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Found 670 results

  1. I'm not sure if its in the works, I know in development you have been holding out on releasing alot of code but ill say it anyway, I think it is an important aspect of the game to have the freedom to drop light sources while active, though the brandish feature is great so far from my experience. The actions definitely need to include dropping light sources at your feet while active. From my experience you can do this with a flare, but not a gas lamp? As well as throwing light sources. Anything from a gas lamp to a flare or even a lit torch. I think throwing a burning torch at a wolf approaching would be one of the 1st things to mind surviving that situation.
  2. At the moment when using a light source in hand there is almost no relative movements of objects in hand. I think the new gas lamp movements and perspective based movement are a great improvement. But I think it can still be improved on a great deal. As always, never quite sure if its in the works but I'll say it anyway. I think all the light source objects sit to close to your face when equipped in game, they need to appear to be held further away from the perspective. The item should be slightly waved in turn with the players movement. Example, flare light source, waved slightly down and left upon left turn, waved slightly up and right on right turn, waved slightly further forward upon acceleration and rearward upon deceleration.
  3. This game needs a makeshift spear. Survival 101, survival from predators like wolves and bears, get a knife, put that thing on a decent stick and make a spear. Most industry grade combat/hunting/survival knives come makeshift spear ready, with holes ready to fix with line. I think if implemented in the game it should be crafted with the combination of a birch sapling, line and a knife.
  4. You can already equip a rifle or bow, I'm not sure if a feature where the axe, knife or crowbar (prybar) being equip-able as weapons is already being added in future, (I have checked the road map its not specific on this) I believe it is essential to be capable of equipping your knife, axe or crowbar as a weapon, it is stupid to think you would always wait to be mauled before fighting back with your sharp or blunt object. In my opinion its is essential this is implemented and done right for future success of the game. Being able to swing them freely in game is another thing completely though, degradation etc. perhaps only the option to attack with left click/right trigger with a timing cue for the first attack? This could also be accompanied by equipping these weapons and tools for any generic actions (chop wood, break ice etc.) This I believe, would give the game more of a 'hand's on' feel and experience.
  5. I apologize if these have been suggested already. Pistol: A pistol would make great self defence weapon for wolves while out gathering resources. Make it relatively light weight (under 1 kg) and ammo somewhat scarce. Limit the range severely and nerf it a bit against bears to avoid its use as a primary hunting tool, making it primarily an option for last line self defence against wolves and to wound a bear who mauls you. They are fairly common in rural northern Canada and perhaps they could be found in safes in select homes or on random frozen bodies (maybe a unique mountie). Shotgun: Another self defence option and extremely common in rural Canada. They could be used with buckshot/birdshot on rabbits, and perhaps slugs for larger animals and even bears. Make it heavy and perhaps a classic double barrel or single barrel. Make it as heavy as the .303 rifle currently, but ammo even heavier. .22 rifle: This could be found in nearly every farmhouse and should definitely be in the trappers cabin. It would be good option for rabbit hunting, but all but headshots useless on deer and wolves, and all but useless anywhere against a bear (*the longest standing world record grizzly was taken by a .22 rifle, so it is possible to take a bear with a headshot if they chose to make it like a 5% possibility). It should be fairly light (1.5 kg ish), and ammo reasonably plentiful (ammo boxes IRL are 50 rounds so that is good upper limit and one could find partial boxes). It is much more realistic to find than a "survival bow" in Canada's north, and found in many survival and even plane survival kits for years. These options in addition to the current .303 rifle are very realistic options to find in rural northern Canada, and would require different strategy and load outs options for different areas, risks, and tasks. Backbacks: One should be able to craft or find various size packs to increase carrying capacity. Different size packs can have their own weight and durability and effect on slowing you down and fatiguing you as well allowing for many strategic choices. They could degrade like clothing depending on quality and less condition could perhaps hold less or even have a chance to drop things if really bad condition. The backs could be quickly dropped while scavenging and be a portable storage container. Start the game with nothing and thus very limited load carrying options. Better packs could allow more weight to be carried with less fatigue, and poor packs less weight and more fatigue. Combinations could be big heavy packs with lots of weight carrying, but great fatigue drain, or quality expedition backs with same weight carrying capacity and less fatigue drain. Small daypacks could be for quick scavenging, and large packs for moving to new bases and areas. Load carrying capacity could also be adjusted slightly by clothing. Perhaps cargo pants and bulky parkas with lots of pockets could allow for more things to be carried as well. Pots/Kettles: One should need to find/carry a pot or kettle to boil water. Different size ones could boil and carry more at greater weight. Even the empty can from canned food could be a basic option early game with options from a heavy cast iron pot to lightweight titanium hikers kettle. Canteens/Water Bottles: You should have to find a vessel to carry water in, not just boil all you want at once. You could carry whatever your boiling vessel holds, but anything more and you need to have empty bottles or a canteen to carry it. Drink a bottle of water and you now have an empty bottle to refill. Flashlight: Self explanatory with batteries that degrade and need to be replaced. These are my current items on my wish list.
