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  1. Another one from me: If you want a sneak peek of sorts into my hear my voice and see moving pictures...go to this link and watch the show reel, there is a 35-40 second "Teaser" for the film in there starting at 1:37. Best friend Writer/Director/DoP Check out the Showreel! Let me know what you's coming out this year....finally!
  2. Winston Part 2: Unpleasant Valley Slightly More Pleasant Valley
  3. Well if you want to add to that even more you can. When I play each of my characters has a back story that will/does affect the play style on top of and above simple decision making. For instance a character might not like being they are constantly on the move looking for someone or evidence of someone. And depending on the length of that survivors survival I can introduce them becoming more comfortable with being alone. Perhaps coming to a place of solitude. So my play style would be from constant but careful movement from place to place covering a lot of territory to a evolving transformation of staying in places longer and then finding a place to set up came for an extended period. On top of this would be my in depth posts letting the reader experience the entire transformation of the survivor from the survivors inner monologue and person thoughts on my blog. The game is as deep and thought out as you want it to be...and that is why i like it.
  4. Over on my blog I've written a new Article about the Survival of my first member of the hall of fame: Tony C. It discusses the backstory that I never got a chance to build on, how that affected my game-play style and how events played out that brought things to an end. I will place a link to the original article here and also copy and paste it here if you don't want to click through. I hope it interests you! Survival Retrospective: Tony C. Survival Retrospective: Tony C. March 16, 2017 by rossjgc, posted in Survival Retrospective, Tony C. Introduction So I’ve chosen to write articles based on each of the characters and how their play style is transformed by their backstory. This is true no matter how limited the length of survival time is for the survivor in question. So on this occasion we are talking about Tony C. who spent his entire survival experience in the Mystery Lake location. Tony C’s Backstory We didn’t get to investigate Tony C’s backstory very much because his survival ended up being so fleeting, but it certainly is important to understand why he survived for so short a time. Tony C. grew up in an inner city, one could say Detroit, and thus he faced a tough situation. His father was tough without the problem of drinking, but once drunk he was a danger to his wife and son. So Tony became tough in the face of this to stand between his dad and mom when he became a threat to her. Unfortunately this caused him commit a significant crime in self defense, leaving his father permanently crippled. As part of a judges ruling he was sent to a Survival Training Course in Canada and the rest is survival. Tony C’s Style Due to his backstory I played as Tony C. in a more excited and aggressive manner than I usually would. The weather itself was generally great during the entirety of his survival except at the end. Tony just wanted to explore, and so I explored in a way that he would have. Instead of staying low and eventually looking into the lone cabin and then heading left to un-named pond and Trappers Cabin. Instead after looting the Loggers area I headed to the Clearcut and then headed left up the path to Forestry Lookout. Now yes I know that there could’ve been a rifle there but Tony did not. I knew that sometimes the temperature drop could be bad there and going there with little food was dangerous…but Tony did not. He’s out there, ostensibly for the course, but now it’s turned into real survival and how long will that take to set in? In the end I spent the night up top with knowledge as a player that I might be stuck up there if the weather came in. However I prepared melted snow for water, ate up and bedded down for the night. I woke up to a storm and that made me both anxious as a player and Tony anxious as a survivor. Once again however I did some researching, ate and drank…I eventually chose to head out and deploy the rope. After this I headed to the un-named pond and beyond that to Trappers Cabin, harvesting Saplings and wood along the way. Dropping off my wood and saplings I made the choice that I did not know would seal Tony’s fate. I chose to go and harvest the deer carcass in the old barn, so I went over and started to work. By the time I was done a deep, deep, fog had rolled in but I thought I had my directions figured out so I started back in the direction of what I thought was Trappers Cabin. Final Moments Except it soon became clear I was going away from Trapper’s Cabin when I found myself fending off a wolf attack at Max’s Last Stand. Surviving that I patched myself up, oriented myself to Max’s tree and looked up. The conditions were essentially whiteout level the light was deep orange and falling as the sun began to set. I had no items with which to make a fire, so I knew i had to push forward. At this point as Tony I was pretty much uncertain of my directions but I had to push forward. So as I did I crested the top of the hill between Max’s Last Stand and Trapper’s Cabin I assume. Visibility is now down to around two feet. I figure the only possible chance of survival is to find the old barn and if I have some sticks in my inventory light a fire and push back to the Cabin after this insane storm is over. However that’s easier set than done, Tony chooses to light the lantern, this makes things if possible even worse. He plants himself and stomps out a 360 marching in place hoping to see anything to orient himself. By this time the sun has set…and I am essentially blind…I myself with intimate knowledge of Mystery Lake and hundreds of hours of game time am no longer sure of my direction. And somehow above the howling of the wind I manage to hear the wolf. Whether or not it is the same wolf I do not care. I extinguish my lantern and pop a flare, the wolf gets closer but I cannot see it. It is now that Tony runs, runs in a direction that he hopes is away from the wolf. He hears the wolf coming faster, turns this way and that brandishing the flare. The attack takes him in The Long Dark due to massive lacerations and blood loss. Final Thoughts I played as Tony very aggressively day one and more thoughtfully day two. One of the main reasons I played so aggressively is that I was just coming off the loss of Ava my first survivor to make it past 100 days. Playing with anger is not wise. By the time I went to harvest the deer in the old barn I was thinking a lot clearer. I planned to simply harvest the deer and head back to Trapper’s Cabin to cook it up…and make more water. I was beginning to think long term. I have never experienced a storm as violent and with such crappy visibility as the one Tony faced once he got turned around and attacked. It would not surprise me at all if I ended up running in a circle once the wolf engaged me again to the death. It would be interesting in Hinterlands could put in some kind of black box that records your movements up to death…but how they could do that I have no idea. Overall I’m happy enough with how I played Tony, I’m just not happy with how little time we got to spend together. Thanks for reading!
