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Found 523 results

  1. Pleasant Valley Map is off?

    After getting horribly lost in Pleasant Valley a few times I finally realized that the in game map (the one you draw very slowly with charcoal) seems to be rotated by 90 degrees clockwise. Either that or the sun is rising in the south. When following a fan created map I'm always pretty much where I expect to be. Is this a known issue? is there a way to fix it?
  2. Not sure if I missed something, but is there a time limit on Hopeless Rescue to complete the mission, not sure if I somehow missed that or else I wouldn't have been surprised when all of the sudden out of nowhere I get the Challenge Failed Screen and that's it. i was just in the middle of shedding some weight in the bunker prior to climbing the rope and getting onto TimberWolf when just all of a sudden it just pops up Challenge Failed. Kinda angers me as I was having a good run... Any feedback would be appreciated!
  3. There is a house...

    Hi All, I noticed a funny house design some 1.5 year ago. I thought update was on the way, but since there was no change, I post it here. The problem is, that the house looks different from the outside than from the inside. Here are my screenshots (the last one is one theoretical version, how it should look like - it's a very rough sketch made with Paint):
  4. Aurora and the Dam

    So after Jerry sends me off to the dam, I kinda go off on a side quest right when the Aurora comes and I am no where near the dam. I ended up hiking in later and now am just waiting outside the fence in one of the trailers for the bed comfort. been a few days, going on more... What do I gotta do, except for waiting to trigger the Aurora so I can get entrance into the dam?
  5. Struggle Clothing Damage

    Hello Hinterlands forums! It has been a while since i played the game (before story mode), and after finally coming back to it i was excited to play the new custom mode. One of the things i noticed was the ability to turn struggle clothing damage to none (great i hate loosing my pants in a fight), but then the next thing i know, i got in a fight with a bear and he destroyed all of my clothes. 2 were ruined, most were at low values, you get the idea. Just wondering if i misinterpreted the meaning in the custom mode selection or if this is a bug. Anyway thanks. Its good to be back in the long dark.
  6. Moose In WinterMute?

    Is there any moose in wintermute? I'm on episode two and I have yet to see a moose. Just me or has someone else have no moose to?
  7. Cabin Fever forever??

    I've started playing TLD again for the first time in several months, and I seem to be permanently stuck with the cabin fever I developed when I last played the game. I've been spending days on end outside, and I sleep outside every night, sometimes just in the middle of an empty field, hoping that will finally get rid of it. But nope! No matter what I do, the cabin fever won't go away!! Is this a bug or am I just not doing something right??? Please advise!!
  8. Hi there, unfortunately I belong to that small group of players who dare to use an unsupported Linux distribution to play TLD. But as a Gentoo Linux developer I do not really want to use some other OS or Linux distribution to play the game. I hope that you guys can somehow understand my motivation. So I am a happy TLD gamer since the 393 pre release. But ever since the release of version 1.21 (I purchased the game via GoG, so no Steam on my system either) I have trouble starting the game without LD_PRELOADing the shipped libsdl2 library first. If I don't do this, the game either doesn't start at all or it starts but crashes/hangs/freezes very soon. Now I wonder if that might be because of how my system-libsdl2 is compiled. Would you guys at Hinterland maybe provide some details on how you built the shipped libsdl2 so I can try to build my system-copy the same way? Cheers Lars
  9. hello from Sweden!

    Hi everyone! My name is Tove McGrath and I live in Sweden. My last name is from my Irish grandfather. I joined this community because my game stoped working after an update. (The long dark) and maby I can find the answer here I play on a Xbox one. and I was about to start the game when I needed to update. after that I can't play i can start the game but in the menu I can't go further. if I want to plat survivalmode nothing happens. if I try playing the story I just get stuck. in the menu and cant go back or start.... someone who knows what to do?
  10. The mouse cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen, is there a way to remove it?
  11. Cannot get past opening scene

    Hi, I played The Long a couple years ago with no problem. Lately I wanted to play again and downloaded all updates. When I start in Wintermute, Episode1, Green Survivor, I cannot even pull the metal from my hand. I am using Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.4. What an I doing wrong?
  12. Crafting arrows with a toolkit?