  6. suggestion

    This difficulty will be the same as interloper but with one difference. High value items will have a small chance to spawn.
  7. An igloo would be pretty clutch. the snow shelter is too delicate.
  8. Should there be modding in the game? It's a question that comes up a lot especially when it concerns difficulty levels, animal behaviour and weather. However, @Raphael van Lierop has said in the forums that he's not in favour of modding since it would change the game to the point where it isn't The Long Dark any longer. I was wondering what the community's opinion was and whether there was a middle ground. Personally, I'd love to be able to add custom items (e.g. scoped rifle, ice fishing auger) and my own maps which, realistically, I would never have time to build! However, I'm also of the opinion that as far as the overall game and atmosphere is concerned the developers have a really solid handle on what makes The Long Dark great and I have no interest in messing with it. So, community input is good... but only to a certain extent! What are your thoughts?
  9. I´m aware that destroying items is unrealistic. But so is 0% quality items disappearing once stored in containers. I have a bunch of items (primarily Tinder) I no longer need, but I don´t want to store them in some container where they take up space and I don´t want to drop them somewhere where they take up memory and processing power. I think it should be possible to either bury items in the snow or burn them in a fire. Of course, the option to do that would have to be difficult to access to avoid accidentally destroying things.
  10. So there I was, in the arms of hunger. A choice between another can of tomato soup or a can of dog food. The night before I ate tomato soup and now after boredom of the pallet I've chosen dog food. Not that there is anything wrong with tomato soup, but a man can only eat so much before he starts eating the can in the hopes of adding a bit more to the experience. ..., perhaps it's a moot gripe. To be fair I'm warm, I have food, and I'm not going to go completely hungry..., But still there is a demand. A need. And as my thoughts begin to wander and I shovel a bit of the cold dogfood in my maw I suddenly have the notion, a beginning of a craving and further a demand. Noodles. Ramen noodle soup. Chicken. Beef. Hell SHRIMP, I don't care. Takes 3 minutes to boil in water 190 calories per serving and each packet holds two servings that can be eaten out of a mug like a drink. No more canned flavor, protein bars, candy sweet dried yuck. Warmth bonus to boot. I demand noodles. If you want to name them Spoony Noodles I would totally be ok with that. No. Spoony Noodles is just too eh..., Spoodles. Now that's a name that'll sell.
  11. While playing TLD i was thinking a little about story mode when it struck me that we might (80% sure) have humans that we will have to kill in self defence or to save another survivor as shown in your story mode trailer at 1:26 were Will Mackenzie (i assume) kills two other survivors to save the one lying on the ground. So if we got hostile humans in story mode i think that a damage system like the one in Rimworld were very specific parts of your body can be damaged or destroyed could fit really good in TLD. Im not saying that we need to have liver transplants and that but maybe some parts of the system like you will lose some consciousness if in great pain or if you've lost too much blood from your wounds you'll pass out for a certain amount of time or never wake up again if the wounds are too severe when passing out. what i mean with "lose some consciousness" is that if you have lost some consciousness the screen will get darker and you will get wobbly just like when you are really hurt >10% Condition but your character will also do things slower like turning or reloading. If npc's roam in story mode then if you pass out because blood loss then if one of them finds you unconscious then they might save you so you'll wake up in a house somewere after you've recovered. This is a really bad explanation of what i really mean but its 2 past midnight and im tired so can't really do my best or finnish this to 100% but please try to understand and if you wonder about anything just ask me and i WILL reply.
  12. suggestion

    Call me silly, but I think they need to add poop into the game on some level! I don't care, in particular, about the main character having to poop, as that can be chosen to be added (or not) at a later date - I can see some serious complications coming about from your daily routine if you had to throw bathroom breaks into the mix. However, I am mostly speaking about Animal Droppings. Tracking of Animals - I'd like to know if a Bear or Wolf had been near my cabin recently and left their scat in the area to prove it - otherwise, I'd never know! I'd also like to track and hunt-down the occasional, specific, type of animal for their hide to make items out of it. Burning of Fuel for Fire - Yep, this is real, in real life. Nomads in the Sahara Dessert use Goat/Horse Poop (after being dried) to fuel their fires. It smells nasty, of course, but it works wonders (provides a consistent burn), lasts a long time, and (to my knowledge) doesn't require tinder.
