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  1. Not sure how many have this problem, but I cant find anything on Google. My wife and I placed a maple and four birch saplings on the ground to cure. We returned some time later (if I had to guess, I would say 10 days game time) and they were gone. There were quite a lot of other things on the ground in the building so Im not sure if that somehow affected the saplings from being generated. Its painful, after looking everywhere for a maple to make another bow. Ten
  2. Good points, @Captain Obvious and we are actually on the same page. I wholeheartedly agree that more realism would be an awesome experience. But there are some limitations to what a game can do and those are the points I was mentioning. Enjoy TLD for what it is. Not for what it is not. Wish and hope that newer things get implemented and upgraded, but still accept some limitations. Go to the "Update Information" posts where Hinterland tells everyone what changes have taken place and then peruse the comments below them. While most of them are positive there are some that are mind boggling. There are things like... "I will never like this game because its not realistic. I should be able to take the heating wire out of the toasters, embed those into my clothes as I repair them, then use the inner workings of the microwave hooked to the car battery that I should be able to scavenge off the car and use that to power my body warming system. Since I cant do this obviously useful thing that I would be able to do in real life if I was trying to survive in a cold environment then I will just hate this game. You people have no idea how to make a game. Losers." And others like... "I have been gaming since I was 9 months old. I know exactly what I am talking about. I am a master beta tester and have beta tested over 6700 games. You need to take my comments and implement them right now if there is any chance for this game to make it. If you dont, well then you people have no idea how to make a game. Losers." Now, of course I am jokingly paraphrasing just a bit, but those are the comments I directed my angst toward. I mean...c'mon...ITS A GAME. lol While I know it comes across as negative my intent was to try and poke fun and lighten it up and remind everyone that its a game, meant to pass time, give enjoyment (or an anxiety attack), and had fun with. But it would be incredible if that capability to do almost anything existed. Imagine if you could create content on the fly! Like you decide to use crowbars with the hacksaw and cut jagged teeth into them and then install those on your boots so that you could climb ALMOST ANY hill with ice and snow while lowering your chance for injury and fatigue. You do that, the game analyzes and then accepts that and allows it. Then it remembers that and adapts for future use. THAT would be awesome! Im sure we will get there one day. Until then, Im content with trying to snipe a wolf with some bow and arrow that I made from cutting down some saplings and collecting crow feathers. Its still fun. Tenasi
  3. I tried searching forums to see if this was posted and didnt seem to find anything about this particular site. So, if this is a repost, I apologize. On the lake overlook in Mystery Lake there is a rock outcropping to the right of the ropes you can descend to get down to the lake. If you walk out on that rock outcropping your character begins to clip through the snow/ground and appears to fall through. You can some from the side, and it sometimes allows you to walk on top. But, if you are coming from the cave area and head out toward the end (like you are walking out to look down onto the lake) the clipping begins there. I am unable (and too scared) to see if you clip completely through the map. It made my heart skip a beat when Im 47 days in. lol Tenasi
  4. Im going to have to try turning the music down, or off, @M.Godfrey. I wear headphones to try to block out some of the surrounding noises (kids, dog, etc) and to be creeping along in game and suddenly hear a loud uprising of music almost makes a little pee come out. lol But sometimes its great to hear it, as well. I can imagine it would greatly increase the alone experience. Thank you for understanding my reference, @Patrick Carlson. I was thinking exactly of the loss of souls in Dark Souls when you are deciding to attempt a situation. It is exactly the same for me in TLD. Sitting in a cabin with completely exhausted resources and deciding where I should head to next, weighing the consequences, and finally knowing that I have no choice but to risk it and go outside and start walking is daunting sometimes. But...it is incredibly fun. I dont know why, but it is. That's the appeal of The Long Dark. And I, for one, love it. EDIT* (Why I posted in first place) Most of the negativity in posts seemed to come from people commenting after an update was done. I read through the change log and just shook my head at some of the posts. But, like the saying goes...You cant please everyone. I guess. Ten
  5. I have only played TLD on the XBox game preview so I may be speaking with lack of information, but I still have an opinion that I would like to share. I have read many posts on here that seem to nitpick one thing or another. Something is not realistic enough or there is no way that this certain event could happen that way. Some of them make sense in that it doesn't seem to be conducive to spending time pushing buttons while looking at a screen, however, most of them are straight up...whining...for lack of a better term. This. Is. A. GAME. It is not real life. No one will ever, unequivocally, EVER make a game that can imitate real life to the most minute condition, no matter what. There are just too many factors to even attempt to consider it. What TLD attempts is to get out of the "zombie apocalypse" survival genre and use some other means to fill that reason for running/gathering resources/hiding/etc. Wolves, bears, and nature have replaced the zombies. The weather is sometimes ridiculous and not realistic. While realistically Northern Canada might indeed be cold, a blizzard in Antarctica would make it seem like a beach in Mexico. And remember…the game has explained that there has been a “GLOBAL GEOMAGNETIC DISASTER”. So, that justifies why the weather is so wonky. Extreme cold blizzards with the ability to freeze you in moments would not be a stretch for Northern Canada, anyway. If you attempt the game at the hardest level and then complain that the storms are not realistic and are too harsh is no different than to complain that a zombie with a bent leg and only one eye could not possibly run that fast to attack you. "I mean, he has monoscopic vision with no depth perception. HOW can he navigate through the alley and over the debris to catch me that fast?" If you have ever played any of the Dark Soul game series you will completely understand the level of frustration people feel when facing a seemingly impossible situation. You can play Diablo 3 on hardcore mode (permanent character death) and then raise the level to Torment 8...it would be extremely hard. But then to complain that you died after spending a lot of time invested into that character doesn't make sense. Saying that you played the hardest level and don't like how hard it is (or becomes) is asinine. “The weather is too harsh, but I’m okay with being able to smash open a can of food without losing a drop. Or to build a fire in the middle of a field and then boil a gallon of water with…some magical vessel…to contain it is fair, but there were TWO wolves next to each other and they both attacked me. That’s not realistic.” There has to be some way to increase the difficulty. Wildlife and weather is one way TLD does it. There has to be some way to reward players. By completing tasks over and over to gain an arguably unrealistic ability is one way TLD does it. I think the intent of playing it on the hardest mode is to accept the fact that you are going to die. How long you keep death away is the measure of success. Play. The. Game. PLAY. Don’t try to live it or wish it were like real life. Just my two coppers. I mean no offense to anyone. Tenasi
  6. lol I used to be a survivor like you...but I was shooting at a wolf, it ricocheted off a rock, and I took an arrow to the knee.
