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  1. So, the upstairs of the barn in Pleasant Valley has a large hole in it that is precarious to cross, but story-wise, it doesn't seem to make any sense that the hole is there. It's just a random hole in what should otherwise be an intact building.
  2. This obviously won't be relevant until the addition of the Spring season (long term roadmap), however the possibility of underwater exploration is exciting. This would add lots of new areas to explore in the current map and beyond. Some initial thoughts: 1. Scuba gear/wetsuits as a clothing option - would be heavy but necessary to fully explore and avoid hypothermia. Oxygen for the tanks would be rare and required to ration smartly. 2. New food/wildlife options - mussels/clams/oysters/lobsters, etc. Potential harmful animals like sharks/killer whales to avoid. 3. Exploration - underwater caves, shipwrecks, etc. 4. New weapon - harpoon Possibilities are endless!!!
  3. I believe anyone with an idea should put it here ,this could be the suggestion box compressed so that the developers don have to tak a long time to find things that they are looking to implement, I will add what I have seen and liked later as well as put the most approved ideas up in a final page. So please, put your polethora of ideas here to be compressed into a list comprehendable for the great developers at Hinterland studios here. The ideas that I believe In most are dogs, making some old and some young, the young would be easier trained and healthier all around but slower and less helpful while very old would not learn as easy and would need to be tamed,the classes would be hunter to help retrieve killed animals "game", scavenger to point out loot and food, defender for keeping you safe from bears & wolves, and traveller wgich are a special type only for the promised huge map in place of a car the idea would be that electricity only works during certain hours and are not as safe but. are faster and have good features, Alaskan malamutes & Siberian huskies as the traveller, golden retriever then beagle then Irish setter as hunter dogs from worst to best,and street mutts in abandoned city areas for scavengers, the defenders would be the german shepard, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, bullmastiff, Kuvasz, and the Chow, the rank is the same as the hunters and the rest, the chow will intimidate every animal while the others will need to go into combat and you can train each, another thing would be to have abandoned cities workinhg cars that need gas and maintenance, and enclaves at the top of the promised huge map,it can have lots of trading markets and you can live there in the end. Ialso think more complex things can be done to crafting like making riflerounds as well as having club and blade weapons, I personally would like to see a revolver shotgun handgun and scopes added each thing you would have to find in rewpect to the scope abut could be attached rarely and id like to see npc's and maybe even small servers for a handful of people in a multiplayer setup. Now go on and tell me your ideas...
  4. Hinterland has already listed the "Spring" season on their roadmap, and have hinted at full year long season change. Optional: List why and what could be added for that season.
  5. Ok so at 65 days I've started to note something. There are a few key materials/items that are uncraftable once you have depleted the world resources. Here they are in order of importance: 1: fire making implents matches magnifying glass and Flint strike. Once these are gone you can no longer make water or cook. There needs to be a craftable fire starter. 2: sewing kits/fishing line with hook. While the line is indefinitely spawning with animals the hook is not. Ergo once you have scraped all of the metal into hooks or arrow heads that's it no more. To fix this we need a craftable hook of bone or wood. 3: arrow heads. Not only as in number 2 but you can only craft them with the heavy hammer which requires 1 for wood and quality tools. To fix this same as number 2 bone tips possibly stone. 4: no craftable hat. While the manufactured gear will eventually break and you run out of cloth once you do have fur everything being minus a hat kinda sucks. To fix this a rabbit hat would be nice. 5 knives. Same as 3. Fix: bone knives. 6 axes. Same as 3 fix: stone axe. 7 snares. Limited amount of reclaimed wood. Fix: be able to craft snare wood from sapling. This would enable you to survive indefinitely in any mode.
  6. How about adding single-use activated heat packs (hand/feet/body warmers)?? Provides a nice short-term warmth bonus while exploring. Could be a lifesaver in an unexpected blizzard with no fire materials and hypothermia approaching.
