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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

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  1. I don't think that this happens on a regular basis... When I go ice fishing I never smell methane after opening the hole, nor does the heater I put in my ice shack react with any possible methane that may be in the air.
  2. I tend to think that you really hate this game and all it stands for. I don't know why you are on this forum except to blow holes in ideas and comments because of your opinion. I feel like you must be a very anal-retentive pessimist in real life who can find no joy.
  3. TLD has one of the best initial UIs I've ever seen: nothing. Unless you are looking at an item, you screen shows literally nothing, which I love. There is no better way to immerse me in the game. I can't think of another game that is this way.
  4. question

    I was almost positive they would have thrown in meese () in the last update, kind of like them just throwing in Forlorn Muskeg in the last update.
  5. I personally enjoy the frosted windows, because to me it shows how cold it really is. The snow blew up onto the window, froze, and will be that way until spring.
  6. No, just no. That seems like it would turn the game into a "Prop Hunt"-esque game, if you know what I mean. People dicking around and not appreciating the game for what it's really supposed to be about. P.S. Don't take offense, just throwing in my two cents.
  7. +100000000000000 to this idea. Love it.
  8. The only problem is that it would most likely be used for cutting down trees, which would make getting firewood far too easy. And please oh please don't tell me you want to build a cabin. That takes 75% or more out of the entire game. Traveling around is what makes the game dangerous and difficult, which is why we play it. Plus, building a home in a survival situation is quite impractical, as, especially under these circumstances, you don't know how long the event will last. For me, there's no sense in building a house, which renders chopping down trees invaluable, so chainsaws seem a bit impractical. I feel like they belong more in zombie games and less in The Long Dark.
  9. It sounds cool but its practicality seems strange for people who know their maps. You could use it for role-playing purposes, but I dunno.
  10. People in real life that craft their own bullets buy the already shaped and jacketed lead. This needs almost computer precision. If a muzzleloader were added, you could *maybe* shape some round shot. But muzzleloaders are clumsy and inconvenient, especially in the heat of the moment. They take a decent amount of time to reload, which is a problem when you have a charging bear. There's a good chance that they won't even fire, so unless they were preloaded, they are useless. IF you could make a rifle round, you would need to find a metal to jacket the lead. Lead is soft and easily warped, especially under extreme heat (ex. firing the gun) . Jacketing the lead would be nearly impossible as well, seeing that you would have to seamlessly cover the lead with a thin layer of metal (the normal choice is copper). All this precision leads up to a) the bullet even functioning when fired, and b) the bullet making it to your target smoothly. Even computer made bullets travel in a slow spiral shape if you watch closely. I don't want to shoot your idea down , I even suggested more firearms once, but in order to make this game hard, guns and bullets should be at a minimum. It's why there are no guns in Interloper. They already make the game easy, and can you imagine how much easier the game would be with several types of firearms? You can find up to two or more rifles in Mystery Lake alone! Imagine having two or three more kinds of firearms in Mystery Lake, each with two or more of its kind? I would almost be sick! I love the feeling of relief I get when I catch sight of a gun, but it would be spoiled by adding more guns. Your ideas are always welcome and appreciated on the forums, but with every idea, expect cynical b#stards like me to put in their two cents. Just remember never to take it personally.
  11. Ok, this started out as a simple playful suggestion, but I obviously made a mistake even jokingly mentioning it. Let us resume the original conversation now.
  12. I know, I guess for me it would be more of a drama thing. The only thing I could compare it to would be the Up movie, when the one guy smashes his lantern on the other guy's house, starting it on fire. It would be less of a thing for killing animals with and more of a Story mode cutscene deal. After all, it's the cutscenes I mostly play games for.
  13. I have the same problem @Nervous Pete. I'm not really scared of seeing the wolves; that I can deal with. It's the audio jumpscare. It's the anticipation of the "Oh Sh*t" moment that kills me.
  14. Molotovs aren't just in war games.... If AI People are added, it might be useful. Why try to shoot at someone who's already shooting at you? Just lob a flaming bottle of alcohol and voila! fried human.
  15. You have it down pat @natgirl47. Molotovs, anyone?