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  1. I really feel strongly about improving on the First Aid in this game. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that they do have some First Aid as is. I simply believe that this could be improved upon, and that doing so would really add to the game experience, especially for the game's realism.
  2. Yes, binoculars happen to be the first thing I thought of for things they could add.
  3. *mind blown away* ~ I told you they were clones!!
  4. True, but glitches generally can be easily located and fixed. Besides, I think it's even stranger than that that every single dead person is the same guy! This sort of thing could lead to game conspiracy theories...Like maybe there's a secret cloning facility that the clones keep escaping from, or maybe the facility deliberately lets them out for some cruel human experiments! Just a thought.
  5. question

    What ways of trying to cope would lead to this, and how could they be implemented into this game?
  6. Studying again the roadmap for TLD, I took notice of the following... Sandbox survivor personas (characters?) It's interesting that it has a question mark after "characters", so that could hint more pre-built characters to choose from. Here's a link to the roadmap if you would like to see for yourself:
  7. There roadmap for TLD has this: New Clothing system & all new Clothing assets So we will have to wait and see what that means...
  8. question

    Maybe it would be realistic to add it. We don't seem to hear of this sort of thing very often, but I know it does happen. Thank you for sharing your experience!
  9. Maybe the ability to throw stones too? Wouldn't fend off a bear at all - would only make it angrier - but an accurate shot at a wolf might make it run off for a bit, similar to a flare. The trouble would be you would have to aim and hit the wolf, and if you missed it then it would attack. Just an idea anyway.
  10. We will have to wait and see...
  11. Seems legit...
  12. Perhaps just the sound of your character vomiting (and coughing, complaining about feeling nausea and gut cramps, etc.) at some point if it's a bad case of food poisoning, and your character could bend over for a moment when this happens...Not sure if people would appreciate seeing animated vomit however. Might be very off putting for some people, and seems unnecessary. Food poisoning can also cause diarrhea, but nobody will want to see that. Some things that are realistic would be best left out of the game anyway.
  13. Sandbox style games do involve a fair amount of exploration. This game isn't linear as it is - altho Story mode I imagine will be linear, but even so there is still exploration. What I'm saying is I wouldn't be concerned about loss of realism/survival/harshness from more exploration, but rather it is more likely to add more to those game features/mechanics...If we really value realism/survival/harshness in this game, it would make more sense to be in favour of more exploration, especially if we don't want the game to feel linear. I think most of us do get enjoyment out of the survival factor of the game. I think the developers are taking this seriously as well, so I don't think we need to worry - not that we shouldn't discuss it too of course. I could settle for customizing the character's ability, but I would still want a few more sets of pre-built characters at the very least, which would add realistic diversity, which could effect other features in the game - like how dead bodies are all white males that look identical. We might see more variety with that, which would be more realistic and immersive, and less redundant. Even just a few customization to the characters' appearance would be nice. They don't have to make it very complex. I really would like to see more representation (whether from pre-built characters or custom) to include different peoples, such as people of African or Asian or Indigenous decent...But at the end of the day, even if we cannot change our personal character, it would be nice to see diverse NPCs - which seems very likely anyway, as they are adding NPCs at some point, and each NPC would be a unique character.