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  1. Just last night I finally played my last moments as Ava Del Ray it was a very bittersweet experience. Over the next 2-3 days I will be doing my last write-ups for this amazing survivor. Here is the Beginning of the End. Ava: The Beginning of the End Ava 114-115: The Beginning of the End February 22, 2017 by rossjgc, posted in Ava Del Ray, Survival I’ve thought even more on leaving, it seems very obvious, this place gives of its wildlife bounty with such stinginess. I know, I know, it’s Desolation Point. At the same time I feel as I God is preparing me for something else, maybe he’s preparing to take me home I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed it just being myself, creation, and creator. Perhaps he’s preparing me for a bigger departure than I’d ever expected. I finally decide to head out towards Hibernia Processing to see if the bear is indeed dead of if he’s alive that leaves me very nervous as I only have my bow and arrows available and I’m not much of an archer. I hear him and his retinue of crows, I decide to get on top of the highest rock I can find while still being within sprinting distance of the car. This is as good a place as any so I set up and look around being careful not to move enough to draw attention, and finally I see him down to the left of Hibernia I take shot and whabam! The bear is pissed and he’s coming after me! I go to move down to the car and find the somehow my foot has gotten caught in a cleft on the rock! I hook my bow to it’s quick release attachments on my pack and try and tug it free…finally- Ava: The Bear and the Car Finally after some more time I move out of the car and head for Whale Processing. I have to get warmer consistently and a car just is not going to work. Thus far I’ve never run into the bear anywhere at Hibernia Processing so I move through the truck and onto ground proper. I choose to head into the trailer to the left to eat, drink and sleep about an hour jsut to get my temperature back up. Afterwards I circle around the back of Hibernia and then I hear him, the damn bear, very very close, carrying my arrow for me but certainly not dead not at all. He charges and I panic running up a snowbank inside of around it…and pinned against the wall, firing a shot at a raging bear! And then a series of events unfolds that changes the entire outlook of my survival. Ava: Back to Back bear attack I am wrapped again in bandages and pretty torn up clothing. There’s about 7 hours of daylight remaining I will NOT sleep with these bones tonight. So I feed, drink and then go to sleep for 6 hours. As I drag my torn and hurting ass back to the lighthouse through the snow I can’t believe that once again I’m still alive. 60 days ago I faced this reality in a much more forgiving environment, I don’t know if I can survive it here. As I close in on the lighthouse a wolf causes me to pop a flare for safety. Pop that flare! After a good sleep I realize in all of that mayhem the other day I lost my bow. It seems a really stupid idea to leave this place without a bow. I have the wood and guts ready for it, and I will make some more arrows as well. I grab some more matches as I intend to go from from making the bow and arrows, and recovering any I can find from earlier. To get the meat from in front of Scruffy’s Cave and then head out of Desolation Point through the Crumbling Highway. I now have no protection for my head or hands so I have to be careful of being out in the wind and cold for too long. To Hibernia one Last Morning Time I spend the day making my bow, eating, drinking, I even remember to make one arrow! Toward the end of the day I choose to pop a flare for safety and head outside to look for Arrows and then head over to Scruffy’s Cave for my final meat available in Desolation Point. Search and Discovery…and a fire! After I make some more water*I take my leave in Scruffy’s cave for the night. As a player I can only look on my utter and complete failure to make any tea or coffee and then melt/boil more water as the planning and plotting and preparation just falling apart as I fail to thin ahead adequately.
  2. So after many Animated gifs...here's a regular screenshot from Survivor Bronwyn on her 11th Day about to cook up some wolf!
  3. Well sometimes after attacks you might not even need to heal up. Also if the Medical Cross lights up...sometimes you have to do anything else...take a drink even then reopen the Medical menu and try again.
  4. Yes he has a reverence for the wild which Hinterland also seem to have in spades. He made a comment about how the beauty brings uplift to the heart even in the midst of a harrowing survival experience...and there I was walking to Hibernia Processing on Day 112 to craft a Wolf-Skin Coat. It was perfect!
