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  1. discussion

    You can already level up skills while you play either by practice or reading specific books, and you can unlock badges that grant your character bonuses for future games. More books would certainly be nice! Here's the list of books that we have so far... Frontier Rifleman (+5pts Rifle Skill) Guns! Guns! Guns! (+10pts Rifle Skill) Wilderness Kitchen (+10pts Cooking Skill) The Frozen Angler (+10pts Fishing Skill) Field Dressing Your Kill (+10pts Skinning Skill) Survive the Outdoors! (+10pts Fire Starting Skill) So you can level up rifle, cooking, fishing, skinning, and fire starting skills by reading these books.
  2. Sounds good to me.
  3. They could always add a random character generator option if the player wants it random.
  4. This doesn't sound all that fun.
  5. Exploring underwater in arctic conditions seems like an unnecessary risk (and a huge risk at that). It's more difficult than you might think to find the surface again when you go underwater when the surface of the water is covered in ice. And of course there's hypothermia.
  6. I know that a lot of people seem to want both jumping and slipping on the ice added into the game, which would fit with this inclusion if they choose to work on this.
  7. Personally I would very much enjoy customizing my own character, selecting both traits and character appearance. The interesting thing about body types in particular is it would make sense if it has an in game effect on your character. I'm actually an ectomorph, and the cold does seem to bother me more than most other people, but I warm up really fast from being too cold, and I'm also lighter in weight than other people - on the otherhand, a good friend of mine is an endomorph, and he copes with the cold much better than I do, however once he starts to really feel the cold, it takes him ages to warm himself up again, and he is heavier in weight than I am...This is what we have noticed in real life anyway. There is potential there for some kind of game correlation with pros and cons per body type, which would add variety to the characters, and could also mean that dead bodies would have more variety in appearance as well.
  8. suggestion

    Definitely would be useful for animal tracking - there I see some realism that also has a purpose in the game. And it's also true that you can use dried animal dung to fuel a fire.
  9. If a wolf bites you, you are at risk of infection regardless of whether or not you washed yourself. The wolf's mouth carries bacteria which would be in the wound...The only way around this is using some antibacterial solution, which would kill the bacteria from the wolf and from your body.
  10. Just on this point, the only way I can imagine this working is if you warm up enough water on a stove and fill up a bathtub. Otherwise I think water would be too cold to bathe in, and you would be risking hypothermia. What sort of consequences were you thinking about for not washing for a long time?
  11. Maybe one of those energy drinks in a can. Not so healthy, but it sure gives you energy!
  12. What about wildlife carriers of the virus? There's a lot of interaction with wildlife in the game.
  13. Rubber boots - not as effective at keeping you warm, but they stay dry when other footwear gets wet, and they have good resistance to the wind.
  14. There's been moments when jumping would have been useful.