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  1. So I was listening to this Rock, Paper, Shotgun podcast. The dude was talking about TLD and how he was loving it, but that he had build up so many supplies that he actually had some free time. The conversation then went on to him wondering what the point was, that he wished that there was a goal beyond mere survival, rather than just working against your eventual and certain death. This reminded me of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (pictured): Now here is my best try at assigning TLD elements into it: BASIC NEED: PHYSIOLOGICAL - just like the original; food, water, warmth, and rest BASIC NEED: SAFETY & SECURITY - becoming proficient in the game, crafting tools and supplies, building up surplus supplies, learning the maps, learning to hunt, learning to overcome and/or avoid predators PSYCHOLOGICAL NEED: BELONGINGNESS AND LOVE - obviously, this need gets short shift in the game, and that fact is reflected by Cabin Fever. PSYCHOLOGICAL NEED: ESTEEM - sketching maps, gaining feats, gaining achievements SELF-FULFILLMENT NEED - creatively arranging your gear at a base? In my current games, I have been kept very busy just trying to complete the above tasks under "Esteem". Once those are completed, I am not sure what I will play for. If you think that the above pyramid has some merit, what activities could be added to the top of the pyramid to keep you playing with goals that go beyond mere survival? This is a game about survival after all, so maybe that is enough?
  2. I suppose technically this belongs on the wish list forum. But I just wanted to discuss what we can expect from the next big sandbox update. At a guess - the pistol. Maybe a good ol .44 hunting revolver? this is something that the partly uncivilized denizens of great bear would realistically be carrying. that's what I'd want on my belt with all those bear and moose out there anyway. Maybe we can expect the next big update to coincide with the episode 3 update. So now it's your turn. let's take pot shots at what the next update might be. it's always an exciting topic
  3. With the new update there is finally a custom difficulty mode! What's better is that you can share your settings! While not perfect (for instance, I didn't see how to disable knives and hatchets in custom mode) it should lead to a lot of very interesting experiences! What's better, is that you can share difficulties by exchanging codes. So, here's a new forum where you can post experience modes you play with or are interested in trying
  4. What if Wintermute is a military-grade secret project, created to force the Great Bear's inhabitants to leave the island? This project (or weapon) can cause geo-magnetic disturbances, and the eco-terrorists had known about this for awhile, including Jeremiah. What do you think about this?
  5. I am still a very feeble player of the Long Dark despite clocking over 2,500 hours of playing time in the past 4 months! I love this game and I play anythime I can. I am still working my way thorough in Episode 2 having had to built all the stuff up I've lost when the game crashed as I died in the new region trying to fix Jeremiah's riffle in my first run. I have never managed to forge anything to date let alone fire a single arrow towards any animal! It's been a struggle to even stone rabbits as well! Even worst to grab them in time!!! So many failures but I keep on trying. Maybe it's because my favourite mode has been Interloper. It suits me and I am getting good at it! My latest... spawned me in Pleasant Valley in the middle of some horror. The usual run for dear life , river, cat tails and familiar surroundings lead me to the Farmhouse, found the hacksaw in the basement, grabbed a few cloth and ran to the barn. Not much then legged to the Radio Control Hut, found the hammer! The weather was good in the morning and I made a run to the hunter's blind and hill top cave but to my horror came face to face to a bear! I lost a lot of condition crouching to reach the Carter Hydro Dam Environs cave system and using my torches made my way to winding river. I was so happy to find a deer carcass just before getting there. And the coal! And all the sticks! And the bedroll in the cave further along! Mushrooms and Maple sappling! Lot's of sticks and re-spawning coals ( I reversed backwards in the cave system to collect them!) Ideal place to practice the stoning rabbits whilst building up condition to try to reach the Dam with the risk of a wolf attack. And in the process I've reached over 10 days in Interloper!!! Woohoo!! Meanwhile all guts curing and pelts and hides in both caves! And eventualy as food supplies dwindled I felt it was time to go but I didnt know how to avoid that patrolling wolf so I was thinking ...shall I try a path beyond that clift ledge of where I harvested that last deer? So I went to try to find a way to the dam avoiding the wolf and to my most amazing surprise EVER there was a NEW freshly DEAD deer right next to my burnt out fire I have used to harvest the previous deer!!! Nearly 2 kilos of meat, 2 more guts and a hide!!!! Wow! What a lovely surprise! Of course the Dam recce got aborted! Feast time!!! Fantastic surprise! Maybe that rock clift is a deer trap and they can't escape! Does anybody know a sure way to reach the lower dam safely without succumbing to the patrolling wolf?
