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Found 187 results

  1. Every experience of starting Interloper in Desolation Point seems particularly doomed to failure. I've narrowed my problems with it down to one issue. Calories. Even if I succumb to cold or thirst, the issue is always calories in the end. I need them because I can't really afford to create a lot of fires to heat me, if I even manage to find matches at all. Beds are the immediate way to heat myself. To get the obvious out of the way, I grab every mushroom, roseberry and make sure to only consume them before I sleep. The problem of calories is a chain of events that involve moving through the same maps too many times. The only way to create a stable source of calories is to hunt and I can't hunt without forging iron tools, knives to make snares and arrowheads to hunt game. For that to work I need the hammer and the hammer is never found on that map. The first step is light. I can't run straight out of Desolation Point and preserve any loose calories on it because all exits are caves that are impossible to navigate without light. So before I leave the place, I need to find at the very least one light source (there usually is another one in the mine, but I need light to find it). In searching for that light I have to stay inside Desolation Point and use a good deal if not most of its free calories. By the time I have found one, I will have stayed on the map far longer than I intended to and I will have gone through most available free calories in attempts to warm up in beds. The second step is condition. At this point, having used up most free calories in my vicinity, I tend to leave the map at 25% condition or less which, dwindles down to 15% or less as I cross the connecting map to coastal highway. At the start of Coastal Highway it's a long walk to the coastal townsite. The first house on one of the islands is closer, but provides fewer opportunities to find more free calories. The last five percent condition run out before I manage to reach either destination. The third step is backtracking. If I am lucky and manage to find the hammer in the gas station at Coastal Townsite, I can head straight back to Desolation Point. There are some more free calories around here, so I also have the option of moving onward to Mystery Lake or Pleasant Valley to look further if I can't find the hammer right away. Either way, eventually I have to backtrack through the now free-calorie depleted maps, still without being able to generate calories myself. I die. A lot. The fourth step is extra time. On one occasion I found the hacksaw early on, which helped me through step three a bit easier by scrounging just a few kilograms of deer meat from corpses. I managed to make it back to the Riken and forged all I needed. At the end of it I was still stuck in Desolation Point with no free calories left and no bow. I couldn't make traps because the intestines needed time to cure and I would have still needed time to actually catch anything. I still died the next day all while being extremely lucky to have found the hacksaw at all. The fifth step would have been getting out of these calorie depleted maps a THIRD time, but I never managed to get that far. I already do not see how I could have made it beyond the third step without the hacksaw, there just aren't enough free calories to cross in and out of the same areas. If I could somehow make more calories (without resorting to potatoes and rocket fuel), I'd have a better chance at getting through these five steps and maybe reach Trapper's Cabin. I have at this point played maybe 40 Interloper 'matches' and paid close attention to guides people have written and recorded for it. It hasn't proven enough yet and I am starting to wonder if it ever will. This is is feedback, but I would appreciate advice on how to get through these steps better.
  2. So, I'm on the Nomad Challenge and trying to beat the challenge (not hard, just long) and get some achievements along the way. Somehow, I got Pacifist Achievement, but this doesn't make any sense considering that I killed at least 5 wolves along the way via attacks. When you fight back, you kill them, and I even harvested the bodies, so I'm not sure what's going on here. P.S. I wasn't sure if this was a bug report or if this was intended, so I placed it here.
  3. When playing for long time, is it better to save the best quality tool and use up and discard the lower quality ones and just maintain the good one, keep them all in good shape, or forge crude versions? Hatchets, knives, guns, saws and can openers, but I'm not sure what the best strategy for long term use of these items. With clothing, do you break down extra clothes into cloth for long term storage or do you keep a spare set stashed somewhere just in case? For those who've played a really long time, could you share with us what your core survival gear is? And something I've just been wondering, can you start a fire with a flare? I've tried with an already lit flare and it didn't seem to be an option.
  4. What new things can the player say to increase the playing experience? What situations can use new vocalizations?
  5. Has anyone actually done the science regarding wearing clothing whilst you sleep? Does it actually reduce clothing wear to remove it whilst you sleep ?
  6. question

    Anyone hear of the next update/hotfix eta?
  7. 1.Hi, sory about my english. I have question. How bad weather gets in INTERLOPER ? I am running stalker and get bored after 70 days. My bigest challange at all my new starts at INTERLOPER is weather, and if weather goes even more bad, how you survive ? With all best clothing in INTEERLOPER(includes crafted) you can get above frezzing ? What is your experience after 10 days 50, 100 ? With weather in INTERLOPER.
