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  1. I have the same problem. I can esc to menu and back out to restore the sound.
  2. That's up to you. I'm not bothered by the wolves. They are foolish to ever get in my way.
  3. It all depends on where you are. If you are set up in CH, it wouldn't make any sense to go all the way to FM.
  4. The forge. Here you go!
  5. Greetings @mic! This just means the wolf that killed the rabbit already ate everything, so there is nothing left to harvest. If you find a way to get a wolf away from it's kill, you can harvest whatever remains on the carcass for yourself.
  6. Day 32 – A long blizzard keeps my inside for the day, so I harvest cloth from the clothes I don’t like to repair the ones I do. Day 33 – I spend the first part of the day finishing up my clothing repairs, followed by jumping in and out of the hut to see if I can get him to show up inside the fence. It doesn’t happen and I become bored, so I decide to move on. Next stop is the Three Strikes Farmstead. There is a pleasant snowfall and I take a shortcut down which points me toward the Farmhouse. I cut across the open field that is completely devoid of animal life. I pick up the snow road and stop by the shed to check the dead guy and container, but find nothing useful. I continue down the snow road and turn off to the homestead. I check my clothes and see they are getting pretty wet and I’m getting cold, so it's time to layer up. I arrive at the homestead wondering how long it's been since I was last here. I quickly go around and pick up sticks and then chop up a cedar limb. When I’m finished, a blizzard has set in, so I make a fire in the fire barrel to warm up. I sleep for 2 hours, then 2 more hours. The blizzard continues, so I add more wood to the fire and sleep for 2 hours and then 2 hours more. With 4 hours of darkness left, the blizzard has finally left and a peaceful snowfall has taken its place. I stroll around and spook the deer, which makes it hard to listen for OB. I’m less comfortable in this place than I thought I would be. I harvest the venison and guts from the deer carcass, cook the meat, then go back into the shed. It’s not long before I see him in the distance trucking my way. I want to find out if he will come through the opening of the shed but if he does, hitting him with the flare gun won’t matter. I’m not sure what to do and he is growling and coming in closer. I don’t take the chance and fire the flare gun, he runs off. I make another fire on the ground, partially blocking access to my area. I’m not sure if it will do any good, but it makes me feel a little better. Day 34 - I sleep for a couple of hours and with no sign of OB I head up the steep path. This route proves safe and I fuel my furious pace with cups of coffee. I get to the Draft Dodger’s Cabin and then climb both of the ropes with the aid of more coffee. I see a wolf near where this all began and quickly head in the other direction. Nearing the Point of Disagreement, I start to get excited - soon I will be home. I search all of the vehicles and then move to the Abandoned Cache. I collect everything, sleep for 4 hours, then pop out and climb up the rope. I look down to see OB. I used to think I was completely safe in this spot, but after what happened back at the Forestry Lookout, I’m not so sure any more. In any case, I continue on to TWM. OB is standing right in the middle of the path, so I go back to PV. When I try it again I can hear him, but don’t see him, so I run down the path. Those are really the only two ways it can go when entering TWM. I am so happy to finally be in TWM. As I reach the top of the hill, I smile as I see my favorite place in all the game. Home sweet home. I make a round and pick up sticks, then spin out to the fishing hut to find a whole bunch of nothing. I head into the Mountaineer’s Hut and bundle up for the night. Day 35 – I spend the first part of the day organizing all of my stuff. Along with 6 fishing tackle, 12 hooks and a firestriker, here's where I stand. I spend the rest of the day harvesting the cattails around half of the lake and chopping firewood. I fall asleep thinking about the final destination of this tour - The Summit.
  7. I think the mechanic works quite well and don't see any need for change. If you are walking in a suspected thin ice area and go straight backward as soon as the onscreen warning pops up, you will not fall in the ice. I have yet to unintentionally fall in.
