10. While watching https://www.twitch.tv/grizzlybeer77 he wished we could research skill books in bed for the warmth bonus. I think it is such a good suggestion that I got his permission to post it here. I imagine the sleeping UI would get a read book option similar to Pass Time. The Read Book in bed UI could also grant additional condition recovery. This would be especially useful on Interloper early game in colder places like the Draft Dodgers cabin with a blizzard howling outside. What do people think?
  11. suggestion

    I feel that an item rotation mechanic should be implemented so that we can place things however we want, especially things like bedrolls, rifles, and bows, I don't want to place everything horizontally, I want neatness. Thoughts?
  12. It would be neat if in game survival tips were presented as survivor "thoughts" either as on screen text or voice-over. I had to google pictures of birch and maple IRL to recognise the trees in game but after a little reading our survivors should maybe find identification for useful flora and fauna popping up "into their heads" along with a usage tip. It could also be a way to impart real, accurate survival tips? It would need to be something that can be switched off too, as it would be rather wearing after a while.
  13. My wish list. 1: Compass to be found on a frozen corpse or in one of the forestry towers. 2: Crafted spear using a knife as the spear tip. 3: More crafted traps. For Wolves as well as Bears. 4: A toggled walk key as in Fallout games. Please save my keyboard walk key from flatness. 5: Crafted clothing need better incentives to be worn and be lighter. Wolf Skin Jacket gives some sort of advantage avoiding or combating Wolves. Bear Skin Coat the same against Bears. Deer Skin stuff could allow a closer upright approach before scaring the Deer when bow hunting. And what the hell do I do with all these skin? My cabin smells like wet dogs and rabbits with a hint of bear. 6: Crouch speed is to slow could be a little faster as is movement speed into light wind. 7: Food, water and calorie use. I find myself in a constant cycle of light fire, cook food, boil water, eat, drink, sleep rinse and repeat. Having to eat 2+ Kilograms of meat per sitting is just insane as is drowning yourself in a a couple of liters of water every day. Calorie consumption is as fast when at rest or even sleeping as it is under exertion. A bit of tuning would be great. Thanks for an all the work so far I am totally absorbed and cannot wait for story mode.
  14. The leather from old shoes etc, seems to go to waste or what do we do with the leather at present? Why no collect it so we can craft a new cool item to store any arrows we craft. I say let us craft a new item using leather - A leather Quiver. used to store our arrows.
  15. Okay, our character is facing rather horrifying things, almost every day, like this... and this... and this... If I encountered these things, I would be horrified beyond all reasonable measure. I don't consider myself a giant pansy, but stuff like this would be too much. So here's my idea, have interactive nightmares! If your character sees a lot of scary stuff. Dialogue will show his mental distress, saying things like "I cant do this," or "I want to leave this hell." or something like that. It increases or decreases based on what you encountered that day, similar to the insanity system in amnesia. Then, when you sleep, you have a chance to get a nightmare, this will pause time and become an interactive event where you can move around, interact, etc. It would look, well, for lack of a better word, dreamy. But in its idyllic-ness, you will begin seeing really strange visions, my thought is nightmares would transport you into a dream that looks like shadow of colossus, and there's a giant bear or something, and you start seeing ghosts that are saying, "You could've saved us" or something. *here's an image to illustrate what I was thinking. and wispy ghosts would be flying around. This would be a affliction when you wake up, having a nightmare will make it impossible to sleep for 1 hour, no matter how tired you are. What do you think? thanks!
  16. I hope you enjoy! Sorry for draft quality
  17. I know they'd be pointless at night. I know they'd be pointless in a fog. I know they'd be pointless in a snow storm. But please can I find a pair of binoculars to gaze at the mountain ranges of this unquestionably beautiful landscape. That and all this time I've spent alone has turned Will McKenzie into a paranoid schizophrenic and I think I just saw someone over at signal hill.
  18. Hello, I know this is a game of survival, and my idea will seem strange to you, but here's an idea, in the game the protagonist dies from different situations, it would be wonderful if the character could live to the old age, and die of old age, in a quiet calm environment , And the long-lived icon would appear, where in the next survival, he could at least have a 3 percent protection
  19. Hello, I had this idea, here is our hero or heroine drowning snow, and purify the water. To drink. But that if there are natural sources in the game that will be in caves where the anomalies did not touch them, and such sources would have medicinal properties, such sources are crystal clear, and to find them one would have to drop the old.
