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  1. Hello, please tell me in the game is something else expected? Or you forgot about it? , I'm just wondering. I personally really hope that you did not forget about the game. if you know something, please tell.
  2. Hello everyone, I looked up for info about bush planes after observing Will's. I concluded that he has floats, nothing for safe landing in snow or ice. He could land in snow, says forums about planes of this kind, but he could eventually damage the floats. Since the only liquid water surfaces of Great Bear Island are the sea, I was wondering if it was a clue to Perserverance Mills' location (according to Jeremiah, it's north of Pleasant Valley). Am I wrong? Do you have any others clues about that to bring? I'm interested to know what you think.
  3. Evening all! So, Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend, Halloween is two weeks away and American Thanksgiving is shortly after that. Last year, Hinterlands released a special event in the sandbox with Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, and demon wolves. I for one really enjoyed it. Although nothing has been announced yet (and I definitely don't speak for the studio!) would the community at large enjoy another themed event for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.?
  4. I completed this acrylic piece after binge playing TLD sandbox mode for almost 200 hours. This was completed in 2015. Apologies for the poor image quality!
  5. I'm curious. are there any specific songs out there that just remind you of this game? this is mine: Not Gonna Die, by Skillet. while i was listening to this, i had major flashbacks to all my near-death survival moments in this game then i immediately had to start playing if you have a song or multiple songs that make you think about this game, post them here. i look forward to listening to them (we need a music section in the misc topics..)
  6. Dear Hinterland, It has been such a bountiful year here at Mystery Lake that I decided to grab the ol' laptop from the camp office and head on up to the tower to wait for an aurora and shoot off this message. I was just thinking how happy I am and how great it would be to give all those at Hinterland an early Christmas\Holiday present. Since I don't need all this breath that seems to be clouding my vision like I have cataracts, I thought you might want it or could find a better use for it. I also thought you might want this thing called Cabin Fever, as I don't really need it. It turns out the only cabin fever I was afflicted with was the fever to get back in the cabin instead of sleeping in a cold fishing shack all night. I know those aren't really great presents and nobody will probably want them, so good luck re-gifting them. What can I say, I am just getting by out here so at least it isn’t a lump of coal. I needed that to craft one of the three possible items I know how to make at the forge. Anyway, happy early holiday season! I am heading down the hill to read a book about cooking. Oh darn I forgot, I have intestinal parasites so I am too sick to read for the next ten days. With Gratitude, TLD Lover P.S. If you stop by the office and I'm not there, please don't mind the mess. I prefer to live in a pig pen.
  7. Are there detailed and updated maps of each area? Thanks!
  8. ..."to use what you learn in The Long Dark in real life. Doing so may result in injury, illness, or even death." Just like it does in the game. LMAO!!!!!!!!!
  9. What base is best for long-term survival? There have been several posts around the subject, such as: Stretching Resources - a thought experiment @Cray Theoretical survival limit @damuchi Trapper's Cabin vs. Camp Office @Hesha Living in Broken Railroad @Supermax Can you live in Timberwolf Mountain long-term? @omoon66 Why I find Jackrabbit Island to be the best camp in Stalker @Chillplayer There are other posts around this subject that I have missed I'm sure. Currently, I'm on day 431 of a Voyager run and have been steadily extracting all the non-limitless resources from each map and moving them to my base (I'm at Trapper's Cabin for reasons stated here). Even so, now that I'm about to begin a moving spree from Timberwolf Mountain, I'm vacillating. As great games are, in part, a series of interesting choices, here are a few best long-term base considerations I'm grappling with--some contradictory--in no particular order: Beachcombing - a base by the coast slowly provides access to items no longer found in game (JR Island?) Safe Space - a base free of immediate threats (Jackrabbit Island, Trapper's Cabin, Rabbit Grove, Ravine, et cetera) Boredom - boredom can lead to unnecessary risks, so a safe space might backfire (safe spaces too cushy?) The View - aesthetic appeal to the senses to keep you happy (bases with beautiful vantage points trumping industrial locales) Nearby Limitless Resources - a base near animals, sticks, coal, etc. (many possible base locations have resources outside the front door) Resource Decay - exposure to poor weather accelerates clothing decay, so location is a factor Structure - certain bases have beneficial structural attributes (cabins with porches, storage containers, outdoor