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Found 277 results

  1. I'm a big fan of harvesting meat, pelt, and guts at the kill site. Now with quartering implemented I compared how long it takes for doing it to a deer and I feel it's too much work (it takes too much time and then I have to drag everything around & do more work inside). I can only see quartering being useful for bears with their tons of meat and guts. Does this make sense?
  2. Howdy survivors! It's the second time I get intestinal parasites on interloper with only 1% chance. Is't that too much? I always eat only one peace of wolf meat and wait 2 days for the affliction to heal. Thus I always have only 1% risk. Nearly on the tenth iteration parasites visit me. It is because of loper? Or maybe that's something with the indication and the real risk is greater, or it's cumulative despite the affliction heals? Appreciate your opinions.
  3. Great Game! I just want to ask why can't there be built slingshots, snow shoes, skis, and spears? All those abandoned cars have tires, and tire tubes. And a spear deals with predators and game since the dawn of time.
  4. After Interloper difficulty was implemented, I noticed that I stopped at bumping into wolves where I used to meet them all the time before, such as right outside in front the ML camp office, the woods straight back out of the back door of the camp office, walking on the lake path, even right outside the Trapper's Cabin. Those places all seem really, really safe now. I have only ever played Voyageur difficulty. Do Stalker players still run into them at those locations? What is the clothing deterioration rate difference between Stalker and Voyageur difficulties? My clothes in Voyageur seem to decay maybe a half percent a day as long as I don't go out in bad weather. Stalker players that have played Voyageur can you please outline the big differences between the two difficulties? Finally this last question probably has very subjective answers to it, but which difficulty is closest to being "realistic" versus being just "challenging game play?"
  5. I am curious about snow shelters; why aren't they used more often by players (or vice versa)? Do you use them often yourself? What are the good points and bad points of snow shelters? What should be changed about snow shelters? Should we have more types of snow shelters such as simple trench style, quinzhee, snow tent, full on igloo? Counter-point: are more types of snow shelters overkill and unnecessary and why? What situations would you think a snow shelter would be handy for? What do you think about how long it takes to build a quick snow shelter? Would you be ok with expending more time to construct a nicer snow shelter that might be warmer for instance? Think about if you could construct your skookum shelter in stages. Under what circumstances will a bear rip into a snow shelter? Has it happened to you? Do wolves get into your snow shelter too? In the interests of saving space, I prefer not to see posts with extensive quotes; just quickly refer to the questions OR delete the quote before hitting Submit. Or just go free form with whatever strikes you as interesting. I've added a poll place holder that I will modify later (hopefully) with the most interesting questions and the range of proposals made.
  6. question

    Do you guys think there will be bunkers in story mode
  7. With the new update, climbing and descending the rope is now severely restricted since you can't use the rope if your load out exceeds 30 kilo making it impractical in most cases when exploring and looting those areas. I can see why limiting the amount that can be carried going up the rope, but coming down shouldn't be so restricted in my opinion. Climbing over encumbered should have be viable to a limited extent provided you have lots of stamina although the pace would be slower and the rest breaks would be necessary. But coming down is more a matter of sliding down the rope letting gravity do the work for you. I would only need enough stamina to be able to hold on and slow myself down. I'd like to see the old mechanic of rope climbing as compared to this latest update. just my opinion...
  8. Would you favor the addition of various types of containers to the game? Do you feel they would enhance the game? Or contribute to unnecessary clutter/complexity? Which is more important? realism or simplicity? Finding useful containers is often an important task in TV survival scenarios just like in real life. Is this degree of survivalism important to the game? What makes this game interesting for you personally and in general for users?
  9. I noticed hinterlandforums.com doesn't use https and since we do enter usernames and passwords I figured I'd check if there was an https port available. It was -- but it answers with an outdated Let's Encrypt cert (expired January 2, 2017) and issued to beetleforum.net. When going on I get redirected to the site: https://beetleforum.net/forums/ Seems to be an active forum. Now there's nothing wrong with having an (unusual) hobby and I'm sure beetles are very interesting, I'm just curious what the connection to Hinterland is? Your webmaster has a passion for beetles perhaps? Or a server misconfiguration/shared hosting issues? I specifically recommend the topic "Beetles, can they host mind-altering/other dangerous parasites?" - I learned something new today
  10. Anyone pick up on the rabbit schedule? I noticed they'll be in a location for a few days...then gone, then back again. Unsure if it's because I caught 3 or 4 with snares one day and then there were none the next morning after some so I moved to another location across the map that has a few running around outside a nearby a cabin.
