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  1. Thunder Storm

    I don’t know what the frequency of Thunderstorms is in Northern Canada but a storm would be incredibly atmospheric and dangerous to be in (like a blizzard)(BLIZZARD THUNDER STORM). I don’t know. I think it would be really cool to listen to or watch in game maybe from the summit of TM and it might link nicely to the Aurora backstory for the game. Lighting strikes the lonely lighthouse which was what caused all the glass at the light to shatter - now that would be very cool. What do you think?
  2. Mental state of the servivor

    It gets quite out there and sanity is a very important part of survival. Doing things that are fun to pass the time help the mental state stay stable. What fun activities do you think would be good to see in the long dark? Personally I would love a guitar to play some cords at night to remind myself I'm still human.
  3. Cutting board + related ideas

    We can already 'split' stacks of meat into smaller pieces (or even tiny bits for bait) by eating/harvesting and canceling part of the way through. This feels more like a work-around than an actual game mechanic. So my suggestion is to have a craft-able cutting board (or just the ability to cut meat maybe?). This would allow us to do our butchering properly. Furthermore, as I'm sure it's been noted many times in the forums, it is annoying that we can't choose what gets dropped by the decoy hot-key. The fix for this issue would go along well with the cutting board because the game's mechanics would be encouraging the player to intentionally cut small bits of meat to strategically drop as decoys/bait. So just give the option to mark meat in inventory as 'decoy priority'. Final related thought: the 'cutting board' could go well with other homemaking ideas like craft-able bed, drying racks, pelt decorations, storage containers, etc. While some of these ideas would likely need to be disabled for the higher difficulties, I think they would add to the interest and replay value for pilgrim and voyager. Cheers!
  4. Playing as Animals

    Has anyone ever floated the possibility of gameplay from the animal's perspective? It could be fun to play as a wolf or bear, or as a deer.... There are game modes in Star Wars Battlefront where you play as an Ewok or a Jawa that are fun.... In TLD it would be really cool to be able to play an animal that would let you run quickly across the landscape, or as a bear that can smash pallets, get into car trunks, etc.
  5. New episode is up hope you all enjoy!
  6. Knapping

    I've noticed many people asking/hoping for stone and bone tools, and thought that knapping would be an ideal solution to this. Flint nodules would spawn, most likely 1-2, in the piles of stones, with a larger chance near rivers/lakes, along with a "knapping kit", which would be about as rare as quality tools Using the kit and whatever flint you find, you could knap arrowheads, knife and hatchet blades, to create rudimentary tools, that have very low durability (about 1/2 of improvised), weight, (~.3 kilo for knife, ~1 kilo for hatchet). The requirements for tools would be Knife:1 cloth & the blade Hatchet:Stick, blade, & 2 cloth Arrow: normal recipe, just replace the arrowhead To prevent mass production, a break chance would be needed, probably about 75-90% chance. A new secondary skill would increase the chance, with a maximum of 50/50. A new primary skill could also be created, with the following levels 1:You have no skill with knapping, and your clumsy hands often break the stone (10% chance to create an arrowhead/knife blade) 2. You have become more skilled at breaking off flakes, but the blades are still sub-par at best (25% chance of creating arrowhead/knife blade) 3. You are now adept at knapping blades, and your products hold a sharper edge (Can create hatchet blade, 25% chance of creating a blade, and flint tools are 5% more effective) 4.You are now much more used to knapping, and rarely break the stone (50% chance of creating a blade, and all aforementioned benefits) 5.You are a master at the art of knapping, and your products can hold an edge as sharp as steel (75% chance of creating a blade, tools are 15% more effective, all aforementioned benefits)
  7. Hi guys ! Today I was in Wintermute and as I was approaching a windmill (I think), some wolves attacked me. I had a torch and was next to a pill of straw and though that it would be pretty cool and realistic if we could just set the pill on fire. See ya !
  8. Aurora Hunting = Aurora Pelts

