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  1. How do you guys know that on May 4th they aren't celebrating Star Wars? May the 4th be with you!
  2. I'm pretty sure it was already confirmed that Sandbox and Story Mode are, both, intertwined for updates at this point. When Sandbox improvements are/were made, then it helped further add difficulty and complicated situations to Story Mode, which is why they had to keep delving deeper into the production of Story Mode. Then, when Story Mode is released, we know that we'll get a Moose for Sandbox and most likely get other new features for Sandbox, as well. I think you're seriously underestimating the magnitude of what this next "Huge Update" will be for The Long Dark.
  3. End of the world type scenarios. I don't drink beer, but had this of been reality (The Long Dark's end of the world scenario), then I would gladly drink a few beers with you! As for the greenhouse, you'd probably have to figure out how to build an ultra-insulated glass/plastic-type of enclosure. I'd recommend burying the glass/plastic panels underground 6 inches to a foot, calking the sealed sections to make sure of no leaks, and adding Bubble Wrap to the Window Panes to add extra insulation, while, simultaneously, letting Sunlight in. But unfortunately, I'm no expert and couldn't tell you if doing all of that would still result in warm enough climate for the veggies and fruits to grow (or in your case, hops/grapes).
  4. See, I have patience and I still love the game, but at the same time... 4 months is... 4 months. Sure, you could go through life as normal and 4 months could pass by like nothing, but then one day you wake up and realize that you haven't had so much as a progress update with pictures, videos, or even a ChangeLog Detail post (which would be soooooooooooooo awesome to have) detailing some of what they've gotten done in the past 4 months. I realize that they are definitely not sitting on their asses, doing nothing, and that 50% of programming involves pre-planning, objective-based goals, and thought-processing prior to the actual implementation of the code, but leaving us in The Long Dark (hehe) is not necessarily a good thing. What I want to know is what they've been doing. That's it. I don't want it released in playable format right now, but I want a text version of the changelog, to say the least. Show me those 256 Bugs that you guys fixed. Show me that you improved performance optimizations by 11%, while simultaneously improving the graphics quality and detail of the game. Getting it in a Gift Basket, while knowing what half of it is, is still just as exciting as not having any clue.
  5. I realize that you guys may be waiting for a "Big Release" but the suspense is killing me! It's March now and we've got nothing! We're still on Version 0.393! Can we at least get the Moose for Sandbox? Please? That's all I'm asking for: The Moose.
  6. So, I'm on the Nomad Challenge and trying to beat the challenge (not hard, just long) and get some achievements along the way. Somehow, I got Pacifist Achievement, but this doesn't make any sense considering that I killed at least 5 wolves along the way via attacks. When you fight back, you kill them, and I even harvested the bodies, so I'm not sure what's going on here. P.S. I wasn't sure if this was a bug report or if this was intended, so I placed it here.
  7. Personally, I'd hate the idea of requiring light to place down a bedroll. I like AZHockey's idea of a time limit, but don't like the idea of limiting subsequent attempts.
  8. Unfortunately, this only applies to real-life, because these items aren't in-game (yet). So, I'm just curious, what is everybody's 3 things that you absolutely must have where you go, for whatever situation may arise? For me, it's: Rubbing Alcohol Mineral Oil Shipping Tape For a lot of people, they prefer "Duct Tape", because it's strong and can make the crappiest crafting actually work. But I prefer Shipping Tape because it's not as harmful to whatever you use it on (i.e. a vehicle, your body (ouch), or generally something that you don't want to damage). The same principle applies to the Rubbing Alcohol and Mineral Oil. Mineral Oil replaces what most people would choose WD-40 for, because it's not nearly as strong, but it is a Light Lubricant and almost always gets the job done, without harming anything it's applied to. Rubbing Alcohol can be used to removed sticky-substances, such as, Stickers or Tape on surfaces that you want to protect. It also has several other uses, such as, Medical or Fire-Starting, as well. Was just curious about you guys and gals' opinions on this and what you'd choose.
  9. A bug, maybe? I've started fires with Lit Flares, Lit Torches, Lit Matches, and Branded Sticks. On my 50 Day Voyager Sandbox Save, I have Level 3 Fire-starting skill and can successfully "transport" my fire by using Branded Sticks and, essentially, "bunny-hopping" my fire from one place to another. It has to still be actively lit and have at least 1-10% of burn left to work (not clear on the exact details of the life remaining).
  10. I prefer to "lure" them out, then hit them one-by-one in melee, close-ranged combat. I took out a pack of 3 wolves that were guarding MY FISHING HUT in Mystery Lake, during a single day, once. That was fun. Also, play some Stalker and Interloper, and beat The Hunted, Part One challenge, and it'll make life on Voyager so much easier.