    I was making arrows today and noticed I had the option to use my bare hands or my toolkit. Does the toolkit just reduce the time it takes? (I didn't see a notification as such.)
  13. Title says it all I am in the middle of The Hunted Part 1 and I need to know if a torch will scare the grumpy old bear away. All help is greatly appreciated thank you in advance.
  14. the hunted pt 1 help

    I am working on my challenges and need to know if I can use a torch to scare the bear in The Hunted Challenge Part 1
  15. Moon Overlay

    Looking up at the night sky, while playing The Long Dark, I see the aurora borealis, the stars, and of course the moon, and I think: "You know what would be awesome?! Looking up to see the moon at night and discovering it has the Hinterland Logo overlaid on it; a friendly, beautiful, awesome reminder of who made this brilliant, epic game we have to play today. What do you guys think? See pictures for reference!
  16. Currently on a custom run and I'm on the hunt for the awesome Expedition Parka. I know there's usually on the summit (aside from Interloper), but do anyone of you lads and lassies know a perma spawn or common spawn point for the Expedition Parka? Thank you!
  17. Hey Guys, it's good to back. For those more experienced players out there, I've got a question: How do you get wood without having a hatchet (ASIDE FROM JUST PICKING UP STICKS)? Reading from many past forums on steam and here, hatchet seems like the most "useless" tool out there; many even say hatchet is just for decoration. I understand that hacksaw & knife > hatchet, but what about large furniture (tables, shelves ... etc ) and limbs? Carrying hammer + hacksaw + knife doesn't seem much better than just a hatchet + knife. In addition, I like to leave a hammer @ the forge so I don't need to carry it all the way with me. I have some hours under my belt, but I've mostly been playing in pilgrim. Currently playing a custom run and need some advice. Please share your wisdom! It has been a while since I've read the forums, so I apologize if this is being repeated. Thank you!
  18. (I do not have the setting "animal pop decreases over time" turned on.) I may just be impatient, but I've been in the game 200+ days and I see deer and rabbits everywhere but around Trapper Homestead. I left ML to stay two weeks in CH, stayed a while at the Camp Office back in ML, and still no deer. And the bear near Trapper Homestead, which I killed months ago, has still not respawned. I'm wondering if the timer is just reallllly slow. I unpacked the game files and tried to interpret the coding but I'm not sure which spawn area is dedicated to near the TH. I have read around online that if you kill all the animals in one patch that it takes quite a bit longer for them to show up again. I picked the TH deer off very slowly only maybe a few weeks ago taking down the last one. At no time did I see their numbers increase (a respawn). Add onto this actually, I haven't seen The One Deer in front of the Camp Office in months, since the only time I killed it very early in game. Not sure what's up. Maybe those particular patches don't respawn? Just wondering.
  19. (sorry in advanced for anything i missed or got wrong here, i know its super long and i apologise greatly) So i know this sounds stupid but ever since Rugged Sentinel we got the three difficulties for Wintermute, the basic Easy, Medium and Hard (pilgrim, Voyager and Stalker) for the campaign, great addition, allows for different difficulties and game play and so on and so fourth. i found this to be an amazing change as even though I have survived for tens of hundreds of days on survival all of these have been on Pilgrim. only reason I play just pilgrim is i cant handle the jump scare/stalked by wolves aspect so when they released the "easy" mode on winter mute i was excited as i could finally play the super casual survival experience i am used to playing but when i played it, the wolves still stalked me relentlessly. NOW! i know the campaign is meant to be played in the "wolves and bears attack you" way as there are multiple bits in the campaign functioning off these fear factors to give the game the edge that makes you want to continue the story but for me it just prevents me from playing the story all together. something i must state is that i tested this on the easiest difficulty, got to the bridge scene and the wolves still attacked me, is there someway i can tweak the campaign so i can play without this, will we ever get a TRUE casual pilgrim mode where nothing attacks you (basic game play wise not cut-scenes) or should i give my hopes up? (That's not meant sarcastically thats meant as a genuine question, should i hope for it or just give up?)