  6. Apologies if this has been discussed. I searched and only found comments without discussion. I would like to see old fires disappear over a period of time. For example 5 game days, or a week. If the fire is used again before this time it resets the clock. I have placed fires in strategic locations I use regularly. Day 185 on an interloper run I have about 10-12 fire “carcasses” on the lake at CH and many others scattered around the region. On the lake I usually walk to 3-4 of these before I locate a downed wolf.
  7. I wouldnt complain if there was ANY rhyme or reason to this... actually, I might, but thats beside the point. Freshly rested, barely encumbered. Sprained wrist. Here. Seriously? This asshat doesnt deserve to find his woman OR survive the apocalypse. To make matters worse, He NEVER stops complaining about something. No wonder Astirid dumped him once already. I keep expecting to hear him say "OK, sure could use a bubble bath." or "My beard has never needed a trim so bad IN MY LIFE!" or "Never thought I'd be dying from lack of a pedicure" Good God Will, TOUGHEN UP A LITTLE ALREADY!
  8. Hello survivors. I need, for recording reasons, to hide the hud (not only with TAB) and to hide the breath of the character. How can i do this?
  9. Hello, I'm Kedge. I'm brand new to the forums and the game collectively, and have pumped numerous hours already into The Long Dark over the span of four/five days. Being a night owl has gotten better, now that I have a world to explore as I stay up. I am a massive fan of survival games and I am an aspiring game developer, and I could never find my own image in a game-what I would love to experience. Realism, a brutal world, wildlife, etc.. Many survival games nowadays seem to take a zombie approach, mutants, etc. And that is fine, to each their own. But The Long Dark.. it makes you face the world herself and it instantly caught my eye. I rarely get to push my imagination and project my character(s) or idea(s) into a game(at best, The Sims). I have been working on a project for a few weeks and have designed a character over the course of it. She herself lives in a bleak, barren, cold world. So I instantly chose "female", named my save after her/my project, and let my experience flow "as her". I guess if you are not attached to a self made character, don't enjoy any form of RP/RPG, maybe that does not resonate with you. Onto the review..it's a little lengthy and all over the place but bear with me. The Long Dark offers an incredible outdoor wilderness experience. I truly felt like I was fighting for my life. As a new player, I chose Pilgrim(and I'll tell you why exactly below). I cannot tell you how many times I got lost, sprained my ankle trying to navigate hillsides and find shelter, how many hours I spent until I realized I could use charcoal to map my way..haha. The game delivers when it comes to both tension and relief. During my first attempt, I fell to the elements, lost on the ice in a blizzard. My second attempt, I survived nearly two weeks at the Coastal Highway and decided to make my first hunt: a bear. I took a shot, once-the bear charged me. Twice, the bear sped up-and then my rifle jammed. I panicked and tried to run away only to be mauled and left to struggle wearily into a nearby trailer. I died of blood loss. The Long Dark forces you to make serious life or death choices. That extra night you could have stayed at that abandoned camp could have saved your life the following morning. The atmosphere is awe-striking. Many games I have played in the past offer leniency to the player when it comes to visibility-and that's fine! Players should be able to see what they are doing. Those games grant you a pleasing, dim blue night sky, allowing you to see for miles ahead of you. I was in for a surprise when night fell and I could not see five inches in front of my face-not even in doors. I had to strike a match and stumble around the abandoned cottage and scramble for any morsel of food I could find. Not only is the darkness impressive, but so is the outdoors as a whole. The world is visually stunning. I am absolutely in love with the art style. As an artist myself, this absolutely meets my aesthetic(my profile picture, for example. I drew it). I love when games take on a unique art style. The controls feel right. I don't have numerous functions for my fingers to manage and the radial is easy to navigate. I do wish I could change my default