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  1. Sorry! It would be really cool if they did avoid stuff.
  2. Do the rabbits actually avoid the other items on the ground? Or do they run right through them like the spooked deer run right through my character?
  3. You can usually find me on the mountain. I just gave it a try and the rope still deploys into the ledge and I still can't get back to it once I have left the ledge.
  4. I completely disagree. It is made perfectly clear what you are purchasing. You are not entitled to complain about a delay in or lack of development.
  5. In response to a question about tool effectiveness based on condition, I ran a series of tests and recorded the results. They veered off topic, so I was asked to re-post the results to make them easier to find. The test scenario: A 100% stalker character wearing no clothes walking toward a wolf. Measuring injuries and condition losses for 10 struggles for 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% condition knives. Used a macro to automate 8.3 mouse clicks per second. The next tests have my character in different states. Then I tested the differences between each of the tools. What do you think?
  6. Yeah, that was me. You can't find them, because I posted it all under the test branch section which is no longer available. Sure, I can do that. Wolf Fight Condition Loss Tests
  7. All of the tools are the same condition before and after the fights. Back in .256, the screen displayed the tool in use during the fight along with a percentage. I presume the percentage was meant to indicate a boost in damage to the wolf over what you would get bare handed. So, the higher the percentage the quicker the fight should end as the tool is more effective. The knife at +30%, hatchet at +20% and prybar at +10%. However, the results show the exact opposite of that. And while I was having the fights, the prybar ones did usually end quicker.
  8. This might be the in-game model for Astrid. Despite the glasses and piercings, the face looks very similar.
  9. Yeah, that's a bit more testing than I care to do. I also think this is how it was intended to be, but I don't think it has ever actually played out that way. I can find posts on Steam about this as far back as November 2014. This comment in particular caught my attention - "For the record, the hatchet is a better weapon than the knife, and the prybar is better than either of them." Well, what the heck! Let's jump in the way back machine to version .256 (Hammer was introduced.in .265). I could probably keep going back in versions and find similar results. I'm not sure the knife has ever been the best.
  10. Thanks guys! I'm happy to add to the knowledge base. And even though we have moved away from the original question and because I was already prepared, why not do a few more to find out how much of a difference each tool makes in a fight? My operating assumption has been the hatchet is best, knife a close second, and then hammer and prybar the worst. The hatchet definitely wins. I'm surprised to see the hammer as effective as the knife!
  11. Another beautiful day on the mountain coming to an end.
  12. You've got me curious. Let's find out! Other than being very fatigued, it doesn't look like it makes much of a difference. Thoughts?
  13. Yep, that's how I do it. Sometimes I have to drop something, move my character, grab and move it, then move my character again, then finally get it into the position I want.
  14. In all games, except Interloper, one bunker spawns in ML and one bunker spawns in PV. The bunker locations are determined either immediately upon starting the game or immediately upon entering these two maps. Their locations will never change for the entirety that game. Once you enter a map for the first time, all of the loot is spawned. No more will ever show up.
  15. On the contrary, I highly recommend using it to kill bears - it is both the easiest and safest method. Anyway, if you aren't using the flare gun against the wildlife, then what other use does it have?