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  1. I would like to see less manufactured food, and more recipes from meat you harvest.
  2. +1 to avoiding the slash mechanic. I have wanted to be able to attack a wolf, but I don't think you should be able to go around slashing everything up. I think that you could brandish your knife like a flare with the chance of hitting the wolf.
  3. suggestion

    So... pretty much Stalker mode?
  4. I totally agree. That's really my idea of it. I would just love to have something similar to what December's newsletter. A few short videos might be nice, but all I really want is a way to awaken my hope for Story mode.
  5. Thanks for the input. I agree on having them take every possible opportunity working, but it was nice knowing about how to guess maybe when the next update comes out. For example, they said they were going to start working on score after the Christmas break. Score is generally at or close to post-production for most media. It would just be nice to know that, yep, we've got the score down and are playtesting it now and tweaking. Something as simple as that would rejuvenate my hopes.
  6. You poor souls...
  7. The four month mark since the last news update is approaching quickly...
  8. The only thing to keep in mind is that perishable food shouldn't be implemented or be severely rotted... By the way it seems Sandbox is set up, we are days after the geomagnetic disaster, as there are already corpses littering the place. Finding freshly cooked rabbit in the oven just seems off to me. Dry foods I am perfectly fine with though.
  9. All things may not be incorporated, as they said, or could be released in future "seasons" of the story. For example, maybe in season x, horses will be an important part of the story, and will thus be introduced in sandbox to match. I want to keep on the positive side of things. Saying "Well, maybe it'll come out at the end of this month, or next month" is a lot more encouraging than "Oh, we shouldn't be expecting anything for another 6 months, so why even bother...". So all you Debbie-downers out there, keep your chin up! This is a downhill battle that will eventually lead to victory!
  10. I suppose sometimes it's difficult to see, but on a good day it's the brightest point in the sky
  11. Welcome to the Forums! The only problem with adding three more guns is getting too close to a hunting sim. I like the idea of a revolver, always have, (it's on the roadmap) but eventually it'll become too easy. If you can obtain all four guns, then finding ammo for at least one would be fairly easy in comparison to finding ammo for the ONLY one. Backpack carrying capacity isn't really the problem... it's the actual limit you as a person can handle. The 66 pounds is about what you can carry without dragging you down. After all, lots of things can be thrown in your coat pockets or tied to your pack. I've carried over 100 pounds of items before, but it took me a whole hour to walk from Max's Last Stand to the Trapper's Lodge. It's just too darn heavy for your person, but the backpack isn't a problem, if you catch my drift. Love the idea of both canteens and pots, but a flashlight wouldn't probably work in the geomagnetic disaster. My guess is if it would, then the devs would have added it already. The ideas are genuine, you'll find a lot of strange ones on here (Tauntauns and wolf-domestication [oops, did I say that out loud?]) but keep enjoying TLD and keep on finding good ideas to post on the forums.
  12. I believe that the "flag" is actually just a scarf wrapped around the post, but that's just what I've always assumed. The red strips on her bow may be a way of keeping track of your arrows. Nowadays they have LED notches on modern arrows, and this could be something similar in nature- just being able to find your arrows for later.
  13. question

    Quite is the key word here, people... also VERY in caps is pretty exciting as well...
  14. DUDE!!! I WAS TOTALLY THINKING THE SAME EXACT THING!!! ... but then I might be crazy, so...