    Since the Aurora is the cornerstone of TLD (without it there would have been no crash), I would love to see the Aurora offer a permanent benefit in the long run. What if you could hunt all animals during Aurora...and not just wolves...but even rabbits are aggressive. By hunting when the Aurora is out, you get to obtain their glowing pelts...and with cured Aurora pelts in hand, you can craft gear that offers an even bigger benefit. Best of all, your gear has a green, luminescence glow from the Aurora. Craft your full set, and no animals will attack you at all unless the Aurora is out, and provided you're wearing Aurora gear in all slots, of course. This may make it harder to hunt, but Aurora gear provides permanent safety (outside of the normal Aurora crazy animal time). Also, with the glow, you can travel through caves, for example, without needing a light source...seeing as your gear has slight glow (think Pipboy from the fallout series..but maybe not as bright so it's not a complete substitute for a light source). This would make the game more compelling as well as marry with the story line "realism" of this scenario. Moreover...this could be how you eventually conquer the long dark in a world that's forever getting colder and darker. Just you...the glowing night hunter...trying to survive.
  9. Personally I find the rock cairns scattered throughout the beautiful landscape an absolute eyesore, undoing much of the incredible work that the art team has put into this game, and I would strongly welcome a toggle option to remove them. I can appreciate they are there as a token gesture for backers who helped get the game on its feet, and for that I have nothing but pure gratitude towards them for believing in Hinterland's vision at such an early stage. There are many of them that haven't even got anything on them, to the effect of 'story is not yet written' anyway. When hiking in R/L, I have always frowned upon situations where someone who passed by prior to me just couldn't help themselves in overcoming a selfish urge to pile up rock cairns along walking tracks. If I want to see rocks piled up on top of each other, I can walk through the city, Its not what I go out hiking to see... I can appreciate that not everyone will feel the same way I do, therefore I believe a toggle option would be nice, This way players have the ability to opt into a 'less cluttered' landscape.
  10. Beautification and burial

    Hi, The game is getting better and better, but I still miss some things from the beginning. 1. Smoke coming from chimneys are not pretty at all. The smoke effect of a campfire is great, something similar should be made here too, not that single "line". 2. I really would love to see more houses in the style of Hunting Lodge (BRR), the so called log house. 3. Making clean-up in houses. I really hate the mess e.g. in Camp Office (ML), a 4-6 hours clean-up would solve this, and the floor and shelves could look like they did many-many builds before. 4. And finally the human corpses, my longest awaited wish. It would be a nice addition to make a burial. And also practical, to be honest. Thanks for your attention. Go on Hinterland!
  11. more than anything else, this game desperatly Needs mod-support!!! personally i could only enjoy the game after an update for a couple of hours before i started to think about how many Things in this game Need to be reworked or added, and everyone i know who Plays the game had the same experience. It is just no fun at all to Play a game that only uses a fraction of its potential and constantly have to think about improvements and additions that would make the game so much better and more enjoyable, while you are playing. for examlpe, the custom Settings were a much needed Addition to the game, but even there you realized pretty fast, that they have to be reworked and Extended in order to provide a longterm incentive to Play the game. just take a look at the insane amount of awesome ideas/improvements/balances/additions/reworks in the wish-list category that would make the game so much more enjoyable and fun for every Kind of Player. Personally I, and i know that a LOT of other Players who like the game feel the same, dont want to wait a couple of months for the developers to implement maybe 1or2 of These improvements every update. This is simply not enough for many Players. Not only are mods a good way to make the game much better, an active modding community does also help to Keep a game alive and attract more Players to a game and helps to enjoy a game much more. Personally i think the sooner you will provide mod-support for the game, the more it will help this game in General. so pls Hinterland Studios, give the Players the opportunity to help you improving the game, because like i said....there is a good number of Players in this game who want to Play the game but dont enjoy it at all in the current state.
  12. Trapper Hat and Lighter