  5. Thanks. I don't rush my writing projects so I will only update when it's ready.
  6. “...N3035C Will this is Bear Island Tower do you copy.” “Copy that, how's the weather?” “Crystal clear out here. Hold on I'm getting a flash traffic alert.” I glanced at Will, his brow was creased in concern and his fingers gripped and re-gripped the control yoke. I heard the crackle over my headset as well, finally the voice from the tower came back. “ far out are you?” “'Bout 45 minutes, what's up?” “The FAA just informed us of a NASA space weather update. There was a CME event...apparently-” The rest of the communication was lost in a wash of rolling static and then a high pitched squeal came over the headphones. Winston pulled off his headphones as did Will moments later, ghostly green, yellow and light blue light coruscates across the flight panels. The panels winked off one after another, electrical fires spat momentarily and then the whole cockpit went dark. There was no sound, there was no light, there were no engines. “Make sure you're firmly buckled in Mr. Francis, unless I get things moving again we're going to do our best to glide in.” “As you say McKenzie.” This is absolutely unreal, was the thought that raced through Will McKenzies mind. His hands flew over all the usual knobs and dials that he would toggle on the occasion of an electrical failure, but there was absolutely no sign of life in his craft. And to top it all off he had never seen the sky light up like this, not once, not ever. The flashes of light where becoming brighter strobe-like in quality they lit the cockpit with a kaleidoscope of colors. “Alright, I'm going to try and glide us in, there should be a highway to our right but I'm not seeing the lights.” Winston looked out of the cockpit himself and through the flashing lights he couldn't make out any lights below at all. He glanced over towards Will. “Can you land by available light?” “I suppose I could but I cannot guarantee anything soft.” “I'd settle for a nice slide across the snow.” “As long as I can keep us gliding steady.” Out of the colorful storm of light a massive shape loomed, it was much larger than Will's Cessna, he pushed the control yoke forward as the jetliner closed the space in a matter of moments. Then metal tore metal, snow covered evergreens reached up from the drifts on the mountain below, and the whole thing went ass over teakettle. To Be Continued...
  7. I chose to devote my time to finally playing through a very awesome and danged scary and tension filled game. Feel free to check it out here: I had a blast playing and recording it...even though I accidentally lost at total of 3 segments. It's all capped off with a video including 32 of my deaths...oh yes!
