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  1. So, pretty self explanatory title. Similar to the audio cues for many things; e.g., shiver noise at 50% warmth, angry crows for the bear, etc... Do the wolves howling indicate a change of hunting grounds, so to speak. If true, this could be a big boost in Interloper @ Coastal Highway.
  2. An igloo would be pretty clutch. the snow shelter is too delicate.
  3. I never thought to track bear spawns. I usually just judge it by the number of times the wolves or deer have respawned. I'm kind of a glutton and I tend to hoard meat and skins. So, take TWM, I'll kill the deer, the three wolves, and the bear after I craft the bow. Usually takes one afternoon (there's a sweet hunter's perch). I know that by day 3 (maybe 4) the deer returns, by day 5 the wolves are back. I kill them (deer and wolves) , usually, twice more before the bear returns. I try not to kill the bear the day he returns, but by this point I'm looking forward to that sweet coat or bedroll. I usually wait till week 2 before mounting the summit, but make frequent day trips in between kills looting the lower cargo. I use the Journal to track loot caches and looted locations. Kind of like opening the hood on looted cars to remember you've looted them. I've thought about using the journal as a way to track how I hunted. Bow, rifle, knife, hammer, prybar, or hatchet.
  4. The Ross Rifle, which the in-game gun is modeled after, is 9.6 lbs in the real world, unloaded.
  5. It says it on the Carcass Harvesting skill. Or did you mean thawing a carcass with fire?
  6. Gotta say, I wish Forlorn Muskeg had been on there. I love that map. Absolutely brutal. Minimal "civilization" resources (aside from the forge). It forces you to become a hunter. It forces you to pay attention to your clothing. It rewards you by never triggering cabin fever (stay in the Old Spence) and giving you great hunting spots. I stayed in FM for a couple months. The hardest thing was probably the trip between Spence and Poacher's. Always fraught with peril. And, with almost nowhere to escape a blizzard while en route, you can't take your time. It's probably the most visceral and exciting map in the game, especially in Interloper. Can't wait till the weekend so I can play again. Damn adulthood screwing with my game time. And, that first high-ground bear kill with the bow makes all the freezing and starving worth it!
  7. So long as it's not windy, right? I've had those damn brands go out in seconds!
  8. tl;dr Bearksin bedroll seems to be destroyed first during every wolf attack, and the *bleeping* wolves attack from further away. So, started playing recently <200 hrs. I'm up to day 50ish in Stalker and having a merry romp. Found the magic trick for hunting bears (not cheating, just placement) and decided to make my first Stalker mode bearskin bedroll. Went to Forlorn Muskeg to start crafting my arrowheads and first backup knife and hatchet. Killed the bear out by the Poacher's Camp with the bow. Harvested him and had a nice lunch of Cooking Level 3 bear (yeah, but the parasite chance drops after a couple days). Too much fog to take the marsh path to the forge, so I stick to the rails. Get to the end and have to navigate up and around the edge to avoid going for a swim. Get attacked three times on the way. Every time, the bedroll pops saying ruined after the attack. No, I didn't have any meat or guts on me. I really love FM, but c'mon...three attacks and all three "damage" my bedroll? It was ruined after the first attack. That's either spectacularly bad RNG rolls, or that's the other negative of the bearskin bedroll. The first being weight, of course. Quick question, why does the bedroll weigh significantly less than the coat?
  9. I know we (me too) are against maps or map HUD. How about trailblazing? I know we can use sticks to point, but sticks are a finite resource(?) in Interloper. Being able to mark trees along the path would be a great way to let new players learn the maps, and older players to keep track of resource locations during blizzards and fog. Just a thought.
  10. The title says it all, but I think being able to forge a prybar would be clutch. Alternatively, if not forging a new one, how about repairing the prybar at the forge? I stress about prybar health so much! I hate carrying a couple of them with me in case one breaks. I guess I could always just plan better, but but...
  11. Thanks for the feedback What did you think of the rope/backpack idea?
  12. I would like to see a system that conserves stamina by allowing you to tie your pack to the rope before climbing, allowing you to hoist the pack up the cliff by walking the rope, thus lifting the pack. Same for descending, tie the pack to the rope and lower it. Penalty would be time it takes to tie the rope and a RNG roll for the pack slipping potentially damaging it's contents. Also, can we get a sledge for those serious, extended looting runs. I know this would make hunting the bear significantly easier. No longer needing to kite him close to home to go in for the kill, but I feel it would be a huge benefit. Sledge penalties could include increased chance of sprains and increased calorie burn. Just my two cents.