  11. I was just asking based on experience with the Challenge: Whiteout. I was harvesting a wolf carcass when out of nowhere came a full-on blizzard in 1.5-2 hours (during the harvest). I was far enough away from the one wolf and there was no other wolves in the area (I listened to their howls and there was only one howl and it was in front of me by about 200 yards). The problem was that I was on the iced ocean parts of Coastal Highway - so, I had serious trouble finding even so much as a Fishing Hut! I was following along the stuck logs - farther out towards the ocean and away from the Log Hut - and eventually found a Fishing Hut. Somehow, either the same wolf that was 200 yards in front of me or another wolf spawned, but there was a Wolf right next to the Fishing Hut. It came from behind me, attacked me out of nowhere (never heard so much as a growl), and almost killed me! I dropped down to 11% before getting warm, again, and sleeping for 2 hours. I didn't see him, hear him, or anything of the sort, but somehow that blizzard just didn't affect him. At this point in time, I actually question whether they built it into the AI of the animals as to whether the Blizzard is an encounter-able object for them or not. I know that we're still in Alpha, and that sometimes the realism of it all gets to you, but if this is the case, then I hope they change it soon. Blizzards should affect animal smells, hearing, sight, etc. the same as a Human - if not, more-so, due to the Wind Shifts and brute force of it. Well, your last posting of the story puts you at the Main Cabin - did you use a Light Source to search the Workbench? I can't tell you how many times I almost missed a "Line" and "Hook" on the Workbench, because they blend in sooooooooooo well with the background and colors. I've got my graphics set to max and I still almost miss them with a Fully Lit Lantern. Also, I don't know what cave you spoke of - the one where you said you dropped Fresh Gut in to "Cure" - but you're coming to a full circle, now, so it might be smart to double-back through the cave.
  12. So, I've read up to the latest posting, and I'm loving this story, but I'm a bit astonished by the fact that you claim the Flare Gun WORKS on OB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit, I didn't actually try the Flare Gun, but I've tried Flares, Branded Sticks, and actual Campfires. I mean he has, literally, run through open campfires before and completely ignored it - dead center through the fire. I do have some questions/concerns though. Are you sure that you left the Bedroll in the Fishing Hut? Because when you're attacked by Wolves (or, even OB, himself) you tend to drop items. For me, the most common items are: Bedroll, Clothes, Fire-related, and Food items. I've noticed that OB has some sort of a hard cap/soft cap/limit to his mauling capabilities. When you first get attacked by him, you drop down to 10-15%. Then, if you get attacked by him, again, right after that, then he'll drop you down to 1-3%. If you heal up and recover life, but get attacked at 50%, then it drops down to 10-15%, again. If you heal up to 85%-100%, then he drops you down to 10-15%, again. The cap seems to be not-able-to-kill you. I've died at least 15 times in this challenge, and not a single time was to the actual bear. So, your logic to reach 90% life prior to going outside and risk encountering the bear was odd to me. The wolves, I get, but OB won't kill you - not in my experience. In the beginning, you said that you're "not worried about OB during a blizzard" - does this mean he won't attack you/can't find you during a blizzard? Lastly, do you mind some spoilers? You're in Mystery Lake and I know an area that almost always has some "Line" and a possibility of a "Hook" on the Workbench. Message me if you want to know where.
  13. So, I was in Pleasant Valley, on Stalker. Was trying to make it to Mystery Lake, but a lovely snow storm hit me out of nowhere! Quickly was freezing to death, and couldn't see anything (barely see the road). So, I found a hollow tree and took shelter there. Quickly started a fire and piled tons of wood on it to warm me up faster. I then quickly drank and ate. But I'm sitting there, and while I was cooking some food, I noticed an oddity... my life was dropping! 2%.... 1%..... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, I died of Exhaustion, and didn't notice it till the absolute very last second, but it was too late by then. Seriously. Middle of a snow storm, max Warmth, max Thirst Quenched, and max Hunger Sated, but I died of Exhaustion. Yep. That happened.
  14. So, this seems like an oddity to me, and not game-design, but when I eat Tomato Soup (hot or cold) it provides no Hydration - only 300 Calories for food. I know that other canned goods, such as, Dog Food, Sardines, etc. provide hydration, but Tomato Soup certainly seems like it should provide a lot more hydration than Dog Food.
  15. Hi, Devs/Forum Mods. I have no possible idea of how you guys can fix this exploit that I found, but I thought I'd report it, anyways. So, in other games, a common exploit to counteracting Darkness is by changing the Gamma. You can't do that here while in-game, which is good, but you can use the Sleeping Bag placement to determine your surroundings in total, pitch-black darkness. You can use the Menu to bring it up, then purposefully never attempt to place it down - even when in "red" (indicating that it cannot be placed down) it'll reveal surrounding furniture legs, outline, etc.