    I've been playing the single player version of Long Dark and am excited to start playing the open sandbox survival mode. Thus far, I've almost completed episode 2 and have been spending my time collecting everything on the maps and hunting every type of animal. Great job! Rabbit Skin Trapper's Hat There are a few suggestions about in-game items that I think would be easy to create and toss in - but I could be wrong. Being a bit of a survivalist in real life, I've always admired the animal options for clothing. That being said, I've been rather disappointed to not see a hat version of any animal clothing. This is easy as in northern US, Canada, and Russia, where climates get as cold as in the game or colder; they all have versions of the trapper's hat. Traditionally, this hat is made with rabbit pelts and can protect against the cold from about -70 to -40 degrees Celsius. The recipe would be easy: sewing kit, rabbit pelt 3-4, 2-3 gut. I don't know how you determine item creation costs, maybe 5-6 if you are more strict on material cost. But this is a great hat. Lighter The second item would be something you could find: a lighter. Lighters are pretty nice as they have a built in flint and steel mechanism called a hammer. They also take "lamp oil." Plus, they're light. Although this doesn't guarantee you to light a campfire, it could increase your chances to 90%. That being said, if you don't add these items, no big deal - it's still a great game and I will enjoy playing many, many more hours. Thank you for your time and consideration. Peace!
  13. Blood on clothing

    So, I finally managed to make this wish. I just hope this time I will get noticed by someone. As we all know, our clothing as from Resolute Outfitter update can get wet and frozen. It takes our outer layer, but what about the inner one? So here's the thing: Clothing now can get dirty from the blood. How does it work? As you know, when you get blood loss affliction, you bleed. Now, when not taken care if, your most inner clothing which is in the same slot as your injury, it will make your clothes dirty. What're the consequences? 1.Your scent will stick to you until you will clean your coat, mittens etc. 2.If multiple "not cleaning" will happen, your clothing will ruin faster and it will be harder for you to move So now, how to clean it. It's rather simple: Use cloth and water. You can use both unsafe water for it, and cloth. You will need to spend 0.20 litre and 10% of cloth's condition.
  14. Sorry if this has been suggested before, but I'd like to see a craftable sea vessel that would take players to a new, more challenging area that would have animals and loot that couldnt be found elsewhere. The idea would be to provide a long term project while settling into the end game. The requirements to craft could be something like: Boat: 25 birch bark, 5 cured birch sapling, 10 pine resin (rare, found on snags), 5 cedar firewood Paddle: 2 cured maple sapling, 2 moose antlers, and some cured guts to tie them together Maybe an option to add a sail? (faster, less calories, but less reliable): 15 cloth, 2 cured guts, 2 cured maple saplings Project would take about 70 hours? 80 hours? I dont know how long boat making takes. Some ideas for what unique stuff could be found on the island: -Quiver from beaver (or some other new animal): faster draw speed, slower arrow decay -Mink ushanka -porcupines can be havested for quills, which functions as one use sewing kits
  15. Item tags in your inventory

