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  1. Well if we go down this path, then i dont think you need to scare a bear away. You just fish at another location. Furthermore bears ought to mostly ignore players sjnce theyre too busy fishing unless players get too close.
  2. I'm curious, how long does it take for wolves to respawn after you kill them in an area generally? If you keep killing them, do they disappear for good?
  3. Just curious but what's the approximate number of wolves over there and are they all concentrated or spread out?
  4. Did the spawn move around the rock or something?
  5. I'm sure this has been harped on repeatedly forever but wildlife needs to be changed from the random, patrol to something a bit more dynamic. Right now, the biggest problem I see is that there are too many hostile wildlife encounters and not enough danger from it where it's more than decently frightening. Yes, I'm scared when I see a wolf and even more so when it sees me but I know that I can sufficiently tackle one wolf. When I see a bear, I give it a wide berth. Problem is, I see them a bit too often and they're not as dangerous as they could be. We need wolves to run in packs and actively stalk/hunt you when you encounter them but also do it where it's not a regularity to run into them. It should be rare encounters but EXTREMELY dangerous. I also think that perhaps adding a new hostile animal such as a cougar would be superb; they'd react with hostility towards any other animal except perhaps the bear. Lone wolves caught by the cougar would stand little chance but a pack of wolves could send it scampering away. They'd be far more terrifying than seeing a wolf, as they'd also be possibly hiding in the trees. The key here, of course, would be to ensure that cougars have a limited range that they stay in and don't leave unless they're chasing prey. Anyways, thoughts?