  7. Hey Folks, First of all hi guys, Im FO4Builder hailing from the UK and new member to forums and new player to TLD. As you can guess by my name I love Fallout 4 and also have a youtube channel for the game. I found TLD via a 1 hour free trial on XBox Live and have never reached for my wallet so fast for any game in my entire life. To find out it was only £15.99 was pure madness I would happily pay more for TLD. Its without a doubt the best survival game I have ever played and the realism/immersion of it is just outstanding not to mention the artwork. I have been playing Interloper since I bought the game and its kicking my ass and I LOVE IT! I have some suggestions and thoughts and im trying to keep them all in essence with the realism of TLD and I am aware we are in Alpha. Suggestions - Possibly already mentioned Hay Bails like in PV can be harvested for hay to use as tinder and insulation for clothing/makeshift bed roll. Lantern can be used to make fire (if im surviving the ice cold wild im sure I would find a way to get that flame out of the lantern and onto tinder) It would never take me 27 minutes to rip up a cardboard box to make into kindling. If i dont have a hatchet that wont stop me picking up a rock to smash an ice fishing hole Some cabins have glowing windows of a night time (Im not sure what thats about) Anything made of wood should have the option to harvest it for fire fuel Cars/Vans - Harvest seat covers (for makeshift clothing) Wire (Cordage) Gas (For Fires/Lamps) Glass (Makeshift knife) Ability to mark your way/path perhaps with ribbon/colored wire from cars/carving into a tree ect. More Variety in animal/plantlife (probably already planned) When I fire dies out especially in an oven the embers should last for X amount of time so you just add fuel and tinder to restart it without ignition source If im out of water and dehydrating you can bet your life im going to try and get some water from a waterfall. Well as for ideas thats what I have from my limited play time within the TLD world, If you disagree with any of the above I would like you to say why rather than just a flat out no Questions When looking for a base camp what do you look for/suggest? When storing raw food does keeping it outside extend its life? When you have played for 12 hours and your wife/girlfriend is moaning at you, whats the best way to get more play time? Haha well thats it for now folks, thanks for reading this far and thank you Hinterland for the best game I have ever played in my entire life...LITERALLY
  8. OS: Windows 10 (PC) I've encountered a bug in my current play-through of The Long Dark. This bug allows me to create an unending light source from a match, and I have managed to duplicate it by accident. Since I don't actively try to exploit the bug, I've only tried reproducing it twice, both times with success. The bug occurs when I try to light a match immediately after the match in my hands has burned out. To be more specific, the match in my hands undergoes the animation of burning out, at which point I immediately equip a new match from the inventory screen. The match I tried to equip disappears, and my hands fall back to my sides. However, there is still a source of light coming from slightly behind me, and it persists with no apparent burnout, even in windy weather or transition from instance to instance. The only way I've found to get rid of the light (because I find it immersion-breaking and I'm pretty sure I'll be spotted at night by predators) is to close the game and re-open it. This has fixed the issue on every occasion. I have attached a screenshot of me holding a storm lantern. You can see the god-match (as I call it) lodged in my hand. I also noticed that I cannot read, repair or do any other action that requires a source of light. I can still do these actions by fire light or by daylight, just not using the god-match. It would seem that the match only provides the radiant benefit of light, but none of the other benefits. It might also be worth noting that I've only tried this bug using cardboard matches, not wooden ones. I also can't equip a new match after the god-match has been created. - SlackAssassin
  9. Coming back to TLD after a year-long hiatus, to see what's changed, what's new and what's not, I felt a need to ask myself some questions; questions which also touch on the matter of, you guessed it, tinder. After this year-long break I've mentioned, I come back, I want start a fire - I'll need tinder. I know this, because I've played this game before a bit. Then, after a while, level 3 fire starting happens - tinder is no longer required to start a fire. So I never need tinder, never again. "Ha", I said, "that's; interesting." Being terribly confused - and stealing a rating system from some guy on the Internet - I asked myself, how do I rate the need for tinder - which I just lost - using this guy's rating system that I borrowed. How do I feel about the game's requirement that I needed tinder to start a fire. Me needing tinder to start a fire is something, either consistently inconsequential, or situationally weak. It's of no consequence to me I need tinder to start a fire. Whatever, I'll just break a stick - which I already need and not specifically for tinder, meaning I already have them. Having said this, there might be some obscure situation where I experience, a weak inconvenience, due to the fact that I need tinder to start a fire. I could never die - even be in mild peril - because I need tinder to start a fire - and presumably I don't have it, or enough of it. Because I'm thinking ahead, knowing it's a requirement for fire. Fire starting level 3 says - ignoring other bonuses, we're talking tinder now - you know that consistently inconsequential thing, where you need tinder to start a fire. You no longer need it. The reason I'm so confused is, tinder is everywhere. Not only that, you can get it from more than one thing. Newspapers, sticks, cat tails, cardboard boxes, cedar limbs, birch bark, or just found lying around places. All these are time-gated as "optional". What is of particular interest to me is that this is a doubly weird position. Tinder as it is now when you start with fire starting level 1 is of no real consequence - since it can be simply removed - hence making the bonus itself to remove the need for tinder, inconsequential. If we time-gate remove a requirement for fire; what can be said about how required is the requirement itself. And there's also the feat of starting with fire starting level 3, and implicitly not needing tinder; at all. So there's these things in the world that exist but which have no purpose now. So then why do we have so much tinder, from so many sources? Perhaps, another way to look at this skill would be the added chance of staring a fire to be because of the different types of tinder - which already exist - and just need to be differentiated. Wrap the fire starting bonus in the type of tinder you use. At level 2, stick-tinder gives +15% bonus chance to starting a fire - because there's so many of them that it basically mirrors the blanket +15% bonus you now get. At level 3, cat tail tinder ( or whichever ) gives +25 % bonus chance to starting a fire. You can start fires without tinder at 40% base chance. And so on until the rarest tinder - no idea which - gives +50% bonus chance to starting a fire. This would time-gate tinder to become more useful as times goes on, not optional and purposeless. Thoughts?
