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Found 467 results

  1. I'm a big fan of harvesting meat, pelt, and guts at the kill site. Now with quartering implemented I compared how long it takes for doing it to a deer and I feel it's too much work (it takes too much time and then I have to drag everything around & do more work inside). I can only see quartering being useful for bears with their tons of meat and guts. Does this make sense?
  2. Hello , here is the game has different Windows with glass , in the car, for example transparent glass , and why it is not , could you please make transparent glass in the houses and in the car , so you can see what is happening on the street , and then the hearing to determine it is sometimes not very convenient. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I'm playing sandbox with the interloper difficulty and haven't been able to survive more than couple of days. Where is the places to find firestarters? It seems to be the problem at least in the mystery lake and forlong muskeg. I have few videos in youtube if you want to check those, but main question is where is the firestarters in Mystery Lake ? Videos can be seen in channel "FinMoose".
  4. Hi all, I'm new to TLD but soaking up everything I can. Before I decided to pull the trigger on TLD I stumbled across this developer roadmap: Roadmap Version: 1.2 (Updated August 16, 2016) http://hinterlandgames.com/the-long-dark/roadmap/ I'm very familiar with startup/kickstarter type game development and I understand timelines get pushed. Is there any official comment on an updated roadmap down the road or possibly actively updating the one we have? I've seen some replies to similar questions over on the Steam forums but was surprised how little it was discussed here. Some thing are in the game, some assets such as the Moose were put on hold, and I'd personally like to know what have since been removed.. A release of an updated roadmap before OR alongside story mode would be a great way show some love TLD community.
  5. It seems that the Forestry Lookout was changed recently. There's now possibly two lookouts? One seemed visible from the old Lookout site (which now has Lookout ruins on it). Interesting choice.
  6. Yknow what would be pretty awesome, in my opinion? If you had the option to start a new game with the previous world state. like, so that all the stuff your previous survivor did is still existing in a new game, and the loot is still missing from when you took it in the last game. In this world state, you could be able to find and loot your survivors body, however for only a certain percentage of the loot you actually had on you at at the moment of death, to avoid exploiting. and in an immersion standpoint, you can simply assume that another survivor already picked the body over and took what they needed before you found it. on your previous body you might also be able to find and read your journal as a collectible. Then again, I suppose it can still be exploited. say, if someone wanted to leave a stash for their next survivor they'd be free to do so and it'd still be there in a new game. that's the only problem I see with it. just had that idea randomly, let me know what yall think
  7. Hello , maybe my idea will seem strange but in the game there are bodies of people, lie and made me sad,please give the opportunity to bury them, well, when there are times of the year , it will be easy to bury them , and how it is not comfortable near the corpse , and yet, they could burn as in ancient times.
  8. I wanted to open up the topic of clothing strategy for discussion. As you may be aware, in certain scenarios, the weather conditions continue to deteriorate as the game progresses. I am curious about what your strategies are to cope with this. I don't have time to build a list of all the clothing items possible however I'm curious especially about footwear. Foot wear often gets wet in real life whereas under cold conditions, your parka will often stay very dry. You can get wet by sweating but this is more of an inside out concern. Does anyone know if sweating is a thing in the game? or if it is on the timeline or proposed wish list?
  9. Great Game! I just want to ask why can't there be built slingshots, snow shoes, skis, and spears? All those abandoned cars have tires, and tire tubes. And a spear deals with predators and game since the dawn of time.
  10. Hi guys!! How you doing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glow_stick For caves and mines!!!
  11. After Interloper difficulty was implemented, I noticed that I stopped at bumping into wolves where I used to meet them all the time before, such as right outside in front the ML camp office, the woods straight back out of the back door of the camp office, walking on the lake path, even right outside the Trapper's Cabin. Those places all seem really, really safe now. I have only ever played Voyageur difficulty. Do Stalker players still run into them at those locations? What is the clothing deterioration rate difference between Stalker and Voyageur difficulties? My clothes in Voyageur seem to decay maybe a half percent a day as long as I don't go out in bad weather. Stalker players that have played Voyageur can you please outline the big differences between the two difficulties? Finally this last question probably has very subjective answers to it, but which difficulty is closest to being "realistic" versus being just "challenging game play?"