areas, beds with good warmth bonuses, etc.) Cabin Fever - proximity to sustainable outdoor locations (caves, vehicles, non-indoor structures) Non-limitless headgear - as cloth diminishes, frostbite on your head could eventually do you in Things I'm not worried about: Indoor Fireplace - I've found that I use this less and less to avoid cabin fever (not on my must-have list) Workbench onsite - tons of people live on Jackrabbit Island and make the jaunt to the Fishing Camp Nearby Forge - Does it have to be nearby? A few possible best long-term base locations come to mind, along with a few notable attributes: Maintenance Shed in Broken Railroad Beds both indoor and outdoor (this is amazing and the biggest selling point) Tons of storage (even in the outdoor area -- hello lockers!) Great view of bad weather (three windows and no loading screen = happily enjoying terrible weather) Industrial location (subjectively ugly) Wolves outside your door = nearby food + danger Mountaineer's Hut All animals are nearby - wolves, bears, rabbits, fish Incredible view - frozen lake, tall mountains Cold - worn clothing decays faster while sleeping Far from forge Easy to scare deer towards wolves for food without using a weapon (given close location of both animals) Prepper's Cache by Pensive Pond All animals nearby (though bears are a bit further) Fairly safe (there is a wolf about but not too close) Easy trip down the stream to the workbench Central world location (PV in general) Nearby waterfall to please the senses Bad weather - ug Trapper's Cabin Safe space - your own private glen with prancing deer and rabbits (though the rabbits aren't prancing) Easy to navigate interior (never have to fumble your way to your bed in the dark -- I'm glaring at you, Cabin Office!) Sense of home - many of us starting playing in Mystery Lake, so the map feels home-like Outdoorsy feeling - it's a cabin in the woods with a workbench! Camp Office All animals nearby (though bears are a bit further) Central on ML map Sense of home - many of us starting playing in Mystery Lake, so the map feels home-like Bloody mess - always living in that day-after-the-party-feeling Counter tops for days - organize your gear at eye-level Pleasant Valley Farmstead All animals nearby (though deer and fish are a bit further) Windy, windy, windy Spacious Jackrabbit Island Safe space - your own private, wolf-free island! Interesting Map - Coastal Highway has a lot of variety to it Kitchen Living - I tend to enter through the porch side, so I feel like I'm always living in the kitchen, which feels weird Odd storage - storing objects in the kitchen appliances also feels weird (instead of a locker) Easy to scare deer towards wolves for food without using a weapon (given close location of both animals) Close-ish to forge Scenic view Beachcombing opportunities There are others I'm sure. The question is, which base is best for the long-term? Does beachcombing on Jackrabbit Island beat out the outdoor shed location in Broken Railroad? Does the comfort of Trapper's Cabin beat out the useful prepper location around Pensive Pond? Does the cold of the Mountaineer's Hut really matter in the long run? Before I continue my long haul, I'm interested in your ideas about the best long-term survival base. Thanks! -Wish
  10. I love to be alone in the wild ... everyday.
  11. OMGGGG I just found the bear for the first time since the initial fight outside of Jeremiah's house.. I shot him once and he ran towards me and I shot him again, both times blood gushed out and it ONLY COUNTED AS ONE SHOT in the mission menu.... i'm frustrated lol! Anyone have any advice to help me through the rest of this mission? No spoilers, just advice!
  12. While playing TLD i was thinking a little about story mode when it struck me that we might (80% sure) have humans that we will have to kill in self defence or to save another survivor as shown in your story mode trailer at 1:26 were Will Mackenzie (i assume) kills two other survivors to save the one lying on the ground. So if we got hostile humans in story mode i think that a damage system like the one in Rimworld were very specific parts of your body can be damaged or destroyed could fit really good in TLD. Im not saying that we need to have liver transplants and that but maybe some parts of the system like you will lose some consciousness if in great pain or if you've lost too much blood from your wounds you'll pass out for a certain amount of time or never wake up again if the wounds are too severe when passing out. what i mean with "lose some consciousness" is that if you have lost some consciousness the screen will get darker and you will get wobbly just like when you are really hurt >10% Condition but your character will also do things slower like turning or reloading. If npc's roam in story mode then if you pass out because blood loss then if one of them finds you unconscious then they might save you so you'll wake up in a house somewere after you've recovered. This is a really bad explanation of what i really mean but its 2 past midnight and im tired so can't really do my best or finnish this to 100% but please try to understand and if you wonder about anything just ask me and i WILL reply.