    This idea just slid through my mind. I would like to be able to assign certain tags to certain items so i am able to distinguish primary items from all the other stuff in my backpack at one glance . It would really hurt nobody and would help organizing your backpack a little more conveniently especially if you have one item stored multiple times in your backpack. This way, for example, you could unload loot faster because you don´t have to worry about your primary items being inadvertently unloaded too. What do you think?
  16. As the knife is one of the primary and easy to obtain tools, it would certainly be of use as a low-distance weapon. Hatchet would be brilliant in this role as well. Everybody knows this feeling of despair, when they're being chased by the pack of wolves but have no ranged weapon to protect themselves. A possibility to use the tools either as meele or low-ranged weapons could make the game even more realistic
  17. So I was playing the other day, doing some long range hunting with my rifle and I thought to myself: "Man, this would be much more easier with a scope." Of course you'd have to find the scope, make it somewhat rare and to balance it out, if it would be damaged, it would be harder to aim with it. (Something like DayZ has.) That made me think of a whole attachments mechanic, now i don't mean like crazy amounts of all the possible attachments, but just some basic ones, which would somehow improve the handling of the weapon. I also thought about suppresors, which could drastically change the way animals react to gun shots, but then I realised they are not legal in Canada so scratch that. What do you all think? (Iam new here, so i don't know if this topic has already been created or not. ;-)
  18. i made little story about man who came to canada wilderness to hike and feel new surroundings....too bad that the end of the world came also. his mission was just survive and get distress pistol and go to the desolation point and set 5 fireplaces on ice,write with stones "sos" and fire the the distress pistol. but mission was failed and character died. i like to play when my character has backround and some meaning in gameworld beside surviving. so im requesting some ideas for that kind of gameplay and for the devs little note....can we has some challenge editor?:D also some kind of community competitions would be nice to have...first should be decide some custom difficulty settings and then the actual competition and rules. examble "the wealthiest garage"...mission is collect stuff in Quonset garage and show with pics what you have there...also some stats should be posted to just compare with other players.....also some "worth" should be decided to items...or something like that:D
  19. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    Hello. I wish it would be possible to toggle the Old Search Mechanic back into the game - maybe as an option that is present to you on the screen every time you start a new game It might seem like a small thing initially (and it sure did for me as I didn't even noticed how much I liked it until the Devs simply took it out) but that feeling of searching a container, trying desperately to find a match box to save you from death, while also feeling more and more hopeless as the progress bar would progress through the screen and the searching noises would go on without any item being found (or the excitement of finding what you need on the last second) was just one of the things I mostly liked about TLD as I can now tell. This article by PCGamer explains this very well, and I'm glad to see more people agree with me on this: https://www.pcgamer.com/why-i-love-the-long-darks-painstaking-search-mechanic/ Please, read it, it won't take 5 minutes. Now, I've heard before that this new UI mechanic is better because you don't have to keep tapping A or B (don't know the equivalent keys on PC) to get or drop an item, especially when you're searching the supply crates on Timberwolf Mountain. But this is absolutely false! With the new UI, you will have to tap A and/or B by the end of the search because all the items found will be shown to you at the end and you must, then, choose wheter to carry them or leave 'em. If some of you older players (from the time we had the older UI present) agree with me, please, leave a reaction and comment about this. I personally think it was a pretty interesting mechanic and we should ask the Devs why it has been just taken out like that and tell them how important it was. For the newer players who hadn' seen this in action, here is an example of the search progress bar: at 12:16 - timestamp should be in the link.
  20. Hey, I've been thinking of some much-needed suggestions for small but important time/frustration-savers. 1. Make Space the default key for activating the default action for items when in the inventory UI or examining items. For instance drink, eat, apply, entering Actions sub-menu etc. Today it's Enter, which isn't very practical with the hands over the WASD keys. Would be a great time-saver. 2. When using an item like weapons or light sources, remember the last held item when putting it away (F key). Then make the same key bring up the same item in your hands. For instance having flares, lantern, matches now you have to cycle through them every time, instead of just bringing up the preferred (last held) item. This has frustrated me quite a bit. Any other ideas, feedback?