  12. Hello, Being a long time Interloper player, I have a few things I would like to discuss about the new update. I know it is still very new, but there are a few things that I find a bit troublesome. There is no "auto-loot" function. Before this update, looting wasn't too bad, but now having to hold a button to loot can be a little tedious. I don't know if anyone feels the same, let me know. The big pet peeve is cat-tail gathering. Having to hold LM (or A) to get the option to gather, then consider gathering both the head and the stalk individually is a bit redundant and time wasting, and, if I am to be honest, every millisecond in Interloper counts, a lot. EDIT: While there is still no auto-loot and the separate cat-tail function exists there is a way to change the press-and-hold feature. Thanks to user @chuckie as he posted the way to change it to one-click function instead of press-and-hold. Simply go to options->controls->accessible interactions. Although the visuals are very, very good, and the HUD is visually pleasing, the imprecise nature of condition and calories concerns me. I like detailed information, and losing that definitely does not help me make informed decisions on what to do next. Am I at 30%? Or is that 20%? I don't know, and, as such, I am not entirely sure of ensuing decisions. Being able to see exact calories in the status page helps a bit to alleviate the issue of not having it upon tab or start, but I feel it should be there. EDIT: The TAB HUD could be condensed a bit more to avoid players having to dart their eyes around to see vital information, just a thought/suggestion. There is a bug with old man's beard bandages. When applied in the new first aid as antiseptic, it consumes the bandage but does not stop blood loss. This is a problem, as the infection risk comes before blood loss. I do not know how one succeeds at the Hunted Part 1 challenge now. EDIT: This is not a bug, but as revealed by user @nicko this is intended. A challenge like The Hunted is still impossible unless a bandage drops in the basement you escape to, though. The game was already too easy. While I do think the campfire wolf-deterrent mechanic should stay as-is, I do not think we need stone throwing. The buildup previously needed on high difficulties was fine the way it was. Gut and food gathering, especially a renewable source, is now instantly available. I do not like this, as the game needed to get a bit more difficult in the late game (post bow/snare/wolfskin coat crafting), not easier in the early game. EDIT: Applying first aid is also a hassle, as the two-layered system where you can see what is wrong in the "Status" page yet be able to do nothing about it until re-routing back to the first-aid in radial is a little tedious. One should be able to treat afflictions from *both* sections. EDIT: As I, and other players have mentioned, the breath of the character is far too bright and covers an enormous portion of the screen, I wanted to make sure to note in the OP of the thread that this has been mentioned as well for the sake of not having to fish through the thread to see it. EDIT: User @Raf109 pointed out that we do not have the day/night indicator stay on screen during sleeping/waiting. IMPORTANT NOTE: Bugs are very important to report, as @Dirmagnos pointed one out about resources in the new mapping system, please report them here- https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/projects/TLDP/ On the bright side, I love the new visuals, I love the new inventory breakdown, and I like how I don't auto-equip that damn storm lantern every time I get it lol. Please let me know what you think, thank you.
  13. I am curious about snow shelters; why aren't they used more often by players (or vice versa)? Do you use them often yourself? What are the good points and bad points of snow shelters? What should be changed about snow shelters? Should we have more types of snow shelters such as simple trench style, quinzhee, snow tent, full on igloo? Counter-point: are more types of snow shelters overkill and unnecessary and why? What situations would you think a snow shelter would be handy for? What do you think about how long it takes to build a quick snow shelter? Would you be ok with expending more time to construct a nicer snow shelter that might be warmer for instance? Think about if you could construct your skookum shelter in stages. Under what circumstances will a bear rip into a snow shelter? Has it happened to you? Do wolves get into your snow shelter too? In the interests of saving space, I prefer not to see posts with extensive quotes; just quickly refer to the questions OR delete the quote before hitting Submit. Or just go free form with whatever strikes you as interesting. I've added a poll place holder that I will modify later (hopefully) with the most interesting questions and the range of proposals made.
