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  1. I second this!
  2. A very eloquent post. I had always accepted this game as an 'end ot times' story. An apocalypse has wiped out most, with the few desperately struggling to extend humanity, for just a bit longer. I've always felt comfortable knowing that death was an inevitable part of this game. For me surviving for as long as possible is the achievement. When it ends i feel content to wrap up that story, and i look forward to beginning the next one.
  3. Very awesome! Thanks for sharing guys!
  4. You just had to leave the upstairs light on again didn't you, now look whats happened.. a geomagnetic apocalypse.
  5. Gotta say i have never had this happen, tremendous bad luck friend.
  6. Horrible title, but it would be good if we could use line (as in fishing line) as a drying line to suspend our skins and guts in the air. It would clean up the floor at least. I don't envy the poor folks tip toeing in between guts to get to bed!
  7. Nah, i actually skirted the lake on the right hand side to avoid a wolf, made it to the back of the lake and the corpse was outside of the lonely cabin. The bear was wandering around by the furthest fishing hut.
  8. @ArmagedDan Actually i had just started the playthrough, didn't even have a rifle at that point. Bit of a mystery, shame i wasn't recording it!
  9. Some great ideas there with a lot of detail. Couple off the top of my head. Leather face wrap, Fur ear muffs. I don't think either would provide any significant benefit other than a bit of diversity.
  10. I like the idea of Cougars being silent stalkers. It would make the player feel more like prey while looking over your shoulder and having a feeling of being watched. Scary and very dangerous.
  11. question

    While i'm playing, my wife says that all she hears from the game is a guy whinging. Never occurred much to me until she said that. I agree with the idea that vocalisation changes based on your condition, It'll be a reward for getting good at the game, less moaning.
  12. During a playthough yesterday i came across a wolf corpse on Mystery Lake, fresh game and definitely wasn't killed by me. There was a bear wandering around ice nearby. Is it possible it got caught? Or can dead wolves sometimes spawn into the game?