  10. Interesting looking survival story game... Haven't heard of it till today... Here's the Kotaku review: http://kotaku.com/near-death-the-kotaku-review-1784628541
  11. What new wildlife would you like to see included? Please consider if there is a need for the animal, and what uses this animal would have. Example: I think raccoons would make a nice fur hat.
  12. It would be nice to know the actual time of day. The watch could give you the date too, which would be cool to know (especially when we get season change). Some random thoughts on implementation: 1. You always start the game with a mechanical wristwatch as the character had it on when he crashed his plane. This way you ensure t's correct when you start. This could be optional with the opportunity to not have a watch for those who want more challenge. 2. The kicker - you would have to remember to wind it everyday and if you don't you will have to reset manually (which you could do wrong of course). There is no guarantee of accuracy after the initial setting when you start. 3. Additionally, this would be the only watch in the game and you could only repair it with quality tools. Once it breaks you can't fix it or get another one.
  13. What was the outcome of the new graphics applied to the rock cliff faces HT team? I seen a lot of negative comments from gamers about the new skin design, from looks like like bubble wrap to wow so purple(well not in my screenie). I'm sure you guys at HT can make it look better than what you did recently? please? Not all faces are made up from bolders? need more uniform less defined cliff faces. This is the most part of graphic design that i think need reworking at present. Well had to say it this is what feedback is for
  14. I was in a snow shelter to escape the blizzard that had rolled in. I was wasting time just looking at my journal, when all of the sudden, SNAP!! My ankle is now sprained. I was not moving, I was sitting still in the shelter looking at my journal. Explain that one. Seriously, WTF?
  15. there has already been a poll related to this, but that thread has been quiet for a while so i thought i'd start up a new one. yall comment and let the (absolutely genius and amazing) developers know what kind of food items youd like to see implemented in the world of the long dark! me, i want corned beef hash. it's basically a canned mash up of small chunks of potatoes and corned beef, cured with salt for preservation. it's pretty tasty stuff in my opinion, and it goes GREAT with crackers. there's two servings per can, each serving is 380 calories each. so an entire can would equal to 760 calories, which would make it a more compact version of condensed milk. but theres one added bonus. in real life, this stuff makes me feel EXTREMELY full. must be all the carbs in it from the taters. this would be the perfect food for a survivalist
  16. That message flashed up on the screen briefly as I was transitioning from Timberwolf Mountain to Pleasant Valley. Game still playable, no obvious issues, so I'm just curious what the message pertains to you (other than the obvious).
  17. I was just thinking about how we would interact with a horse. My boy thinks you will have to feed it, which could be possible in the barn at Pleasant Valley but I'm wondering if these might be wild horses that you have to sneak up on and toss a rope on them, then maybe train them or maybe just slap a saddle or a pack on them and use them right away and do without all the feeding etc. Ideally you would have some sort of horse drawn sledge to fetch hay bales back to the barn and keep your horse in the barn where it will be safe from the bear and wolves. I can definitely see the wolves being a threat to the horse. But if a wolf decides to stalk you on horseback, is your horse going to throw you off? or will it buck if you shoot the rifle at the wolf? or maybe you can shoot the bow and arrow from horseback. Go native man!! I could only add three questions to the poll but there are obviously a lot more choices especially about wolf behaviour. Ok, what are your thoughts on how horses and wolves would work? Interesting eh?
