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  1. Exploring, surviving... alone.
  2. Best defense against wolfs are decoys. I've had 100% success and it give you a chance to get a clean shot at them once they are concentrating on the decoy. Don't stand too close to it after you drop it or they'll attack.
  3. Concerning the bear vs fire. Fire will not protect you from bears. They are not afraid of fire... at all. When you see it stand and growl, that's your clue to run as fast and far as you can.
  4. The bear footsteps are a little OP. Not that I mind. You can hear it from a long way.
  5. That's what I've had to do each time. No choice Didn't lose much progress. I want to add that Hinterland has done a tremendous job of preventing this in the game. This is a very rare occurrence and my hats off to them.
  6. Beside the lighthouse on DP. The ice blocks formed a triangle. I stepped in and couldn't get out.
  7. I hear wolfs walking around the orchard's on PV and never see them. If you leave the homestead basement and go left it's in that orchard. I've tracked the footsteps with my headset and it sounds like they are right beside me, then walk past me. I've never heard a "phantom" wolf howl but I hear them walking around a lot. I should not hear wolfs footsteps in an open field and not be able to see them.
  8. and got stuck on top of the cable spool so I listened to hooves clopping for a couple of days. Then a wolf chased me to the barn and tried to run through the wall and is stuck. Now I'm listening to clopping and barking. I also hear phantom deer outside the barn at times. Sounds like they are inside the nearby rocks.
  9. Waking high above the frozen river on Mystery Lake going toward Camp Office. Actually found this on another sandbox. Thought I had taken the location screenshot but had not. Found it again after creating another sandbox. Using the shot looking down at the snow it looks like the "wedge" could be removed and may solve it.
  10. I did find one near Unnamed Pond. Full of food bars and sodas.
  11. In 12 days there I killed 14. They respawn in 2-3 days
  12. I just completed that achievement (Voyager) and spent over half my time at the homestead on PV. Lots of wildlife. Catch lots of rabbits in the trees near Heartbreak bridge. A bear will walk right up to your front door at times. Made a bear hide coat. Spent a week on two separate occasions at the only fishing hut in the region. The weather there is unpredictable. Usually get the snow warning but I had a few -35' C blizzards appear in 30 seconds. I always carried enough material to build a snow shelter. Snow shelter, bear coat, and deer hide pants and it was never below freezing.
  13. suggestion

    That's it. Stick to it. Keep us posted. Good luck
  14. Hey guys, and gals I'm new here. I came from Fallout 4. Got FO4 at release and have about 2400 hours on it. I am completely hooked on TLD. Steam says I've played 144 hrs in the last two weeks. Every new day in the game I ask myself what do I need to do today to ensure my survival knowing a bad decision could be your last. Patience is certainly a virtue. And yes, I've been at less than 5% condition twice. At the moment I'm playing a 165 day Voyager character that started by getting the Living Off the Land achievement. After completing the achievement I continued "living off the land" and haven't eaten a single "packaged" item or drink. Hoping to get the 200 day achievement. As I said, love the game. I have so many ideas for future characters.