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  1. For what it's worth, I also see the grass oddity but considered it a Unity engine issue rather than something exclusive to TLD. Perhaps something to look into. FYI: I play at 2560x1440 on a GTX 1070 with all graphics setting to their maximum. The 'glitch' occurs across all recent and earlier drivers with the NV control panel at default settings (global) for the game.
  2. Well, if @Ohbal thinks they would be unpopular in being grateful for even a sandbox update, I would be happy even if there were no countdown nor update. Don't get me wrong, the game isn't finished and yes, I have expectations of assurances yet to be fulfilled, but I cannot say that I feel at all short-changed in any way with the huge return on my small investment in TLD and Hinterlands. If fully-finished games were as engaging and enjoyable as TLD has been even at this point in development, the gaming landscape would be a much richer. Of course I am excited about the news, but temperance prevails and whatever it is, it will be welcome and well-received.
  3. It's all well and good to take a poll and it asks some good questions - as does the "Poll of Ages" - but knowing a little about software development says that none of this - if it isn't already in the update - will see light (or long dark, as it may be!). Right now the team is undoubtedly near a release stage of testing, bug squashing and tweaking with nothing new being added at this late point. Of course this depends on what the countdown is for exactly; if it's for story mode, then as I said, things are being polished, not added, but if it's for a sandbox update, then some new ideas may make it into the story mode, depending on the timeline for a release. Even that I would assume is pretty much locked down regarding new mechanics and content as I predict that they are in at least a late beta phase. Anyhow, some good ideas in the poll @Vulp and if not added sooner, then maybe later. Who knows...some of this might already be in there. Whatever comes however, I think the Hinterlands team have proven themselves both trustworthy and innovative.
  4. Considering the relative scarcity of occasion to do so it might be more trouble to implement than its worth. Aside from this, it would make one a walking blood popsicle upon emerging, an attractive treat indeed.
  5. YouTube seems to have a number of full episodes uploaded and yes, it does look interesting. Thanks for the heads up @piddy3825.
  6. I'm even further from Canada than Europe and thus quite used to shipping costs being often more expensive than the purchase.
  7. Agreed. It really does seem like something that one would naturally and almost immediately construct in such a scenario as TLD presents. When supplies exist in two modes, one of short-term (need or existence) and the other of long-term, one is thus both asked to lose and yet also retain elements of continuance. For example, food forces one to move yet the need to retain curing hides, firewood, jerry cans of fuel and the like are items of continuance, then it becomes something that is not only necessary but of practicality. What one needs short and long term co-exist and one cannot continue without the other, then an agent that allows this is one that isn't even a consideration, but a reflex. I too have left areas carrying that which I found to be most important - and indeed it was, as evidenced by my having survived - only to revisit the previously abandoned location to discover that what I had left behind would have spared me much discomfort in replenishing upon arriving in a new location. Thus, what I left behind was as important as what I had taken, but on a different timeline. Although it is nice to return to an old haunt and find a stash of important items remaining, I would much rather have been able to either take them to my final destination or, as you say, to the edge of a given area where a far more convenient personal cache could be established. As it currently stands, it furthermore makes a good argument for establishing bases in particular areas with many connecting points to other areas and strategically chosen spots therein. This is one reason I chose PV as my late-game final base; it is one of the most 'connected' areas and has locations that are somewhat equidistant from said connectors. The Farmstead is ideal in this way; getting to ML, CH and TWM all involve journeys of similar distances and all of these locations are rich sources of supplies.
  8. Alkan's Opus 31 No. 8. A close second would be Eric Satie's "Gnossienne" suites, No. 3 in particular.
  9. I had no idea about the merchandise! The posters are quite interesting in how they depict the areas when they were in their heyday. They will look good in the office. Good stuff and thanks to @Oobarsten for the thread and @Mel Guille for the link.
  10. There are a few threads about this seemingly oft-discussed topic and some good ideas posted against a backdrop of similar comment to yours @mattyboi. The latest is here: I wasn't suggesting that your points aren't worth discussing or are otherwise unimportant, but maybe have a read through the linked thread and see if anything there helps to explain the current mechanic's rationale. TLD isn't a game one can jump into for ten minutes, a fact that also restricts my play times to when I have longer swaths to spare. That's kind of what keeps it fresh for me though; if I were to play it daily, it might just lose it's appeal faster. I play once or twice per week and that on the weekends when I can burn a couple of hours. My one comment that would support some kind of save system is when real life suddenly demands my attention. My dog always seems to know when I am crossing the Ravine bridge or similar.
  11. Hello! I am still very much enjoying my 300-day game and have earned a number of 'Feats' in the game. What surprised me was the inability to activate them within my current game. Perhaps I am missing something and they are indeed activated - I admit that I haven't paid enough attention to, for example, how many calories sprinting requires without the 'snow runner' feat activated - but there is no visual indication that they are active in the lower left corner (where the 'feat' icons are visible when activated in a new sandbox). Just a mention, but I think it would be a nice reward in an ongoing run to receive the benefits that feats offer immediately. Thanks as always for you time.
  12. A cool drawing but I find the idea of a dress-up Raph quite...disturbing.
  13. support

    No worries mate but I do hope you get it sorted. I enjoy watching your run!
  14. support

    There seems to be an issue with the link and something wrong with your video capture software...? Everything is drifting around, kind of floaty and zoomy. The motion is kind of nauseating.
  15. Those days are <largely> behind me as well, but if one is facing the long dark, then smoke 'em if ya got 'em.