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Found 366 results

  1. At the moment when using a light source in hand there is almost no relative movements of objects in hand. I think the new gas lamp movements and perspective based movement are a great improvement. But I think it can still be improved on a great deal. As always, never quite sure if its in the works but I'll say it anyway. I think all the light source objects sit to close to your face when equipped in game, they need to appear to be held further away from the perspective. The item should be slightly waved in turn with the players movement. Example, flare light source, waved slightly down and left upon left turn, waved slightly up and right on right turn, waved slightly further forward upon acceleration and rearward upon deceleration.
  2. Welcome! In celebration of the release of the 2016 Canadian Census results (we like weird things up here) it's time for another census of the forums community! Are the tougher experience modes more preferred now? Have the Stalker players all migrated to Interloper? Do we have more non-PC players present now? Let's find out! You can also find last year's census here:
  3. Thought of this last night while playing.... What's going to happen to the fishing huts if the sandbox ever has a season change feature implemented?
  4. Should there be modding in the game? It's a question that comes up a lot especially when it concerns difficulty levels, animal behaviour and weather. However, @Raphael van Lierop has said in the forums that he's not in favour of modding since it would change the game to the point where it isn't The Long Dark any longer. I was wondering what the community's opinion was and whether there was a middle ground. Personally, I'd love to be able to add custom items (e.g. scoped rifle, ice fishing auger) and my own maps which, realistically, I would never have time to build! However, I'm also of the opinion that as far as the overall game and atmosphere is concerned the developers have a really solid handle on what makes The Long Dark great and I have no interest in messing with it. So, community input is good... but only to a certain extent! What are your thoughts?
  5. I am curious about snow shelters; why aren't they used more often by players (or vice versa)? Do you use them often yourself? What are the good points and bad points of snow shelters? What should be changed about snow shelters? Should we have more types of snow shelters such as simple trench style, quinzhee, snow tent, full on igloo? Counter-point: are more types of snow shelters overkill and unnecessary and why? What situations would you think a snow shelter would be handy for? What do you think about how long it takes to build a quick snow shelter? Would you be ok with expending more time to construct a nicer snow shelter that might be warmer for instance? Think about if you could construct your skookum shelter in stages. Under what circumstances will a bear rip into a snow shelter? Has it happened to you? Do wolves get into your snow shelter too? In the interests of saving space, I prefer not to see posts with extensive quotes; just quickly refer to the questions OR delete the quote before hitting Submit. Or just go free form with whatever strikes you as interesting. I've added a poll place holder that I will modify later (hopefully) with the most interesting questions and the range of proposals made.
  6. Hi guys, I just made a video mashing up The Long Dark's game-play with Tommy Wiseau's "memorable" performance in 2003's movie "The Room". Hope you enjoy it.
  7. I wanted to add a note of thanks to the designers of the game and the forum. As a retired individual I find that this forum and this game gives me an outlet in an increasingly frustrating real world; a way to interact with people socially and a way to escape the cares of the modern world with all of its politics. I like the exploration aspects of this game but I also really love the aesthetic aspects such as fires, scenery, wild life. For me, it's not just about another game, its also about the experience. I do really enjoy solving the challenge aspects of the game but even more, I like the social aspects of this forum. Thanks to Raphael and the developers and the support people and volunteers! Thanks also to the community who have made this game a really cooperative venture, not only here on the forum, but also on YouTube where we interact on our favourite YouTube gamer's videos. A very special thanks to @GELtaz, @Hadrian, GrayStillPlays, LMG, Generikb, @GamerNate, @stacyplays, @DacianMH (Dacian Hantig), @Jytton Lames, @Willowest, @accurize2 and many others too numerous to list who not only produce wonderful TLD videos, but who also answer questions and provide play feedback to our gamers. We are also involved with the survival of our favourite gamers as a community! It's what makes The Long Dark a wonderful thing; more than just a game; it's a community! Please add other YouTube gamers who you think deserve a shout out. Thanks! Merci mes amies!
