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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

      For the latest information on WINTERMUTE (story mode in The Long Dark), as well as details on the final sandbox update prior to our August 1 launch, check out our recent Dev Diary here: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/light-at-the-end/ And while you're there, be sure to have a look at our new FAQ as well: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/frequently-asked-questions/
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      The Long Dark Sandbox **May 2017 Test Branch** [OPT-IN, FORUM PASSWORD, SPOILERS]   05/19/2017

      Hello community, 

      As we did with the December 2016 Sandbox Update, we are implementing a TEST BRANCH for The Long Dark's MAY/JUNE 2017 Update, FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER. This reflects the fact that we have a huge diversity of players on a variety of hardware configurations, and as a small studio we just can’t test them all! 

      The idea here is to provide an early version of the next update, about a week or so before we’d like to launch it officially in the Release branch (i.e. where you are currently getting it), so that we get some extra time to find bugs, crashes, and any other issues before it goes lives for the rest of our community. 
        >>> IF YOU DO NOT OPT-IN TO THE TEST BRANCH, YOU WILL NOT GET IT. I.e. You will not get the Test Branch build "by accident". This should help keep spoilers to a minimum. Here on Official Forums the Test Branch Discussion subforum requires a password to access. The password is: test_branch
      Some details. READ THESE CAREFULLY: 

      * The Test Branch is for STEAM ONLY. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
      * The Test Branch is full of SPOILERS. If you don’t want to see what’s in the next update, stay out of the Test Branch and all its discussions. 
      * The Test Branch is a tool for us to find issues with Work In Progress features. We’re primarily looking for feedback on bugs, crashes, and any major balancing issues. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the appropriate TEST BRANCH sub-forums on Steam and in our Official Community. DO NOT DISCUSS TEST BRANCH FEATURES outside the Test Branch sub-forums. Those posts will be moved or deleted. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the posted bug submission procedures. This will help the development team filter the feedback, eliminate duplicates, and in general ensure we can act on the feedback in a more timely fashion. 

      Our hope is that this new Test Branch process will allow us to ensure we can continue to put out stable Sandbox updates well into the future. 

      We’re very hopeful that the people who choose to opt-in to this Test Branch will approach this as a way to help ensure the updates are as smooth and stable as possible, and not use the Test Branch discussion as a forum to lobby for or against certain features or content. 

      As always, The Long Dark is a community-informed, not community-driven, project. We look forward to enlisting your help in identifying whatever issues we’ve missed in our own internal testing! 

      For more details, please check out the TEST BRANCH discussion forums [SPOILERS!] http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/forum/81-test-branch-spoilers/ (See password info above for access)

      Thank you! 

