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Found 383 results

  1. Hi, I've never made a forum post on any game before so i apologise if i've done anything wrong or this isn't in the right place but i'm really frustrated with this glitch that i have thats stopping me from progressing and i dont know where else to ask about it. Basically i'm having the same glitch that a lot of people are where on the mission where you need to get the bear coat fixed i can't interact with the bear skin on the floor. Ive tried reloading i've tried sleeping i've tried leaving and coming back and nothing is working. After yet another big update that i installed today i was hoping that it had been fixed and i'm seeing people say that it has been and yet i'm still having the exact same problem and i'm not able to advance the story past it. What am i supposed to do? Do the game creators read these?
  2. Hi folks, Did anybody notice that shadows produced from the light that the character is holding got way worse than it was before? At least on Xbox one and now PS4 that is... It's really crappy and destroys the hole graphics when lighting up a dark room/space. When I played the early access it was fine, but now it's awful. Anybody noticed this?
  3. Hey All! It's neat to see all of the forum posts that go up in other languages! I must admit though that I am terribly Anglo and so cannot participate personally Like the topic said, I was just curious where the various folks on the forums hail from. If I missed your country be sure to leave a comment so it gets recognized. My apologies but you're only allowed 20 items in a poll so I'm sure I'm missing some people I'm basically taking my most inclusive guess based off a really old info graphic (http://gamingshogun.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/long-dark-infographic.jpg) and the language list from the international forums page. Consider this as a very informal census to replace the new forum's missing country badges As for me, I'm from good ol' Ontario, Canada
  4. Obviously Orange soda is orange flavored and Stacey's grape soda is grape flavored, But what flavor is Summit soda? I'm guessing from the can model it's lemon lime or citrus flavored, I would also guess gingerale but i would think it would be called summit gingerale in that case. (BTW please don't jump down my throat if Summit is a actual brand in Canada or something)
  5. So, I am trying to complete the famous bear quest. Kind of dumb but I took my clothes off (NOT DROPPED) to shoot it (because it always mauls me - no matter how far away I try to shoot it). My clothes magically disappeared - seriously I have looked everywhere around the area before I die of hypothermia....and I have quadruple checked the inventory. I cannot load an earlier save so I am literally screwed because I can't get to new clothes in time before I die. Any way to load earlier saves than the ones the game auto-saves? I'm literally so angry right now because I think the game glitched and if I can't load an earlier save I'll have to start over. Which I probably won't do because this story is so frustrating, boring, and disappointing.
  6. What a beautiful sound track Hinterland. Is there way to purchase the sound track. That main theme is awesome!
  7. Hi Guys I am playing TLD since 2015, recently I started the wintermute , when i killed the bear and came back with Bear ear to Jeremiah and He said to go Dam at night where Aurora at the sky. but i saw many players have issue because Aurora is disappear !! well i have the solution, if you waiting long at the dam for Aurora just forget it and go back to the cave near Jeremiah hut and wait for the night in the cave, when Aurora comes at sky the whole gave turn into green, i tried this two times and successful (the image is attach) but remember rest at caver for few hours drop everything and run towards dam. Many thanks : Silent Walker
  8. I've been playing TLD for a few years, but I'm wondering how long does it take for animals to respawn? Since Hinterland has probably changed it, I want to know the most current number. Now, I do know it depends on how aggressive your hunting is, but an average number is fine.
  9. question

    At the start of episode 2, there was music with actual lyrics and a music video. What is the name of this song?
  10. Was walking back to Hibernia Processing, my home in Desolation Point. Passing by the Stone Church, I stopped to draw an area onto my map, then resumed and slid forwards a bit into a decline against a fence. I have tried crouching and walking in all directions, and even dropped some coal to try and lighten my load and sprint out of the hole, but to no avail. I took some screenshots of my view. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. I was playing the story mode on my pc, suddenly the electricity went off and my pc shutdown. When i logged back in to play the other day, My save file dissappeared. Please help, I domt want to lose my progress.
  12. Mein freund spielt dieses spiel auf der xbox one. Der Bär kommt ein letztes mal auf ihn zu er druckt ab und der bar is tot. Das ohr bekommt er, stirbt aber dann beim zerlegen des bären. Beim neu laden kommt der bär kurz auf ihn zu und fällt um. Kein ohr und bei den missionen ist ein hacken aber nur 5 von 6 Bären Begegnungen. Was tun? Er is richtig sauer was ich auch verstehen kann. Bitte helft mir
  13. So I'm in the bank by the vault, where I last saved all was normal. But upon reopening my game everything is upside down - like I am under the scene displayed and am surrounded by blank coloured surroundings. See image attached. I have exited the game and re-entered, I have tried resting, I have verified the game cache, drivers all up to date, restarted my PC, and have the latest game update. Let me know what would be the best way forward. I'm on PC.