  8. While playing TLD i was thinking a little about story mode when it struck me that we might (80% sure) have humans that we will have to kill in self defence or to save another survivor as shown in your story mode trailer at 1:26 were Will Mackenzie (i assume) kills two other survivors to save the one lying on the ground. So if we got hostile humans in story mode i think that a damage system like the one in Rimworld were very specific parts of your body can be damaged or destroyed could fit really good in TLD. Im not saying that we need to have liver transplants and that but maybe some parts of the system like you will lose some consciousness if in great pain or if you've lost too much blood from your wounds you'll pass out for a certain amount of time or never wake up again if the wounds are too severe when passing out. what i mean with "lose some consciousness" is that if you have lost some consciousness the screen will get darker and you will get wobbly just like when you are really hurt >10% Condition but your character will also do things slower like turning or reloading. If npc's roam in story mode then if you pass out because blood loss then if one of them finds you unconscious then they might save you so you'll wake up in a house somewere after you've recovered. This is a really bad explanation of what i really mean but its 2 past midnight and im tired so can't really do my best or finnish this to 100% but please try to understand and if you wonder about anything just ask me and i WILL reply.
  9. When a bear attacks us, why do we just lay there and let it happen? This is a question that went through my head this morning while I was watching the edge, my favorite movie, for about the 10th time in the past 24 hours... Anthony Hopkins ( charles) and Alec Baldwin (Bob) would be ashamed of this complete lack of effort from our survivor. Now, I couldn't find the bear fight scene on youtube. But I did find the most awesome and iconic and my favorite scene from the whole movie to add here. What one man can do another can do! Let us kill the bear!
  10. I don't think we have a poll relating to the various transportation alternatives so I wanted to address that. The wishlist alludes to transportation in general with a couple of examples. The Bactrian Camel:
  11. I know that the game developers have taken months to create intricate maps for you to traverse (which are trully beautiful as well; good job hinterland) but possibly in any future maps, could you change some of the environmental settings for that specific area perhaps. Bys this, I mean that a new location added could be unique in that due to the water being excessively salty (even more so than sea water) it remains a liquid thoughout the gameplay experience. This specific idea could also add new gameplay options to the game which weren't possible before. One example is that the lake from mystery lake could be melted meaning that the player had to find a way to travers their way around its icy depths. Perhaps even a makeshift raft item could be created and could be used to gently row your way acrross. Another idea would be that you would have to trudge your way through some shallow rivers. A raft may not be an option due to the current in this instance and a bridge may be broken, so perhaps to prevent your boots and trousers from absorbing all that water you could find or craft some form of waterproof trousers and Wellington boots. Not only that, adding rivers could be an opportunity for the addition of shallow fishing traps using the current (there is an example of this in The Revenant). You should also be able to collect in dirty water from rivers for uses. And maybe even if they do add the ability to salt meat to preserve it, you collect it by boiling sea water. Finally, I also think that adding a flowing river with maybe even floating ice platforms on or a melted lake would just look awesome and be incredibly nice to look at for everyone. Discuss your thoughts on this idea and any suggestions for this idea below.
  12. Hello guys and gals! SpoonyMass here..., So I'm getting back into The Long Dark. It's been quite the break from it. New episodes start this week (Thursday March 2nd @12/1PM on SpoonyMass). But, you know, shameless promotion out of the way, let's get to the reason for my post. Recent in my endeavours to survive I caught a bunny in a snare. With consideration that I had never done this before in game (or in real life and absolutely not without the lack of trying), I was excited in absolute. But then my thinking kicked in and I realized that I had a pair of running shoes, some ripped up pants and a even more torn sweatshirt on my person not to mention I would have to skin this kill with a hatchet; which, true to actual reality, isn't the easiest of task to undertake. I was already cold, almost frozen and I could only go for the meaty goodness before having to settle near a fire to warm up. Got me thinking..., Small game should be something that one could pick up and take back to base. I'm sure it'd add some considerable weight; moreover, the wolves would probably be on your scent more than they actually are. But I think it still should be an option. Seriously though, this game is top. I love the layer system and I like the fact that I run faster with my clothes off now (I have this nasty habit of going all Liam Neeson on a wolf or two).
  13. I know that the game is a "sandbox" and that the story mode for the game is not yet done, but it would be nice to add some small stories to give locations a deeper feel. The way I would implement these is through the use of small journals, notes and other forms of simple literature found in and around locations that tell stories from before the disaster. You may also be able to find them near the clutches of corpses, giving them more intricacy and purpose in the game. This would be very similar to the ones found in Bethesda titles such as Skyrim where every book contributed to the lore. The difference would be that in The Long Dark you have the relaxed state of mind to actually bother to read them and not go and kill the dragon swooping down overhead. Comment your thoughts on this idea and also comment any ideas you may have for sub stories and which locations they would suit.