  18. Okay, first off I know this idea is really far fetched compared to the realism in TLD but I just want some people to give it some thought. There's this legend of this thing called the "Wendigo" in the Northern United States and Canada. It is one of the scariest cryptids (Bigfoot, Lochness, etc) I have ever seen. I'm not going to go into detail, but i'll post a link so you can read about it. Imagine if something like this was put into the game. It would make it soooooo creepy and scary. Of course it would be extremely rare (Like one in the whole world). It is known to eat human flesh (it's a human that cannibalizes others). It would be great for people wanting a harder difficulty. This is what they are said to look like. http://www.gods-and-monsters.com/wendigo-legend.html
  19. In real survival, proper mental attitude & planning is vital so thoughtful deliberation is important and should be rewarded in the game. Always remember the survival mantra STOP: S is for Stop; sit down, calm down, assess the situation. Take slow deep breaths until you feel calm. Panic is the enemy. T is for Think; take inventory; review how you got there, your situation, inventory and what you need to achieve next and what are your options. Repeat your mantra in threes: I will survive (x3), I am a survivor (x3), I will not fear (x3) O is for Observe; what is your location, can you see where you need to go, what is the current weather and what is the weather going to do? What time of day is it and how much daylight is left? Are there visible threats and opportunities (wolves, deer, rabbits, crows)? Also take inventory of what you have and what you might need to take or leave behind. P is for Plan & Act; only after calming down, assessing the situation, are you able to make a truly informed plan. If you work this theme into your game, it will help others in their game play OR help reinforce this important mantra for real survival. Many times, the best option is to sit tight, if the situation is stable and set up a signal for help. I know in the game, there is no option for help however it would not hurt to go through the motions of creating three signal fires or setting up mirrors or flags or other tactics for getting attention!! Doing nothing is not really an option but moving without a plan can be a disaster. Often you may need to survive in place (if the resources are adequate) I'd like to suggest adding a calmness factor or skill bonus; this could be directly related to cabin fever, sanity and other mental and inspiration factors already present or anticipated for the game. For example, you would score points or rewards by doing the steps outlined in the STOP survival acronym. One of the most important steps is to create a signal. This can be done by building three fires, by setting up visible markers that can be easily seen from the air such as by stomping out a trail in the snow and filling it with high contrast materials such as grass or sticks, by erecting three flags and so forth. Creating a dense black smokey fire would be another excellent plan. Perhaps one could score achievements by doing this, or better yet, gain reward points for going through the steps of STOP. When the player first starts the game, they are in panic mode so as soon as possible, when it is safe to do so, the player should stop, take inventory and make a plan. The player's game dialogue could suggest these things such as until he stops to rest and eat, he keeps mumbling and panicking. Once he stops, he can review the survival mantra such as giving clues to observe the situation, the time of day, the important priorities, and the options. What are things that you might say to yourself if you were lost in real life? Other options might include eating now, drinking water, saving food for later cooking to improve the calories you get from it, remembering to take useful items the first time the opportunity presents itself. I am hoping that others can suggest other ways that the game can reward careful planning, signalling and other important features of survival IN GAME. I know there are many survival experts who participate on the forums. Please suggest other ideas!! Here are some links to various online guides: http://thesurvivalmom.com/find-lost-s-t-o-p/ http://www.befoundalive.com/articles/article/8430068/163312.htm http://survivalcommonsense.com/stop/ Remember the rule of threes: three minutes without air; three hours without warmth; three days without water; three weeks without food. http://www.backcountrychronicles.com/wilderness-survival-rules-of-3/ Wilderness Survival Rules of 3 – Air, Shelter, Water and Food
  20. There should be a skill/trait related to physical condition (as well as mental) that can fluctuate based on your activity level. Some general thoughts on the details: 1. It is a skill similar to fire starting and mending that can raise or lower level in-game. 2. Every day the skill points are raised based on the amount of activity, or lowers/stays the same based on the amount of inactivity. The more walking, running, climbing, etc. you do the more it goes up. 3. Give the option to exercise while cooped up indoors (pushups, situps, etc.) to counteract inactivity and/or raise the skill/rate up. Can only do it in certain areas, and for a max amount per day. Of course it will lower your stamina/food/water bars based on how long you exercise, but temporarily increases temperature bar. Maybe additional benefit is it helps stave off cabin fever? 4. Once you raise up to level 2+ in Conditioning, then you can travel farther without getting tired and/or carry more weight without being encumbered.
