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  1. I like this idea and I love sticks.
  2. I figured the icon on the map represents a spot where that items spawns. If you've collected it and it's not there any more, it will eventually spawn in that spot again. I think of the icons more as spawn points, rather than the item itself.
  3. Ill take whatever lights I can get!!
  4. Going into the Campcraft radial menu the Campfire icon is dimmed and can't be selected. This happened twice in the outdoors, once while climbing around in the hills near Mystery Lake, once while walking on the ice in Coastal Highway. Also, the second time it happened I noticed I was also unable to crouch. Pressing RS would cause a little error sound. Once I entered a cabin and exited, all the functionality was back to normal.
  5. Just came here to post this. Auto-walk would be wonderful. I was picturing maybe you double-click the right shoulder button or something. Even better if while auto-walking you could do other things like eat and drink.
  6. Seriously, sticks are like my favorite item in the game. They take zero time to harvest and don't cause any wear on your tools. Sticks and cattails, that's where it's at!
  7. I noticed that after you level up a bit there is no more need for tinder when starting fires. Is tinder now completely useless? It would be nice to have some use for it, just even to add to a fire for a minimal effect. Or just give you a slight success percentage increase when starting a fire. Or if you have like 100 tinder plugs you could craft a fire log. I like to harvest as many cattails as I can, and I find myself just dumping the heads in a pile since I can't use them for anything.
  8. Interesting idea... might be cool to have to find a canteen or something to carry water in, and you'd be limited to how much water you can carry by the size of the container. And maybe you could craft a larger water bag out of deer hide & guts or something. But really i prefer to just create unlimited amounts of water and have bottles magically appear to contain it.
  9. I like it!
  10. I do like this idea, but it's hard to picture a way of implementing it that doesn't give it more attention that it deserves. :\ When I play Mafia 3 I usually move dead bodies out of the street, etc, just because it makes me feel a little better. If there were a generic way to move large objects, such as constructing a sled and placing items on it, then you could make the corpse interactive so that you could place it on the sled and move it into a cave or something. Maybe you could do something else symbolic with the corpses, like cooking up a cup of tea and placing in in the body container.
  11. I'd love if there were some way to leave notes or signs to remind me of the way to different places. Carving into trees could work, and would be plausible. Or drawing on a rock with charcoal, but snow would wash that away quickly. You could have it be a mechanic where you physically trace out your message, as opposed to a keyboard/typing interface. Or if we were able to manipulate the orientation of sticks and wood on the ground, we could spell messages that way.
  12. I like this idea, and have also thought of it in the past. If you're super tired and have 2 hours of light left and you need to quickly harvest some wood outside, it would be great to easily drop your entire load before going out. Or if you are purely exploring an area and want to be able to move quickly and not burn calories unnecessarily. But I guess then the game would have to keep separate track of what's in your hands. I could see that being added to the clothing page... add another box near the hand where you can place an item there. In the world, the pack could just have a generic appearance, like a bigger version of the green backpack, but act like any other container until you pick it up again.
  13. Ok, I finally peeked at your spoiler. Wow, If that's the case then I guess my suspicion was right. That's really disappointing! I thought about just letting the bear get me, but I also didn't want to flush all my progress down the drain if it didn't work. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for the answer, I appreciate it! I love love love this game but that challenge is some BS! Why would I want to play part 3? What arbitrary conditions await me in that one? I guess technically it only says "face the old bear" so it's my fault for assuming your were supposed to kill him. :\
  14. Update: I tried another approach and just can't understand why it doesn't work. Maybe someone can tell me, in terms of game tuning/mechanics, why I'm not succeeding. This time at the start of the challenge, I gather supplies in the cabin, exit the cabin and quickly run around the back of the cabin and stand on a rock ledge where the bear can't reach me. The bear runs off to his first waypoint. Now, instead of tracking the bear right away, I head off to the Camp Office, collect the bullets there, head to the Dam and collect more bullets there, collect as much clothing and food as I can along the way, and then head back to the Trapper's Cabin. I spend the night in the cabin and start the next day fully warm, rested, hydrated etc, with a bit more clothing so I can stay outside longer. And I won't have to give up the chase due to running out of ammo because I have 21 rifle cartridges. I head out of the cabin over the ridge to the first waypoint, shoot the bear and start tracking. I get a clean shot at each stoppoing point, and I'm able to track him all the way until he gets back to Mystery Lake where the river meets it. At this point I've shot the bear 12 times in a span of about 6 hours. I'm at about 20% condition here and have to sleep next to a fire for 2 hours to stay alive. After that I find the bear in the open on Mystery Lake, and shoot him so he advances to his final stop -- the cave. I now have shot him 13 times in about 8 hours and have 8 bullets left. The bear heads into the cave and I pop into the lake cabin near the dock to make sure my progress is saved. After that I'm able to hide under the dock and shoot the bear 8 more times in quick succession. Bullets are all gone and bear is still walking around. No indication that's it's particularly hurt at all. Here's the video of the last 8 shots: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/SQUAND0R/video/31829726 Is there some other arbitrary factor at play here? Maybe I'm supposed to let the bear attack me? I'm out of ideas.
  15. not gonna look yet but probably soon when I've given up completely.