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Found 171 results

  1. In my current run I have found 131 locations and am only at 79% explored with just Forlorn Muskeg remaining unexplored. Anyone know what the number for the current 391 build total of Interloper locations is? I now suspect all the burnt out buildings of Interloper will prevent me even achieving over 90% explored. If 100% is not possible, we can add this to the list of game metrics not tuned for the hardest difficulty.
  2. So been playing game since release on the Xbox One and I've always wanted a jump button. I would of thought they would add it by now. Would of saved my life a couple times getting stuck on a side of a ledge and falling to my death because I can't get up a foot tall drop off. Please PLEASE add a jump button. Make X the jump button for the Xbox. The X Button has no purpose.
  3. i dont know much about the flora of canada but would it be possible to add some plants that one could brew up to some tea that works against fatigue? i know of some plants that do this without coffeine for example: peppermint <could grow in northern america cinnamon <could not be implemented as natural ressource, maybe as loot? cinnamon tea? cayenne <could not be implemented as natural ressource, maybe as loot? dryed cayenne? ginkgo <ginkgo tree could grow in northern america licorice root < This fatigue-fighting herb helps rebuild damaged adrenals and reduces cravings for sweets and caffeine which cause a energy crash after an initial rush. The glycyrrhizin contained in licorice root enhances the body’s cortisol activity increasing energy and reducing fatigue.
  4. We've all had out close encounters in this game, but some of them stand out amongst others. What experience have you had while surviving that put you on the very brink of death, where you weren't sure if you'd make it home? I'll start w/ mine. On ~day 50 of my first Stalker playthrough, I had just entered Pleasant Valley from Coastal Highway. After passing by the the Rural Store and traveling straight towards the barns, what do I see over the hilltop?.. A pack of eight god**** wolves Now I'm all for a challenge, but I know when I'm outnumbered. At this point I was already tired, hungry, and thirsty. So, I decided to head back and rest up for the night. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I turn around to find a wolf barking up at me. After not firing in time, I managed to get him off me with some difficulty: leaving me at 75% condition. No problem, right? That's what I was thinking, after a couple steps, there it is again... More barking. Here was were I was scared. Another struggled happened, 60%. Profusely bleeding, both hands and ankles sprained, and not nearly enough painkillers to top myself off, I make a mad dash back to the store. But there it was again... More barking. I turn around once more to see two wolves following my trail, I hadn't even made it back over the hill at this point. Here, my fatigue dropped so high I couldn't even sprint. Desperate, I light one of my two flares and meet the wolves halfway, just to get them off my back faster. Which worked... for a good 10 seconds. Just over the hilltop at this point, they began to stalk me once more.I drop the flare in favor of my rifle; fully loaded. Limping and over-encumbered, I'm moving like a snail. The two wolves quickly catch back up to me, desperate and scared, I just fire my rifle, again and again. The previous struggles had torn my clothes to shreds. As a storm rolls in, I get colder and colder. 48...20...10...0...-10... and so on. Freezing, exhausted, starving, and thirsty, reaches ~50% not before long. And the wolves get closer still... One of them charges. I shoot. But too late. A third struggles goes down. Thankfully, the bullet wound kills the wolf while struggling for my life. 10% I take my emergency-stim, but its not enough. The ever growing cold, my hunger and thirst quickly takes that bonus 15% back down. Barely to the road...barking. Another wolf makes his way down the hillside. I take potshots, just scaring him away. I quickly burn through my bullets as I force him to run back every time he picks back up on my trail. I make it to the store, safely, but not in good condition. I tend to my blood loss as best I can, eat what little food and water I had on me. But there's no bed in the store, and I'm freezing. It's only 32 degrees, I'm going to die. But I'll be damned if I let happen, cowering in a corner. I leave the store and make my way across the bridge; the wind pushing back against my struggles. The cold sets in once again, stronger then ever. 9%...5%...lower and lower my condition drops. Stumbling across the bridge, both of our hearts racing, we're met with two options: Head for the car, which might be warm enough. Head for the house, much farther, but guaranteed warm. I take my chances with the car, I'd rather die safe in the car than let the wolves feast on me 3%... My vision starts fading as the vignette of death wraps around me. I make it inside, barely. The car was warm enough, barely. 2%... I'm still starving and even thirstier. I take my chances with the near spoiled food I had, I'm dead if I get sick, my antibiotics were in the house. Thankfully, I don't get sick. Topped off and warming up, I do to sleep; no bedroll either. Hopefully it won't get colder. I wake up two hours later freezing, but with some extra condition. I take another chance and set off to the house. 8%... The wind is howling, but it wasn't the only thing. More barking. With a loud "Oh f*** off!" I take a potshot at the wolf with my last bullet. Bulls-eye. I head back inside, my vision fading again, and collapse into the warm bed. I made it home... Safe, for the day... If you've got any experiences like that, please share! I'd love to hear what other people here have been through in this horrible, Canadian, wilderness!
