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  1. Wow, lol....so you found a loophole... So due to the bonus fire duration, you may be able to acrue slightly more sticks than added i.e. a net stick gain?! That would be interesting....
  2. Voyager is apparently MUCH more lenient with the stick department....in CH, about day 100. Many sticks still....
  3. Rofl....right in the keester...!
  4. You could have pulled a torch from the first fire, and used it to light the fire in the forge. You probably knew that already though. Maybe the two fires were hours apart, or the first one went out wile crafting accidently?
  5. Anyplace outside is best for storing meat. Drawers and cabinets in fishing huts, trunks of cars, containers on the ground outside, dead guys (gross but possible). Apparently you can just drop meat on the ground outside wherever you want, I just found that out after asking the forum. Make sure you are not currently the target of a bear or a wolf first though, or the meat might be treated as a bait drop and eaten. This can even be accomplished with wolves close by.... by entering a structure, crouching, then exiting the structure while crouching, and then dropping the meat. I saw Geltaz do that at the CH gas station with 4 wolves right outside. Apparently they don't notice meat you drop as long as they are not trying to kill you. This could be fixed at some point in the future.....but not yet. I try really hard not to waste anything I kill. So far I think I have only not harvested about two wolves, it was a long time ago in Forlorn Muskeg. I was actually trying to leave the map for Mystery Lake already, and it was really foggy and I got jumped a couple times on my way out. My desire to just get the heck out of there was greater than my desire to find injured wolves in the fog, harvest more things that smell, and getting jumped by even more wolves in the fog. So I abandoned two wolf kills. I haven't abandoned anything else in the run since.
  6. No problem guys, I like to help out and be useful here. I made a post in the "How to Play" section about being available to answer questions. So feel free to ask me questions if either of you have anymore. @SPiRiTthis game almost requires exploring the entirety of every map and relocating to new maps to find as many resources as possible. This becomes especially important at higher difficulty levels, as you find less and less loot by searching the harder the difficulty level. Oh two important changes you may need to know is old man's beard no longer requires a bandage to craft, so it doesn't stop bleeding...it is only antiseptic. Also they removed brandishing, so you have to throw fire at wolves, (torches/flares) so dropping bait and shooting them works better in my opinion. You can survive for periods of time in one place, and many resources are renewable, but some are limited....like matches, cloth, scrap metal, saplings, and other plant life. So the best way to survive the longest is to actually search every map and horde as much as you can, lol. That's what I am currently doing in my playthrough. I neglected to mention @Renegade30's suggestion, which is also a really good suggestion, probably because I kind of cheat in the game whenever humanly possible, even if doing so is tedious. Like I will enter a building, sleep, or pass time (basically save the game) before doing anything I could fail at (lighting fires, repairing clothes, fishing) and I exit and reload if I do fail....lol. Which is pretty cheesy, but at least I'm honest. The only person I'm cheating is myself....
  7. The image is shaped like a uterus, my girlfriend agrees, if you don't see it...oh well I guess. All it is missing is ovaries. That wasn't an attempt at being rude or sexist. I am sorry you interpret things in the most negative way possible. If you can't handle people not agreeing with you, or not sharing the same opinion as you, then you are in the wrong place....trust me. Wait till you post something Carbon sees.... I now regret responding in your thread, I didn't realize you needed me to agree with and love everything you were saying. Had I known that, I would not have posted. Oh and @Ciliate Organism the developers and I haven't made any "fatal mistakes."(yet) Do you know how I know this? We are still alive....Fatal means dead. Am I dead? Is The Long Dark dead? Ok, that is solved.... If you want to read my ideas and other people's ideas, then I suggest you read the "Wish List" forum. That forum is where people list what they would like to see included in the game in the future. If this thread is a list of your wishes for the game, then it probably should be in the wish list forum. I didn't realize this was a list of your ideas for the game, I thought you just enjoyed listing how many people play crappy games on Steam...
  8. Welcome @JoshuaSkillTree! I hope you are filling some of your waiting period with watching some runs by other players. It's a good way to learn the ropes....like how to make water, lol!
  9. I thought the solar still picture was a uterus at first... I am not a fan of comparing one game to another....especially The Long Dark. It isn't like any other game I have played so far.... I have zero interest in playing any of the games you have listed so far.... I looked at The Forest several times and it looks more aggravating than fun....
  10. There ya go! Yes, random matches all around! Sometimes they are in the glove box too. I have also found matches on shelves in homes, fireplace mantles, and occasionally in kitchen cabinets....
  11. I guess I didn't explain anything, unfortunately.... Lol, back to the game! I did some testing with various numbers of pieces of cooked meat on me. I crouched in the tests because I wanted to make sure I was testing when the wolf smelled me, and not heard or saw me. There was a noticeable significant distance between five pieces of meat and six. Six pieces being when the first official bar shows up. In both cases the wolf turned around and started walking straight for me from pretty far away....but it was quite a bit farther with six. Like an extra 25-50 feet. It's hard to guess exact distances in the game. With two pieces of meat...I got pretty close. I was probably 2-3 car lengths away before he smelled me....he still couldn't see me though, which was odd because I was pretty darn close. I know this because I started crouch walking sideways and to his right, and he was still walking away from me and in the direction of where he first smelled me. So with no pieces of meat and crouching from behind the wolf, you can probably almost get close enough to pet the damn wolf, lol. There was little to no wind at play, as I couldn't hear wind blowing. I am sure being upwind of a wolf with meat on you lets them smell you from even farther away. I wouldn't recommend traveling far with a scent level of 1 bar or more, certainly not in terrain where you can't see clearly in all directions...because they can definitely smell you if they are like over the next ridge. When relocating maps, or traveling great distances...like to a new map I would recommend bringing as little meat as possible. Preferably no meat. Traveling far, or hopping maps is probably the best time to eat canned goods, or MREs you have been stashing in your base for a rainy day.... Just hunt some new critters when you find a new base to settle into on the new map.
  12. I don't really play on experience levels that have parasites, but from what people have been reporting who do, they seem to get parasites frequently even when it is at a 1% chance. More frequently than would be normal for a 1% chance of something. I think that was the point the OP was attempting to make.
  13. Be killin predators like a BOSS!
  14. They are allegedly adding the bow method of fire starting in the next update. In the meantime I can link a list of known spawns in Interloper, which includes matches and fire striker locations.....but you may consider that a spoiler, so click at your own risk. That being said, there are numerous definite match and fire striker locations even on Interloper...more than enough to light one fire a day every day for at least several hundred days if you collect them all.... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=888366399
  15. Lol! Put that in the thread Mel started... "You know you've been playing too much The Long Dark when...."