  8. Moments later she picked up and extinguished the lantern to save fuel,
  9. Prologue Four Weeks Ago The intercom crackled to life on my varnished oak desk. “Mr. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Harris are here for their 10:50” “Thank you Evelynn send them on in.” “Yes Sir.” The slants of light coming through the half-closed Venetian blinds cut across the open folder on my desk. In it was a collection of information, a paper trail in a digital age. My office is lined with filing cabinets, these are filled with such folders, containing even more paper. This world has become so infatuated with technology that some of them have even gone so far to have it injected into them. Some people even have ink that while oft-times telling a story can sometimes be used to scan for medical data or other things. Most new cars are controlled more by computers than by the humans sitting in them, their sleek antennas constantly searching for the next wireless signal. I tried to get by using as little of this technology as possible it used to be a problem when black hats hacked computers, now if they ever get all their cans in a row, they could conceivably hack a country. The door opens and the couple enter, if God is good they are in the middle of their years, but life is fragile. Rising I carefully shake their hands, carefully because with my frame I know that I can hurt by accident. There was a lot of trial and error, when one is 6'11” in your Junior year of High School and you're limbs are thick as a tree trunk you quickly learn you can hurt people even when you don't intend to. Perhaps that's why I ended up taking this line of work. “Please have a seat,” I say in a voice that matches my stature,”we've had a breakthrough.” I see the hope in their eyes as they sit, it gives me warmth in my heart when I can deliver good news. So often this is not the case. “As you know, it has not been easy finding your daughter. I've been as careful as I can to not drain your funds as you have a very tight budget. My goal here has always been to provide Recovery and Restoration for Families at an affordable price.” “Mr. Francis, how many times must we say that any cost is worth it,” Mr. Harris says softly. “I understand that Jerry, this one has been a long one. Your daughter, bless her soul, is as averse to technology as I am in some ways. Her trail has been very hard to trace, very ephemeral. But I believe I've finally found her.” Mrs. Harris lets out a small gasp and I can see her hand squeeze Jerry's. “Where is she?” “Canada, in a small town on Great Bear Island.” The hurt is clear in their eyes, they cannot understand why she did not want them in her life. There is very little that I can to explain the possibilities so I choose instead to keep the conversation moving in a positive direction. “In two days I will be flying to a small airfield just south of the border with Canada, there I will be picked up and moved through via official channels. I will then board a small private plane with professional “bush pilot” Will McKenzie who will fly me to a municipal airfield near the town in question. I will take public transport via local law enforcement into town and attempt to meet with your daughter and suggest a reconciliation. Did you bring the items I requested?” Mr. Harris simply nods and places a dufflebag on the table, I don't bother looking inside for I do not wish them to suffer any further discomfort. Standing I give Mrs. Harris and hand up and then show them to the door. “Thank you for helping us Mr. Francis,” Mrs. Harris said softly. “It's the only thing that makes me happy,” I respond softly, “I will call you as soon as I have an update.” <--- More to Come--->
  10. Just last night I finally played my last moments as Ava Del Ray it was a very bittersweet experience. Over the next 2-3 days I will be doing my last write-ups for this amazing survivor. Here is the Beginning of the End. Ava: The Beginning of the End Ava 114-115: The Beginning of the End February 22, 2017 by rossjgc, posted in Ava Del Ray, Survival I’ve thought even more on leaving, it seems very obvious, this place gives of its wildlife bounty with such stinginess. I know, I know, it’s Desolation Point. At the same time I feel as I God is preparing me for something else, maybe he’s preparing to take me home I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed it just being myself, creation, and creator. Perhaps he’s preparing me for a bigger departure than I’d ever expected. I finally decide to head out towards Hibernia Processing to see if the bear is indeed dead of if he’s alive that leaves me very nervous as I only have my bow and arrows available and I’m not much of an archer. I hear him and his retinue of crows, I decide to get on top of the highest rock I can find while still being within sprinting distance of the car. This is as good a place as any so I set up and look around being careful not to move enough to draw attention, and finally I see him down to the left of Hibernia I take shot and whabam! The bear is pissed and he’s coming after me! I go to move down to the car and find the somehow my foot has gotten caught in a cleft on the rock! I hook my bow to it’s quick release attachments on my pack and try and tug it free…finally- Ava: The Bear and the Car Finally after some more time I move out of the car and head for Whale Processing. I have to get warmer consistently and a car just is not going to work. Thus far I’ve never run into the bear anywhere at Hibernia Processing so I move through the truck and onto ground proper. I choose to head into the trailer to the left to eat, drink and sleep about an hour jsut to get my temperature back up. Afterwards I circle around the back of Hibernia and then I hear him, the damn bear, very very close, carrying my arrow for me but certainly not dead not at all. He charges and I panic running up a snowbank inside of around it…and pinned against the wall, firing a shot at a raging bear! And then a series of events unfolds that changes the entire outlook of my survival. Ava: Back to Back bear attack I am wrapped again in bandages and pretty torn up clothing. There’s about 7 hours of daylight remaining I will NOT sleep with these bones tonight. So I feed, drink and then go to sleep for 6 hours. As I drag my torn and hurting ass back to the lighthouse through the snow I can’t believe that once again I’m still alive. 60 days ago I faced this reality in a much more forgiving environment, I don’t know if I can survive it here. As I close in on the lighthouse a wolf causes me to pop a flare for safety. Pop that flare! After a good sleep I realize in all of that mayhem the other day I lost my bow. It seems a really stupid idea to leave this place without a bow. I have the wood and guts ready for it, and I will make some more arrows as well. I grab some more matches as I intend to go from from making the bow and arrows, and recovering any I can find from earlier. To get the meat from in front of Scruffy’s Cave and then head out of Desolation Point through the Crumbling Highway. I now have no protection for my head or hands so I have to be careful of being out in the wind and cold for too long. To Hibernia one Last Morning Time I spend the day making my bow, eating, drinking, I even remember to make one arrow! Toward the end of the day I choose to pop a flare for safety and head outside to look for Arrows and then head over to Scruffy’s Cave for my final meat available in Desolation Point. Search and Discovery…and a fire! After I make some more water*I take my leave in Scruffy’s cave for the night. As a player I can only look on my utter and complete failure to make any tea or coffee and then melt/boil more water as the planning and plotting and preparation just falling apart as I fail to thin ahead adequately.