  5. I just bought The Long Dark yesterday, and when I attempt to play it I'm having a problem with the game "stuttering". It happens on the main menus, as well as in the game itself. Every 5-10 seconds the game will basically completely freeze for 3 seconds or so, then it begins running normally for another 5-10 seconds until it happens again. It's completely unplayable in this state because the stuttering is so consistent and the "hangs" last so long. I'm running Windows 10 on a desktop with an i5 3570, 16GB of RAM and a GTX980, and all my drivers are up-to-date.. In-between the stutters the game seems to run completely smoothly. I've tried disabling the Steam overlay, as well as running in DX9 mode instead of DX11, but neither of these seemed to have any effect. I've checked my performance tab while the game stutters and does it's thing and there are no spikes indicating the hardware is being taxed heavily or anything while they happen. Wondering if this is a known issue with any kind of fix, but if not I at least wanted to bring it to the dev's attention.
  6. I often see the temperature display in red rather than white, and I've been unable to suss its meaning. I see the same negative temperatures show up in white sometimes and red other times. This happens even with zero windchill, which is what I thought it was at first. So what does it mean when the temperature number goes red? Playing v.393 in Interloper, temps displayed in Celcius.
  7. 1.Hi, sory about my english. I have question. How bad weather gets in INTERLOPER ? I am running stalker and get bored after 70 days. My bigest challange at all my new starts at INTERLOPER is weather, and if weather goes even more bad, how you survive ? With all best clothing in INTEERLOPER(includes crafted) you can get above frezzing ? What is your experience after 10 days 50, 100 ? With weather in INTERLOPER.
  8. So, I only have about 40 hours in this game and bought it when it on Sale for New Years/Christmas. So, this bug report kind of poses a question, in itself, as well. If you go to create a New Sandbox Save File, select your Difficulty, then select Mystery Lake. At this section, you read: "Connects to Coastal Highway and Pleasant Valley." Well... that's wrong! It connects to Coastal Highway and Forlorn Muskeg. How do I know? Because I've been to both on my 45 Day Save File (Voyageur Difficulty). If you go South along the Railroad, you run into a tunnel that takes you to Forlorn Muskeg. If you go North along the Railroad, then you can rappel down into Coastal Highway. The question in this Bug Report is whether it's supposed to connect to Pleasant Valley or Forlorn Muskeg. As an added level of confusion, Forlorn Muskeg, Coastal Highway, AND Pleasant Valley, all three, state in their description, as well, that they connect to Mystery Lake. Now, an alternative possibility, is that there's a method of reaching Pleasant Valley via navigating The Mountainside that I am unaware of. At which point, this description would need to be changed to include 3 connections to Mystery Lake. Either way, something needs to be change here! I'm too new to know for sure what exactly needs to be changed, though! lol
  9. Hello everybody! Just a question, I dont' know if it's a bug a something new but I achieved a 'Nomad' challenge in the former version, and I started a new challenge 'Hopeless rescue' (in 7 days with the pistol) with the latest version (393). Everything was almost fine (except I had no knife, no pry-bar, no hatchet and no rifle - but still 21 cartridges!), until I took refuge in the lower dam and I've attack by a wolf IN the dam!! Just take a look to the screenshot, I had no escape! So I died... :-/ Please help! Did it happen to you?!