  13. When a bear attacks us, why do we just lay there and let it happen? This is a question that went through my head this morning while I was watching the edge, my favorite movie, for about the 10th time in the past 24 hours... Anthony Hopkins ( charles) and Alec Baldwin (Bob) would be ashamed of this complete lack of effort from our survivor. Now, I couldn't find the bear fight scene on youtube. But I did find the most awesome and iconic and my favorite scene from the whole movie to add here. What one man can do another can do! Let us kill the bear!
  14. You should create seasonal changes
  15. I know that the game developers have taken months to create intricate maps for you to traverse (which are trully beautiful as well; good job hinterland) but possibly in any future maps, could you change some of the environmental settings for that specific area perhaps. Bys this, I mean that a new location added could be unique in that due to the water being excessively salty (even more so than sea water) it remains a liquid thoughout the gameplay experience. This specific idea could also add new gameplay options to the game which weren't possible before. One example is that the lake from mystery lake could be melted meaning that the player had to find a way to travers their way around its icy depths. Perhaps even a makeshift raft item could be created and could be used to gently row your way acrross. Another idea would be that you would have to trudge your way through some shallow rivers. A raft may not be an option due to the current in this instance and a bridge may be broken, so perhaps to prevent your boots and trousers from absorbing all that water you could find or craft some form of waterproof trousers and Wellington boots. Not only that, adding rivers could be an opportunity for the addition of shallow fishing traps using the current (there is an example of this in The Revenant). You should also be able to collect in dirty water from rivers for uses. And maybe even if they do add the ability to salt meat to preserve it, you collect it by boiling sea water. Finally, I also think that adding a flowing river with maybe even floating ice platforms on or a melted lake would just look awesome and be incredibly nice to look at for everyone. Discuss your thoughts on this idea and any suggestions for this idea below.
  16. Just a suggestion to have some objects in the game (way-points, sign posts, whatever) to save your game as you're progressing. I've experienced the problem where you want to stop playing but you're far form a safe location to sleep so you're left choosing to play longer than you have time for, sleeping in an exposed area, or quitting and losing whatever progress you've made since the last save. I may have even deliberately tried to sprain an ankle once so I could save and quit. Hopefully by having the save points be certain areas it will prevent any save corruptions or accidentally saving in an area that you're then trapped in.
  17. First of all, if any of you haven't seen the revenant I thouroughly recommend it especially if your into the North American snowy-mountain-landscape which I'm guessing most of us adore for it's beauty. This is why I feel that to improve The Long Dark you should take inspiration from this movie. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is incredible and I love it but especially the music of the game could be improved in my opinion. In The Revenant, the music is subtle but also heard when it needs to be; it adds an edge to the mood and experience you feel. The Long Dark's music is good but I definitely think it requires a greater presence when you enter places such as hydro dam as well as when you gaze blissfully at the Aurora Borealis. I understand that this may be hard to program and having a strong soundtrack accompanying a survival game may take away from the realism created. A balance or required to fulfill this need. One way that I would recommend you implement more music into the game is through the use of faint orchestral music such as becoming ocean by John Luther Adams. This piece of music is featured at the start of The Revenant but is not featured on the official soundtrack, mainly because it is used for maybe 3 minutes when the actual composition last for around 40 minutes. If this song were added to the game it would add a dreamy, thought provoking edge to gameplay, similar to that of the games very own description. The game currently focusses on using natural noises such as creaking trees and the wind as music and I just want to be clear that I do not feel this should be abandoned in any way; I just want to make the game more enjoyable for those of us trying to add music to a game that needs it. Another example of a game that has done this is The Witness, a thought provoking puzzler. This games problem was that you were on your own on a lifeless island with no environmental noises or any music at all. This meant that although you had fun playing the game, you often ended up talking to yourself or putting some music on after playing for a while. Don't let The Long Dark shudder in silence. I can appreciate that the game is still in Alpha; I can appreciate that buying the rights to use music or making it yourself can be costly but I strongly suggest that before the grand story we're waiting for releases, at least one long dark composition such as becoming ocean is added.
  18. Well i am not a good decorator but here is my long dark base !!!
  19. Hello guys and gals! SpoonyMass here..., So I'm getting back into The Long Dark. It's been quite the break from it. New episodes start this week (Thursday March 2nd @12/1PM on SpoonyMass). But, you know, shameless promotion out of the way, let's get to the reason for my post. Recent in my endeavours to survive I caught a bunny in a snare. With consideration that I had never done this before in game (or in real life and absolutely not without the lack of trying), I was excited in absolute. But then my thinking kicked in and I realized that I had a pair of running shoes, some ripped up pants and a even more torn sweatshirt on my person not to mention I would have to skin this kill with a hatchet; which, true to actual reality, isn't the easiest of task to undertake. I was already cold, almost frozen and I could only go for the meaty goodness before having to settle near a fire to warm up. Got me thinking..., Small game should be something that one could pick up and take back to base. I'm sure it'd add some considerable weight; moreover, the wolves would probably be on your scent more than they actually are. But I think it still should be an option. Seriously though, this game is top. I love the layer system and I like the fact that I run faster with my clothes off now (I have this nasty habit of going all Liam Neeson on a wolf or two).