  14. Hello, I'm not a very active forum member, but I do enjoy, fear and love this game. Even in Alpha it shows a mature degree you can hardly see out there. I started this topic because I just had my first sour moment playing TLD. I've achieve 21/22 of steam badges and I was about to beat 200days (stalker) badge before starting a higher difficult challenge. I was wearing +22ºC clothes and sleeping in a Bearskin Bedroll (+5,6º bonus by then... a bit used) and I just died of Hypotermia while sleeping at a fishing cabin. As you can see in the screenshot, I've played some other long runs and I spent as much time outside as I can but never died of hypotermia before so I believe the heaviest blizzard ever struck CH that dammed night. Have you ever experience strange temperature fluctiactions that might cause you dying while sleeping? If you pass time you can monitor your status and weather while looking thru the window (which makes sense), but dying while sleeping SO CLOSE to the 200th night has been a bit heartbreaking. Maybe a last warning from your body and natural instinct.. enough to use an emergency stim and drink a hot beverage (5 or 10 minutes game time) would make sense? Anyway... "never think you can outsmart the death" are going to be my first words every morning in the next sandbox. And everytime I go to bed. Keep up the good work and thanks for your comments/suggestions.
  15. Every experience of starting Interloper in Desolation Point seems particularly doomed to failure. I've narrowed my problems with it down to one issue. Calories. Even if I succumb to cold or thirst, the issue is always calories in the end. I need them because I can't really afford to create a lot of fires to heat me, if I even manage to find matches at all. Beds are the immediate way to heat myself. To get the obvious out of the way, I grab every mushroom, roseberry and make sure to only consume them before I sleep. The problem of calories is a chain of events that involve moving through the same maps too many times. The only way to create a stable source of calories is to hunt and I can't hunt without forging iron tools, knives to make snares and arrowheads to hunt game. For that to work I need the hammer and the hammer is never found on that map. The first step is light. I can't run straight out of Desolation Point and preserve any loose calories on it because all exits are caves that are impossible to navigate without light. So before I leave the place, I need to find at the very least one light source (there usually is another one in the mine, but I need light to find it). In searching for that light I have to stay inside Desolation Point and use a good deal if not most of its free calories. By the time I have found one, I will have stayed on the map far longer than I intended to and I will have gone through most available free calories in attempts to warm up in beds. The second step is condition. At this point, having used up most free calories in my vicinity, I tend to leave the map at 25% condition or less which, dwindles down to 15% or less as I cross the connecting map to coastal highway. At the start of Coastal Highway it's a long walk to the coastal townsite. The first house on one of the islands is closer, but provides fewer opportunities to find more free calories. The last five percent condition run out before I manage to reach either destination. The third step is backtracking. If I am lucky and manage to find the hammer in the gas station at Coastal Townsite, I can head straight back to Desolation Point. There are some more free calories around here, so I also have the option of moving onward to Mystery Lake or Pleasant Valley to look further if I can't find the hammer right away. Either way, eventually I have to backtrack through the now free-calorie depleted maps, still without being able to generate calories myself. I die. A lot. The fourth step is extra time. On one occasion I found the hacksaw early on, which helped me through step three a bit easier by scrounging just a few kilograms of deer meat from corpses. I managed to make it back to the Riken and forged all I needed. At the end of it I was still stuck in Desolation Point with no free calories left and no bow. I couldn't make traps because the intestines needed time to cure and I would have still needed time to actually catch anything. I still died the next day all while being extremely lucky to have found the hacksaw at all. The fifth step would have been getting out of these calorie depleted maps a THIRD time, but I never managed to get that far. I already do not see how I could have made it beyond the third step without the hacksaw, there just aren't enough free calories to cross in and out of the same areas. If I could somehow make more calories (without resorting to potatoes and rocket fuel), I'd have a better chance at getting through these five steps and maybe reach Trapper's Cabin. I have at this point played maybe 40 Interloper 'matches' and paid close attention to guides people have written and recorded for it. It hasn't proven enough yet and I am starting to wonder if it ever will. This is is feedback, but I would appreciate advice on how to get through these steps better.
  16. Just a heads up - don't get too good at the skills until you've gone through the world gathering books - if you want the bookworm badge. Once you hit level 5 (4 in some cases) the books won't allow study because your skills are beyond what they have to teach. This makes sense, but in my current game I hit level 5 on harvesting and cooking before ever leaving Timberwolf Mountain. My strategy was to stay 100 days in each area before moving on. The next stop, Pleasant Valley, had books on - you guessed it - harvesting and cooking. By the time I left Pleasant Valley everything was at level 4 or 5 and all study books were just tinder. Unknowingly, the 100 day stay strategy I had set, with my eyes on the ultimate 500 day badge, knocked me out of the running for the bookworm badge.