  14. So I've been waiting for this game to come to consoles for a while now as my computer is...not at all suited for games. Finally able to get this on PS4, I was quite dismayed to see how small the text is. My eyesight is fine, and I have a decently sized TV and I'm sitting an appropriate distance from it, but I can barely read the text. It's bad enough to prevent me from playing. Is there any chance of this being fixed ;-;?
  15. I have made about 15 new sandbox game for ML not one of them have the Cache near Office
  16. I Bought my game a year ago i think, I played it for a while and then it became a little bit boring. I didn't play it for a year at least, now when i want to play it i looked in my library and it was gone. When i go to the store page it only says that i have to buy it again. Please Help, i really want to play that game again. And after all i have bought it already And also when you look on my profile the hours on the game is gone too. All achievements are gone. Please help! Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198179514279/
  17. When you are ready to permanently depart an area, how do you decide what to bring and what to leave behind? I usually will repair all of my clothes to 100%, take all of my canned and packaged foods, water, all fire starting devices, the hatchet, knife, rifle/gun, sleeping bag and tool box. This will often find me over the allotted weight. I find it hard to decide on everything else and I hate doing the slow-poke walk, give me your wisdom...
  18. So I am at the part where I got in the elevator with help of the aurora effect, and this place is creepy as heck. I'm now on the lower stage of the dam in the elevator and only one thing on my mind: Is Fluffy with me? I don't usually like spoilers but I'm too terrified to move now. Is she in the dam? If she is.. Welp, I quess i have no others choice than the good old "Yolo"
  19. To whom this concerns. After waiting a few days in-game for an aurora, I have finally been able to enter the bunker. However, I have had to wait until the aurora is over so I didn't get electrocuted. Once this has happened and I collected what I needed until I discovered that I can't leave without another aurora; despite being able to see the hatch is open. I have now waited a few in-game days but no aurora has occurred. I am starting to question whether the switch box in the bunker should have had something to do with reopening the hatch or whether it's just there to stop the wires from electrocuting me the next there's an aurora. Either way, I'd liked to know whether I'm expected to wait it out or whether there's currently a bug involving the switch.
  20. I am normally playing Wintermute, and suddenly fog rolls in. No big deal I just wait it off. It has been now 3 days (and nights) foggy and the vision is awful. What is this??? This is unplayable! I like this game but it clearly doesn't ilke me.
  21. Подобрал болторез и долгое время носил его с собой, но не использовал его. Позднее выложил болторез, кузнечный молот, спальный мешок так как нужно было освободить немного места и лёг спать (сделал сохранение) и пошёл тренироваться в стрельбе с сигнального пистолета по волку. После неудачного выстрела выходил и пробовал снова. Дошло до того, что после очередной загрузки исчезли инструменты, а остался только спальный мешок. Сохранение неудачное. Перепроходить не собираюсь, слишком много потратил времени на прохождение. Что делать?
  22. Hey. So, I've reached the point in the journal where it tells me: "Grey Mother seems deep in thought. Return to her once she's rested a while." How long exactly is that supposed to be? I've gone around all of Milton and collected everything I can, rested, and I've slept at least three or four days. I've got no food or water at the moment, and I'm concerned that this may be a bug. Can someone clarify? If it is a glitch, I'd like to report it, obviously, and if it's something I can fix, I'd love some help. I've supported this game since the day it came onto Xbox and I love it. I could swear I've put about 12 hours into the story mode so far and I really don't want to restart it, although if I must, I will. Thanks~
  23. Hey guys I have been playing the game for a couple of hours now and have already completed Episode 1 (which was quite amazing ). The thing is that I am stuck on the part where you must go to the repair shed to fix Jeremiah's rifle, but I am unable to locate it. Should I continue through the tunnel or attempt to get above the tunnel? Thanks
  24. Hello all, Im a new player and new to the forums (picked up the game August 1st. Finished sorry mode and just 15-20 days into pilgrim. Wanted to start easy because I am still trying to get a feel for the game as story and survival seem really different) hoping to get some clarification on animal respawn rates. Specifically I wanted to know. 1. Are the specific spawn rates for each animal; rabbits, deer, wolfs and bears after they are killed and fully harvested? 2. Does the rate change in different difficulties? 3. Can you wipeout the animals so they don't respawn? Example if I come across a group of rabbits (3-4) and I kill and harvest them all would that have an effect on a possible spawn rate? 4. Can respawn location change or is set? I am asking in terms of survival mode. Thanks for any help/tips you have! -Rayir