  21. My suggestion To expand the Hiterland team so more staff & talent can be brought in so more content can be created and better technology used to make the ultimate survival game! The dream survival game you always wanted but could not due to financial restraints, small team and other issues. Not many are interested and I've seen this type of behavior before from fans who are happy with the way things are but why stop there? If Hinterland were given 10 million in funds they would be hiring and creating the ultimate survival game we all want to see and experience! Even the engine will be built on the cryengine cause they would be able to deliver it! The team is not lazy and like all dev team they are doing a very good job but being bigger and with no hindrances is a good thing! So I have looked other successful games and I think their way of making their game will be of a huge benefit to the future of a new series of the Long dark! Example of a Major success developer: Over a 1,000,000 Backers! Example a very popular famous online realistic world that has raise fund up to 110 million and rising. Have several headquarters in europe and America and list up videos on questions about the game submitted by paid backers. And Dev appears on the show every week. There success has been because they look beyond traditional games and did things that other dev will not want to go. They are developing a world where players can do and choose what they want with good deep mechanics. It has never been done in other MMO as mostly it just about having this basic world and you are left to do your own thing. But in this massive game there will be deep mechanics that allow players to do this. They can't have every kind of variety but they will have those that players are wanting like trucking goods from one place to the next! Other zombie games are moving full ahead with complex survival mechanics and their fan base is big too cause they have FPS so it means they can create a more complex world for these players, So why should these games have all the nice pudding and no one is jumping up and down to see Hinterland compete at the same level? Sure at the present rate hinterland might archieve these goals but it might be another 10 year or so before that happens. And zombie hard core suvival game are bringing the survival game that we all love to zombie lovers! So we fan must see and dream bigger as that is how the World around us grew! Not just be happy with small and very long progress or these developer are going to beat you at your dreams and hinterland will lose out in the long run! So this is what I have learnt from this 110 million funded game that has over 1,000,000 backers! To do crowfunding again for another bigger surivival game once TLD has been completed. The 110 million example I listed did not expect to reach such heights in funds but players were going crazy over it cause their dream game was finally being developed! No Publisher just driven by the passion of the staff who want to bring the ultimate survival game to your PC! To draw in hundreds more fans means to give players a few more choice of how they like to play the game! Keeping it realistic as a survival game with several rules of what the game should be and should not be. A Massive Survey to include what players like to do in a survival game! Include things like farming, hunting, FPS with no violent gore, houses things that players want in a survival game but never could see! Management is also highly wanted cause it seems some player love resource gathering! These career function will have deep meaningful mechanics so if all they want is to farm then they will find it fully satisfying not just little mini games! Look at previous surveys and it shows combat is very popular and that is the first success of the 110 million dollar funded game! No zombies or things that changes what this survival game is going to be. The 110 million funded game World is not a battle royal death game its a living breathing world! But they will be battles in a very massive world just not battle royale stlye and its kept realistic. PVE and PVP the most important issue: PVE and PVP is all integrated in one massive world and their solution to spam and all those grievers is that it will be very costly to kill another player! There is permanent death so there is no such thing as ulimited spawn so you have to be very careful with your avatar. It still is in very early access but the ideas are that in this world players can have some kind of scroll bar so if they don't want to encounter any PVP players then it can be scaled down. And since the world is massive they are places that are very dangerous so players not ready won't go there. The world will be controlled mostly by NPC so players cannot dominate and rule the world and cause harm. The AI will be very important as they are police looking out for criminals so in these areas the players are safe! It will be very hard to be criminal in the game so the game is focus on living out your avatar and not abusing it! Players can be criminals but its going to be alot of work to pull it off How this relates to the new game for the TLD? The idea could be done differently so they could be PVE and PVP servers so everyone can play in peace. However since players are given opportunity to branch out they would be players and NPC patrolling the wild Canadian lands! So someone who just want to kill another player will be detected. A bigger team for hinterland means they can employ Tony from Star citizen if he is free or someone similar to his capabilities. To be in charge of the mission system in Hinterland. These new mission system that will be completely different to other MMO will play a very critical important role to controlling crime! The Mission system will be much bigger and will be there to help players who are not into just wanting to survive. Give players who like FPS and other potential careers to be more meaningful with excitement. Like resource gathering! Could even be a small village that you can go too once you have enough of the