      The Hinterland Team 

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  1. The cold and managing calories is a bigger problem for me. Thankfully you can see the wolves off in the distance and the ones that get close and catch you off guard seem to give up chase rather quickly when you hightail it out of there. Even if the worse happens and you get into a fight, I have beaten many of them as long as I am decently healthy. If I am 75%+ condition I will stalk wolves, let them kill a deer or rabbit, and then fight them off for the meat. But, I like to live dangerously. Its my middle name. ...Danger is my middle name, not "I like to live dangerously". That would just be silly.
  2. I have a "Love/Hate" relationship with FM. Sometimes its great, others it seems to be against you. Started an interloper run once and found combat boots and a big coat in the homestead and I was amazed and happy. I was in love with FM that time. The zone has a great quality to it. Lots of stuff to do, and search, and explore. Lots of opportunity for food (animals and cat tails) and really good places of shelter that keeps cabin fever away. Started another interloper run and got stuck on the little islands out in the middle of the water with wolves in every direction and no where to run that would not get me wet through thin ice. One wolf decided I was snack worthy and started chase. I ran the opposite direction only to get too close to another, and then turned to run the best I could away from him and into another wolf I went. Its the only time I had three wolves actively chasing me. I hated FM for that. Its a stupid map and I hate it.
  3. You can shoot from a hunter's blind, as well.
  4. Amazing @Timber Wolf!! Thank you so much. Now that I think about it (that is...I asked my wife) it did in fact happen a few times and when I was pretty much fully fatigued. There is a little difference...I play on XBox. My button mashing varies depending upon the level of my alcohol intake. lol But, there was one time that I was fully fatigued and it didnt matter how fast I pushed the button, I just wasnt going to win the fight. The wolf eventually fled but the completion bar was only half way and I was doing my best to get it toward the end. Thank you so much for the efforts and input. You are an asset to help keep many from fading into the long dark. I salute you. Ten
  5. I dont think the condition affects performance. The knife is just like the sewing kit/clothes/food/etc. The condition is only indicating the closeness to being broken/unusable. Thats pretty much indicative of all items with a condition percentage. (I think) With that said, I have noticed that YOUR condition affects fighting with a wolf...no matter what condition the knife is in. You can have a 100% knife and dependent upon you tiredness level or your condition level, it will take more stabs to kill a wolf. Not sure if @Timber Wolf wants to do another test (that one you charted out was amazing, by the way. THANK YOU so much for that type of effort and input and providing the community with it.) To answer the question you asked @Ultimateauthority, I dont worry with the condition of the tools until 60%ish. There are times where I am waiting for something (sun to rise a bit more, a blizzard to let up, getting closer to darkness so I can maximize sleep, etc.) where I will just start sharpening to pass the time. Same goes for repairing almost anything (clothes/lantern/can opener/etc), if I need to pass time then I just look for something to do. The argument could be discussed about how clothing loses performance (warmth provided/wind chill protection/etc.) based upon its condition and THAT might be what people correlate to knife performance. But, I think thats just programmed in for clothing. To caveat...everything I just said may be completely wrong. Its just my opinion and observations of playing. Great discussion. I love this community. Ten
  6. I would love to see someone post a video starting on Interloper, with the current version, (v.394) and survive more than 10 days. In fact...its a DARE. I DARE SOMEONE TO POST A VIDEO STARTING ON INTERLOPER IN THE CURRENT VERSION (v.394) AND SURVIVE MORE THAN 10 DAYS. Cough (looking at especially you @MueckE and @SteveP) COUGH Maybe its me. I played interloper several versions ago (Vigilant Trespass I think) and LOVED it. It was a challenge. But either something drastic has changed, or I am having horrible luck. As of this writing, 2 days and 8 hours is my longest survival in v .394 and its painful. Ever hear a 45 yr old man scream with joy when finding a box of matches? lol I love all of you talking about how easy it is. lol ARGH Ten EDIT: Do not just start over and over till you get a good spawn, either. Go with what you get. EDIT EDIT: BTW, I have no problem whatsoever from food. Im dying from freezing to death, in combination from exhaustion from hypothermia. Double damn.
  7. It seems as though this has changed. I have played interloper before the latest updates. It was hard and challenging and I loved it but something has changed drastically. Im pretty sure its the changes to frostbite. It has borderline ruined interloper. I live off of cat tails so Im not having a problem with starving. Almost every game lately has been me dying from freezing. The clothes start out so bad that I dont even have time to find a sewing kit to fix them up before freezing. Trying to move to someplace to even find something to help creates frostbite and hypothermia, causing me to have to stay indoors to prevent myself from dying from exhaustion. Attempting to repair clothes (or even fix them in the first place after finding a sewing kit) causes almost instant exhaustion. Compounded with the fact that I have nothing in which to start a fire to melt snow for water creates for a frustrating game. While it has been several updates since I played interloper, I will have to drastically play differently. Before when I spawned in it was a good challenge to try and get to shelter and find food and water. Now, (and according to lots of posts across the internet), if you dont get a good spawn just kill yourself and start again. Which is absolutely asinine. But that is how it seems to be now. Bad clothes, weather starting out at NEGATIVE 30+, no water, no food, no matches, no tools...its painful. lol I think the sodas and canned food looting should have stayed the same. At this point, you are forced to move between shelters trying to find food and fire components. That movement causes frostbite and hypothermia, which in turn drops your permanent condition and forces exhaustion, which in turn makes it so that you cant move between shelters to find food and water, which in turn....well, you get my meaning. To me...it has all become forced. Thats not playing a game. Thats rolling dice and hoping you get a 20. Or at least getting lucky with where you start. Gonna have to change my strategies I guess. Ten
  8. My wife and I have started 5 Interloper games now. We have died before surviving 2 days. 1 day, 6 hours is our longest. My question is this...how much loot has been removed from the game on the interloper difficulty? We starting noticing no loot in containers so decided to start counting and making notes. Our definition of a container where loot could be obtained would be metal box, backpack, drawer, corpse, etc. Two runs ago, we opened 36 containers without a single piece of loot. This last run, we opened 42 and got two items; a long sleeve shirt from a dryer, and a can of peaches from a metal box. It is extremely frustrating. So, if this is common we will no longer attempt interloper until we have unlocked a couple of feats to help us along a bit. Is this common? Has this happened to others? Are we just really unlucky with the loot? Thanks, Ten
  9. Better be careful with that climb. Its the only way down and up. And coming back up is no picnic. Ten
  10. Yeah, I happened to be running a game with about 48 days in on Stalker when I ran out there on the outcropping and about had a heart attack.
  11. Here it is, @romerabr, as requested. Still lost some in the beginning where I show the rope that goes down to help get exact location. Looks to be isolated to a small section of snow/ice on top of a rock outcropping. Character will clip through the snow/ice and walk on the rock outcropping instead. Might not be a big deal now that I have walked all over it after making a new game. Doesnt seem to clip through the rock.
  12. I would love to add to the game a rare spawn of a tree that looks exactly like all other trees but the bark can be harvested and used to make a set of armor that gives The Power of the Tempest and allows you to control weather. Imagine walking around, going up to every tree in the game, and seeing if it had lootable bark. LOL
  13. Will do. Still working on it. Having a problem posting the XBox capture. Keeps dropping most of the video.
  14. Can confirm this has happened to me as well. QGS in CH. All boxes reappeared after having broke them down. Nothing else but the cardboard boxes. Crates are still gone. So, it seems its not limited to one location or one type of furniture/item/etc. Ten
  15. Not sure how many have this problem, but I cant find anything on Google. My wife and I placed a maple and four birch saplings on the ground to cure. We returned some time later (if I had to guess, I would say 10 days game time) and they were gone. There were quite a lot of other things on the ground in the building so Im not sure if that somehow affected the saplings from being generated. Its painful, after looking everywhere for a maple to make another bow. Ten