  11. Hello, I recently survived for 50+ days and had quite bit of good gear in CH on a loper playthrough. I had to shut off my xbox and come back to it, only to find myself near death when i got back on day 26. Turns out, the save never kept, not even once during all of my sleeping or entering buildings. Even more unfortunate is that I survived the debacle I was in through a bit of a stroke of luck, which, sadly did not occur once I came back to the save. I am quite disappointed that I lost all I had worked for, for no good reason. Is Hinterland aware that xbox playthroughs are no longer being saved consistently? Anyone else that has experienced this, please leave feedback here. Thank you.
  12. Hello fellow survivors. I'm not aware if anybody has ran into this problem before, and I looked around before deciding to ask; I left my quartered bear on the porch of pleasant valley, after lugging it for three trips worth. I later used a quarter up, and left the excess meat next to the other three quarters. I went out traveling. For a week or so, ( which I've done before) and returned to find all my meat had disappeared! I have always done this to keep my meat as fresh and long lasting as possible. This was the first time that I returned to find out this had happenend. Obviously, I was confused, even considered misplacing it. But, the farmstead happenend to be my central hub. And it's where I always have done this. Has this happened to anybody else ? Or is this what happens now with the new update? Thoughts, concerns, and new suggestions ?? Please and thank you. Good luck out there.
  13. I just bought The Long Dark yesterday, and when I attempt to play it I'm having a problem with the game "stuttering". It happens on the main menus, as well as in the game itself. Every 5-10 seconds the game will basically completely freeze for 3 seconds or so, then it begins running normally for another 5-10 seconds until it happens again. It's completely unplayable in this state because the stuttering is so consistent and the "hangs" last so long. I'm running Windows 10 on a desktop with an i5 3570, 16GB of RAM and a GTX980, and all my drivers are up-to-date.. In-between the stutters the game seems to run completely smoothly. I've tried disabling the Steam overlay, as well as running in DX9 mode instead of DX11, but neither of these seemed to have any effect. I've checked my performance tab while the game stutters and does it's thing and there are no spikes indicating the hardware is being taxed heavily or anything while they happen. Wondering if this is a known issue with any kind of fix, but if not I at least wanted to bring it to the dev's attention.
  14. I've been playing for about 2-3 months. Long time gamer, lets just say PONG. I have to say this is the best video that I may have ever played in my life. I enjoyed Vanilla WoW and the battlegrounds where I got my tail handed to me regularly. Was very disappointed to see the game get easier, that Monkey pressing keys = winning, rather than having to work at winning. All that is to say when I started v.386 had been in play and I found that sweet spot for me on Voyager. I loved that I had to really think and not just run up and pet the wolves. Like using line of sight, creeping about behind the natural terrain. I had to plan where to go and when. I tried stalker and loper, too much for me, which is why I'm assuming the variant difficulties even came about. All could enjoy what the same game, just tuned differently. I died numerous times starting out, read/lurked in these forums and on steam forums, learned, watched videos, etc. And before the patch had made a run of 79 days before I ran around naked in ML so I could save that journal. I think I could have easily made 100 and possibly 200 days. During that run I was attacked by wolves I think 8 times. I was getting the hang of the blizzards, wolves, crafted all the clothing (stopped with the wolf jacket with about 10 hours left because the wipe was coming). I was subsisting on mostly fish from ML. Fishing was almost level 5, as was cooking. Occasionally, would shoot a deer for the skin. I had made a run to FM and crafted 16 arrowheads and was curing the wood for shafts. Had snares set for the rabbits. All was good and balanced it seemed to me. It wasn't easy mode. I fell into the water via thin ice and almost froze coming back from FM and PV I think to CH? Had 9% condition and lived. I think I checked my laptop game about a dozen times, just starting random games and