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Found 390 results

  1. Wondering how many of you spend time bumping around Muskeg, and if so, what strategies do you use? When it first came out I took my long-time Pilgrim sandbox over there and explored it pretty thoroughly (I thought). But for my higher difficulty sandboxes I've mostly just used it for the forge if I'm far away from Desolation Point. However, now that I have a sandbox that's getting into the late-game, I'm finding I really appreciate what Muskeg has to offer; sticks galore, animals galore, harvestables galore... and it's almost impossible to get cabin fever. I primarily hang out by the poachers camp and make daily runs to wherever I feel like going. What strategies do you all use for this map?
  2. So I loaded an old Voyager save in Desolation Point, and I noticed something seemed... odd. Uh, guys...? I'm in the title screen. TRUST ME, I'M JUST AS CONFUSED AS YOU ARE Glitch? Feature? I haven't messed around with my game files at all, and the save file was made fresh with the newest update, so I'm not sure why this happened. But it was almost worth a borked save to finally feel the weight of that shovel in my hands. (Also, THERE ARE WOLVES IN HERE.) P.S. I don't really need urgent support for this; it's no big deal. I just wanted to show off the coolest bug I've encountered. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  3. What other ideas did I miss? Is there something else would you like? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!
  4. question

    So, how do people fill their down time in The Long Dark. For instance, there is still about 8 hours of daylight left, I have plenty of food, plenty of firewood, my clothes are in good shape, no more research books left.... I would love to do something more productive than just pass the time, but I'm not sure what. What do you do?
  5. Firestarting Level 3 enables the player to start a fire without tinder. Because of this, cat tail heads, newspapers and tinder plugs become completely useless. I think it should at least be possible to burn them, getting a few minutes and degrees out of them, but maybe they can be used for something else. Ideas so far include: Tinder could improve the chances of starting a fire (@CalNieDaGtarGuy) Tinder could be used to start fires (Firepiston) (@Rolandtigerfish) Tinder could be compressed into Firelogs or Pellets (@Seshins @vancopower) Firepiston Pellet Compressor [Note: Could a moderator or other official tell me if I should include the results of the discussion in the original post or not? Thanks]
  6. For long term survival I'm under the impression that maintaining "civilized" clothing is bad: using pieces of cloth is better used for bandages rather than for clothing which will eventually wear out. Thoughts?
  7. I believe that sitting should increase stamina faster than being idle, but makes you exposed, because there would be a small bit of time elapsed when you sit up from the ground, I also feel that we should be able to sit in a chair. Thoughts?
  8. As I read more and more of this forum, I sense an interesting divide among the most passionate fans of The Long Dark. While late-game sustainability seems to be a hot topic in many threads, I haven’t come across one active thread dedicated to the issue. Some fans want future updates to the game to allow for more sustainability in the late game. Such as the ability to craft whetstones, ability to cure meat, ability to craft clothes for all parts of the body, renewable source of fire-starting (bow-drill), etc. Others in the game feel that adding these aspects would wreck the fragile vulnerability that is the main theme of The Long Dark. While this argument may not be able to escape the fundamental disagreement of what The Long Dark should be, I wanted to start a thread where passionate fans can intelligently and civilly argue and counter-argue their rationale for what the final version of The Long Dark should look like regarding sustainability. Ideally, I would love to hear from Hinterland specifically giving the developers’ perspective on this issue as well.
  9. support

    Hello all you fellow Long Dark players hope you all enjoy the new community/the long dark episode. As usually let me know what you think. I really appreciate your support and ideas! MonkeyboyGamer salutes you!
  10. support