  17. So, I'm on the Nomad Challenge and trying to beat the challenge (not hard, just long) and get some achievements along the way. Somehow, I got Pacifist Achievement, but this doesn't make any sense considering that I killed at least 5 wolves along the way via attacks. When you fight back, you kill them, and I even harvested the bodies, so I'm not sure what's going on here. P.S. I wasn't sure if this was a bug report or if this was intended, so I placed it here.
  18. Hello all. I'm a little curious about how people's play styles may differ, and one thing that came to mind is planning and the journal. I'm rubbish at making any kind of plans, I usually know what I need to do any particular day r over the course of a couple of days (weather permitting - blizzards in PV almost had me starving to death recently) hunt, gather wood and so on, but I don't tend to think much longer ahead other than in a very general sense (need more hides for new pants). I also tend to forget what exactly I leave at various shelters when I have too much to bring to my main one, especially as it may be weeks or months between gaming sessions. So, I've recently started to use the journal to take down notes to keep track of things like that. So my question is this, do you plan ahead?
  19. What new things can the player say to increase the playing experience? What situations can use new vocalizations?
  20. Firestarting Level 3 enables the player to start a fire without tinder. Because of this, cat tail heads, newspapers and tinder plugs become completely useless. I think it should at least be possible to burn them, getting a few minutes and degrees out of them, but maybe they can be used for something else. Ideas so far include: Tinder could improve the chances of starting a fire (@CalNieDaGtarGuy) Tinder could be used to start fires (Firepiston) (@Rolandtigerfish) Tinder could be compressed into Firelogs or Pellets (@Seshins @vancopower) Firepiston Pellet Compressor [Note: Could a moderator or other official tell me if I should include the results of the discussion in the original post or not? Thanks]
  21. So, I don't know about everybody else, but for me, this Nomad Challenge is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. Now, keep in mind, this level of difficulty is not due to the "challenge" presented, but rather the challenge within the challenge, which is: Boredom! Seriously, guys, I think you should reduce the time required to be inside of the specific building down from 3 Days to 1 Day (or less). It is soooooooooooo easy to do on Voyager difficulty that I'm getting very bored from it. I'm receiving absolutely no challenging aspects of this so-called "challenge". In fact, I'll be able to complete 2 more Achievements (Silent Hunter and Happy Harvester), while, simultaneously, completing this Nomad "Challenge". Am I the only one who thinks that the number of days inside of the buildings should be reduced!?
  22. So, recently my coffee maker broke. Without it, I've been dumping coffee grinds straight into the hot water, (AKA campfire coffee) and it looks something like this.. Anyway, this got me thinking. How does the survivor make his morning Joe? Does he use the same strong, gritty method? Probably so, with the lack of electricity or a maker. But surely in the northern Canadian wilderness, SOMEONE has to own an old stainless steel campfire percolator. There would have to be an added perk to using the percolator as opposed to mixing grinds into the hot water, however, or it would be a pointless addition to the game. I really have no idea what that would be, since every cup of coffee is virtually the same effect no matter how it's made. But yall sound off on this thread and pitch some ideas! Let's make it happen
  23. This is my very first post on this forum so I want to take the opportunity to thank you guys at Hinterland for making an awesome game, I have played for over 40 hours and I love every single minute of it. Now on to the subject, I don't know if this have been mentioned before but here goes; You walk a lot to get to different places which is cool, I like it, but what would be even cooler is if you could get around the map using skis, ice skates and sleighs! The game takes place in a snowy Canada so there is bound to be at least one pair of skis laying around. I think the expeditions would be even more exciting and fun if you had a small sleigh that you could use to pack some of your stuff in and make longer expeditions as you can travel faster than what you can do on foot and don't have to search for food just as often if you have a lot of food with you and you can pack the stuff that you find along the way in the sleighs storage. It's just an idea that I got that I think would be very cool. I don't know if it is possible for you guys at Hinterland to implement this in the game but I really hope you at least will give it a thought as I think this is something that the game is missing. If anyone else got more ideas about this subject please feel free to post them here as I would love to read them