up/down/left/right options, however. So instead of campfire as left, maybe you want it as down, and left could be an item, like a bandage. If you so desired. Hotkeys are important to me(if you play WoW, you definitely feel this haha). This is fine, though. At first, what struck me as frustrating, was the lack of a reticle. I was starving(so maybe picking Pleasant Valley as a start zone head on wasn't the best idea at the time, haha) and lost and decided to kill a rabbit with a rock. I threw and missed several times. There was no reticle to guide me. I didn't now how high to throw, how low, how the arch worked. And then it dawned on me just how realistic this game really is. There's no reticle floating in the air for you in the wild. You have to learn yourself by trial and error. I took rocks and began throwing them at a nearby fir for practice. I'm still terrible at throwing rocks, but better! I'm also not that great with a rifle, either. I absolutely love that this game does not hold your hand. Real life doesn't and Hinterland's strive for realism is impeccable. I love it. The realism also comes into play with injuries and the environment. If you walk away from the strong wind, you speed up a bit, if you hit it head on, you are slowed. Amazing detail. The same goes for slopes. Let's not forget the sound. The ambiance immerses you. You may at first dismiss the cawing of crows to the east, but the moment you're starving, you're going to want to listen and follow. Just hope that it is an animal carcass, and not a person. I'll be buying the soundtrack soon! You experience a wave of emotions and ideas as a new player stepping into this world. I never played the game early on and had no idea what I was walking into. I stopped there(I'll finish once the update goes live!). Days later, I found a distress pistol at the bottom of a ravine. Foolishly enough, I climbed as high as I could and found myself shooting into the night sky, hoping someone would see. But every home is empty, every car is vacant and every cave and road lack footprints. Only frozen bodies are my company. I didn't know what to expect, and I assumed there was no way possible I was the only one alive but..it seems to be that way. You can go from wonder to frustration to fear and hope all in a few hours and it's an amazing experience. With every positive comes a negative. Keep in mind, these are personal feelings and even some suggestions are below. WILDLIFE When I first loaded up the game a disclaimer is shown(which, kudos to the team for warning people. I'm shocked we live in a world where we need to but, someone out there could see The Long Dark and attempt what they learn. Good work looking out for folks). I assumed this only had to do with just that, replicating your experience in real life. But then I noticed a mention about wolves. I chose Pilgrim because well, I wanted to explore and I am new. But also.. wolves are important to me. They always have been. They are my favorite animal of all time and are such beautiful creatures. When I did try a higher difficulty, I frowned. Everything was perfect! Except for the wildlife. I often wish I could take the weather from Stalker and the wildlife from Pilgrim and throw them together. Some sort of conflict is needed somewhere, I understand! I just kind of frown seeing curious creatures(bears too, animals are animals but wolves and bears don't track people down and try to kill them as a normal behavior). I chose Voyageur, Mystery Lake and ran into three wolves on the railroad track. They all turned to me and slowly crept forward. Not one wolf I ever met ran away from me. I can, however, understand fighting one off for kill reasons. I managed to shoot a deer, it ran, and a wolf took it down. I had to defend my kill. Overall, wildlife is not varied-YET! With the arrival of moose coming, I am certain they will put in foxes, maybe owls, sparrows, squirrels, etc. That is my only feedback regarding the wildlife. I'm excited about this! You can go a long time without seeing any animal or you can bump into a handful and they're all violent or flee depending on difficulty. SUGGESTION: In my opinion, I believe animals could do with some more interactions/animations(I know, this is a lot of work. I may not be on the same level as a veteran developer, but I have use keyframe animating in Blender and created mods for The Sims 4. It's tedious work. And I can't imagine using other models like Hinterland