  14. I live next to Canada and since you're making a survival game there should be more than one type of Arrow you did a great job with the metal arrows but they're not practical in a survival situation wooden arrows or more easier to make and then you have stone arrows which Native Americans have been using since forever which can take down a deer and a bear I love the game but I could use wood and stone arrows
  15. With the new update, climbing and descending the rope is now severely restricted since you can't use the rope if your load out exceeds 30 kilo making it impractical in most cases when exploring and looting those areas. I can see why limiting the amount that can be carried going up the rope, but coming down shouldn't be so restricted in my opinion. Climbing over encumbered should have be viable to a limited extent provided you have lots of stamina although the pace would be slower and the rest breaks would be necessary. But coming down is more a matter of sliding down the rope letting gravity do the work for you. I would only need enough stamina to be able to hold on and slow myself down. I'd like to see the old mechanic of rope climbing as compared to this latest update. just my opinion...
  16. Man... yall don't understand. I'm a writer. I can write 5 pages worth of content all about what happened in a long dark day, every day. Even if all I did was maintenence on my tools all day makes me kinda sad that I have to limit it down so much. I'd love to see a a longer character limit in the journal to jot down all my characters thoughts and feelings and give him a rich back story
  17. Faithful cartographer has been marketed as the final sandbox update. Unfortunately, this means that many forum requests and items from the aspirational road map likely are not going to make the final release. A consequence of time and other constraints. I just thought it would be nice to make sort of a "top three" list of things to add if there is time between now and July 31st (August will be needed for certification). Rules are simple: If you're posting an idea put it in bold, only one idea per user, please make it your personal #1 wish list item, and follow up the idea with a short (1 paragraph max) explanation. Discussion is encouraged Assuming there are a lot of responses I'll make a poll for the ideas in about 2 weeks and then lock the thread after people get a chance to vote. Cheers!
  18. While the UI is definitely much improved, there's something strange about the new textures and lighting. A lot of the environmental textures now lack the slight outlines they used to have, and I don't think it looks very good. The outlines and cel shading on the textures added a really nice visual style to it, as if it were a painting. Now it just looks like a lot of the objects have weird single-color placeholder textures. The cardboard box is really the best example here.
  19. This is a topic to discuss fire starting skill and the various factors that play into fire starting skill. The techniques for starting fires, especially fast fires when you need a defense from a bear or other predator. Please add your thoughts and questions and we'll see if a reasonable set of alternatives emerges for a vote on the ideas. Thank you! I think we should talk about the various options, the tinder, the kindling, the alternatives to accelerants and the fire boosting materials that can get a fire going fast! Think newspaper bundles, birch bark bundles, straw, pitch and resin extracted from wood, bark or fungi.
  20. This... mixed feelings on this. I mean I love the concept. but I don't like the way it's being implemented. I've played this game for going on 3 years now, and I'm so used to mashing the A button when a wolf jumps me, even before the struggle begins. I've gotten so used to that quick reaction that I start spamming A without even noticing the "select weapon" screen. I almost always just pick whatevers first just because I mash the button too soon. then end up having to load my game back, because I'm a huge wildlife lover and refuse to needlessly kill any animal. I just did so twice in a row because I kept accidentally picking my knife. making it to where different weapons do different types of damage (scare, slash, puncture) has opened up so many possibilities. I got tired of always being forced to kill the wolves. But anyway. my suggestion is this: let us set our weapon BEFORE the struggle instead of during. that way, if I'm sneaking around a wolf and anticipating danger, I can preset my weapon to the crowbar and not accidentally pull my knife and stab it.