  8. This poll was created early last year, long before the FM was released.
  9. Yeah, he said the same thing! Good point. I hadn't noticed that.
  10. Well said, @mystifeid. I can't even think of anything to add.
  11. Day 29 – I wake up to a blizzard, so I sharpen my hatchet. I climb the walls while the blizzard continues into the day. With 6 hours of daylight left, I move out. Moving quickly, I go across Frozen Creek and just down the hill is a wolf. I run back a little, then pop a flare and start waving it. The wolf does not care and comes right at me. I fight it off while dropping to 46% condition and taking injuries. I pick up the flare and then deal with my wounds. I continue on through a field of 4 deer and 3 rabbits, they all run about wildly. I head toward an opening in the landscape and see the railroad tracks. Then I see two wolves by the tracks and they see a spooked deer, one of the wolves kills it. The other takes notice of me, so I am forced to run the other way to the office. When I get inside I see my water is running low, so I make a fire and then some water. I spend the rest of the day and night resting and sleeping. Day 30 – I am out the door early and see OB walking away from me on the ice. I back up slowly and he doesn’t seem to care, so I back up some more. Well, he’s off in his own little world, so I take off down the tracks. I see 3 wolves patrolling the area where I had previously left some things. I’m not in the mood for these guys to be in my way right now, so I pop a flare and walk straight into them. I scare them off, one by one. And then scare all of them off again. I pick up some of my supplies and continue on my way. One of the wolves continues to follow me, so I drop a piece of venison. It is easy going to the dam and I take a look around once inside, not finding much I need other than a ridiculous amount of pain killers. I make my way down to the lower section and can’t think of a reason to stick around, so I head out the door. As I come down the path, a wolf on the ice spots me from farther away than I was expecting. It charges at me immediately and I pop another flare, even though I am certain it will attack. It runs right up to me and then gets scared and runs off. I sprint down to the ice and around the bend hoping to get away from it. But it again targets and comes right for me. Once again it runs right up to me, only to then get scared away. This wolf doesn’t know what it wants. I get safely through the Winding River and enter the cave. When I get to the PV side, I sleep for 4 hours. Still fatigued, so I drink two cups of coffee and head out of the cave. It’s foggy and I see OB below the little ridge I’m on. So it’s back in to the cave. I go in and out a few more times. When I pop out next he is off to the left. Feeling frisky, I point the flare gun at him and he immediately charges. I have vastly underestimated how long it will take him to reach me and barely escape his grasp! I see now this is a tricky spot. I’m probably going to have to hit him with the flare gun in order to get out of here. I’m too tired now to move forward and will have to spend the night in the cave. I harvest an extra bedroll and repair a toque before sleeping for 8 hours until fully rested. With some time to kill, I make a fire with a piece of fir. Then repair some clothes, harvest some bandages, and make some OMB dressings. Day 31 - I eat, drink and sleep. With 11 hours of daylight left and all bars full, I leave the cave. No hesitation this time, I sprint down the path to the left. It’s not long before he comes for me. I fire a flare that lands just in front of his face, so he spins around and runs off. I spin around and run off and expect to see him again soon. After sprinting for a while, I spin around ready to fire again, but he is not following. I think I’ve gotten away clean and should be good until I reach my destination, which is Signal Hill. When the path opens up, I start taking a shortcut uphill. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving and for a split second think its OB. Just a rabbit this time. It looked bigger as I was coming up the hill toward it. Breathing relief I let my guard down and a wolf barks and comes at me. I am able to get a flare lit before it gets to me, but it attacks anyway. I pound on it as hard and fast as I can and don’t lose much condition. I sprint off toward Signal Hill and am happy when I arrive. As I walk around to the hole in the fence, I realize I haven’t been here before with OB. I don’t think he will come through that hole. I’m also wondering if he will show up inside the fenced area. I wonder if that happens, can I run out and trap him inside? In the Radio Control Hut I find the usual treasure trove of items - most notably insulated boots and a fire striker. After a quick inventory check, it’s time to go outside and see what’s what. I can hear the birds squawking and draw the flare gun to see if I can get his attention. Something is not right, there’s no clicking sound when I point the gun. I had forgotten to reload it after firing on OB! That could have been costly. I go in and out of the hut, but he never shows up anywhere nearby. So, I am left to patiently wait for him to make his way up here. Eventually he arrives and I watch him slowly walk around the fence toward the opening. I stand a few feet back and point the flare gun, which provokes him to charge. I overreact and fire unnecessarily, which spooks him. He runs around frantically and appears to get stuck in a loop that brings him just beyond the opening in the fence and then he spins around. I watched him follow the same route 3 or 4 times and then decide to go out and see if he will stay in the loop. My walking out seems to set him free and he runs away. I go back inside the fence and wait for his return. This time he comes around the other side. And this time when he is near to the opening, I am careless and take it too far, which leads to... When it is all over, I am surprised to see I still have 20% condition left. I thought he would do a better job. Back into the hut to lick my wounds and sleep for a few hours. I go back outside and see no sign of OB, only my blood all over the ground.
  12. Certainly. However in this case, you need only to click on any of the locations on the page I linked to see what their contents are.