  7. Thanks, @cekivi
  8. I read this as what lowest temperature in game. I walked outside of the gas station in Coastal Highway and within moments the "feels like" temperature was 42 below zero (Fahrenheit). I even had really decent gear in all of the clothing/gear slots. It was cold. I posted a video clip of it on my XBox club "The Long Dark Survivor". Needless to say, I quickly went back inside the gas station. Ten
  9. Thanks for the welcome, @Mel Guille! And dont sell yourself short. I live about an hour south of Seattle and there are a TON of gaming studios around this area. I can promise you that it would be a far greater experience getting to visit your small studio as opposed to walking into one of the larger ones that acts like its a privilege that I am even in the vicinity of their building. The dedication I have seen from your little studio is amazing and uplifting. As a 45 year old retired military vet who has gamed since Pong...I know a thing or two about pushing some buttons and moving joysticks. I have pretty much played them all. This game is a first, one of kind, experience that will be a huge hit. It already is, and technically its not even out. Just wait till full release...I know I cant. Ten
  10. I think it would be a great addition and thats a great point @Karzee. It would add to the ambiance of putting together a recipe after foraging through the snow. And then cooking it and enjoying the meal. After re-reading my post I realized I actually suggested three different things. 1. The capability to create recipes like stew or soups. Base it on the leveling of the cooking skill. Let it give more calories than the base ingredients alone. As well as getting the benefit of warmth when eating it warm. 2. A pot to cook the recipes in. Sort of like accessing the work bench for creating items. Create the possibility to use it on the stove or to carry with and hang over a fire. Could add the capability to create the pot in the forge. 3. A seal-able insulated mug to carry the heated soup/stew so that you can gain the benefits of warmth without having to reheat the food later on. This mug could also carry coffee/tea and keep it warm as well. (Any beverage that you can drink warm.) Thanks! Tenasi Vol
  11. I think it would be nice to have a cooking pot to place on top of stoves or hang over a fire to create recipes like soups or stews. Meat + pork and beans/tomato soup or meat and condensed milk to create a creamy soup (mushrooms + condensed milk = cream of mushroom). The list could be extensive. Most stoves have a pot on them that can be broken down. Why not the ability to use it as a cooking tool? It would be great if we could have a seal-able insulated mug to carry liquid or soup/stew in so that the warmth benefits could be used later instead of building a fire to reheat. Maybe this cooking ability could be added as a benefit of leveling up the cooking skill. The recipes would give a lot more calories as opposed to the individual ingredients. Tenasi Vol
  12. Hello to all, I finally stopped lurking and decided to make an account to introduce myself. My wife and I have been playing The Long Dark on XBox since it came out on game preview. She plays as the guide, or outfitter if you like, and I am the idiot behind the controls. Plus I use the headset so that I can hear when a big bad wolf is nearby. She tells me where to go, she takes notes on where we last saw items/gear/etc, she reminds me that I took off most of my clothing and left it on the ground to dry and that is why I am now freezing to death (this happened very recently). I would have just rushed to the next place assuming it was just cold outside. I am thankful she is there. It is a great opportunity for her and I to spend time together and talk while trying to survive the frozen tundra and dodge wolves. I have to say that the changes that have come since first being introduced are amazing and only make us want the full version even more. (THANK YOU SOOOOO much for the lighting update a few changes ago). Since playing from the beginning and seeing what The Long Dark is currently, it will be a fun to get to run through the story mode. We always get excited to see when updates have occurred and look forward to seeing what changes have been made. Thank you for the hard work that has been put into the game so far and I, along with so many of you, cant wait to see the outcomes of the full version. My wife and I created a club on XBox called "The Long Dark Survivor" if any of you are interested in joining and play on XBox. I have posted a few video recordings of some cool moments and it would be awesome to see stuff from other members. Im sure there are many out there who could use some information and guidance from those of you who are survival experts in The Long Dark. We are constantly looking for information. Like recently, we were looking up the efficiency of having natural first aid items as opposed to the bottled off the shelf versions. We love the game so much, we thought about visiting Hinterland offices (we live in Washington state) just to say hello and see the beautiful Canadian country. It would be a nice drive for us. Thanks again to Hinterland and all the staff that help make the game possible. Thank you very much to those of you that post information to share on here so that we can avoid fading into the long dark. Stay warm, and may you never experience the pang of hunger. Tenasi Vol (XBL Gamertag - Tenasi Vol)