  24. The overhaul to the clothing system in the Resolute Outfitter update was a truly welcomed and refreshing event. It not only changed how we clothe ourselves from the elements, but also contributed a significant diversity in the variety of clothes and garments we can find and craft. That being said, I still think that there might be a few items that would provide even more diversity and fill vacant niches if they were added into the game. This topic is open to anyone with new ideas for clothing and appeal. Let me get the ball rolling with a few of my own ideas: Silk Liners Description: "Thin, lightweight socks designed to wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable." Slot: Feet Weight: 0.10 kg (0.22 lbs) Warmth: 0.25o C (0.5o F) Windchill: 0o C (0o F) Waterproof: 40% Protection: 0% Sprint: 0% Repair: 1 cloth, 75% in 15 minutes Rabbit Fur Cap Description: "A handcrafted cap made out of warm, fluffy rabbit's fur." Slot: Head Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) Warmth: 2o C (3.6o F) Windchill: 1.5o C (2.7o F) Waterproof: 50% Protection: 3% Sprint: 0% Recipe: 3 rabbit pelts, 2 guts, 8 hours to fabricate w/ sewing kit Repair: 1 rabbit pelt, 1 gut, 30% in 30 minutes Galoshes Descripiton: "Encased in waterproof rubber and lined with insulation, these tough boots have been worn by fishermen and miners alike to keep their feet warm and dry." Slot: Feet Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs) Warmth: 2o C (3.6o F) Windchill: 1o C (1.8o F) Waterproof: 80% Protection: 7% Sprint: 10% Repair: 1 Leather, 30% in 90 minutes
  25. I know that like 75% of the dev team is working on the story mode but here are a few things i think should be added to the game. Me and a lot of other players does not like the way the current food/hunger system works right now because when you "starve" you die really fast compared to real life were your body starts to break down fats and muscles to keep your body running but in TLD you die in like a day and i do not like that at all. What i suggest is that the devs add body weight that affects you in a lot of ways like your strength and how long you can keep warm in a cold climate and how good you will survive against a attack from wildlife and how much calories you use while moving and sleeping. You should be able to get overweight so you cant carry a lot and you become slow and tiered easily but you can keep your body heat much better and you do not have to eat for a really long time. You should also be able to get under weight which leads to weakness and you can barely do anything physical because your body is running on fumes of energy and even if you get your hands on food after you've been starving for a long time you shouldn't be able to eat a lot because your body is now used to not have a big intake of food for example the jews in nazi Germany who were walking skeletons and when they were saved they had to be given a special diet to not die when they finally got to eat. The devs should also add a flashlight thats high quality(waterproof LED) and one low quality (not waterproof and uses a lightbulb and its weak and has low range) and they use batteries and this is lightweight and much better than the 2 Kg lantern that uses fuel and it takes time to turn on the lantern The HQ flashlight (LED) uses 2 AA batteries and lasts for 5 hours but depending on the power left in the batteries it will give out a weaker light after 2 hours and a quite weak after 3 and the last 15 min is almost useless. The LQ flashlight (normal lightbulb) uses 3 AA batteries and lasts for 3.5 hours and it will give out a weaker light after 1.5 hours and a quite weak after 3 and the last 30 mins are almost useless but this is just how i think these stats should be but i have not look up how much weaker flashlights become after time. The HQFL is a lot more durable because its made out of lightweight aluminium compared to the LFL which is made out of low quality plastic. A nice addition would be to add chemicals/chemistry to the game so you can use normal household chemicals for some useful stuff like here: but you might want to read a chemistry book before using some of them(in game). It would be nice to be able to take down burnt down houses and the fishing huts for planks because they are really not that useful and with the wood we can fuel fires or build a snow sled with them. It would also be useful to be able to blow into your hands when they are cold because thats what you do when they are cold and this could save you from frostbite on your hands at least. why don't the character sweat when it "feels like" +20C when you have a lot of clothing inside or +60C when near a fire for a long time so could we get something that stops us from having like 2 parkas and 8 pairs of pants on while inside like if we are too hot we lose water faster. Will we ever be able to heat up a room because if i burn like 5 cedar wood shouldn't the camp office be quite warm inside for at least over night or a whole day? If anyone that reads this that have seen the movie World war Z will know what i thinks of here so i think it will be really useful to be able to use duct tape and a magazine around your arm to protect it vs wildlife because you do always use your arm to keep the wolf away from your throat if attacked. It would be nice if you could use the antlers of the deer to make bone hooks if you don't have access to metal. Add chocolate bar that contains a high amount of fat. camouflage to be able to get closer to your pray. could be nice to have some dextrose tablets when you're tired so you don't have to use your emergency stim. Don't forget to vote in the polls to show your opinion!