  20. The Long Dark is a hard survival game, it's supposed to be (unlike minecraft) but perhaps a changing difficulty version would make a more enjoyable game. I was recently playing on stalker difficulty on desolation point and I was having a great time. I had visited the Riken, the warehouse, the lighthouse, the church, the truck, the mine and Katie's secluded corner. I was preparing my gear for leaving my base ready to head to coastal highway. I'd gathered plenty of cans, plenty of firewood and even a bow and pry bar. I crossed the perilous bridges as I left the lighthouse. Suddenly, I was attacked by a wolf when I rejoined the road managing to lose a 50% slice of my condition (shameful I know) before the minute I awoke I was attacked again by another one (this one finishing off Will McKenzie). What angered me even more was that I had tried to stop the wolf with a torch only for it to attack. The game is good and and I understand that a wolf is more likely to attack wounded prey, but if the game got slightly easier the lower your condition it may make the sandbox more enjoyable rather than downright frustrating. If any of you haven't played Half Life 2 then you definitely should, but if you have played it you will know that you could always tell when there would be a hard section because you would probably be given access to a large number of health packs and ammunition crates. This is what the game needs. If you get attacked by a wolf you shouldn't immediately be subject to another one in the same way in that you never have a boss straight after another one. The difficulty should be a mountain range rather than a constant flat line. If not in the sandbox (I expect it would be hard to implement) then at least note that unfair attacks like that should not be something that occurs in the story mode. One of the things I find the most challengeing but also enjoyable in the game is how you try to improve one stat only to have another decline, like sleep and hydration. I think these are good things that form peaks of difficulty, but disasters such as animal attacks should not be something thrown in to provide the zig zag.
  21. In addition to weight, lets add volume into the mix to make this game more challenging and realistic. For example, things that take up more space like the sleeping bag would take up half a backpack space, if you stuff it into the bag. Things that leak or bleed, like raw meat or opened caned food, should have separate containers or plastic bags before you can safely put them into your backpack. The volume system can be similar to system shock and diablo but also with depth in 3 dimensions, so a large 5L jug of water could take up 2 X 2 X 4 volume of backpack space. Maybe put to use that fancy item turning in-game ability to tetris items into the backpack to save space. The water and cups of tea system also bothers me. Breaks immersion to look at cups of tea stacked in your backpack. Many others have suggested thermos and plastic bottles as found items to hold water and different liquids. This would also give us the option to make various animal skin backpacks and find different backpacks. There should also be straps and belts to hold various items onto the outside of a backpack, like straps for a gun and sleeping bag. Maybe use those cured guts to upgrade/customize a backpack to carry more stuff on the outside.
  22. Obvious question but i don't know if it's been brought up. Is there any chance that this Mona Lisa of a game will have a future option of coop with friends or random people? Honestly this game would be the most perfect coop survival game ever, it's just vs nature not zombies or mutants. Don't get me wrong i still think this game is too damn perfect anyways 11/10
  23. there has already been a poll related to this, but that thread has been quiet for a while so i thought i'd start up a new one. yall comment and let the (absolutely genius and amazing) developers know what kind of food items youd like to see implemented in the world of the long dark! me, i want corned beef hash. it's basically a canned mash up of small chunks of potatoes and corned beef, cured with salt for preservation. it's pretty tasty stuff in my opinion, and it goes GREAT with crackers. there's two servings per can, each serving is 380 calories each. so an entire can would equal to 760 calories, which would make it a more compact version of condensed milk. but theres one added bonus. in real life, this stuff makes me feel EXTREMELY full. must be all the carbs in it from the taters. this would be the perfect food for a survivalist
  24. Of all the ways you can die in TLD, the two that seem to be missing would are being killed by falling tree limbs and branches and fresh snowfall avalanches... would certainly make for more immersive game play. When you listen to the audio soundtrack of a heavy wind driven snow storm in a tree filled area the persistent wind howling is broken up with the loud popping and cracking noises of tree limbs and branches breaking off and falling to the ground. Considering all the ways the weather in TLD can kill you, it would just seem plausible that you could get clobbered by a falling branch or limb if you were so unfortunate as to be outside in the back country during a major snow storm. Or better yet, caught in an avalanche while shooting the rifle after a snow storm at higher elevations. I mention this because Ski Patrols routinely use explosive concussive ordinance to induce avalanches in specific areas in order to minimize future risk and recently in game play, I found myself having to use the rifle to defend myself high up on TimberWolf Mountain where there were steep cliffs surrounding me... I could just imagine that one minute where my ears are still ringing from the report of my rifle, my little sigh of relief for having got a lucky shot off killing the wolf only to be killed moments or minutes later by 10 tons of snow crashing down on my head. So, death by avalanche? In a game that's all about snow and cold? Most definitely, Bob.