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  1. I'd like to see flint knapping on the road map.Steel arrowheads are great, and I like the forging in the game and hope they will expand it. But, if I were in this situation in real life and forges were this scarce, I'd be making stone arrowheads. If you can't find stone, you can even knap shards of bottle glass into perfectly serviceable arrowheads.
  2. I really like the idea of being able to use arrows without steel heads, and I think they would actually be more useful than you give them credit for. You can take rabbits with self-arrows and the arrows used by natives for bird hunting are usually flat tipped and they work great. I just want arrows to be more modular and more versatile in general, and one thing I'd like to see is flint-knapping
  3. Yes, it's basically the same. That's why I made the above comment about it being an unrealistic requirement in the game.
  4. I think you know as well as I do that it was widespread in that era and historically accurate if not medically advisable, so your point that it is a fiction movie is a non sequitur, in addition to ignoring the fact that Hugh Glass is a real person and did have to treat his wounds with less than ideal methods as a result of his less than ideal situation. You are also attacking a straw man with that observation because I was not referring to the Revenant as a source of medical knowledge, but as an example of the sort of desperate situation where someone might resort to that. My point is that the fact that certain treatments can be risky is not in itself a reason to exclude them from the game, any more than they should exclude the ability to drink dirty water simply because it is not advisable. Decisions that require you to weigh risk add depth to the game and fit well with the theme. I do think it goes without saying that antibiotics would be a necessary follow up to to cauterization. In any case, I don't think it's important that powder cauterization make it into the game, and I don't want to sidetrack the discussion into this one narrow aspect any further, my main point in responding to the initial comment was not to defend cauterization as something that deserves to be in the game, but simply to point out that just because something is not ideal and carries risks shouldn't exclude it from consideration, but if anything might make it more worthy of consideration.
  5. I think the best solution would be to go the path of games like Fallout 4 and simply make every item in the game harvestable for raw materials. Take the sewing kits, you could make fish hooks from sewing needles and you could also use them for first aid. The whetstone has a wooden base that could be used to start a fire, or to fashion a grip for a knife.
  6. Frankly, the game is unrealistic in this respect anyway. Fresh snow melt is generally considered safe to drink, so the compulsory second step of boiling it is overkill in the first place. Obviously, snow falls from the sky, so it does not have the same contamination risks as surface water. You would definitely not want to cut chunks from a frozen river or lake, but you have to have some extraordinary bad luck to get sick from snow melt. I have personally eaten handfuls of snow, bowls of snow "ice cream", and drank snow melt at least 100 times without getting sick. The chance of getting sick from snow melt that is visibly clean to the eye is so small as to be unworthy of consideration, and I think the requirement to boil snow melt should be dropped from the game entirely. However, once seasons are added and snow is no longer the main water source, that will change, so boiling water should still be a component of the game. Just not for snow melt, and not as a prerequisite for making tea or coffee.
  7. There is zero doubt that you need water to make coffee or tea. The question is whether you need to boil it.
  8. It is a common misconception that you need to boil water for an extended period. I heard that too, as a kid. The truth is, water only needs to boil for a minute max. (maybe a couple minutes at high altitudes).
  9. Those would be very valid concerns in a non-life-threatening situation, but remember, the Long Dark is not set in a modern ER. To use the Revenant as an example, I don't think Hugh Glass would have used powder to cauterize a would if he'd had a nice bag of styptic agents and sutures handy nearby! It would not be preferable to other treatments, but given a lack of alternative medical supplies, it would be preferable to bleeding to death. I hadn't thought of it till reading your comment, but I think the fact that it is not a perfect solution, but a compromise with potential consequences just makes it more consistent with the theme of the game and the elemtn of weighing consequences and risks. This is why the game allows you to drink unsafe water, which is obviously not advisable but is something that would be done in desperation. Do you want to pass out and die from dehydration? Or get sick? For me, those kind of choices are part of what makes the game compelling.
  10. Good idea about the ammo scarcity. As far as reload time, I think you are either an inexperienced black powder reloader, or an obsessive perfectionist if your reloads are taking 5 minutes! No offense intended either way. Most experienced BP hunters can do 1 minute or less, and some (presumably like many soldiers in the 1800s) do it in less than 30 seconds. Still, you are probably right that 30 seconds is too fast for a starting point. It would make more sense if it took several minutes at first and lowered to 30 seconds as the skill builds.
  11. I think you are missing the point of my suggestion. I am not suggesting adding more guns for the sake of frivolous variety. I agree with your view that having a bunch of guns that are cosmetically, or even ballistically different, would not add substance to the game, and that was not my suggestion. My suggestion was specifically to add black powder, for the very reason that I believe it WOULD add something to the gameplay in the form of new gathering and crafting challenges. It is also consistent with the theme of the game in that black powder is desirable for being somewhat sustainable without manufacturing technology, as opposed to brass cartridges, I also think the involved activities would have some educational value because it would teach something about chemistry and traditional skills.
  12. I think it's a bit of a chimera. It is definitely an Enfield and not a Ross, but it has mixed features. The top of the stock and the sight location is like a No 4, but it has a nose-cap like earlier models. In any case, I think you are right about it being an Enfield, and killfixx is right about the weight being realistic. I definitely spoke too soon about the weight of the in-game rifle and compared it to the weight of modern rifles despite the game clearly describing it as old. The thread kind of got sidetracked there, but the point I was making is that black powder rifles are not heavier than bolt action rifles, no matter the age. Black powder rifles have far fewer components. So I don't think added weight would be a realistic handicap for a black powder rifle, and I personally think the lengthy reload speed and would be enough to balance things out and keep it challenging.
  13. Thanks, glad to be here, and thanks for the community outreach. I was thinking you would still have to melt snow, but you wouldn't have to boil the water first.
  14. It is not very realistic that you can't sleep without a bedding roll. Sure there would be a penalty on energy regained, and no warmth bonus, but you should be able to sleep without it. I have forgotten my bedding roll a couple times and been frustrated by the lack of realism in this respect. In both instances, I was in a cave, and had a fire. In real life, I would have just leaned back against the wall of the cave and had a little snooze, albeit an uncomfortable one.
  15. I like the tent idea. I don't think it would need to weigh that much though. Most 2-person mountaineering tents weigh more like 2.5 kilos. Even a cheap 4-person dome tent weighs only about 4.5 kilos. Maybe an old school canvas tent would weight that much. I don't know about making a fire inside the tent, but if it were a small tent, I would think the mechanics could be just like a sleeping roll but with an added warmth bonus. so if you pitch it close to an external camp fire, you still get the heat bonus from the fire while in the tent.