  21. I've been playing for about 2-3 months. Long time gamer, lets just say PONG. I have to say this is the best video that I may have ever played in my life. I enjoyed Vanilla WoW and the battlegrounds where I got my tail handed to me regularly. Was very disappointed to see the game get easier, that Monkey pressing keys = winning, rather than having to work at winning. All that is to say when I started v.386 had been in play and I found that sweet spot for me on Voyager. I loved that I had to really think and not just run up and pet the wolves. Like using line of sight, creeping about behind the natural terrain. I had to plan where to go and when. I tried stalker and loper, too much for me, which is why I'm assuming the variant difficulties even came about. All could enjoy what the same game, just tuned differently. I died numerous times starting out, read/lurked in these forums and on steam forums, learned, watched videos, etc. And before the patch had made a run of 79 days before I ran around naked in ML so I could save that journal. I think I could have easily made 100 and possibly 200 days. During that run I was attacked by wolves I think 8 times. I was getting the hang of the blizzards, wolves, crafted all the clothing (stopped with the wolf jacket with about 10 hours left because the wipe was coming). I was subsisting on mostly fish from ML. Fishing was almost level 5, as was cooking. Occasionally, would shoot a deer for the skin. I had made a run to FM and crafted 16 arrowheads and was curing the wood for shafts. Had snares set for the rabbits. All was good and balanced it seemed to me. It wasn't easy mode. I fell into the water via thin ice and almost froze coming back from FM and PV I think to CH? Had 9% condition and lived. I think I checked my laptop game about a dozen times, just starting random games and looting, started a loper in TWM for good measure. And when the update dropped I was beyond psyched. As a grown man, I blocked time off to start this amazing game. I started again on Voyager in ML. Searched almost the entire map and was really shocked about several things. The weather was much worse, the food was much more scarce as was the clothing. I don't think I ever found a jacket or vest. The wolves were off the chain, several packs in lots of places they weren't before. Where the wolves had been I found packs of mostly 3, some duos. During that first run I was attacked 4 times in 3 days, still using line of sight and the new mechanic of throwing. The wolf walked over the top of the flare I threw and ate my face. Stabbed it and when I was getting up the second one jumped me and into the long dark I went. I started several runs thinking my RNG was screwing me and for the sake of stats I would start well in ML. Hasn't happened yet as of about 5 runs. Started in CH, wolves, which were numerous to me before were everywhere. I counted 6 yesterday between Quonset and the islands. I am at a loss as to what this means, other than the tuning has been ramped up? But why? If people felt Voyager was too easy, wouldn't they move to Stalker? And progress from Stalker to Loper? I've been posting this on Steam and decided to come here in the hopes that Dev team might see this. In those 8 attacks pre-update I would lose some condition, but never more than 25%, I think more on the order of 10%. On that first run where I died I would estimate I lost about 40-50% condition, along with clothing destroyed and 5 afflictions from the first fight alone. Aren't those Stalker/Loper stats for fights? I found myself waiting all day for blizzards to pass so I could go fish as I had no gun/bow. When I went to move to the ice huts, packs of 3 wolves on the ice. I counted up to 5 on the lake at one time. And if this is the "Best beginning area" I hate to say a lot of the newer players from PS4 are going to be in for a hard time. So, I am struggling to play now as the game is having a really grindy feeling to it that drove me away from WoW and games like that. I understand this is EA and that things change, but IMO, things got tuned to far. I can deal with the weather changes. I actually am liking the UI and understand the HUD and sun/moon time telling as it relates to the "quiet apocalypse" and really enjoy what appears to be all the graphics for items. Visual and Audio sounds are really good and add a lot of depth to the game. But I'm waking up in game at night to drink after 100% before sleeping or I lose condition. I'm eating several pounds of food daily and still starving. I'm dropping weight like crazy and moving at less than 40 pounds. I just started another ML run, call me Don Quixote tilting at windmills, and burned almost 900 calories without running to search the fishing huts and cabins to get 3 cans of food, one pack of matches, a fishing tackle and no clothes at all. If I did run I have the running badge, allegedly 25% less calories running. Again on Voyager. If I wanted stalker/loper I would change it myself. Sorry so long, but I want to be clear in explaining/describing then and now. All that to ask "was this intentional?"
  22. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I know that all proceeds go into development of the game, so I'm more than happy to donate But can I ask why I'm paying more for a coffee mug than I paid for the game? that's ridiculous xD Also gonna order a poster on next pay day! I can't wait to put that thing up in my room!