does). For example, it would be incredible to peek around a tree and watch a few wolves playing with each other, eating a carcass together, running in a pack across the ice, etc. Bears could also be spawned around cars(they're known to open them and search for food), could scratch on trees. Perhaps two bears are fighting. Males are known to be aggressive and hunt young. A mother fighting off a male could be an incredible watch from afar! Bears could even be seen fighting wolves and trying to steal a carcass. They're scavengers after all. COSMETIC/VISUAL I read somewhere on Twitter, someone mentioning the inability to see our clothing on our hands/wrists(it was mentioned that this is a difficult task). It doesn't bother me TOO much but it would be an incredible addition to see my mittens, or my parka's furred cuffs at my wrists. I also am aware we will never get a third person view-loads of work! But wow..it would be incredible. I'm not going to make a suggestion for more hand animations, but from a visual standpoint, I think it would be amazing to see my hands throwing tinder into my campfire, or tilting back a can of soda to drink, or actually gutting a deer. I swear I saw a video somewhere where a man was visually gutting a deer in game but maybe that was for trailer sake. I don't mind being greeted with a loading wheel but, actually seeing my feet and my hands doing my current activity would be splendid. It's so satisfying lighting a match and watching it spark up. Maybe some day we can see more animations like this. PERFORMANCE It's not like I have a physical disc that could bump into problems. I play on PS4 and unfortunately have crashed about six separate times. Twice after waking up from sleeping in a bed, and four other times just entering/exiting buildings. It is super frustrating. I always watch the wolf silhouette on the loading screen and the moment it stutters a bit, I get scared I might crash again. I am not sure of the cause of this. Maybe because it is just loading a new cell, but I have no idea. They aren't key areas, either. One was a Pleasant Valley farmhouse and the others were homes on Coastal Highway(one being a trailer as I was ascending the mountain). I experience no lag whatsoever during game play-not once. It runs beautifully. I am just not sure of the cause of the random crashes. When you can only save on sleep/entering some buildings, this becomes a little frustrating. It isn't constant, but random rare times after a few hours(am I playing too much haha). In all, The Long Dark consists of a breathtaking world to cast your eyes upon, intense experiences(I have not tried Interloper, just Stalker and wow!) and a whirl of emotions as you play. I remember seeing the Coastal Townsite and jumping for joy, but I also remember seeing the Forlorn Muskeg and feeling tense. Nothing but a bleak site of felled trees and weak ice to keep me company. When blizzards hit and you can't see a thing, you scramble to find sticks, anything to keep your campfire alive. Otherwise, you'll freeze. To anyone that adores visually pleasing works, the survival genre or wants a challenge, this game just may be for you. And I am glad I hopped about The Long Dark train and get to watch it grow into something more with additions and tuning. This game is an instant favorite of mine like other titles such as This War of Mine and The Last of Us. Thank you SO much for an incredible game and contributing true realism in game play. Now.. I have decided to set my Pilgrim save aside(I've made it 35 days so far!) and try Stalker again now that I understand the game a bit better and some of the zones. But I don't want to just play it. Above I mentioned a character of mine and I've decided perhaps I'd play for a few days in game, and then illustrate my experience day by day. Perhaps I'll even share it here. It sounds like a lot of fun to take on. - Kedge
  10. Wolves don't seem to be scared of me. I can't chase them off no matter what. Throw a flare at them? They don't care. Throw a torch at them? Still don't care. Shoot a flare shot at them? They run 10 yards but come right back. I just don't understand why flares and torches don't work for me, when we could brandish instead of throwing our on weapon it worked almost perfectly. But of coarse they removed it for some reason. It just seems like I'm the only one who suffers from this problem, everyone else can scare them but me! Am I really just that unlucky?
