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Found 454 results

  1. Hi Volks! yesterday ill shot an bear with my bow. Did Hit him clear between neck & shoulder. Arrow die Stick! he ran away and ill did let him go and collect some wood. Killed some Rabbits ect after that he dient die and i went to sleep. Next day ill move on to search the bear. Found him quick... But my arrow wasnt anywhere there!?!?!!
  2. Hello everyone, I looked up for info about bush planes after observing Will's. I concluded that he has floats, nothing for safe landing in snow or ice. He could land in snow, says forums about planes of this kind, but he could eventually damage the floats. Since the only liquid water surfaces of Great Bear Island are the sea, I was wondering if it was a clue to Perserverance Mills' location (according to Jeremiah, it's north of Pleasant Valley). Am I wrong? Do you have any others clues about that to bring? I'm interested to know what you think.
  3. Evening all! So, Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend, Halloween is two weeks away and American Thanksgiving is shortly after that. Last year, Hinterlands released a special event in the sandbox with Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, and demon wolves. I for one really enjoyed it. Although nothing has been announced yet (and I definitely don't speak for the studio!) would the community at large enjoy another themed event for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.?
  4. So i need for the game Minimum: Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+ But i Have: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz I really wanna buy the game but not sure if i can play it..
  5. Are there detailed and updated maps of each area? Thanks!
  6. Я прошла 1 эпизод, сохранилась, вышла из игры. На следующий день захожу поиграть и не могу возобновить игру. Пробовала запустить на прямую и просто нажав на возобновить, ничего не получается. Прошу, помогите решить данную проблему!
  7. Hello! Can you play more than one game at the same time? I'm over 500 days on a Voyager run, and am interested in trying Interloper. If I start a new game on a different difficulty, does it wipe my current game? Thanks!
  8. Moved this to the proper forum, sorry! Anyway, I hear it's a lot like the long dark, but is a very short "walking simulator"? I do tend to like more relaxed games and I'm wondering if any of you have played it and would recommend buying it? There's isn't too much I can find about it, but people have been saying that it's pretty like the long dark, too.
  9. I was hunting the old bear for a full game day. I had just gotten my 4th shot in (i.e. registered on the log) on the tracks by the camping office. The old bear as usual runs around to try to get at me, but at one point it gets stuck under a rock formation (see attachment)! Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you get the bear unstuck? I tried the flare gun, stones, shooting with the riffle, and even ducking in between it and the rock formation, and nothing! Still stuck. So basically, I can't finish the episode while that bear is stuck. Any suggestions that dont revolve around starting a new game and praying it doesnt happen again?
  10. I killed the bear and get the THE OLD BEAR'S EAR but when I back to Jeremiah's house. Nothing happened. No cut scene triggers. the old bear's ear still in my collectibles. I can still see it. is this a bug? please help me to deal with this. I love this game so much. But this bug make me soooooo sad.
  11. question

    Hi guys I want to ask if The Long Dark will run decently in my Lenovo Z50-70 laptop. ( Intel Core i7-4510U(2 cores, 2-3GHZ), 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 840M 4GB, Windows 10 64-bits) Thank you!!! ^^
  12. I killed the bear and get the THE OLD BEAR'S EAR but when I back to Jeremiah's house. Nothing happened. No cut scene triggers. the old bear's ear still in my collectibles. I can still see it. is this a bug? please help me to deal with this. Win10, steam version, v1.15. I love this game so much. But this bug make me soooooo sad.
  13. Hi everyone, at the beginning of October 2014 I bought the Director's Cut version of the game for $29.99. Where and when do I get the art book, the documentary, and the DVD? Have I missed anything? I was really looking forward to a game in physical form. Thank you very much.
  14. I have already asked this question in the general discussion subforums. However, I was advised to ask it here once again because it would fit somewhat better. At the beginning of October 2014 I bought the Director's Cut version of the game for $29.99. Where and when do I get the art book, the documentary, and the DVD? Have I missed anything? I was really looking forward to a game in physical form. I finally bought it at Humble Bundle. Hinterland's website redirected to Humble Bundle at that time, I'm sure. There the game was offered in 3 editions for $19.99 (ESD only, no bonus materials), $24.99 (very similar to the Director's Cut, but without the extra gift key), and for $29.99. Thank you very much.
