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  1. 30 seconds real time or 30 seconds in game? Real life, I'll be the first to say it takes me at least 5 minutes to get it right. As for the sabots, maybe make them an option, like being able to find sabots or shot, to make it easier to find ammo. I think that ammo for this type of rifle shouldn't necessarily common, but should definitely be somewhat easier to find than .303 bullets, since time is given up for reload.
  2. question

    No, but they like to keep it a bit of a surprise don't they?
  3. question

    I don't quite understand the last one...
  4. I think a roofed coniferous forest (like the ones you see in the old vignettes) would be cool. Not a whole lot of room for running away and time itself would be difficult to predict.
  5. I see the joke here.. I wouldn't want this unless we had multiplayer servers, so noobs do a double take as they see people running around on tauntauns. But multiplayer servers are a bad idea, so...
  6. would you use sabots or authentic shot? Also, how long would it take to reload? Is there a misfire chance? I really love this idea, but if it would be implemented, I would want it realistic. I'm assuming that either you find caps, powder, and ammo separately, or they come together. Personally I think they should be found separately, but generally in the same house
  7. More clothes could be cool, but there is already a crap ton in the game! I'm still finding new items a month and a half since resolute outfitter came out.
  8. Sleds are a good idea, although I don't understand what the box strapped to your back would aid in. It certainly wouldn't take any weight off of you since it's strapped to your back, and you already have a backpack to stuff with things, so what's the purpose of the box? The sled on the other hand could help carry a great many things, at the major expense of speed.
  9. question

    Well, laughing would be one, maybe breaking down and crying, screaming, or hyperventilating could be some options. I figure if something traumatic happens, it would cue in one of these, but it would especially be unique if you could choose "characters" like the roadmap suggests.
  10. question

    It all depends on how someone tries to cope under levels of extreme stress.
  11. question

    People are pretty unpredictable. MWAHAHAHA... sorry.
  12. I like this idea along with the aforementioned pine needle tea that people have suggested. There's that Steam achievement about living off the land for 25 days or so, and more natural food options would be great.
  13. question

    Maybe the crazier your character gets, he could randomly burst out laughing at the worst possible moment (probably high-pitched or something like that) and could give away his location to nearby threats or start muttering nonsensical phrases under his breath.
  14. question

    That's what I meant.