  10. Has anyone actually done the science regarding wearing clothing whilst you sleep? Does it actually reduce clothing wear to remove it whilst you sleep ?
  11. Hinterland has already listed the "Spring" season on their roadmap, and have hinted at full year long season change. Optional: List why and what could be added for that season.
  12. Hey Folks, Ever since I tried and bought TLD I have only played on interloper mode. I have read the guide and im currently on my 118th attempt. (sucker for punishment) Problem is I dont seem to be getting anywhere despite gaining knowledge about the maps ect? First off let me list what I do...and lets say im starting in PV and my starting location is the waterfall close to three strikes. 1, Ill head to PV Farmstead and grab the supplies and the most important 12 matches. Along the way ill pick up all sticks/shrooms and rose. 2, My next stop is PV Outbuildings, Ill grab whats available and light up a fire to get myself warmed up while making some water and getting some hot food in my belly. 3, The next stage of my trip takes me to Rural Crossroads, Ill get myself warmed, rested, watered and fed before heading off to Cinder Hills heading for CH. Now everything is going great at this point and ill hit CH with fuel for fire, some food and water. But here is were it all goes tits up. When I get to CH ill be stuck, frostbite sets in and food is low. Along the way ill either find a hammer to smash open the ice fishing holes but no mats to fish or ill find cured gut and hook but no tool to open the holes. I harvest a carcass but as you know it takes 5 days to cure. I cant seem to find a way out of this scenario. Same goes for other start points, Ill find Tool but no supplies or supplies and no tool. What am I missing lol
  13. Hey Folks, First of all hi guys, Im FO4Builder hailing from the UK and new member to forums and new player to TLD. As you can guess by my name I love Fallout 4 and also have a youtube channel for the game. I found TLD via a 1 hour free trial on XBox Live and have never reached for my wallet so fast for any game in my entire life. To find out it was only £15.99 was pure madness I would happily pay more for TLD. Its without a doubt the best survival game I have ever played and the realism/immersion of it is just outstanding not to mention the artwork. I have been playing Interloper since I bought the game and its kicking my ass and I LOVE IT! I have some suggestions and thoughts and im trying to keep them all in essence with the realism of TLD and I am aware we are in Alpha. Suggestions - Possibly already mentioned Hay Bails like in PV can be harvested for hay to use as tinder and insulation for clothing/makeshift bed roll. Lantern can be used to make fire (if im surviving the ice cold wild im sure I would find a way to get that flame out of the lantern and onto tinder) It would never take me 27 minutes to rip up a cardboard box to make into kindling. If i dont have a hatchet that wont stop me picking up a rock to smash an ice fishing hole Some cabins have glowing windows of a night time (Im not sure what thats about) Anything made of wood should have the option to harvest it for fire fuel Cars/Vans - Harvest seat covers (for makeshift clothing) Wire (Cordage) Gas (For Fires/Lamps) Glass (Makeshift knife) Ability to mark your way/path perhaps with ribbon/colored wire from cars/carving into a tree ect. More Variety in animal/plantlife (probably already planned) When I fire dies out especially in an oven the embers should last for X amount of time so you just add fuel and tinder to restart it without ignition source If im out of water and dehydrating you can bet your life im going to try and get some water from a waterfall. Well as for ideas thats what I have from my limited play time within the TLD world, If you disagree with any of the above I would like you to say why rather than just a flat out no Questions When looking for a base camp what do you look for/suggest? When storing raw food does keeping it outside extend its life? When you have played for 12 hours and your wife/girlfriend is moaning at you, whats the best way to get more play time? Haha well thats it for now folks, thanks for reading this far and thank you Hinterland for the best game I have ever played in my entire life...LITERALLY
  14. Forgive me if Hinterland already answered these, but when story mode releases: 1. Will the cut scenes with your character vary on your current clothing (like GTA)? 2. Will there be an option to view your character in 3rd person (like Skyrim)? 3. Will the hand mechanic (flare, lantern, etc) vary based on the gloves you are wearing? I hope the answer is yes to all of these questions, as it would add to the already amazing immersion factor of this game!