  13. Have you not heard of wiki?
  14. If you have already read this far, apologies for spoiling some of OB's behavior without offering a warning. I added a warning to the top. For anyone thinking about giving this a try themselves, be aware more spoilers are to come. Day 25 – Okay, capped at 80% condition. Let’s go. First order of business is getting to the interior cave to get completely dried out and also safe from OB. I quickly take off my frozen boots and socks, pull out the flare gun and start running for the cave. I immediately hear OB has taken notice of me and I continue on as fast as I can. I hear him running behind me and he is growling and is very close, but I win the foot race and make it safely inside. I walk through the cave to the other entrance and pickup sticks and coal, then turn around and go back. I make a fire near to where I entered, to dry out the boots and socks and then sleep for a few hours. When I get up, I am ready to run out and leave the Marsh Ridge the same way I came in. I’m hoping to ditch OB and leave him behind on the ridge. As I make my way down Hat Creek, I see the tactic has worked and I am not being followed. There are only 3 hours of daylight left, so I head to the Spencer Homestead and directly as possible. When I am out in the middle of the marsh, the wind and snow begin to increase. Just then a wolf takes notice of me and I pop a flare and scare it off. Not 10 seconds later the wolf returns and I scare it off again, must be a slow learner. As I approach the homestead, the weather has turned to a full on blizzard. I get inside and loot the place, then sleep for 2 hours. I also am careful to check the wetness of my clothes before going to sleep! When I wake up another blizzard has started, so I make a fire in the furnace and sleep for 6 more hours. Day 26 – OB still isn’t around, so I take advantage and gather cattails, wood, OMB and other odds and ends from the area. I sprint frequently and use up energy, so I lay down for a nap. Upon waking, the fog has rolled in thick. I can hear OB, but can’t even tell which direction he is coming from. I’m really not liking the FM right now and mostly just feel like getting out of here. Since I can’t figure out where OB is, I spend the day safely inside the homestead repairing clothes and preparing to leave this place. The fog remains thick throughout the day, only dissipating a little as the sun sets. So, I spent the day listening to OB and one or two deer running around, but never saw any of them. Day 27 – I repair my work boots to begin the day, then sleep for an hour to get back to full power. Or at least, as full of power as I can now get. Several times I have found myself thinking, how did I get down to 70 something percent so quickly?! Oh right, the frostbite thing. I get the feeling OB won’t be out in the marsh, but rather somewhere on the land. So, I’m going straight out across heading for the wreck, where I left some things behind. If I’m lucky, I won’t see OB at all and might even be able to get to ML before seeing him again. If I’m unlucky, I might have to spend some flare gun shells. I can hear him off in the distance, but take off anyway. It’s foggy, but it could be worse. I am almost immediately proven wrong, as I spot him out on the ice. He spots me, so I retreat to the homestead. I’m anxious and just want to go, so I pass an hour of time and then sleep for an hour. The weather has cleared up and I still want to make a break for it. Then I realize there is a better way to make my getaway and I wait for him to walk right past the building and I take aim. He runs off into the marsh while I stay on land and move around the perimeter of the map. I frequently scan for him, but don’t see him again. I slither past a wolf, then another, then a third. I start heading more in the direction of the wreck and get stuck surrounded by weak ice and am forced to backtrack. This brings frostbite to mind and I check my clothes. Sure enough, socks and boots wet and now freezing. I take them off and put on my spare socks. I still make it to the train cars without incident. I make a fire and set my freezing clothes beside it. Then I lay down for an hour nap. The weather is nice, but a bit windy and there is only 2 hours of daylight left. I walk out and scan the horizon while I consider my options. Without further delay, I fill my backpack and head down the tracks toward ML. Within seconds the wind seems to figure out which direction I am headed and blows in my face until I leave FM. I take one look back and happily say goodbye. When I enter ML, I immediately spot OB down the tracks. He doesn’t charge, so I slowly move down the path that leads to the Trapper’s Cabin. He still does not give chase, so I make a run for it. When I can’t sprint any longer, I spin around but don’t see him. I am happy to avoid the conflict and continue on my way. As I come over the hill, I see a very inviting scene. Too bad I can’t go inside the cabin. Well, I could, but then this would be over. Instead I’ll spend the night in the nearby shed. Just as I crouch to move inside the most sheltered area, a wolf welcomes me to the neighborhood. I watch it patrol the area for the next hour or so. Eventually it leaves and I sleep for 2 hours. Then I sleep for 2 more hours, then 1 hour, then 1 more hour – keeping a close eye on the temperature. When it gets too cold to sleep without fire, I light a fire. Then I sleep for 3 more hours until fully rested. Day 28 – OB is still nowhere to be found. Whenever he goes absent, I make the most of it. So, I head to the Forestry Lookout, enjoying a beautiful, sunny and bear-free day in ML. I see several deer along the way and wish I had a bow or rifle. I see a couple of wolves and think the same thing. I make it to the lookout and feel I can finally relax a little. I have never been here before with OB and am not sure how it’s going to work up here. Time to do some investigating. There is a rope in the lookout, so I go down and deploy it. I take a look off the edge, but see nothing. I move to another ledge and take a look. I start to wonder if he can even make it up here, so I go down the path a little ways and then all of a sudden the birds go crazy and I can hear him. I’m surprised, so I retreat to the stairs of the lookout. Then to my complete disbelief, I see him right next to the rope! How the heck did he pull that off?! Did he just climb the rope?! Always nice to see he still has a few new tricks up his sleeve. I go down to the bottom of the stairs to tell him how surprised and amazed I am, which gets him all excited and he runs to give me a high five. I’d rather not and back up the stairs, and then see him do something I have only seen once before. He gets completely stuck in his panic mode and bounces around like a pinball! I’m laughing so hard I can barely control myself. He is moaning, groaning, growling and grumbling – and cannot stop running around. It is absolutely hilarious! When I get hold of myself, I start to wonder just how stuck he is. It appears he isn’t able to run for a long enough distance or period of time before encountering a boundary, which keeps him stuck in panic mode. I think I’m actually safe to go walk around and he won’t stop what he’s doing, so I step down to the ground. He just keeps bouncing around, so I walk right out in the middle of it. He has lost his mind! This gives me the rare opportunity to run around and chase him! After I have completely exhausted myself, I head up the lookout where I hang out for the rest of the day. I see OB dancing in my dreams tonight..