looting, started a loper in TWM for good measure. And when the update dropped I was beyond psyched. As a grown man, I blocked time off to start this amazing game. I started again on Voyager in ML. Searched almost the entire map and was really shocked about several things. The weather was much worse, the food was much more scarce as was the clothing. I don't think I ever found a jacket or vest. The wolves were off the chain, several packs in lots of places they weren't before. Where the wolves had been I found packs of mostly 3, some duos. During that first run I was attacked 4 times in 3 days, still using line of sight and the new mechanic of throwing. The wolf walked over the top of the flare I threw and ate my face. Stabbed it and when I was getting up the second one jumped me and into the long dark I went. I started several runs thinking my RNG was screwing me and for the sake of stats I would start well in ML. Hasn't happened yet as of about 5 runs. Started in CH, wolves, which were numerous to me before were everywhere. I counted 6 yesterday between Quonset and the islands. I am at a loss as to what this means, other than the tuning has been ramped up? But why? If people felt Voyager was too easy, wouldn't they move to Stalker? And progress from Stalker to Loper? I've been posting this on Steam and decided to come here in the hopes that Dev team might see this. In those 8 attacks pre-update I would lose some condition, but never more than 25%, I think more on the order of 10%. On that first run where I died I would estimate I lost about 40-50% condition, along with clothing destroyed and 5 afflictions from the first fight alone. Aren't those Stalker/Loper stats for fights? I found myself waiting all day for blizzards to pass so I could go fish as I had no gun/bow. When I went to move to the ice huts, packs of 3 wolves on the ice. I counted up to 5 on the lake at one time. And if this is the "Best beginning area" I hate to say a lot of the newer players from PS4 are going to be in for a hard time. So, I am struggling to play now as the game is having a really grindy feeling to it that drove me away from WoW and games like that. I understand this is EA and that things change, but IMO, things got tuned to far. I can deal with the weather changes. I actually am liking the UI and understand the HUD and sun/moon time telling as it relates to the "quiet apocalypse" and really enjoy what appears to be all the graphics for items. Visual and Audio sounds are really good and add a lot of depth to the game. But I'm waking up in game at night to drink after 100% before sleeping or I lose condition. I'm eating several pounds of food daily and still starving. I'm dropping weight like crazy and moving at less than 40 pounds. I just started another ML run, call me Don Quixote tilting at windmills, and burned almost 900 calories without running to search the fishing huts and cabins to get 3 cans of food, one pack of matches, a fishing tackle and no clothes at all. If I did run I have the running badge, allegedly 25% less calories running. Again on Voyager. If I wanted stalker/loper I would change it myself. Sorry so long, but I want to be clear in explaining/describing then and now. All that to ask "was this intentional?"
  15. It's kind of a dummy question but I can't find a guide that recent after the latest update. I played a while back and just came back to play again after this last update Faithful Cartographer. When I have a stove/fire going there's the three menus for Fuel, Food, and Water. When I have raw food in my inventory and no water, the food and water menus are greyed out and I can't select them. In effect I can't cook anything or melt snow for water. Was there a change in how this works in this last update? I didn't see it mentioned in the updates change list.
  16. As we know it every single thing is this game has a condition parameter supposed to represent the rate of natural wear and tear. The rifle ammo always come in brand new condition to ensure the player will not have to face a pack of hungry wolves having only his d*ck a knife in his hands as the most potent weapon. But can we be sure about it? Yes we can! Every single piece of .303 ammunition in this game was tested by the Hinterland employee by means of the firearms. That is why every rifle cartridge bears the mark of a firing pin on its primer as a proof of quality. Thank you Hinterland, we appreciate your concern. PS BTW Do you guys know what the letter R in 7.7×56mmR stands for?