  5. Currently this is the 3rd Survivor I have going I max out with 3 at one time. Winston Francis is based on one of my best friends in my Junior/Senior year of High School who was named Winston and is 6'11" I'm 6'4" so I made friends with him right away. A big burly scary looking dude, with a friendly caring heart. Winston Francis: Cold Start Winston Francis Voyageur Random: Timberwolf Mountain My name is Winston Francis, I hate flying at 6’11” I need to have a seat by the door and even that isn’t particularly comfortable. Thankfully I was able to switch seats on this flight, and eventually I even managed to fall asleep, my carry on pack stored carefully under my seat. When I opened my eyes the first thing I noticed was the faint smell of aviation fuel, then second thing I noticed was the bitter, bitter cold. I was certainly in the wilderness, right in the thick of it, certainly not the destination I expected. All I knew is that I needed to get out of the Cold. I move fast because I know that they moving I will generate some kind of heat aside from getting to some kind of shelter. After moving over some snow covered hills, and past a wing of an airliner I come out on a large frozen lake. I move into the fishing hut and scavenge items, the most important being a hatchet! I need to get somewhere more sheltered and start a raging fire and as I come out of the fishing hut I see a cabin just behind a jetty. There’s a wolf to my right but I’m far enough away that I don’t catch his attention. While there are cattails on my route I completely ignore them I simply need to get inside that cabin and start a fire. The good news is that there is food, clothing, a lantern and a sewing kit inside this cabin. The great news is that there is plenty of firewood cut and all ready to go. Apparently there’s some climbers who were going to meet and then one of them left to catch up with the other and try and find the place where the fire spilled over the mountain. My plane crash. Did I mention that it was a cargo plane? Sometime in the future I’ll have to go up there but for now I have to get better gear and establish myself. Survive. My goal is to get off this mountain but the weather doesn’t intend too make it easy, I just avoided a blizzard running in here. So I eat some of my supplies and drink some of my water and get under the covers to kill some time and hopefully the weather will pass before I wake up. Well the weather has passed enough I have to keep moving. By moving towards the waning light I know that I’m heading to the west and west means off this mountain. So I move ahead under the arch of a broken tree and out into a small area of snowy mounds and I see more evidence of the plane crash in set of the landing gear. Beyond that is a snow covered path winding through a valley between the feet of the mountain. I sense that soon I am going to find myself in new, lower in elevation territory. Whether this will mean better weather I have no idea, but I suspect it will mean more signs of civilization. Better clothing, perhaps some kind of protective weaponry, one can only hope. So giant guys and ropes don’t go together well, but I’ll try and get down, carefully one hand over the other. The weather is coming in again, I hope I will find some shelter for tonight at the bottom. It needs to be there. Success, with twilight coming on I find a destroyed one room cabin with a wood stove and more wood, but above that hidden behind a fallen tree is a hatch. After some encouragement from my not at all insubstantial musculature I open the hatch. Descending a few steps I dog the hatch behind me preserving all the heat I can. I will sleep here tonight, there is a bed in the corner. I have survived Day One.
  6. Right now there's a marathon of Survivorman on SCI channel...and I'm enjoying furthering the adventures of my 3 present Survivalists in TLD. This is as good as it gets.
  7. 407 hours....52 Percent. It sure does take time lol.
  8. A Valentine's Day Card from the Wildlife.
  9. While not technically stupid...a really early bow out via essentially bad weather leading to a 2nd fatal wolf attack...in familiar territory no less! Tony C's Unexpected death.
  10. Bronwyn:Trappers Cabin After a couple of hours sleep I’m warmed up and good to go again, my main goal is to cover distance and find supplies but to do so safely. I exit the cabin and turn right, as far as I can tell due East over a snowy hill in front of me and find myself on a frozen pond. There’s some cat-tails around and a hunting blind that I must check out for survival supplies. As I climb the steps I see I’ve hit the jackpot! Painkillers, a bandage, those are nice and I’m certain to need them later or perhaps sooner. However this bow, yeah it feels good, it clearly has seen some use and I notch the arrow that came with it. Crow feathers. I will need to be on the lookout for more. In the blind I also find a hatchet. I have a weapon and a wood chopping device. Excellent! I head further east trying to keep the cliffs withing eyesight through the mist to my right. If there’s a blind with equipment here it stands to reason there might be a mountain cabin somewhere nearby. The fog is closing in on all sides, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m nearing that mythical cabin. So I chop up a nearby log for some firewood. Damn, I’m cold now, really chilled, I see some saplings in the distance. Probably good for making arrow shafts after I take them inside and cure them. Then suddenly out of the darkening mist I do see my mythical cabin! The fog even lifts slightly to show me a small cabin nestles amongst rocks at the top of a path. I circle to the right of the rocks noting the bunnies hippity-hopping everywhere. Then after a firm knock at the front door I enter, it feels as if no one’s been home for a long time. And then I see the RIFLE on the wall…and smile.