  21. How do you feel about adding more primitive technologies to The Long Dark? Which kinds would you like to see? I used the following references for ideas: Primitve technologies Bone tools Antler and Bone Paleo Tools
  22. I think I just had the best idea ever. Premise I think that TLD's biggest problem at the moment (in the sandbox at least, we can't speak about story mode) is that all difficulty levels get easier as the time goes by. It's missing a rollercoaster: overcoming the initial difficulties is hard, exciting, scary. You begin and you don't know where you are, you're cold, you're hungry, you have no shelter. Then you find a base camp, weather gets milder because you're better clothed, wolves get less dangerous because you're well armed, getting food gets easier because you have the tools to hunt and so on. If you can survive the first days, the game will keep getting easier, and thus not challenging anymore. Boring. We want custom difficulties, we asked for a decaying world, weather that gets worse, resources that get harder to get, reduced loot and so on. Sliders and custom settings to adjust every single detail aren't going to solve the problem, even with custom difficulties the game will keep getting easier after a while. And then I realized... we already have a decaying world. We already have an experience that gets harder and harder as the time goes by. The only problem is that those are divided, one sandbox each. There's no rollercoaster: you start, you overcome the initial difficulty or you die, and if you survive you get bored. So my conclusion is: TL;DR It would be awesome to have a difficulty mode that combines all four existing difficulties levels, timed. The sandbox begins in pilgrim, every certain amount of days (let's say 50?) it switches to the next difficulty so first voyageur, then stalker and finally interloper. This would make for the perfect rollercoaster, imo. The player will be able to get comfortable and appreciate his success surviving, but then everything will get hard again, challenging and satisfying when you manage to survive another time. I'm sure I'd love it way more than a custom difficulty, and I guess it would be easier to implement than complex new mechanics and be more in line with the dev's goal of a tailored experience. What do you guys think about it?
  23. I don't think we have a poll relating to the various transportation alternatives so I wanted to address that. The wishlist alludes to transportation in general with a couple of examples. The Bactrian Camel:
  24. Buna ziua! Joaca careva jocul asta?
  25. Like all of us participating on these forums, I love TLD. I feel this game brings something fantastic and new to gaming and as a programmer, I feel inspired. I'm making a few suggestions here (hence the #suggestiontag) centered around making the environment - specifically the ground - interact with the player more. There are a couple minor tweaks to existing mechanics, as well as a couple new mechanics which I'm outlining below. Minor tweaks On sprains, breaks, etc: add a camera jarring animation at the time of injury On steep slopes: add an occaisional stutter step camera animation (and slipping audible) to simulate your feet slipping in the snow New mechanics Slips and falls: when running or at risk of spraining something, add a random slip and fall (long shot) 2-handed scramble: relating to the slope suggestion above, maybe you need to holster your items and scramble to make it up some slopes (longer shot) Slides: there may be different kinds of slides that give the player varying degrees of control (if we've come this far) Sleds Thick snow Snowshoes I am trying to balance neat stuff we can experience as players against the actual work our beloved devs would actually need to put in. The minor tweaks would need camera work to play the animations, assuming steep slopes are already being detected to determine travel speed. If sprain-threatening conditions are being detected, slips and falls could be a more common and less severe consequence. Maybe your clothes get a little more wet in this process. I foresee the scramble mechanics as being more work, since there are a few things that need to be handled. The character's hands would need to be animated. The slope the character is interacting with may need to be animated. Existing slope mechanics may depend on a boolean value, ig: "Is this slope steep? (Yes/No)," which sometimes means it takes a lot of time and energy to rework everything that value is tied to (work like this often makes games buggy). What happens if a player is holding something when he starts slipping? Does it go to their inventory, or should the item be dropped somewhere? Slides, though, would probably be a major rework. It's an entirely new transportation mechanic that needs to answer these questions, at the very least. "How fast is the character going?" "How much control does a character have when they are sliding that fast?" "How does terrain effect the direction and acceleration of the slide?" "How does terrain effect the character during the slide? (ig: branches to the face, glancing off a tree trunk, full speed into a rock face)" "Can the character land safely after catching air?" "Can anything slide besides the character?" However, the idea of gleefully careening down the side of a mountain on a toboggan in this game makes my heart skip just a little bit. A bit simpler to implement may be swathes of thick snow that slow the player and wildlife, plus make the player's pants, boots, and socks wet. Unless of course you are wearing snow shoes... (3 gut, 5 sticks, and a rabbit hide x 2 for a pair). Maybe this also limits the slopes you can go up, it slows you down, causes more serious trips, and makes it harder for you to fall through thin ice (even a little bit?). Anyway, those are my suggestions! Please share your ideas in keeping with this theme of helping players experience the environment, or if you think similar mechanics could benefit other elements of gameplay!