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  1. Thank you.
  2. They were about half full. I've started a new game and now it works fine.
  3. They were cooked right after I've caught them.
  4. Can we have the ability to pick up branches? They could come in several different sizes - if it's small enough it will be possible to be carried in inventory - then taken back into cabin and used for crafting or chopping into firewood/sticks.
  5. Can we have more crafting materials? I know that we're dealing with lots of snow but we have access to caves and mines so stone and flint - it served our ancestors for thousands of years, why can't we use them now? In Neolithic times, people made axes, maces and hammers, arrowheads and spearpoints. Also knives and scapers (lets say scraping process would reduce curing time by 30-50%) Ductape - holy ingredient for crafting/McGyvering Nylon thread - found in fishing huts - for fishing, making snares, heavy-duty stitching. Nails/screws - building things, also as improvised arrow points. Cattail leaves - when dried can be used for weaving - baskets & mats. Old tires - can be used for making boot soles Steel/copper wire - fixing/building things, also snares/traps Drying Rack - for drying fish meat, maybe skins/guts - also dried food would last longer Snares/traps for bigger animals: deer, also wolf and maybe even bear (fresh meat as bait required for predators), prey can be killed or immobilized, also some chance for escape.
  6. I know this have been mentioned before. From a survival point of view, a spear is really nothing more than a knife with a very long handle. That long handle gives you both reach and stand off. As a stand off weapon from dangerous animals As a fishing tool With the right blade, you can harvest from trees that are out of reach If made from a proper shaft, your spear could double as a walking stick which is an invaluable aid in long term foot movement especially when carrying a rucksack and over rough terrain, and it would give you immediate access to a blade weapon Here are 3 ways how to make a spear First 2 are quite easy with existing resources in the game: 1) Get branch, sharpen using knife/hatchet, harden over fire. 2) Get branch, prepare using knife/hatchet, fix knife using line. Third would be possible after making a spearhead in the forge.
  7. I've had 3 Lantern fuel with various amount of kerosene but I still cannot refuel my Storm lantern. When I pick up jerry can I can refuel from it.
  8. I just started playing and I'm still in Mystery Lake. I've decided to try ice fishing and managed to catch a few fishes. I've caught 3, cooked them, and ate them without problems. I came 2 days later to the same hut and caught 4 more. I've cooked them but result was somewhat surprising - I've received cooked fish with 0 calories, which my character refused to eat.