  15. That message flashed up on the screen briefly as I was transitioning from Timberwolf Mountain to Pleasant Valley. Game still playable, no obvious issues, so I'm just curious what the message pertains to you (other than the obvious).
  16. Sometimes while playing I've heard owl noises in unexpected places, like out on the ice where there are no trees. This seemed unrealistic. Has anybody else experienced this?
  17. I don't think we have a poll relating to the various transportation alternatives so I wanted to address that. The wishlist alludes to transportation in general with a couple of examples. The Bactrian Camel:
  18. I've been playing The Long Dark since late 2014 on my Macbook Pro 15" (mid 2010) - Mac OS Sierra (also crashed on the El Capitan). In that time I've typically been able to play at around 25-30fps on low settings. Since around 5 months ago my game crashes causing me to do a hardware reset. The crash happens 100% of the time when I load up an old save and try to go outdoors causing everything to freeze on the black loading screen. The crash also happens 100% when I start a new game / challenge and try to quit causing the computer to freeze on the menu screen. I can't alt-tab or do anything except a power reset. Here are some of the steps I've made - I have reinstalled the game via Steam. - Checked game integrity on Steam. - Tried different graphics settings. Please find my player log (from October) attached which was an attempt at playing before it crashed. I've have tried to create a dialog with Hinterland at least 4 times now in 5 months and I'm really close to giving up unfortunately Player_2.log
  19. I just came across TLD on the XBox store and played the Trial absolutely loving it. I wanted to try it out after some trial and error, I realized how much fun it was going to be. That said, I wanted to ask if buying the game preview means I'll own the game when it is fully developed and published. I had fun but if I'm going to buy the game, I would rather not pay extra just to play an incomplete version early on. Does anyone have the answer for this? Thanks!
  20. Hi I have wondered this for a long time and I finally got around to posting this: When you are heavily encumbered and can only move at a snails pace (think 45-50 kg), I have found that if you crouch and and get back up again without breaking your stride, you will move faster, albeit only slightly, than before you crouched. This effect persists until you stop moving and, if I recall correctly, I have been able to do this since the game launched and still am. I have been feeling increasingly bad for using this, in my own opinion, unfair exploit and hope you can help me with either fixing it, and save me from temptation altogether, or assure me that it's by design, and let me crouch-n'-stride with my head held as high as my enormous backpack will allow.
  21. I play on two different PCs and was wondering if it's a wise idea to just try to complete the challenges and feats on only one, or if it doesn't matter.
  22. Hi again! Recently I have been trying to craft the deerskin boots and had no issue for most of the crafting process. I had to leave Hibernia Processing where I was crafting the boots to get food from the Lighthouse where I had been keeping most of my stuff. When I went back to Hibernia Processing to finish up the crafting (only had about 2 hours left) I couldn't continue the process. The boots were in my inventory, though I was not given the option to wear them, and the materials I had used in the crafting appeared to be gone (as if the boots were finished). If you have any suggestion to why this would be happening or what I could do to fix it, I would really appreciate the feedback. Thanks a lot and Happy Gaming!
  23. When playing, parts of landscape (mountains, trees etc.) which are not supposed to be there, pop in and out of view for split seconds at a time. Sometimes static scenery like the sky and the ground also glitches and "disappears" for longer periods of time. This issue happens in multiple regions, and almost all the time, making the game uncomfortable to play. The problem was also present before the new update. I am playing the game from en external HDD, but as far as I know this should not be part of the problem, since i have done it before without glitches. Verifying the game chache did not fix this problem. Videos and a photo taken of the screen with my phone have been attached. 20161222_181839.mp4 20161222_182326.mp4
  24. What is the meaning of the red bar in the "sprinting bar" in the upper right corner and how does it work? I noticed that the red area can't be used for sprinting. However it seams to increase over time and I don't know exactly what is causing it. It's got certainly something to do with to little sleep or too much sprinting. Can anybody help?