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Found 461 results

  1. Ein paar Erkenntnisse und ein paar offene Fragen zu den Elchen. Frage 1: Spawnverhalten Die Informationen von Hinterland Studios sind ja überschaubar. Ich bin jetzt jedoch viele Stunden über zwei Maps geirrt, bevor ich dann erstmals die abgewetzten Bäume gefunden habe. Und auch das nur, weil ich ein Custom-Spiel mit hoher Spawn-Rate erstellt habe... Wenn das Spawn-Verhalten ähnlich dem eines Bären ist, gibt es dann feste Orte, an denen ein Elch erscheinen kann - und je nach Dichte der Elch-Poplulation dann zufällig auftaucht oder halt nicht? Oder ist es komplett random? Frage 2: Ausweichen Ich wollte das Risiko nicht eingehen, von dem Viel umgerannt zu werden und hatte ein glückliches Händchen mit dem Gewehr. Habt ihr Erfahurngen, inwiefern ich dem Tier einfach ausweichen kann? Wenn ich mich z.B. neben einem Baum stelle und dann dafür sorge, dass der Baum zwischen mir und dem Elch ist, kann ich dann in Ruhe nachladen? Oder reicht es, wenn er mir nah genug kommt, um dann in die Animation für den Ramm-Angriff überzugehen? Gefundene Antworten Die Antworten, die ich bereits zur Elchjagd gefunden habe, habe ich hier zusammengefasst: http://klabautermannlp.info/2017/12/14/6-antworten-zum-elche-jagen-in-the-long-dark/ Hier übrigens meine erste Elch-Begegnung im Video:
  2. Yeah, As I remember, the rifle model in Wintermute is quite different. But when we equip it, it's the default model. Same in cut-scenes. Is this a bug or oversight/done deliberately?
  3. I've tried inquiring about this in the steam forum but that didn't work out the way I hoped it would, so I thought I might have better luck here and maybe even a response from a dev. So anyway, if I'm not mistaken, it seems as if each animal species has their own base spawn chance, so even if I give them the same spawn chance in the custom difficulty settings, they are not going to be equally common. That makes me wonder how common or rare I should expect each animal to be with each setting.
  4. Soooo I was prancing around in custom mode and I finally found some saplings, but... This was a maple sapling, and it was already harvested. I didn't even know this part of the map so I'm sure I never touched it. And later, I found this two birch saplings, but only one of them was still there, the other one (on the right) was already harvested. This is a moose spawning zone, or at least I saw one kinda close from here. Does moose eat saplings, or do saplings sometimes just spawn already cut? Not complaining or anything, just curious. I have to admit this was a bit creepy... Did any of you guys experience anything like that?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has fallen through the ice on Forlorn / Coastal wearing the new Moose Cloak does it help in any way ????
  6. Is there a way to stand at the edge of a cliff, that has a mountaineering rope and drop items off the edge, until you are no longer encumbered? Then you can shimmy down and pick up the items when on the ground. If not, please use this post as a suggestion!
  7. Hi! My patch just finished installing(yay!) I decided to start in Milton. I only ever had one major peeve about game play and that was the wolf behavior so you can imagine how excited I was to give myself a challenge, but also passive wolves! But here's my question.. My Settings: WILDLIFE BEHAVIOR: Wildlife Smell Range: Medium Scent Increase: Medium Passive Wildlife: No Wolf Fear: High Wildlife Detection Range: Medium I spawned into Milton, two wolves caught wind of me and attacked. I know what you're thinking "Well you have passive wildlife off.." yes, because I want bears to be aggressive, and moose, but wolves no. So I assumed wolves would run away given their fear is high and when they sense me, they flee. This is an option given to me so I used it. I didn't have meat on me, all they did was detect me. Neither wolf ran, nor the third I bumped into. "Affects the chance that wolves will flee when detecting you, rather than hunting you" Why does this not apply? Just because I turned passive wildlife off? Then why leave wolf fear there? Every other animal should be aggressive with the options I chose above, not wolves, because the fear is high. They should run away from me when I'm around. I want my main fear to be moose, bears and the weather, not wolves. Why is the option there if it doesn't come into play at all? And if the turned off passive wildlife negates fearful wolves, then I think it should be perhaps faded out or swap back when you make a change to either. Is this supposed to work like this? It doesn't make much sense to me at all. Should I adjust the detection range? I didn't want to make wildlife 100% passive, only wolves.. I was hoping there would have been a section for each animal type and their behavior. If I make passive wildlife active, then everything runs away! A bear fleeing from me when I'm in their den doesn't feel right to me, I guess. I hope someone can give me clarity about this.
  8. 1. I set the high probability of the appearance of the Aurora and I see it for the first two nights in a row - of course, this is too often and I put a medium - in four days no Aurora at all.2. Recovery while sleeping is "low" - no treatment at all (!) This does not differ in any way from the parameter "none".3. The high density of things in a non-empty box means their absence and vice versa. WTF? I'm very angry because to find out this, you have to start new game every time - is this a beta test? To understand how any option really works, you need to start the new game, and if it comes to fighting with a wolf more than once! Make it so that some of the settings can be changed during the game to understand their values or make a table where everything is indicated with the use of numbers. Is it so hard?
  9. Hello survivors. I need, for recording reasons, to hide the hud (not only with TAB) and to hide the breath of the character. How can i do this?
  10. Question for devs, I think. Like in the title, how much meters/feets it is? I really want to know as to understand what kind of turture Will need to overcome.
  11. question