  11. So after many Animated's a regular screenshot from Survivor Bronwyn on her 11th Day about to cook up some wolf!
  12. Well sometimes after attacks you might not even need to heal up. Also if the Medical Cross lights up...sometimes you have to do anything else...take a drink even then reopen the Medical menu and try again.
  13. Yes he has a reverence for the wild which Hinterland also seem to have in spades. He made a comment about how the beauty brings uplift to the heart even in the midst of a harrowing survival experience...and there I was walking to Hibernia Processing on Day 112 to craft a Wolf-Skin Coat. It was perfect!
  14. Currently this is the 3rd Survivor I have going I max out with 3 at one time. Winston Francis is based on one of my best friends in my Junior/Senior year of High School who was named Winston and is 6'11" I'm 6'4" so I made friends with him right away. A big burly scary looking dude, with a friendly caring heart. Winston Francis: Cold Start Winston Francis Voyageur Random: Timberwolf Mountain My name is Winston Francis, I hate flying at 6’11” I need to have a seat by the door and even that isn’t particularly comfortable. Thankfully I was able to switch seats on this flight, and eventually I even managed to fall asleep, my carry on pack stored carefully under my seat. When I opened my eyes the first thing I noticed was the faint smell of aviation fuel, then second thing I noticed was the bitter, bitter cold. I was certainly in the wilderness, right in the thick of it, certainly not the destination I expected. All I knew is that I needed to get out of the Cold. I move fast because I know that they moving I will generate some kind of heat aside from getting to some kind of shelter. After moving over some snow covered hills, and past a wing of an airliner I come out on a large frozen lake. I move into the fishing hut and scavenge items, the most important being a hatchet! I need to get somewhere more sheltered and start a raging fire and as I come out of the fishing hut I see a cabin just behind a jetty. There’s a wolf to my right but I’m far enough away that I don’t catch his attention. While there are cattails on my route I completely ignore them I simply need to get inside that cabin and start a fire. The good news is that there is food, clothing, a lantern and a sewing kit inside this cabin. The great news is that there is plenty of firewood cut and all ready to go. Apparently there’s some climbers who were going to meet and then one of them left to catch up with the other and try and find the place where the fire spilled over the mountain. My plane crash. Did I mention that it was a cargo plane? Sometime in the future I’ll have to go up there but for now I have to get better gear and establish myself. Survive. My goal is to get off this mountain but the weather doesn’t intend too make it easy, I just avoided a blizzard running in here. So I eat some of my supplies and drink some of my water and get under the covers to kill some time and hopefully the weather will pass before I wake up. Well the weather has passed enough I have to keep moving. By moving towards the waning light I know that I’m heading to the west and west means off this mountain. So I move ahead under the arch of a broken tree and out into a small area of snowy mounds and I see more evidence of the plane crash in set of the landing gear. Beyond that is a snow covered path winding through a valley between the feet of the mountain. I sense that soon I am going to find myself in new, lower in elevation territory. Whether this will mean better weather I have no idea, but I suspect it will mean more signs of civilization. Better clothing, perhaps some kind of protective weaponry, one can only hope. So giant guys and ropes don’t go together well, but I’ll try and get down, carefully one hand over the other. The weather is coming in again, I hope I will find some shelter for tonight at the bottom. It needs to be there. Success, with twilight coming on I find a destroyed one room cabin with a wood stove and more wood, but above that hidden behind a fallen tree is a hatch. After some encouragement from my not at all insubstantial musculature I open the hatch. Descending a few steps I dog the hatch behind me preserving all the heat I can. I will sleep here tonight, there is a bed in the corner. I have survived Day One.
  15. Right now there's a marathon of Survivorman on SCI channel...and I'm enjoying furthering the adventures of my 3 present Survivalists in TLD. This is as good as it gets.