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  1. The best bug ever !!! congratulations!!
  2. 100% agree... I made a lot of stupid things when I take the control... I think that the only thing that would make the game playlable for ever, is that developer teams consider some way to change the landscape, maybe with seasons or more heavys storms that ruin houses and bridges, ruin roads, fishing shelters, where was a large lake, now are 100cm snow, maybe a sudden and violent shaking of the ground, I want to die not because I can´t start a fire, when Iam playing interloper, I get frustrating when I start a fire with matches, so I prefer not to go out, just because I don´t want to spend a match in a cave
  3. 100% Agree, and sometimes appear a banner with "laceration" or something like that, but when you check your conditions everything is correct.
  4. That would be cool if developers introduce viruses like flu or other diseases like sore throat.. then you have 3 choices, do nothing and wait, take some craft medicine (from bush or a tree) or take some whiskey, get cold but healthy!!!
  5. When you stuck, the best thing that can do is take a snapshot for dev people and take off the game, so you will start in the last save game. The save files could be a little problem when they sincronize with steam servers.
  6. I think that the big problem is not the start, It is the lasts days when you growup, I meant, Now I am on 170 days, I almost never got cold because my clothness are the best, and my body get cold fusion achievement, I am level 5 on firing, cooking, fishing, level 4 on hunting with arch and 3 on rifle (I don't know if those are exactly the name of the achievements), I am in TWM and I have at least 15kg of deer meat + 28kg of bear meat + 20kg of wolf meat + 15kg of fish and more than 20kg of food items and more than 20l of water, my only problem here is to get pieces of cloth to repair my clothness, so I get up and I dont know what else to do, when I got out even whitout food, some wolf cross me in the way, he met my arch, I get 4kg more of meat to eat, the game became boring, I am not an interlooper I am in a previous level I think is stalker, and the reason is that level (interlooper) starts in a very dificult condition, in the first 2 or 4 days you'll define if you will survive, I want to start again a new sandbox but I dont want to start everything again... maybe this should be in wish list. We need the possibility to rise up the difficulty level, I used to play X-Plane (airplane sim) and you can change the level condition anytime, even if you want to set fire your engines you can do it.. I have walked 80% of the long dark world, I try not to get out to much because when I do it I bring food at home and I am waiting to ran out of food to get away..
  7. I get much more FPS deactivating SSAO. I have a I5 12gb ram GT550M on board, 1900x1200 (something like that, 22 inches monitor full resolution) runs very well. Be patient, a constant feedback means lose time in developed.
  8. Achievements should come with some reward, thats I hate from steam achievements, I don't need them, I don't want them, I don't care about, but if they come with a reward thats has a different taste.. I always thought that TLD actualy has achievements (feats that when complete you can activate with every survivor). Show the achievements in the bag, with a pin, is not a bad idea, It's like boys scouts
  9. But it is not a bad idea, I'm thinking when a deer come to you and pass just a few inches close to you and we can't do anything to stop him.. think about it..
  10. I did only one time, but I could get a bear with my bow, I was in quonset gas station, ready to go out and when I opened the door this bear was walking by the road, I couldn't let pass, so I shot him an arrow , was to easy , so I put an arrow in that beautifull bear, he raise with an huge roar and come to me, I get into the gas station, get out from back door, and I put a new arrow in the bear, when it comes, I did the same but now I came out from the front door, It take's 3 or 4 shoots, all shots where from very close position. Take a pill for your heart before, you will be pee in your pants..
  11. I do not belive that is excessive, you should thing that in normal conditions you can sprained an ankle just for running the bus, in the game you are with -30°C cold, muscles are very delicates when cold is heavy... I hate when it happends to me, but is the minimum affliction.
  12. My favourite map is Desolation point, It wasn't but one day I was sharpening my hatchet (in a previous version) and when you get to 100% they switch the button from sharpening to recycle (I dont know wich word they use in english version, in spanish is "recoger") and I destroy my presious hatchet (that is the most important tool for me), without it I became useless man, as i couldn't find it I have to forge one, the only place where you can forge something was In desolation point (now we have FM), since then DP its my favourite map, tools and food, is not to much to see but everything is there.
  13. Maybe it's time to rewrite a review.
  14. Yes, I always have some, when they take it I use my arch to hunting, other thing that works for me is shoot him an arrow, usually they run away.. Sorry about "lure" I don't know all words in english so for some I use google...
  15. I am very unlucky damm@#.. Real truth, but it is more difficult to get coal... @Pharose try using a lure, One small is enough