  8. Haven't been able to heal using collected healing items for some time-am I missing something? WTF
  9. I've been playing The Long Dark since late 2014 on my Macbook Pro 15" (mid 2010) - Mac OS Sierra (also crashed on the El Capitan). In that time I've typically been able to play at around 25-30fps on low settings. Since around 5 months ago my game crashes causing me to do a hardware reset. The crash happens 100% of the time when I load up an old save and try to go outdoors causing everything to freeze on the black loading screen. The crash also happens 100% when I start a new game / challenge and try to quit causing the computer to freeze on the menu screen. I can't alt-tab or do anything except a power reset. Here are some of the steps I've made - I have reinstalled the game via Steam. - Checked game integrity on Steam. - Tried different graphics settings. Please find my player log (from October) attached which was an attempt at playing before it crashed. I've have tried to create a dialog with Hinterland at least 4 times now in 5 months and I'm really close to giving up unfortunately Player_2.log
  10. tl;dr Bearksin bedroll seems to be destroyed first during every wolf attack, and the *bleeping* wolves attack from further away. So, started playing recently <200 hrs. I'm up to day 50ish in Stalker and having a merry romp. Found the magic trick for hunting bears (not cheating, just placement) and decided to make my first Stalker mode bearskin bedroll. Went to Forlorn Muskeg to start crafting my arrowheads and first backup knife and hatchet. Killed the bear out by the Poacher's Camp with the bow. Harvested him and had a nice lunch of Cooking Level 3 bear (yeah, but the parasite chance drops after a couple days). Too much fog to take the marsh path to the forge, so I stick to the rails. Get to the end and have to navigate up and around the edge to avoid going for a swim. Get attacked three times on the way. Every time, the bedroll pops saying ruined after the attack. No, I didn't have any meat or guts on me. I really love FM, but c'mon...three attacks and all three "damage" my bedroll? It was ruined after the first attack. That's either spectacularly bad RNG rolls, or that's the other negative of the bearskin bedroll. The first being weight, of course. Quick question, why does the bedroll weigh significantly less than the coat?
  11. Hi all! I love the new clothing system. I think it's pretty realistic that you'd wear two pairs of pants, if you can, to keep warmer. I love that I can wear enough clothes to withstand -45 C weather. It's great. My only "complaint" is that I'm wearing 17 kg of clothes: Wolf's skin coat Deerskin pants Deerskin boots Cochiwan sweater Another kind of sweater Work pants Undergarments x2 Tuque, scarf, work gloves, socks When you add the rifle (4 kg), food and water (at least 2 kg, closer to 4 kg usually), the mountaineering rope (5 kg!), a hunting knife and hatchet (1.5 kg) for emergencies, there is no room left for harvesting anything. That's why I prefer the survival bow: it's much lighter. I wonder if I'm playing wrong, or if some of the weights need tweaking. I recently passed 100 hours played as well as 100 days in the same sandbox game. Happy to field any comments! François
  12. question

    signal hill tower these things seem to be coming out of the building, never saw it before but it has been a while since I have visited. as I go around the building they come in and out of focus, which leads me to believe they are a visual bug but I don't want to report without verification from another. W10, surface book, steam
  13. Hey Folks, Ever since I tried and bought TLD I have only played on interloper mode. I have read the guide and im currently on my 118th attempt. (sucker for punishment) Problem is I dont seem to be getting anywhere despite gaining knowledge about the maps ect? First off let me list what I do...and lets say im starting in PV and my starting location is the waterfall close to three strikes. 1, Ill head to PV Farmstead and grab the supplies and the most important 12 matches. Along the way ill pick up all sticks/shrooms and rose. 2, My next stop is PV Outbuildings, Ill grab whats available and light up a fire to get myself warmed up while making some water and getting some hot food in my belly. 3, The next stage of my trip takes me to Rural Crossroads, Ill get myself warmed, rested, watered and fed before heading off to Cinder Hills heading for CH. Now everything is going great at this point and ill hit CH with fuel for fire, some food and water. But here is were it all goes tits up. When I get to CH ill be stuck, frostbite sets in and food is low. Along the way ill either find a hammer to smash open the ice fishing holes but no mats to fish or ill find cured gut and hook but no tool to open the holes. I harvest a carcass but as you know it takes 5 days to cure. I cant seem to find a way out of this scenario. Same goes for other start points, Ill find Tool but no supplies or supplies and no tool. What am I missing lol
  14. LMG is finding on Interloper runs where he spawns on Forlorn Muskeg, he is never able to find any matches, even when going to other maps. Not sure if bug or by design.
