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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

      For the latest information on WINTERMUTE (story mode in The Long Dark), as well as details on the final sandbox update prior to our August 1 launch, check out our recent Dev Diary here: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/light-at-the-end/ And while you're there, be sure to have a look at our new FAQ as well: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/frequently-asked-questions/
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  1. Well now it looks like I know what I'm getting with my next Steam card
  2. Here's our two wolves up close!
  3. The first wolf is to the left of the stage under the TV in front of the tree behind my pastor just behind the rope to keep the kids off the stage. The second wolf is howling at the far right of the glacier just to the left of the cabin. I will take some close ups of the wildlife tomorrow so you can see the detail and artistry our talented team brings to even the smallest animals.
  4. Technically we had 4 pelts donated by church members. (3 Fox and One Deer) A Moose Antler desk lamp. And Maggie hand drew two large wolves and painted them beautifully. Nearly had a Bear skin rug from another hunter but it won't get here in time...Next Mon-Fri.
  5. For some reason they thought two wolves was enough! I mean come on!
  6. Thanks Mel it was and always is a true team effort. We completed the whole sanctuary in 13 Days, one day faster then last years. In essence the entire sanctuary is our main set. The stage was essentially done in 11 days. I and my eager helpers went from concept to completion on the Arctic Ocean in about 4 days. We were constantly improving the set and adding elements right up until the fire in the fireplace last night. And yes it is a working cardboard fireplace.
  7. I was charged with helping to erect and paint a pre-conceptualized set for our Vacation Bible School this year. Set in the Arctic, specifically the back-country of Alaska the idea was to make the kids feel as if they were sitting in a clearing in the midst of snowfall. That worked out as well really well. Our set has trees for a forest, soaring mountains, hanging clouds, and an arctic ocean that I built and conceptualized and realized from scratch with help from a dedicated team of artists. but center stage is what I call our Trappers Cabin where most of the drama skits will be performed. Here is a shot of the full room...followed by specific shots of the cabin!
  8. For the record the amount the bar fills is ridiculously random. Every fight I am just clicking the mouse button like a madman. Sometimes (but very rarely it fills up fast to the top). Most of the time it fills up slowly to the middle when I finally stab resulting in a 50 percent loss on avg when I'm fighting and full health full stamina- which is most of the time. The rest of the time it fails to fill at all and I drop 90 percent or more.
  9. So I generally play Voyageur as you probably know but a TLD fan on Facebook asked me to take a shot at Interloper. So I did and somehow still am as of this moment. To put this in perspective, my best Stalker Sandbox was during the last test branch...and somehow lasted 5 days. My previous best was 7 hours. So how will I do on Interlaughter? I dunno but certainly longer than 7 hours.
  10. Yes yes wolves are and I'm happy for that. I generally play on voyageur...and am on this LP. I'm also seeing pack behavior...them attacking from unusual angles, them attacking with no sound or warning...and of course they're more violent and dangerous. I've had plenty of encounters when they've knocked me down 75 percent.
  11. Not really I came out at well over half condition...and am back to full already the next day.
  12. Knife went very well just recently...followed blood trail and harvested the bugger!
  13. Touchy! Yikes. I'm not saying I didn't like them or they didn't make sense...I am stating however that Hinterland obviously want us taking care of ourselves more and paying more careful attention to the environment around us. Removal of the Bear Birds as a feature is simply one of many, many, many things that Hinterland have done to force us to be more fully attuned to our characters survival in this update. They are calling on the players to put out more effort to survive...and I like that as it truly does take putting out effort to make it through a survival situation.
  14. Training wheels continue to be taken off. I love it!
  15. I don't really get this complaint. When you have a serious condition it literally let's you know with a heads up. When you're in the danger zone or beyond the appropriate gauges show up in red. Warnings for Hypothermia and Sprains and such are very clear. So how someone could miss a change in condition is beyond me. About the only time I check condition is after a wolf attack to double check I saw all the medical needs correctly to apply medicine.