    in the sandbox mode is the aurora random or do you do specific thing to make it happen?
  12. Wolves don't seem to be scared of me. I can't chase them off no matter what. Throw a flare at them? They don't care. Throw a torch at them? Still don't care. Shoot a flare shot at them? They run 10 yards but come right back. I just don't understand why flares and torches don't work for me, when we could brandish instead of throwing our on weapon it worked almost perfectly. But of coarse they removed it for some reason. It just seems like I'm the only one who suffers from this problem, everyone else can scare them but me! Am I really just that unlucky?
  13. What will happend if we die in Wintermute?
  14. Just checking whether or not the Aurora has been disabled or not in survival mode on the Xbox One console. I have been playing a normal sandbox I started recently from Forlorn Muskeg and so far at around 20 days I have witnessed no Aurora. I understand their frequency has beeen reduced to increase rarity but this feels slightly too unlikely.
  15. Just a quick question. I seem to remember there being issues with the aurora in survival sandbox. so have they been resolved? I've had a survival sandbox going for about 9 days, kind of figured I would have seen something by now.
  16. Helo guys. I need to know, if i buy the Music for The Long Dark -- Volume One, can i download it to my phone, or hear it in my PC without Steam? This Music for The Long Dark -- Volume One is like a normal album that i can download? Thanks.
  17. I Bought my game a year ago i think, I played it for a while and then it became a little bit boring. I didn't play it for a year at least, now when i want to play it i looked in my library and it was gone. When i go to the store page it only says that i have to buy it again. Please Help, i really want to play that game again. And after all i have bought it already And also when you look on my profile the hours on the game is gone too. All achievements are gone. Please help! Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198179514279/
  18. I realize there is already one, if not several threads regarding this particular painful achievement. This requires a new thread though, because it's alot of information, and I've run out of research and cross referencing to solve this on my own. I started a Voyager run to complete achievements and to farm for the 6 badges. My current stats with every possible mapping done ingame: The final location I found was Abandoned Camp in Forlorn Muskeg, near Low Blind, but alas, no achievement triggered upon finding it. All named locations don't necessarily recieve their name on the zoomed out map, but rather a larger icon that always shows, so it's hard to determine if that could be a factor. I'm seeking some fresh eyes to potentially spot the missing locations, although I assume Milton is included in this somehow, and therefor isn't achieveable. Much like the flare cache still isn't fixed. The following are my mappings of the individual zones. They're put in spoiler tags, because they are very thorough, and spoilers should never be forced. Broken Railroad (starting point) Forlorn Muskeg Mystery Lake Ravine Winding River Pleasant Valley Timberwolf Mountain Coastal Highway Crumbling Highway Desolation Point
  19. I'm new to the forums and have a few questions. How is your profile/community status thing determined? Like the wolfbait, pathfinder, prepper, ect. How does the reputation system work? Sorry if this has been asked recently, couldn't find anything.
  20. question

    I'm on @ day 100. I'm almost done exploring (and looting) all regions. I began to think about "The Long Haul" (surviving as many days as possible) and what items I should begin conserving (should have started long ago) for that goal. Some finite items come to mind which may eventually cause my death: Cloth - Mainly needed to repair clothes (although I can fall back on "hide" clothing eventually) Needed for Improvised tools (although I can break down wood by hand and also Harvest by hand at lvl 5 skill) Bandages Rifle Ammo - I have started using the Bow but how effective is it against deer? (Seems getting close enough may be a challenge) Light Source (maybe?) Comments, Recommendations?
  21. I was wondering if all arrows that are used to kill an animal (wolf in this instance) could be recovered? I recently acquired my first bow. I was charged by a wolf and plugged him pretty good with my first shot. He whimpered and began to flee. Seconds later he turned and came back at me. I loosed my second arrow and he dropped immediately but when I went to harvest the meat and what not I was only able to recover one arrow. Is this normal? Thanks!
  22. I'm currently lvl 3 Archery. I have yet to try to take on a bear with the bow. I know the bleed-out rate is greater and one arrow should do the trick. What are some strategies you use?
  23. When making Fishing Hooks, it gives me the option to use my hands or a toolbox. I see no benefit to using the toolbox - in fact, why use it and have it degrade when I don't need to?
  24. If somebody know how to fix the problem before the event was over i take !
  25. Evening all! So, Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend, Halloween is two weeks away and American Thanksgiving is shortly after that. Last year, Hinterlands released a special event in the sandbox with Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, and demon wolves. I for one really enjoyed it. Although nothing has been announced yet (and I definitely don't speak for the studio!) would the community at large enjoy another themed event for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.?