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  1. Yes, I always have some, when they take it I use my arch to hunting, other thing that works for me is shoot him an arrow, usually they run away.. Sorry about "lure" I don't know all words in english so for some I use google...
  2. I am very unlucky damm@#.. Real truth, but it is more difficult to get coal... @Pharose try using a lure, One small is enough
  3. You are right, I have never used magnifying glass... thanks!
  4. mmm.. I preffer no to, when you start the game you do not have the clothes than you need, so in a little time you will have an affliction, maybe you are experts in this game and everything is easy for you but whats happend the first time you have played the game, how long you have lived.. maybe when story mode has been released, but in that case I will ask for a compass, come on man, one pilot should know how to get the plane compass... thks
  5. Off topic, sorry.... but I have to ask.. how do you do that!! you make fire from a stones (that option is missing in this game).. but tellme pls. tks
  6. Ok... lets start.. 1_ I was born in Bs As Argentina. 2_ I have a foreing trade degree that I never use. 3_ Iam veggie so It was very difficulty for me to eat meat in the game 4_ Out of this world was one of my favorites games in my chillhood, then wolfenstein 3d. TLD is the first survival game that I ever played 5_ I love the earth, everything on her it is beautifull. (not humans ) 6_ Some times I dont know what to do in my life. 7_ Dogs, cats, Chicks are actualy my pets. In a future, I want to have a cow. 8_ I would like to live like TLD but not in that weather, but im scared of it. 9_ TLD showme how far I am from survive without tecnology. 10_ I love to teach and learn, and I enjoy a lot the people who knows more than me, it is difficult to found those people but there are a lot.. and not because iam clever, it is because people that arround me are stupid bye
  7. Helicopters?, really I do prefer this.. (And do not say that is impossible, there are a lot of cars so a lot of fuel)
  8. I know where I built bases because I like a few places, hunter cabin, dam, gas station, hibernia processing, what I mean is something to put names or labels. But I know that is a stupid idea. tks to respond!
  9. Please, It is simple, let me put some labels in closets, drawers, lockers, I don't know where I let my stuff, so I have to open all containers.. Tks
  10. Hello, I have some little problem, I don't know which word I have to use for this.. It's happend in Hibernia Processing, close to the workbench. Now I have a pic.. You should see a rabbit skin, wolf skin and a bear skin, both wolf and rabbit looks like the floor is above or in the same line that skins. Rgds.
  11. Hello Sam, I am from Buenos Aires, if you want to visit Patagonia (is a region, not a province), take your time, it is a huge region (it depend where you live) with amazing landscapes, big deserts, heavy wind zones, glaciers, whales, penguins, it is depend on the season, but it is beautiful, even me, living here, I don't know it in all its extension, so take your time... Matias
  12. -Summer season. -A city, it hasnt to be huge city, but it has to have at least a bulding with several floors, many streets, ammo store, a big market, schools... -A pet, maybe a wolf, I'am thinking when I left food for them, that they took the food and go away, well, they stay around, then they want to get in home with you, so you feed your puppy, and he help when you explore... tks
  13. Loneliness, doing whatever I want, explore almost everything (It would be beautiful to use other things like radio, tv, cars, even if they doesn't work). well it isn't one thing... rgds
  14. Hello @VinceofpyreneesI hope they fix that, the first time I realized, I had to check if I was wearing gloves, I was with a flare. brgds