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  1. +1, having to stay upwind of wildlife would be a great addition to hunting.
  2. I haven't starved to death either, just frozen or been wolf/bear food. But I certainly have had "starving" status, and my character whining about needing food. If the idea is "what will you do to survive", why not make cannibalism possible?
  3. A simplified version of this would be nice Starvation definitely should take a lot longer than it does, and cause progressive fatigue and increased sensitivity to cold (maybe it does and I didn't notice?), and it would be cool if long periods of eating well, maybe coupled with lack of activity, would make you fatter and therefore slower/warmer. That could be paired with a fatter or thinner looking character in the clothing screen and (maybe someday?) mirrors. It would really add to immersion.
  4. What really bugs me about them is that I can see they have clothes on, but can't loot the clothes (or get meat from the corpse, for that matter. I'm starving! Of course I would!)
  5. As long as it's not required. The fact that there's no "hygiene" bar is one of the things I like about this game: that would be too civilized, and too much like Sims.
  6. My first male character and first time in DP: wander into Sadie's home looking for food and shelter, meet Sadie and kill her with my bare hands (!) after dropping my hatchet. Loot the cave, heal up in a bedroll on top of a deer carcass. Left the cave, loaded up with loot and feeling like a boss, and started heading back toward Hibernia Processing when I'm attacked by a wolf. Fire the gun and miss, but manage to fend him off. Wake up, medicate myself, same wolf comes at me again, try to fire the (empty) gun, die. That was frustrating, but the absolute stupidest would be the time when I was lost in a blizzard at low health, made a fire behind a rock and then stepped in the fire, destroying my clothes and ultimately freezing to death.
  7. If I'm mauled by a wolf, or fall and sprain my ankle, I shouldn't be able to pop some pills and instantly be able to take on the next challenge. I should be slowed down and weakened, for at least half an hour until they kick in. Yes, that would mean my last wolf encounter would have ended very differently when he came back to attack a second time, but I'm okay with that.
  8. The same thing I love about camping in the real world: it makes me appreciate the little things. A successful fire, some water to drink, warmth, seeing a beautiful sunrise. I also like the drama of making it to shelter at 5% condition - or not making it, and dying a tragic death yards away.
  9. Yep. If I can start a fire in the snow with birch bark and a magnifying glass I ought to be able to do this too, although it might have a low success rate.
  10. I'd love to see that too. More interaction with the natural environment, particularly. I'd like to be able to pick up rocks and use them for crafting (arrowheads?) break green branches off trees, break ice anywhere. Of course it would have to be balanced so resources wouldn't be too abundant, but it would add a lot of immersion.