  15. I've been having a lot of issues where the system stops registering that I own the game in the middle of a playthrough and absolutely refuses to allow me to play and I'm trying to determine whether this is due to my system being a POS, Internet being a POS, XBOX Live being a POS, or something wrong with the game itself.
  16. Hi again! Recently I have been trying to craft the deerskin boots and had no issue for most of the crafting process. I had to leave Hibernia Processing where I was crafting the boots to get food from the Lighthouse where I had been keeping most of my stuff. When I went back to Hibernia Processing to finish up the crafting (only had about 2 hours left) I couldn't continue the process. The boots were in my inventory, though I was not given the option to wear them, and the materials I had used in the crafting appeared to be gone (as if the boots were finished). If you have any suggestion to why this would be happening or what I could do to fix it, I would really appreciate the feedback. Thanks a lot and Happy Gaming!
  17. I've gotten back into writing as of late and had an idea for a story inspired by The Long Dark. That is, person gets stranded in a frozen wasteland, at its barest bones. I was trying to map out a place in Canada that's similar to the region in game: Coastal area with large mountain ranges, as well as one that, based on the games art, isn't frozen year round. Any ideas?
  18. I've seen Radios around the map. And ever since i've wondered what would happen if I turned them all on. I've been trying to turn them all on but have ended up dying. Might try it on an easier difficulty. Anyone ever try turning them all on or have the same idea?
  19. All these bugs can be reproduced very easily in Pleasant valley in both the Farmstead and Red Barn. You can 'glitch' or 'clip' into the texture for the thing on the side of the silo behind the Farmstead. When in the truck inside the Red Barn (passenger's seat) if you turn left at a certain angle while looking down a little the camera snaps you back looking at the passenger door. You can place the sleeping bag inside the fire barrel in the Red Barn (I do not know if you can do this with every fire barrel or if these 'bugs' have been reported in the past). Also I have no idea which tag this needs, I don't need support, this is not a discussion, question, or suggestion.
  20. Hi, I asked this same question 8 months 6 days ago (248 days) and still haven't heard any new information from either Xbox or Hinterland Studios. Do you have any new information regarding the release status of The Long Dark in Australia. Is there any information regarding the ESBR rating progress. Thanks
  21. I just bought The Long Dark yesterday, and when I attempt to play it I'm having a problem with the game "stuttering". It happens on the main menus, as well as in the game itself. Every 5-10 seconds the game will basically completely freeze for 3 seconds or so, then it begins running normally for another 5-10 seconds until it happens again. It's completely unplayable in this state because the stuttering is so consistent and the "hangs" last so long. I'm running Windows 10 on a desktop with an i5 3570, 16GB of RAM and a GTX980, and all my drivers are up-to-date.. In-between the stutters the game seems to run completely smoothly. I've tried disabling the Steam overlay, as well as running in DX9 mode instead of DX11, but neither of these seemed to have any effect. I've checked my performance tab while the game stutters and does it's thing and there are no spikes indicating the hardware is being taxed heavily or anything while they happen. Wondering if this is a known issue with any kind of fix, but if not I at least wanted to bring it to the dev's attention.
  22. In my current run I have found 131 locations and am only at 79% explored with just Forlorn Muskeg remaining unexplored. Anyone know what the number for the current 391 build total of Interloper locations is? I now suspect all the burnt out buildings of Interloper will prevent me even achieving over 90% explored. If 100% is not possible, we can add this to the list of game metrics not tuned for the hardest difficulty.
  23. I'm just curious, is there a reason why these aren't in the game? A ton of people buy cans, nowadays, with easy-to-open Pop-Tops that can opened with a thumb, fingernail, spoon, etc. I just think it'd be nice to find a can, every once in a while, and not have to use a Can Opener for it! This is 2017, right!?
  24. Is there any plans in the future for allowing the collection of non-potable water from a running Waterfall? I think it's the perfect idea, as it's what I'd do in real life (at the cost of my hands freezing off), if I had to or made some kind of a contraption to collect it without getting my body wet. Since this is Alpha, you could always skip the technicalities and just make it possible to collect non-potable water from running waterfalls.
  25. Hinterland has already listed the "Spring" season on their roadmap, and have hinted at full year long season change. Optional: List why and what could be added for that season.