  17. Don't get me wrong the game that has been created by you all at hinterland is epic one of my all time favorites which is kinda hard to say since the game itself isn't even out yet survival mode is a great and fun opportunity to play a unique game. But, with the amount of people you have now working on upgrading and introducing new gameplay and mapping for your game it just seems to be poor quality anymore. On the forums here I have asked some questions some of which were awnsered some were just avoided by telling me to go to the official site and look which didn't clearly wander the questions or at least all of them I had. In one of these questions I had asked will the new maps be released with the last sandbox update after which I was told " were not holding anything back" which in turn come to play out as another let down from you guys. I'm extremely bored with the game as it is now no where new to explore no new items to try and find and literally the only thing that I found excited about in the update is bring back throwing items such as rocks and flares which shouldent have gone away in the first place. For such a unique game and a supposably great development team it just seems so far to be nothing impressive come from you guys in the recent years making your community of supporters wait for pretty much nothing. The last few things I have to say is I hope the story mode itself is going to be as impressive and it's being led on to belive because if not myself and I'm sure other will more then likely no longer be supporters of this game. Good luck to you guys at hinterland and I hope for ur future sake your improvements upon this game are something to look forward to instead of waiting for so long for an update and a game story mode that turns out to be something to. Evoke bored with shortly after turning the game on.
  18. I'm directly tagging you in this, @Patrick Carlson because I really need this bit of info. will TLD: Wintermute be available august 1st for xbox one preview players aswell? I know that sometimes new updates take a few days to go through Microsoft, and I need to know if I should go ahead and request off work for August 1st, or the next couple days after.
  19. Back in September 2016's update, Ralph mentioned that "weather patterns will now become less favorable and global temperature will drop gradually over time until it hits a minimum while life will gradually deplete and fuel resources will become more scarce. These values have been tuned per experience mode so the decay shifts are more gradual in Voyageur than Stalker" Is this info still accurate for our current version?
  20. Hello,this is only question as you saw probably in title,i just want to know,did when the full version of game will be released,did perfomance of game will be better than now?I just wanna know yes or no,but why i writted this here?Well,cause i have wodden pc (i mean pc that its perfomance is really pathetic)and by that i have the long dark on very low graphics settings.But even if the graphics makes blooding my eyes cause of low resolution i still enjoy playing this game,okay i just wanna know from hinterland studion did perfomance will be better or not thats all,if not okay i just wanna know.;)
  21. Hello everyone!!! : ) I was shocked with all the changes I was seeing with the new HUD but in the end I don't really dislike it. It's more realistic not to know exactly the percentage of hungry, tiredness, etc. Anyway, the improve I was waiting for long time was the map, and exactly the same kind of map Hinterland has designed. A map that survivors could do it by their selves little by little. The thing is... I always have the map in black. The zone where the map should supposed to be is black. I can change the different parts of the map with the narrows at the top of screen but I can't see any map. Am I doing something wrong guys? Very thank u in advance!
  22. I started a new run and have found no coffee tins yet, why? i need coffee lol. searched everywhere in a game 30 days in. help.
  23. Whilst I've only had a couple of encounters with bears since the patch release, I've yet to hear any agitated birdlife when the bear is nearby. Tested once with Voyageur, and once with Stalker, so far. Please confirm/disprove this, with your own experiences..
  24. Started a campfire with a torch just as it was at 1% changing to 0%. Was able to use it to light the campfire, immediately threw a single stick on and pulled the new torch from it but it had no flame animation. When I started the next campfire as the torch was getting low I added more sticks instead of pulling a torch. Did not like the lack of flame animation so tried to extinguish or throw the torch but nothing happened and I was stuck holding the "burnt out" torch even though in inv screen it read that it was at "20%" and in use. I then manually dropped all torches in my inventory (some burnt out torches in addition to the one I was holding ). When I closed the inventory screen the player character was stuck in position and could not move at all or open any menu such as inv or health. Radial menu was not accessible via its Hot key. However, main menu was accessible via ESC key. Exiting the game and then loading again works as a work around. Anyone else experience this?
  25. All these bugs can be reproduced very easily in Pleasant valley in both the Farmstead and Red Barn. You can 'glitch' or 'clip' into the texture for the thing on the side of the silo behind the Farmstead. When in the truck inside the Red Barn (passenger's seat) if you turn left at a certain angle while looking down a little the camera snaps you back looking at the passenger door. You can place the sleeping bag inside the fire barrel in the Red Barn (I do not know if you can do this with every fire barrel or if these 'bugs' have been reported in the past). Also I have no idea which tag this needs, I don't need support, this is not a discussion, question, or suggestion.