  20. Hello! I want to buy "The Long Dark" for my son, but I don't understand anything about the technical requirements. The minimum requirements for "The Long Dark" page on the forums says: OS: Windows XP Processor: Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+ Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel 4xxx Series w/ 512MB VRAM or better Storage: 1 GB available space Sound Card: Any on-board chip will work. I have Windows 10 on my laptop, but the laptop's processor is: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3710 @ 1.60GHz 1.60GHz Will I be able to play "The Long Dark" on my laptop then? Also, my laptop says that its Installed RAM is "4.00GB (3.89GB usable)". What does "usable" mean? Can I still play "The Long Dark" with such RAM? Another question is "Sound Card: Any on-board chip will work" in the minimum requirements.What does "on-board chip" mean? In short, will I be able to play "The Long Dark" on my laptop with the specifications I have pointed out above? Thanks in advance for your answer. P.S.: My laptop's system type is: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  21. Okay, this is kind of lame. I decided to start off in Milton this playthrough, and I've been doing all right. Constantly vexed by inquisitive wolves prowling the surround and never giving me a moment's peace, but they're better company than deer and almost as good as rabbits (the once-burgeoning population of which they've now all but exterminated--sigh.). But that's not my problem. So, the aurora's weird. It makes the game ten times spookier (and that's saying something), but this is double weird. I awoke fully rested to green windows and flickering lights. Whatever. After enjoying the light show (cut off early by one of those same wolves I described, now glowing green for some reason), I crept back indoors to pass some time with a little game of solitaire (or whatever it is the player character does when (s)he passes time), only to find that I could not. No option to switch from rest to pass time in the bed menu. No deck of cards in the campcraft radial. What's up with that? Anyway, for lack of the fatigue to sleep, I wandered around my farmhouse, only to get lost in the dark without any matches. Someone please give me an explanation for this absurdity before my character dies of starvation in his own damn house like the utter buffoon he is.
  22. I've been playing the Nomad Challenge but have run into trouble when saving. Anytime I sleep to force a save, the next time I log in to resume the challenge, all progress is lost. I had stayed at 12 of the 15 locations, but after saving and resuming later - all progress for staying the 3 days in each location was gone. The progress as far as animal pelts, supplies and resources was still there, but not credit for staying in the different locations. Does the nomad challenge need to be done all in one game-play? All done without saving or exiting the game? This has happened several times.
  23. First off LOVE the custom settings! getting rid of major irritations in the game has brought me back to the game again! But my question is on the reduced population over time setting and how that actually works.. I'm setting up a game where the difficulty is with hunting and food gathering. and allowing larger range of exploration with slower freezing rate. Some of the settings I'm using are.. Calorie Burn rate - very high freezing rate - medium at rest condition recovery - low all wildlife population - low wildlife respawn - low The concept is you cant starve yourself during the day and just lose condition and eat a good meal before bed and gain most of it back. You now have to actually eat more calories to maintain your health. The problem is even with all wildlife at low and low respawn there is just to many out there.. I dont really have to go "look" for food.. deer are respawning way to fast. So how does the Reduce wildlife population over time setting work? Does the population just eventually reduce down to 0? Does the population reduction happen globally or per map basis? as in if enough hunting happens in a map they just will stop respawning or very slowly respawning?
  24. Hello. Sorry if this has been asked before. I read something elsewhere on this forum about placing objects (in much the same way one can with storm lanterns) but I'm not sure how to do this. It's probably as simple as loading the game and snooping around, but I'm in class/working until 7 so I thought I'd check the forum. How can I place objects (e.g. on shelves and things)? This would really help in making my base on Jackrabbit Island in MHW look a little less like a gore dungeon and a little more like a survivor's poorly lit (but beautifully organized) hideout. Thanks in advance for answers.
  25. Voyager difficulty, ~20 days, Coastal Highway. Was heading into the fishing shack near Misanthrope's Island, directly from the garage. Foggy, but in the distance I could see the bear coming out of his cave. I moved closer and took a shot. He charged, took a second, and just as he got to me, a third. Then it gets weird. No animation of the attack, but I do hear the sounds. I did take damage, though, and there is blood on the ground. My clothes appear to be entirely unharmed. The bear is dead, and sunk ~75% down in the ice. I apply medicine/bandages for the damage then go to the bear carcass. I can still access him even though he is sunk in the ice, so I figure, okay, glitch, I was lucky, etc. I had a hacksaw and it gave the option of quartering (which I have never done before), so I selected that. It spends the time, then the bear vanishes. I have nothing in my inventory, and there is nothing on the ground. Having wasted three rounds, some health and medical supplies and a good chunk of the day, I return to the original plan of fishing. Near dusk as I head back to the garage with a load of fish I am attacked by a wolf. Mr Wolf functions at 100% of course. LOL Anyway, is this just random weirdness? Or somehow tied to my last second shot? And the vanishing bear carcass... should I have not quartered it with it sunk in the ice? Or is that also just bad luck for me? :-)