  11. Thank you! Currently I have 3 survivors and I'm cycling updates to each story. Ava was basically why I made the site, switching from videos to writing, because the videos were just taking too long to make/edit and invisible files have essentially swallowed 50 gigs of HD space. Also since I'm both a novelist and a screenwriter I'm able to give each survivor a distinct voice and cadence. Ava has faced the most so she has a much more sure and strong voice on the flip side Tony C. ended up being a VERY short game...so I created a special backstory if you will to explain his tendency to kind of rush into things eagerly without really thinking things through. It's going to enable me to grow as a writer as well as kind of explain how I play the game without you actually seeing video of it. On the flip side I am planning on eventually recording short clips of...exciting moments...to add to the pictures that go with each survival story in the future. This is after all early days.
  12. Always random start on Voyageur this time I started somewhere familiar. Bronwyn Farris Mystery Lake (Random) Play-style: Calm The brightness and cold is what wakes me up, I look around but see no sign of the small commercial plane on which I had been flying. I still remember the lights flickering, the ghostly aurora bathing the the wings in green and blue as we began to fall from the sky. Now though I must survive whatever this place throws at me, I have to think and act intentionally. So I move forward quickly towards the trailers, tromping down the hill through the snow, one foot in front of the other. I doubt I’ll stay in the broken shack very long but it does hold some supplies and I secure them carefully in my pack for later. Crunching through the snow my air crystallizing before me I am thankful that is not bitterly cold. However if I am to survive for any length of time I will have to find better clothing, I can honestly say I wasn’t dressed with survival in mind. Climbing onto the step I push on the door and a few moments later it clicks open, I step inside closing it behind me. The building seems to sustain a warmth higher than the outside temperature, I need to keep that in mind if I get stuck in a storm or deep fog. I test a lower bunk, a bit solid, but far better than sleeping outside. I find a number of helpful items, matches, canned soup, a worn hoodie. It’s time to layer up, hopefully I’ll find some better gloves soon too. By the time I’ve raided the other two trailers I also have a storm lantern and a container with lantern fuel in it. Excellent finds. As I step back outside I notice that the weather is holding nicely, rounding the corner of the third trailer I find myself on a bank of snow with a snow blanket access road to my right. Rubbing my hands for warmth I head off in that direction. Loggers for sure but not at this time of year. What I wouldn’t give for one of those Mackinaw Jackets. I keep a constant watch all around and I can hear the howling of wolves in the distance, I have absolutely zero weapons. There is a sign for a lookout but I’m wary to go up as this perfect weather could change at any time, as I drain one of the sodas I found I choose to go beyond the stacks of logs and over the hill behind them. I set off again satisfied with my decision, at this point I’d take a weapon even over my gloves. As I come over the top I see a small cabin in the distance, my hands hurt now so I move forward quickly. I find two bodies outside so I search them, and pick up the feathers as well- maybe I can fashion some arrows for a bow. I mean if needs be I can figure out how to make a bow as well. I step inside to get out of the cold and go through and search everything. I’ve found a great deal of painkillers, all these lumberjacks must’ve had bad backs or something. It sounds windy outside and I’m a bit tired not to mention that that I’m cold so I place my pack on the carpet and curl up in bed to take a nap. Hopefully my dreams will be normal. Original Post here: Bronwyn's First Steps
  13. My survival stories will all be posted at my The Long Dark Survivors Blog: The Long Dark: Survivors I chose to set up a blog because making the LP Videos took up too much time and space especially Ava's. So I'm letting my novelist/screenwriting background fuel my survival posts. Rotating survivors will keep things relatively fresh, especially since sometimes they end in a hurry! I will be adding a link to my founding survivor, Ava's, 100 you tube episodes eventually to the blog. Feel free to share anything you would like from the blog it's there to get the word out as it is. Thanks for a great game!
  14. A Deer stops by Camp Office
  15. Thanks HighwayBill and welcome to the boards! Animated gifs like that one take about 30 frames...and I didn't quite get them in the right order...oh well.