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  1. was 80 days in and for some reason my save game vanished i would love some help. i tried to sync the game but nothing and i tried to reinstall
  2. would it be possible to replace those books in interloper with maybe a new archery leveling book? also the weather is very extreme in interloper when you reach day 130 , maybe adding some recipes with wolf hides rabbit hides for example a wolf hat accessories. i have so many hides going to waste. just throwing out suggestions
  3. very nice ty very much
  4. i found out what is causing this , if you have your bow out and you enter a building you will lose your arrow. so holster your bow and you wont lose your arrow until they find a fix
  5. been entering my house in coastal jack rabbit island house and i open my backpack and i have 3 arrows instead of 4 lost 3 arrows in total plz help