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  1. thanky you very much, I was thinking If I would get a welcome message since I saw everyone else gets one
  2. All I want is a fishing hut in that tiny valley in front of Trappers Homestead, like modify it slighty so its like a pond, that would truly make that place most charismatic and perfect spot in all of the long dark!
  3. thank you for the explanation, honey jar works too I guess
  4. now I dont know how accurate this is and are there bees in the winte period in Canada, but it would be cool if you could find like bee hives that you could pull 4 pieces of honey out of, and for every piece of honey bees would "bite" you and you would lose 20% of your health, so if you want all four you would have to be at 80%+ healtwise, they would spawn like 2 hives per map, and the honey pieces would give you like 1000 calories and little bit of water, that my idea, also some more clothes, like tracksuit, light and easy to find, more shoes like rubber boots you would use for fishing if you know what I mean, ushanka, very worm, but rare and more, also tent would be cool,it would weight like 7,8 kg, it would take like 20 mins to place and it would be warmer than snow shelter, colder than houses, but you could make fires in it, It would help a ton in regions like Forlorn Muskeg and Timberwolf mountain, thanks for reading, hope you consider any of this