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  1. Day 32 After getting unstuck I hike out towards the Rabbit Grove Cabin to get the hide and guts curing there. Since I have a lot of daylight left I end up doing a bit of exploring towards Bear Creek then south to the Fishing Village. I end up kicking myself in the ass for leaving a very important tool behind. Musing about bears foreshadow an ominous future. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  2. Day 31/32 After harvesting the wolves I prepare to climb down to the cave below the Lookout only to realize I have no rope to climb down with. After testing if the Mine would work to alleviate cabin fever, I settle on making a snow shelter at the foot of the Lookout. The following morning is perfect for travelling so I promptly set out and get stuck in the terrain. Thanks for watching!
  3. Day 31 The wolf meat laying at the Lookout is going mouldy so I spend the night cooking. Next day I wonder why I wake up to my 31st survival day but the journal states it’s the 33rd day. In the morning I play with my meat and bitch about not being able to simply see it’s condition without handling it. I know, I’m so profound. Then, I realize sleeping in the Lookout is not alleviating the Cabin Fever. I’m feeling dumb and frustrated so a couple of wolves pay the ultimate price. Thanks for watching!
  4. Day 30 Spending too much time indoors crafting leads to going stir crazy. I head to the outdoors hoping to alleviate my condition at the Abandoned Lookout. Once there I set to getting myself organized without realizing the Lookout doesn’t count as being outdoors. Being wrong is kind of my part-time job.
  5. Day 28 At long last I accomplish an exploration goal near the Lookout with help of some climbing rope. With this miniscule glow of success I head back to the garage base to work on constructing the bow. My luck with avoiding wolves in the Townsite continues to hold out but, for how long? Thank you for watching and not judging a book by its cover!
  6. Day 27 Taking my frustration out on a couple of wolves takes way longer than expected and cost more bullets than any self respecting survivor would dare to spend. Finally, I haul back the hunting loot to the Lookout for curing. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  7. Day 26 Busing myself with domestic tasks while at the garage base I patiently put off my search for the bear carcass to the following day. I work on making a bow and repairing my clothes. This is all flavored with aimless commentary from a very tired yours truly. The following day I set out to find what I expect to be a very dead bear. Thanks for watching!
  8. Day 25 The hike back to the Abandoned Lookout is quite tense with the expectation of a wolf ambush. Once I get my hunting loot back to the temp base I set about organizing then, get some much needed rest. The following day I am rested and ready to march to the garage base to replace my dwindling supply of painkillers. At the townside I run into Grumpy Bear so I greet him with some hot lead. He’s none too happy about it and refuses to die no matter how much I wish it. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  9. Day 24 I decide to shake things up by heading to Pleasant Valley. After spending a few minutes I greeted by the Valley’s welcome wagon. Things got a bit out of hand. Gunpowder and hatchets were used. I limp back to the safety of Cinder Hills Coal Mine to lick my wounds. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  10. Day 23/24 Having slept the morning away at the cabin, I pack up the hides and guts then head back to the Abandoned Lookout. I wish I could say something exciting happened. For the most part this video is comprised of me talking out of my ass for thirty minutes. The quality content you’ve come to expect from TMFRS. Enjoy! Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  11. Day 23 Traveling down well trodden paths I revisit the Rabbit Grove Cabin to get the hide and guts I’ve been keeping there. I replace what has cured and camp at the cabin for the night. The weather turns foul so I make a snack, get cozy and do some reading. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  12. Day 22 Frustrated by the missing wolf neighbors I greet my neighbor deer with the sound of thunder. After quartering the beast, I spend most of the night harvesting meat and making up for my earlier boiling water mistake while a blizzard rages. The following day is perfect for travel so I head out to explore while debating where to go next. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  13. Day 21 Traversing the fog, I hike back to the Abandoned Lookout. The heavy fog persists the following day limiting my ability to move about freely. I spend my time telling dumb stories and looking for my furry neighbors who now appear to be missing. Just my luck after getting the rifle to give them a proper greeting. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  14. Day 20 Fed up with the howling neighbors near the Abandoned Lookout I make a late day run to get my rifle at the Quonset Garage. The trek there is mostly uneventful but the return trip, while the sun is going down and dense fog rolling in, becomes a much more tense experience. Thanks for watching!
  15. Day 19 to 20 I locate a few rocks then attempt to convince deer to hurl itself into the jaws of a wolf. Another blizzard rolls in driving me to take shelter in the Lookout. The following morning I head next door to greet Mr. Wolf and end up meetings Mrs. Wolf. Thanks for watching!