  11. Wintermute too easy for you? Here is The Vegan Mackenzie Wintermute Challenge. - No extra matches. Just the ones Mackenzie has on him after the crash. (You will leave the tutorial area with only 7 wooden matches on you and will not pick up any more). - No extra clothes. Picking up clothes to harvest cloth is allowed and of course mending the ones Will already wears. Will's jacket is allowed. No gloves. - Food allowed: Pinnacle peaches, Tomato soups, Salty Crackers, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Rose hips, Mushrooms, Cat Tail Stalks, Orange/Grape/Summit Sodas and Milk. You are not allowed to pick up anything else, even if you don't eat it. (i.e give it to an NPC to raise "trust" or finish a quest sooner). - Harvesting carcasses: Guts are allowed (decoys), also 10 kg of deer meat to complete the hunting quest in episode 2. - Eating meat is forbiten. (Except in the tutorial). - Fishing: Only the 5 kg of fish needed to complete the fishing quest. Eating fish is forbiten. - Killing animals: Only Old Bear. No other animals are to be harmed by you. - Drugs: Only natural healing by using Bandages, Old Man's Beard, Rose Hip Tea and Reishi Tea. Pills and Antiseptic not allowed (except in the tutorial). No emergency stims either. The goal is to complete ALL main AND side quests in the least amount of time. Good luck! Looking forward to reading your survival stories! Even better if you start a video series!. Still too easy for you? Try the Liquid Diet Wintermute Challenge! Same as above with these changes: - Mackenzie doesn't pick up the jacket. - Only coffee, milk, sodas and teas for food. Nothing else, not even cat tail stalks. Remember: you can't pick up anything else in your inventory. For the most hardcore TLD survivors try the Purist Wintermute Challenge! Same as the Liquid Diet Challenge with this change: Sodas are out, Cat Tail Stalks are in. Hope you have fun with these!
  12. This is a bug report..since i dont have the time to find out where to report the bug...i report it here... Stalker in muskeg was chillin with a book in a railroad boxcart for a couple of hours when suddenly frostbite afflicted him... He did not understand as he was well equipped and did not feel cold( temp on top, feels like +12 honest). He went to bed and was penalized by same affliction and lost half his health forever...never dipping below zeeeroooooooo...... Kind regards annoyed oldtimer
  13. I'll address the elephant in the room here. when can we expect episode 3? whom will we play as? who was the chick using the laptop in the ep 2 cinematic? what was she doing using the computer when, if the electric grid is down, the internet would be non existent? was she playing space pinball? I would be. Perhaps she found a way to rig up internet and was on hinterland forums wondering when ep. 3 is expected. can we expect characters that don't act like their legs are paralyzed and will actually move around and interact with us? Let us discuss, fellow survivors.
  14. The Steam Awards nominations have started this year and i would really like to see TLD get one of the awards. I want to start a discussion with the community at what possible awards this game could get, what possible "Write In" awards we could make for it, and then to try and get every one to nominate it for said award(s). The “Soul Of Vitruvius” Award. This for a game with the most lovingly rendered character, which includes "even a piece of produce." as an example. This could be applied to nature in the game. Nature doesn't literally become a character of course, but nature often takes on t. The lovingly part comes from the fact that although nature is often dangerous, it can be breathtakingly beautiful and the game captures that very well. The “Write-In” Award. TLD was made with the idea of making a realistic survival game without zombies or anything similar, so perhaps something like the "Surviving without Zombies" Award. TLD also gives a very beautiful winter landscape, so perhaps something like the "Winter Wonderland" Award.
  15. i got great hardcore update idea for long dark but how we can get it trough :I? so you could catch wolfs to pets and make sleigh for chopping trees and stuff then u could put wolf to move your sleigh and you need forge to make steel parts for sleigh that would be amaizing but i bet it would just come survival not story :I. that would be amaizing update about travelling faster in game *wolf sleigh* and i forget say you could add bear bedroll in sleigh so you can be warm there not cold or normal bed roll and store stuff to sleigh so you dont need carry over 40 kg items all the time sorry my bad inglish could this be possible to add atleast on survival mode maybe not story? item requirements to wolf sleigh 4-6 wolf bear bedroll hacksaw hammer forge fir and cedar wood and maybe sticks and last one rope and litle detail there how many wolf you have that give you more item space to carry if you have 4 wolfs you can store 40 kg and if you have 6 wolf you could store 60kg stuff
  16. suggestion

    I know that, in the real world, the herbivores and predators are always fighting, so I thought that when the Moose appeared, it would not be bad if he could crumple the wolf's flanks a little, so that it was just as fair, but only the main character fights. and at the expense of the bear, are not wolves and bears enemies?
  17. Hello, in the game during the storms it's only cold and you can not see anything right? And what if you still add a very strong wind there and he tipped the tree straight to the house and had to repair it, or on the foot of the Main Hero, and it had to be treated, and there was not a dislocation there but a real fracture, because if I'm not mistaken when it traumatizes an arm or leg, there is a crunch, this is clearly a fracture and not a dislocation.