  15. Just loaded a Stalker game where I'm currently living at the Old Spence Stable. I noticed that one of my batches of raw bear meat had disappeared. I looked around for other missing stuff and noticed that all my fir wood was also gone. So far it seems that I didn't loose anything else. All the stuff that I lost where dropped on the snow. The thing is, I have other items dropped on the snow, another batch of raw bear meat, piles of sticks, cedar wood, and reclaimed wood, a batch of cook bear meat, and a single piece of 0.3 kg venison I use for hunting predators, but none of those were lost. Why did one batch of bear meat disappear and not the other? Why the fir wood? Did anyone else experience this? Is this a bug? Has anyone reported this yet?
  16. I've been waiting a few days at the Carter Dam after completing the Old Bear mission on the Xbox One, and I haven't seen an aurora. I know there were issues with the PC version of the game related to this that were fixed in early August, but I'm not sure whether that's the case on the Xbox One. Is waiting for an Aurora an expected part of gameplay or should it be automatically triggered the next night after completion of the bear mission? And if it's the former, does anyone know if there's a rhyme or reason to when they appear? At this point I'm just burning through supplies instead of meaningfully advancing through the story, not really how I'd like to spend my time playing a game.
  17. Where are the flare gin in the mission light up the night please help me?
  18. I'm curious to know if anyone has ever found more than one copy of this book in a single game, duplicate bugs not included. I know there was a time that multiple copies would spawn in the same place, but has anyone ever found two, in different locations, on any difficulty?
  19. Scoured the fora but couldn't find an answer to this problem. Is there a trick to resuming an "in Progress" crafting? I got 5 hrs into making a wolfskin coat then went to bed. When I attempted to resume crafting in the morning, the menu demanded 4 wolf pelts and 2 cured gut. I have the "in Progress" wolfskin coat in my inventory but can't seem to get it back to craftable. Tried dropping it, leaving the ML: Camp office and returning and picking it up again but so far no luck. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Just started playing on Voyager. Love the game so far but those 4 wolf pelts cost me considerable pain and my nice new snow pants (damn wolves!) so I'd hate to start the process over. Thanks!
  20. I seem to be out of bullets, and I'm doing the hunting lesson, killed one dear, any suggestions on where to find more, or how to take out a deer?
  21. Hi hobos i'm playing wintermute ep2 and have completed all side quests. Have jeramiahs trust maxed out. (Shame he doesn't like wolf pelts I have about 15 cured). Right now I have two exclamation marks on "enter the bunker during aurora" and "lake gunshots" quest but I've done that and been back morning after yada yada The aurora wont show (camped in snow shelter 10 days and screwed my axes and blade) and I read somewhere you need to kill the bear first... but he ain't spawning. What do i do. Love this game been playing it since before the first challenges were added last year. Also so mystery lake supply caches side quest is completed but main menus item won't clear either. Please help talk me through next steps if you have ideas - very frustrating
  22. Does rosehips respawn? I play everyday and i'm more than ready for leaving the Dam, but i don't want to end episode 2 before episode 3 is out, but now there is starting to be little of man made recourses, so i'm using rosehips to heal sprained ankle or wrist, but i'm starting to have little of that too, i know i can sleep it off, but does rosehips respawn? If they do, how many days takes it? It's gone weeks now (in-game that is ) and i can see any new rosehips from where i picked them.
  23. Hello people. I don´t have any money to buy it. But i´d love to have it not only for my gameplays, but for me, for listening. Is there any place to download it with small donations or free? In Steam, if you buy it, can you download it and pass it to the cell phone for example? Or it´s restricted to use ir on Steam?
  24. I just started Jerimihas survival school. I went to the spot where he told me to hunt but I had no gun. When I went back to him. It wasn't in his house. I need help cause I don't want to restart the episode. Is there a way to got to the start of the chapeter "Hunting school"? Thanks in advance
  25. I have had several occasions when I have shot an animal just prior to the Aurora and then can't find it anywhere the next day. I have read that animals disappear and spawn at the aurora, is there any truth to the idea that wounded animals are disappearing in favor of their aurora cousins? I hate losing arrows and looking all day like that if you know what I mean. Anyone have an answer for me? Thanks