Wild! Once an NPC or Player detects a crime it would go to this special system board and everyone will be notified about it. A bounty will then be put on this player to be captured dead or alive. So very risky business if you just want to go out and kill someone. With a bigger team and a bigger budget means a larger more massive realistic world of canada can be archived! This means players won't bump into each other so easily cause the land is so massive in scale! And that means players can be left alone to do what they want! Is also means certain areas can be protected like a park! So players can live out their survival dreams to the max and also explore to the max! Outside these protected areas it get more dangerous as it will be areas where crime is alot higher and the risk alot higher. So players can experience that loneliness in the wild that they long for, even hire park guards NPC or players to patrol and protect if they venture out of these protected realistic areas. Not zones like in other massive games that feels unrealistic. This will setup up large orgnizations that the 110 million funded game is currently doing and they will be the ones out there protecting and see things kept in order in a realistic way. This survival World will mean more then just surviving as now players will be in the game to hunt and to capture or protect! And The world of canada will be specially crafted and perhaps hinterland can use their new procedural technology to create realistic massive realistic lands! And most importantly the animals and ecosystem will be deep so its a living breathing world the players are in! So this is how the 110 million funded game did it and they never did expect for the ideas to reach this type of expectancy! They did not even knew it would reach 110 million! I think they goal was just a smaller game with I think a 500,000 budget from the first funds that came in if I am correct. But more fans came in and the goal grew and with support of fans the bigger the ideas got cause these backer were demanding it. And so what I have told you all is just a small portion of what will be in this massive game! its not vapor ware cause the developer are very committed and as said doing interviews and having live open development. They started small with a big dream and did a crowfunding idea and then it got bigger cause of the fund that were pouring in and so the dev and staff could explore and add more to realize their ultimate dream game! Bigger team more talent, better design concept, more detail into their design to create that realistic world players long for! Suceess was also because it was available to different styles of players! But as I said earlier they made it available to a host of different types of players like FPS and trucking and farming and especially exploration and digging for resources cause it was all want the fans wanted in that game but especially exploration! And that is why their game support grew massively! If they just stuck to FPS or just one type of game play it would never have the massive player base and funds! FPS gives alot of support but including other styles just increase the player base! So I hope the dev can see this new type of way of designing games that its a very good logical path to increase their dreams, increase profit and increase in everything to make that ultimate survival game. So at least try and attempt to do it and see what happens! Cause it would be like this 110 million funded game cause it has not been done before! Even battle royal survival games does not have this passion since they just want a zombie game with good survival mechanics and it all about FPS. I know this is not full proof but i do know including other styles of play while keeping the core as a survival realistic game will increase the player base far more then keeping it to just one style of play and nothing more. Will hinterland be the first to test this out and see if it will make the community go crazy?? They went where other developer refuse to travel who saw it as impossible and now they are gaining such huge benefits because of their drastic dream!
  22. I would like to see a few more weapons, traps and tools in the game just to have a bit of variety. Below are some suggestions Weapons: - Bolt Action or semi Hunting Rifle With Scope? - Double barreled Shotgun? -Pump Action Shotgun? -Crossbow? - Magnum Revolver Traps: Variety of different snare traps. Spring traps Tools: Big Axe or Wood saw (+ The possibility to chop Down trees) Sturdy Survival knife Shovels Candle lights Pot to Cook Food/water Lighters Compass Animals: Marmot Wolverine Bison Squirrels Cougar Goose Would also like to see a bit more variety in animal behaviour and animals moving together. Wolves should only attack in packs and f.i. Old and young animals walking together whereas the Elders are protective of the young.
  23. Compass

    I don't know if it ties into what went wrong with the world, but since we cannot see where we are on the maps, a compass could come handy, and simple compasses use no technology, a factor involved in the catastrophe.
  24. Sleeping on floor

    I think that sleeping on floor, even on snow should be allowed. It could bring some debuffs, like back pain (slower movement), worse rest and freezing (sleeping on floor or snow isn't too warm).
  25. Moon Overlay

    Looking up at the night sky, while playing The Long Dark, I see the aurora borealis, the stars, and of course the moon, and I think: "You know what would be awesome?! Looking up to see the moon at night and discovering it has the Hinterland Logo overlaid on it; a friendly, beautiful, awesome reminder of who made this brilliant, epic game we have to play today. What do you guys think? See pictures for reference!