  13. i decided to break up the monotony of 500 day survival and have fun/hone skills on a stalker run starting in TWM, spawning in the deer clearing i made a quick decision to use that to my advantage to continue to the summit, making a gamble on whether there would be a hacksaw....long story short, got my hacksaw and looted the heck outta the boxes. and then began my careful and dangerous journey to scale down the mountain- a direct route to the mountaineers hut, albeit far more deadly. ive done this a few times and once again TL:DR version on my last hop down i see my pal Mr. Bear, spending his time at the edge of the lake. i think to myself "what a nice man, probably gathering some fish" and continue on my way. the next morning in the Mt hut i awake to a knock on my door, not expecting visitors i grab my rifle..."well hello mr bear, i cant say ive seen you this far out on the lake. what can i do ya for?" he responds with a toothy grin, "i was wondering if you had a moment to talk about our lord and savior, raph of the hinterland?" i tell him "no thank you, I'm content on being a man of little faith" which seems to have upset him and he charged me, sadly i shot him dead... anyway silly stories aside, anyone ever have the bear come this close to the hut? i almost wet myself when i opened the door and went face to face with him. i got a lucky headshot and it crit (thank goodness for the advanced guns book i read at the summit) and dropped him on the spot. i took a few pictures to show just how close he was (hes the furthest dark mass, the first is some wolf meat i cooked when i first arrived at the hut)
  14. Hello, ive played about 65 hours after than i took a break for a long time. After all these updates i wanted to have a look what's changed and played again 5 mins ago but i didnt see the major problem about moving. So, im sure there are alot of Skyrim players here and they can easily remember that the "c key binding" in the game. I mean the aut-move key i used to assaign to "c" key for it idk maybe the default key was different. So, you just press the key and let the character goes forward automaticly and you could control only the mouse Why does not still The Long Dark have this ability ? It would be awesome because we need to MOVE almost forward in this game to discover and it means you have to put your middle finger always on the "w key" and it's just frustration and ice on the cake I hope you know what i meant. I guess this key binding example is a feature that should be in the game to make play this game easier. Sincerely.
  15. Actually, the names of prisoners are names of devs. WHITE, S. - Skylar White - Testing Lead IRVINE, K. - no information KANG, D. - no information KELLEY, P. - Paul Kelley - Character Artist HARRIS, S. - Simon Harris - Enviro Artist MATHIS, D. - actual in-game character GABAS, E. - Eric Gabas - Environment Lead NG, R. - no information LECLERC, Y. - no information KOWALSKI, M. - Maciej Kowalski - Technical Artist BAKER, J. - Joel Baker - Programmer DESCUBES, V. - Vincent Descubes - Programmer What do you think about it?
  16. I just went into Steam to see how many hours I've played "The Long Dark". I was stunned to find out that I've played 1628 hours!!! If you break that down by what I paid for the game which I believe was $19.95, that means I've paid 1.25 pennies per hour for this game I just love!!! I feel guilty for all this fun I've had for so little investment! Just think of the times we've all gone to the movies and paid $25.00 for 2 tickets, $5.00 for a soda, and $7.00 for buttered popcorn!!! That's $37.00 for a 2 hour movie that might be good, or might be crap!! But it's still over $18.00 per hour!!! And I've been playing the Long Dark for almost three years for 1 1/4 pennies per hour!!! I just started the "story mode" today. Yes, I was here when the story mode came out, but deliberately waited until I had a whole day to play the story mode without interruption, and today was the day. I have to say that so far, I am totally pleased with what Hinterlands has presented us!! Those of you who are not pleased or who wished there was more...... no disrespect to you, but I think you folks are just "hard to please" in general! I've been playing from 10AM pacific time until 3PM, am now in the town of Milton and exploring the homes, and trying to complete the firewood mission for Grey Lady. I need to break for dinner now, but will continue later this evening after the wife goes to bed. But so far, I have absolutely no complaints! Great Job Hinterlands!!!! I will continue in the next few hours!!
  17. question

    Hi guys I want to ask if The Long Dark will run decently in my Lenovo Z50-70 laptop. ( Intel Core i7-4510U(2 cores, 2-3GHZ), 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 840M 4GB, Windows 10 64-bits) Thank you!!! ^^
  18. I wouldnt complain if there was ANY rhyme or reason to this... actually, I might, but thats beside the point. Freshly rested, barely encumbered. Sprained wrist. Here. Seriously? This asshat doesnt deserve to find his woman OR survive the apocalypse. To make matters worse, He NEVER stops complaining about something. No wonder Astirid dumped him once already. I keep expecting to hear him say "OK, sure could use a bubble bath." or "My beard has never needed a trim so bad IN MY LIFE!" or "Never thought I'd be dying from lack of a pedicure" Good God Will, TOUGHEN UP A LITTLE ALREADY!