    Hope you all enjoy my new video of The Long Dark . Part 2 is getting even better. I never been very good with that bow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIs4d36f4L0
  11. Been watching a BBC documentary series entitled "Life Below Zero," it's about living North of the arctic circle, pretty interesting from a hunter/gatherer survivalist perspective. The daily challenges of surviving in cold climates, the need for high calories foods and the constant vigilance for changes in weather really demonstrate the hardships nature can dish out. The series is currently airing on Netflix, every time I watch an episode, makes me wanna play TLD and send that one guy a toothbrush...
  12. Considering all the loot and goodies a player can accumulate, it's hard for me to leave stuff behind when I move camp to a new location or map but weight matters when you travel especially carrying a heavy backpack. Enter the Travois: The basic construction consists of a platform or netting mounted on two long poles, lashed in the triangular shape which was dragged by the pointed end. Sometimes the base or blunt end of the frame was stabilized by a third pole bound across the two poles. The travois was traditionally dragged by hand, sometimes fitted with a shoulder harness for more efficient dragging. A travois could either be loaded by piling goods atop the bare frame and tying them in place, or by first stretching cloth or leather over the frame to hold the load to be dragged. Although considerably primitive, on the type of territory where the travois was used (forest floors, soft soil, snow, etc.), it is possible for a person to transport more weight on a travois than can be carried on the back. So, two poles lashed together with a leather or cloth harness that you can load your stuff up on and drag it all to another location? Sold! I think that would be a neat craftable item. Two fir limbs, one branch, two deer hides 4 pieces of cloth and 8 pieces of gut to fabricate. now capable of dragging additional 25 kilos of stuff. Yeah, i know, hard to drag thru a cave or across the trestle, so you would have to abandon it when you change maps. It would still be there when you cross back, maybe a little more worn from exposure, but that seems reasonable to expect. I would expect to build one or more in each map area. Thanks for reading!
  13. I wanted to open up the topic of clothing strategy for discussion. As you may be aware, in certain scenarios, the weather conditions continue to deteriorate as the game progresses. I am curious about what your strategies are to cope with this. I don't have time to build a list of all the clothing items possible however I'm curious especially about footwear. Foot wear often gets wet in real life whereas under cold conditions, your parka will often stay very dry. You can get wet by sweating but this is more of an inside out concern. Does anyone know if sweating is a thing in the game? or if it is on the timeline or proposed wish list?
  14. suggestion

    I feel that an item rotation mechanic should be implemented so that we can place things however we want, especially things like bedrolls, rifles, and bows, I don't want to place everything horizontally, I want neatness. Thoughts?
  15. Hi guys !!!! How you doing? So , we decided to discuss the dog breed !! so first read topic below! And , which type of dog do you think we need ???
  16. My 9 year old daughter likes to watch me play TLD. She likes to name the survivors and cheer them on before their inevitable demise (I never said I was any good. We're well on the way to working our way through the alphabet in names ... ). And while TLD is dark, it's a 'pit your wits against nature' kind of dark that's no worse than a traditional fairy story. The addition of other human NPCs in the Sandbox and in Story mode is likely to change the atmosphere considerably. That trailer was rather graphic! So are we going to have the option to keep the world lonely, as is? Having a co-pilot is fun and she's much better at spotting loot based on fleeting glimpses than I am ...
  17. The leather from old shoes etc, seems to go to waste or what do we do with the leather at present? Why no collect it so we can craft a new cool item to store any arrows we craft. I say let us craft a new item using leather - A leather Quiver. used to store our arrows.
  18. Okay, our character is facing rather horrifying things, almost every day, like this... and this... and this... If I encountered these things, I would be horrified beyond all reasonable measure. I don't consider myself a giant pansy, but stuff like this would be too much. So here's my idea, have interactive nightmares! If your character sees a lot of scary stuff. Dialogue will show his mental distress, saying things like "I cant do this," or "I want to leave this hell." or something like that. It increases or decreases based on what you encountered that day, similar to the insanity system in amnesia. Then, when you sleep, you have a chance to get a nightmare, this will pause time and become an interactive event where you can move around, interact, etc. It would look, well, for lack of a better word, dreamy. But in its idyllic-ness, you will begin seeing really strange visions, my thought is nightmares would transport you into a dream that looks like shadow of colossus, and there's a giant bear or something, and you start seeing ghosts that are saying, "You could've saved us" or something. *here's an image to illustrate what I was thinking. and wispy ghosts would be flying around. This would be a affliction when you wake up, having a nightmare will make it impossible to sleep for 1 hour, no matter how tired you are. What do you think? thanks!
  19. discussion