  23. Hello fellows. He's my recent experience. Maybe developers could detect a bug, maybe it could be helpful for some of you. I killed a wolf on the road near the bear's lair in Desolation Point. Started a fire to harvest it and noticed a bear slowly approaching. I was curious if they are afraid of fire, so I just crouched behind the fire and wait. And I had a lit torch in my hand too, just to make it safer. It has come really close, bout 5 meters, almost passed me, but then turn around and attacked. Right through the fire. I survived the attack but the bear stuck in place and before I get up it was standing over me and attacked again. And the same for the third time and I died. Could't even start moving between attacks, just watched 3 animations in a row. Stuck animals become a real problem. It's lucky when a running wolf stucks and can be easily killed. But a guess it's wrong. And I noticed a glitch with the wolf and a torch. When it comes the closest distance and stops growling, if to make a small step ahead it starts shaking and making weird sounds, like in Matrix, as if it can't decide what to do. If to step backwards, it continues the pursuit as usual. And, bears don't give a shit about fires. Just avoid them. It was day 25 of inteloper. I managed to forge all nice metal things by the 5th day of the game, everything was so harsh yet exciting. I'm so disappointed.
  24. The only really noteworthy part of my last sandbox is the last 2 - 3 days. it went pretty normal at first. started anew, voyageur, male, random map, and it gave me desolation point. I began updating my journal, giving our nameless survivor a generic back story. Saved up money from the logging camp for flight lessons and bought a Cessna, planned to become a bush pilot like his close friend Will, but on his first flight his Cessna went down, taking out the cliff and causing a rock fall which trapped him in DP. that's where his story begins. So I start exploring, mapping, got some pretty good clothes and a great stock of food. but the survivor was afraid to go through the mine to escape. he was clostrophbic and was afraid the mine might collapse and promised himself he'd only use it as a last resort. he ran out of food quickly, and there was no rifle to be found. so I gathered some saplings, picked feathers from the local murders of crows, forged some arrow heads, stoned rabbits for food in the meantime, and explored and mapped. stumbled upon Katie's corner one day, found a bow and an arrow. the next day is when starvation started to REALLY set in. so I went hunting. Found absolutely nothing. no wolves, no deer, and I had already eaten like all of the rabbits. even though I distinctly remember seeing 2 deer over by Katie's corner. Guess the bad weather drove them to hiding. I make my way aaaaaaaaaall the way around the map, beach combing, searching for wildlife, anything for a meal. but I found nothing. I was really starving. at 0 calories and my condition was almost half way down. then I saw them. two wolves. side by side. I was so hungry I wasn't thinking straight. I drew my bow, shot one, and the other jumped me. attacked it with my crowbar, I didn't want to kill it. but it damn near killed me. I stumbled back into Hibernia, drank the rest of my herbal tea just to take the edge off that starvation and recover some condition, and woke up with a nasty infection in my arm. as I was repairing my clothes, I heard my survivor say "wait... I see a light. What's that light?" First emergency stim. when the sun rose, I went out to hunt. if I could JUST get a wolf... I'd make it through to another day at least. found those same two wolves. second emergency stim. I attack both of them, knife in hand. I couldn't even see my condition bar anymore, it was so low. third and last emergency stim. as I was searching for one of those wolves, I saw two rabbits hopping along. at this point I was at about 3 percent condition, and combating infection. I went full primal mode. instinct kicked in, I stoned both of them and ate them raw. if I didn't I would have died trying to cook them on the fire. food poisoning. while I had food in my belly, I went and rested in the nearby cave next the broken bridge. laced up on adrenaline, painkillers and antibiotics, I woke up starving and still at about 8 percent condition. I knew if I stayed there I would die in the night. so I stumbled out into the pitch darkness with my torch. I just walked down the road. I thought maybe if I could make it to the church I could harvest some mushrooms, make some tea, take the edge off the starvation and rest there to get my condition up a bit more. down the road a ways, I hear a bear growl from the darkness. I throw my torch and take off running into the pitch black darkness. after a while I think I'm in the clear, thought I outran it, so I lit a flare. and sure enough, just out of the lights reach, I see the bear charging me. I throw the flare at it. didn't do anything. at this point, I closed my eyes and accepted my fate. The last thing that was written in our survivors journal? almost illegible, the page being smeared with blood, but you can just barely make out the words "should have taken the mine"
  25. After wolf attack that resulted in laceration plus infection risk, I threw some antiseptic on it, then the bandage. The funny thing is that there was still a "infection risk" displayed so I had to use antiseptic again. What gives?