  18. suggestion

    The game needs Whale Fat, because if I'm not mistaken, there is a Whaling Mine, which means that Fat must have been preserved,Here is a link to what is useful in Whale Oil. https://www.syl.ru/article/317779/dlya-chego-nujen-kitovyiy-jir-svoystva-i-oblasti-primeneniya
  19. I was looting one of the Waterfront Cottages in CH. The one with the dead guy next to the bed. There was a cabinet right next to him, so I looted it and got a Water Bottle. My character went "Wonder if the owner's nearby?" and I LOL'd. In over 500 hours of gameplay I'd never heard this line before.
  20. It is impossible to make this challenge. In 6 days is not possible to get to the Summit in Mountanin of Wolfes and go back to Desolation Point Please if someone has done it, I would appreciate it if you could explain how you did it
  21. I know the whole staff is on vacation for the rest of the month, but I'm opening this up to see if anyone has any theories or ideas. It's quite clear now, with multiple veteran players reporting no achievement earned, that it's broken. There must be thousands of player hours wasted on this by now, and we still have yet to see an official statement on it, or even acknowledgment. This is highly discouraging, as this achievement is quite a commitment to undertake. Is there ANYONE out there who has gotten it? If so, was there some special technique you used? Until the team gets back from vacation, and can confirm that it was vetted, and working internally, lets put our heads together and see if we can find some common sticking points, or maybe someone out there has some special tick that worked on a particular stubborn location? Edit: I've changed the title, and am changing parts of some of my posts here, as apparently, I've come off as being in the middle of an epileptic stroke over this. This isn't an attempt to force some staff back early from vacation, nor a ragequit post. I'm just trying to bring different thoughts from the community together so maybe we have a good starting point once the team can look into it.
  22. Hi there, Since the recent dev diary we all know the moose is comming and it is comming soon. I have estimated the moose meat count based on the average animal weight IRL and their ingame meat count. For example a black bear is on average 110 kg and gives on average 30 kg of meat. The real life body weight to meat count ratio seems to be between 3-4. So if a moose IRL weights 200-700 kg depending on age and gender, then a moose will have between 50-230 kg of meat in game. Now there is always the possibility of makeing it less so a moose could also have only 20 kg of meat on average. But assuming their weight correlates with their real life counter parts the moose will be the heaviest animal with the most amount of meat in the game. On top of that moose are herbivores which means no parasites from their meat. With the current game mechanic of one hit one kill after bleed out this means that a moose will not be more difficult to kill then a bear. And now how does one balance this? They either need to be extremly lethal or otherwise extremely rare. What do you think would be a realistic meat could for them in game? My best guess is 50 kg on average + 10 guts and 1 magical moose hide.
  23. There I was, sitting pretty, cosyed up in the farm house, a couple of deer and a wolf lying around outside waiting for me to skin them. Cooked meat stacked outside. Stack of firewood in the kitchen. Life's getting a little easy. I walk out to see bruno not a stone's throw away! I dash back in and grab my rifle. Full clip and mint condition. I steps out onto the veranda and pops a cap in his ass. He turns ugly and charges. I turn to open the door but he's on me in a flash (straight through the veranda railing). He beats me to a pulp. My rifle has gone. So I limp indoors and patch myself up. When I go back outside there's no sign of the bear. No tracks, no blood and no rifle! Fortunately I'd got a maple sapling freshly cured so it's down into the basement to craft a bow. Hmm bow is tricky! lost a couple of arrows already and no kills. Although there is a deer running about somewhere sporting a feather! So is the bear a ploy to stop players getting too cocky? Playing Survival mode - random location - Pleasant Valley Farmhouse.
  24. discussion

    Hello respected developers, I read in the plans you have a survival where there will be times of the year, forgive you do not know when they will be ?. I'm just curious . Forgive me for distracting you. It's just in winter for me personally to survive boringly to be honest.
  25. I completed this acrylic piece after binge playing TLD sandbox mode for almost 200 hours. This was completed in 2015. Apologies for the poor image quality!