    It would be neat to be able to harvest bone from kills and then craft it into useful items like fish hooks and needles. A rabbit or 2 could supply the raw materials for a new sewing kit or the gear needed to go fishing, without needing to find scrap metal.
  20. Hello all you fellow Long Dark players hope you all enjoy the new community/the long dark episode. As usuall let me know what you think.
  21. The Long Dark is a hard survival game, it's supposed to be (unlike minecraft) but perhaps a changing difficulty version would make a more enjoyable game. I was recently playing on stalker difficulty on desolation point and I was having a great time. I had visited the Riken, the warehouse, the lighthouse, the church, the truck, the mine and Katie's secluded corner. I was preparing my gear for leaving my base ready to head to coastal highway. I'd gathered plenty of cans, plenty of firewood and even a bow and pry bar. I crossed the perilous bridges as I left the lighthouse. Suddenly, I was attacked by a wolf when I rejoined the road managing to lose a 50% slice of my condition (shameful I know) before the minute I awoke I was attacked again by another one (this one finishing off Will McKenzie). What angered me even more was that I had tried to stop the wolf with a torch only for it to attack. The game is good and and I understand that a wolf is more likely to attack wounded prey, but if the game got slightly easier the lower your condition it may make the sandbox more enjoyable rather than downright frustrating. If any of you haven't played Half Life 2 then you definitely should, but if you have played it you will know that you could always tell when there would be a hard section because you would probably be given access to a large number of health packs and ammunition crates. This is what the game needs. If you get attacked by a wolf you shouldn't immediately be subject to another one in the same way in that you never have a boss straight after another one. The difficulty should be a mountain range rather than a constant flat line. If not in the sandbox (I expect it would be hard to implement) then at least note that unfair attacks like that should not be something that occurs in the story mode. One of the things I find the most challengeing but also enjoyable in the game is how you try to improve one stat only to have another decline, like sleep and hydration. I think these are good things that form peaks of difficulty, but disasters such as animal attacks should not be something thrown in to provide the zig zag.
  22. Extra episode released the other day through a live stream hope you all enjoy and let me know what you thought. Feedback is always greatly appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Liv-MjOS5mE
  23. Been tromping around Forelorn Muskeg and sticking to the safe pathways through the marshy area means more switchbacks and directions changes than a crowded attraction at Disneyland on their busiest day... That being said, I just decided to start crossing where it seemed safe and weak ice be damned! I decided I was just going to continue to walk forward to see if i could make it across those expanses. Not such a good idea, but not nearly as bad as you would expect. you don't get far from the shore when the "weak ice" warning pops up and one to two more steps you're in the water. I decided to try my luck on a fairly short stretch of questionable ice. Each time the weak ice warning popped up i continued forward, when you do fall through the screen goes black and you hear that gurgling sound, I fully expected to be completely immersed when the screen resets and you're back on "solid" ice. I was hoping to be reset on the other side of the hole in the ice i had just created by falling through but no such luck. So I tried it no less than 3 times to make sure, but no go. Having falling through 3 times now, I was wet, cold and my clothes were freezing solid... I started back tracking to the tracks with the derailed cars and as I made my way across and now desperately needing warmth and dry clothing, i was surprised to see that only my boots, socks and pants had been affected. I kinda took that to mean that the water was shallow, so more of a nuisance rather than a deadly killer. Fortunately the railcar with the fire barrel were nearby and I was able to get there, dry out those wet clothes and avoid any further complications like frost bite, while I warmed myself up quite nicely over the next 18 hours.
  24. there has already been a poll related to this, but that thread has been quiet for a while so i thought i'd start up a new one. yall comment and let the (absolutely genius and amazing) developers know what kind of food items youd like to see implemented in the world of the long dark! me, i want corned beef hash. it's basically a canned mash up of small chunks of potatoes and corned beef, cured with salt for preservation. it's pretty tasty stuff in my opinion, and it goes GREAT with crackers. there's two servings per can, each serving is 380 calories each. so an entire can would equal to 760 calories, which would make it a more compact version of condensed milk. but theres one added bonus. in real life, this stuff makes me feel EXTREMELY full. must be all the carbs in it from the taters. this would be the perfect food for a survivalist