  20. The title says it all, but I think being able to forge a prybar would be clutch. Alternatively, if not forging a new one, how about repairing the prybar at the forge? I stress about prybar health so much! I hate carrying a couple of them with me in case one breaks. I guess I could always just plan better, but but...
  21. "I am vegan" You know what to do... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  22. I know that the game is a "sandbox" and that the story mode for the game is not yet done, but it would be nice to add some small stories to give locations a deeper feel. The way I would implement these is through the use of small journals, notes and other forms of simple literature found in and around locations that tell stories from before the disaster. You may also be able to find them near the clutches of corpses, giving them more intricacy and purpose in the game. This would be very similar to the ones found in Bethesda titles such as Skyrim where every book contributed to the lore. The difference would be that in The Long Dark you have the relaxed state of mind to actually bother to read them and not go and kill the dragon swooping down overhead. Comment your thoughts on this idea and also comment any ideas you may have for sub stories and which locations they would suit.
  23. First, thank you hunterland for this really good game. Knowing that it's still just an alpha and looking at the game right now... I really find it hard to believe that's we's not playing a fill game as it's really stable, got a lot of content... I'm really excited to see the story mode but at the same time, we really have something for waiting in between ;). And looking at how the game was at start in steam and now... It's astonishing. Now back at the topic at hand. What i really like about this game is it's immersion. Walking in a beautiful setting, making you "house" look like someone living in it (disposing all sort of item around, no just putting everything in a container, that's just sad) and some time, in between survival challenge, i surprise myself just getting out of bed and going in front of my "house" of the moment, without even putting my coat, and just looking at the weather and around. Just feeling that... I made it an other day and letting that sink in... And then i go bake to work. It's what i think is one of the greatest asset of this game... its atmosphere. So for that matter i found that some little thing would really enforce that feeling, even though it's still really minor thing; but i think that it would make the game still better in that aspect. Walking speed I always found that the "walking" speed was high in interior, more especially in small space, and a walking key toggle would be appreciate. Halving for example the speed and maybe reducing a little calories consumption. For that matter, using a controller is the only way of achieving that (but i really don't like controller for first person games) and trying it i also found that foot prints don't sync with your speed for that matter. Moving stuff One of the coolest thing i discovered in this game was that you can put an item on the floor and right clicking on it to put it elsewhere like on a desk or on a sofa. I really extensively make use of that and try as much as possible to not just put stuff away in a container but putting it in display somewhere for the sake of realism and immersion. And for that, there's 2 little thing that i would love to see implemented. The first thing would be to be able to rotate and elevate and item when placing it (kike making a pile of wood near the cocking pot, or placing a rifle on a wall rack and the likes). The second one, that could be a bit complicated but nonetheless really immersive, would be to be able to directly equip clothing item with space like a torch or firearm when looking at it. It would be even better to be able to directly drop it on a counter instead of on the floor and moving it after that, but that maybe asking too much (tracking the last position of any item for that is probably not worth the resources needed). Maybe when you "drop" something you put it where you're aiming instead of on the floor if applicable or being able to directly go in placement mode instead of dropping it with a special function? Cooking and the likes One thing i find really frustrating is the loss of time induce with cooking and boiling water. When i'm cooking a steak i tend to not staying there and staring at it for 10 minutes. Sure, you have to reverse it at half time and all, and not paying enough attention would make it burn, but i would really be glad to be able to put a steak on the stove, sipping some water, reversing it, taking some equipment and taking my steak to eat it on the road. It's even more obvious with boiling water as you could to a lot of thing when you boil 5 liter of water (and the same with eating or drinking for that matter). Even if you could still look at you cooking for the sake of passing time more quickly, you would like to have the choice. Maybe eating while walking make you eat more slowly, but nonetheless, i would like to be able to speed as little time as needed in any interface (that's really the sum of it, in fact). Well, i hope that i'm not alone thinking of that and would love to here about the rest of the community in regard of that. Again, thanks for this beautiful and immersive game. It's really enjoying every time i spend time on it !
  24. The Long Dark draws scenic pictures which can be captured with a screenshot. It would be nice if one could make those pictures hang inside houses like a photograph.
  25. My suggestion is quite simple. Make the game autosave the instant after you have fired the bow or flare gun. That way you can't for example exit your game and reload from Trapper's Cabin every time you miss a deer. No do-overs for bear / wolf hunting, every action matters.