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  1. Lingering effects that fade away over time based on the amount and type of first aid (if any) applied would be nice.
  2. I searched to see if this was reported in the Fixed, Design, Duplicate areas so I'm sorry I missed if it was. Playing Voyager difficulty on Xbox (which is updated to the latest I believe). In Coastal Highway in the little town I'm staying in one of the houses with a fireplace behind the gas station. I broke down the table in front of the fireplace, and one of the benches too. I dropped a bunch of gear on the floor where the table was (wood, water, etc.). Occasionally when I return to the house the table and bench are there again. The table is on top of the gear. Breaking it down again is no issue. It doesn't reset every time I return to the house, but "feels" like about once a day or so.
  3. Thanks! My son and I have been enjoying TLD for just a few weeks now and it's been great.
  4. Some interesting pictures of a bear taking a deer kill away from wolves in the snow. TLD was the first thing I thought of. :-) Bear Takes Deer From Wolves