  19. suggestion

    What do you think about wolf pack with a alpha wolf stronger than the other wolves. beacause in the long dark the wolves are alone and it would no be realistic.
  20. suggestion

    Hey Hinterlandteam, thank you for the game, i really enjoy it. I have a suggestion regarding a new difficulty. Firstly, why? I enjoy the realism in the game and the resulting gameplay. I always play in in "stalker" difficulty, because i want it as hard as possible while there are items which are realistic to be found in this environment, for example knives, axes and rifles. I have a kind of autistic side in me, which cannot except the fact, that there are no such items as mentioned in interloper mode. Keep in mind, that it is totally ok for me that the interloper mode is the way it is, but i just cannot play it that way So, what then? How about a new mode between stalker and interloper, items should be as rare as interloper or even a bit rarer, whilst the weatherspikes can get even worse. Even the aggrorange of animals should be widened (perhaps just the range of the smell), but the key difference should be, that every item can get found. Very important to balance this mode, is that the good items should really be a rare find, like only one gun in the complete game, and only one knife per map or something. Finding the loot should be the most awesome feeling ever, i think you know what i mean. The result? I still remember the first rifle i found in this game, after being hunted and abused by wildlife, being a total noob and dying stupid deaths, it was an amazing feeling to hold it in my hands. And i want this feeling again, without having to be a noob. Thank you for reading, keep up the good work. Hausmusik
  21. I know the whole staff is on vacation for the rest of the month, but I'm opening this up to see if anyone has any theories or ideas. It's quite clear now, with multiple veteran players reporting no achievement earned, that it's broken. There must be thousands of player hours wasted on this by now, and we still have yet to see an official statement on it, or even acknowledgment. This is highly discouraging, as this achievement is quite a commitment to undertake. Is there ANYONE out there who has gotten it? If so, was there some special technique you used? Until the team gets back from vacation, and can confirm that it was vetted, and working internally, lets put our heads together and see if we can find some common sticking points, or maybe someone out there has some special tick that worked on a particular stubborn location? Edit: I've changed the title, and am changing parts of some of my posts here, as apparently, I've come off as being in the middle of an epileptic stroke over this. This isn't an attempt to force some staff back early from vacation, nor a ragequit post. I'm just trying to bring different thoughts from the community together so maybe we have a good starting point once the team can look into it.
  22. Last night around midnight I heard a loud screeching/screaming sound outside. At the time I couldn't begin to imagine what it was. I was thinking, like, cougar, or raccoon or something. But turns out it was a female fox (vixen), which I discovered the next day. For those of you who haven't heard a fox scream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6NuhlibHsM Give it a listen at about 0:31. Anyway, it occurred to me that a fox might be an interesting little addition to The Long Dark. They would be more of a small aesthetic to the game rather than a gameplay mechanic (As wolves are hostile, as well as bears. And other animals are good for hunting). I'm thinking maybe it would be interesting if the foxes were sort of an elusive part of the game that you can only find occasionally in certain parts of certain maps. Maybe you can hear them at night, or they can wake you up or something. I don't know. I just think it would be a cool little experience to hear or see a group of foxes in the distance. Plus that scream would add to the atmosphere at certain points, maybe catch some players off guard. I would have done some quick Long Dark concept art for the fun of it, but I don't have my Cintiq with me. (Some of my work, btw:) Again, just a thought more than anything else. It would be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts. I hope this isn't too far fetched, or miscellaneous. At least listen to the screams in the video if nothing else. Thanks.
  23. (MAJOR SPOILER, TURN AWAY) . . . . . . . . . . . . So, after shooting the damned bear, Jeremiah sends you off on the way to the lower bowels of the Dam and then onwards. Are we seeing him again? Why did he lie about not having electric apparel in his cabin? Namely, the radio hidden under the floor. What is that radio for? Who is he, really? What does the "wintermute" codeword mean? Is he an ecoterrorist? Maybe Astrid, too? Discuss. I want to know your theories.
  24. Hello people. I don´t have any money to buy it. But i´d love to have it not only for my gameplays, but for me, for listening. Is there any place to download it with small donations or free? In Steam, if you buy it, can you download it and pass it to the cell phone for example? Or it´s restricted to use ir on Steam?
  25. Calorie consumption while resting is lower than while doing something, but is there any difference at all in spending little or much energy while starving? It seems that condition always drops at the same rate due to starving, irregardless of what the character is doing. The game has a metric "calories expended" each day, but it seems to only show however many calories were eaten and then expended - energy spent while starving excluded?