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  1. It's pretty easy to tell when the animal will typically respawn: Around the time it's pelt is cured (If you set about curing the hide immediately after harvesting). Some people use the journal to mark locations and do some really primitive cartography. Personally I really don't use it to plan out a trip or anything but I do enjoy marking down some notes from time to time so that if I die I can look back at all the awesome stuff I did during the game.
  2. I'm surprised there wasn't an option for Forlorn Muskeg. It's not my personal favorite (mine's Coastal Highway) but I've heard so much feedback on how FM is a lot of people's favorite, especially because they love the challenge.
  3. Why do the lights from the trapper's cabin shine through the windows at night? I should mention that the lights in the cabin are pretty much nonexistent, not to mention the fact that none of the electricity works on the Great Bear Island, which is made obvious by all the stuff we know about the game and specifically story mode. It would be nice if those glowing panes didn't emit light anymore. Maybe they've been kept as a weird omage of hope in the darkened world. Your thoughts?
  4. I know there was already a poll on voice acting, but I've got one for the other stuff. Personally I'm tired of the same creaky tree sound effects I hear every 30 seconds.
  5. Yeah I wish you could but naw. It would help a lot, considering I don't want to commit suicide or start a new world from scratch.
  6. The wiki is pretty much no help right now. Not enough research has really been done and submitted onto the site. I'm going to start helping out with that soon though. Anyway, each action completed is worth about 1 point. Books help a lot with a whopping 10 points (usually). I may be wrong, but again, that's why the wiki needs work.
  7. Seriously don't worry about a crappy game. Hinterland has stated over and over again about how they're really wanting this to be the best game they can make. It's also been stated several times that the reason the story mode release date has been delayed for the sole purpose of making the story mode, graphics, gameplay, and environment even better. I'm fully supporting these guys because they put work ethic before money.
  8. Getting food poisoning with anything with an above 50% condition is very strange and very rare. The only thing that matches that is getting food poisoning from raw meat, which I believe you can get at any condition from initial harvesting. Loss of condition for the player is halted when one sleeps, but you have to make sure that you take the proper medicine before you sleep. Condition goes down really fast if you have it and don't sleep, but you're basically a dead man within a few hours if you don't get medicine. Drinking herbal tea is a bad idea with food poisoning because you will become rested much faster, and will have to wait even longer, which will decrease your condition, until you can sleep again.
  9. In terms of carrying a certain amount of weight, you're not "playing the game wrong". Because of the new 'Resolute Outfitter' update, the weight balancing of clothing of the game was advanced on purpose. In the update video itself, Rafael describes how you must choose different clothing based on your plans for actions in the game, such as exploring with heavy clothing vs hunting/gathering with lighter clothing. Basically you have to swap out different clothes unless you find a good wardrobe which is balanced to protect you from everything, which has been my strategy since the update.
  10. Did you miss the 4 Days of Night event in October-November?
  11. Having more environmental action would be awesome and probably needs to be added to make the game even more realistic than it already is (just add it to the list). This doesn't necessarily mean shoveling snow or breaking up ice in streams, but I love the idea of trailblazing. Honestly there's not much 'total wilderness' in the game's world, like areas that the devs have made nowhere near manmade structures. FM comes the closest, but it's very wide open and easy to navigate - minus the thin ice. If they were to add a trailblazing concept, all I think it would be good for in TLD's current state would be to help if you're completely lost or if, like you said, you're trying to navigate in a fog or blizzard. We just need more wilderness and trees if this mechanic is going to be used a lot.
  12. Really I think Hinterland is going to work on this stuff as soon as story mode is out, but there is definitely a need. Especially when I'm picking up some canned beans that are in really good condition and I get the, "Is this food or..." Like, dude you can tell that's food what's wrong with you?
  13. Personally I've shot a black powder rifle and it is AMASING!!! I really hope they add one. As for ammo crafting, on the Hinterland 'road map' (their plans for future updates), adding a craftable ammo system which I'm still on the fence about. For black powder though, I'm all for it. If they add one though the accuracy should be a little lass than the rifle.
  14. I've been playing the game for a while now, but I still have little to no idea how to preserve meat from animals. Putting it in the fridges helps a little it seems, but I need to know more. I'm having problems specifically with the sheer amount of meat you get from bears, as I barely have enough time to eat it all (and only bear meat) over a short amount of time before it spoils. Any tips?
  15. Look for Matt's Truck in DP or the Point of Disagreement in PV