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  1. Seating, such as the armchair found in various places should double as seats (where some minor crafting could be done and have a small energy bonus) and potential sleeping places. I could also see a repair bonus being a nice little treat.
  2. Are you kidding me? Curing meat can go horribly wrong and you can lose the entire batch. Try canning, one little error, and your entire batch of canned food can end up killing you should you consume it. With a season cycle in the works, it would make sense to have renewable resources, and just because you can create something doesn't mean it won't wind up breaking on accident, and if it is something that relies heavily on the seasonal availability of something, (for instance, saplings) then you break one particular item and if you don't have a backup you're out of luck and possibly dead.
  3. I personally would like to see more advanced food. Say they put in harvesting bones from a dead deer and you can make a bone broth, find some dried or fresh herbs and you can make a savory soup with that broth, some random edible plants and a bit of meat. But only if your cooking skill is good or you find a recipe somewhere.
  4. Oi, surviving into adulthood wouldn't happen, meaning no survivor.
  5. In these conditions though, eating what little there is available, how realistic would it be to live through to what would be considered old age? Obviously without more variety in harvestable plants and other sources of food, it is highly likely that the survivor would become deficient in something. I think if Hinterland devs were to implement something like an old age cap on how long the survivor can survive, there would need to be further elements such as balancing nutrition of which the effects would be seen otherwise, which can contribute to how short or how long the survivor is capable of surviving without factoring in animal attacks and weather conditions. Not enough calcium in your diet? You'd be more likely to break bones instead of merely getting a sprained ankle or wrist. Even a small otherwise survivable fall could be fatal. Too much protein, hello gout (If I remember my nutrition class correctly of course) The devs could implement other sources of difficulties that the survivor would have to get through. I mean, a broken leg could be survived, given that the survivor manages to treat it (not necessarily with an actual plaster cast, but with a rough splint and taking it easy for a while. I'd actually like to see how the game plays out once the Devs implement changing seasons in the sandbox mode.
  6. No thanks, I prefer my game smoke free (apart from survival and cooking fires). But I wouldn't say no to the possibility of finding other poisonous things that could affect the survivor's senses.
  7. it could also be used to dull pain, and as an antiseptic, and due to the high calorie content, stave off hunger.
  8. Cool program, I'll have to check it out the next time I play on my laptop or my fiancé's desktop. Usually I play on Xbox though so it may be a while before I can try it out.
  9. No kidding. I don't get why it isn't present in the game.
  10. To be honest I was so preoccupied with trying to wait out the storm that I didn't even look at that screen until after the fact, but there was no frostbite warning in the status bar, so as far as I was concerned there was no reason to check seeing as the survivor was well above freezing once inside the snow shelter.
  11. Xbox One Sandbox Alpha v. 394 Game Difficulty: Voyager Location: Timberwolf Mountain What happened: Got stuck in a blizzard whilst harvesting carcasses in the debris area nearest the Mountaineer's hut and Bear's cave. I (as the female survivor) was able to gather enough sticks to make a snow shelter and warm up. However, during the night, I gained the affliction of frostbite on my hands without having any preceding frostbite warning and I had only been sleeping for 1-2 hours at a time with no significant temperature decreases. Upon looking at the clothing menu, I saw that multiple items of clothing were frozen. This frozen status was only visible in the menu allowing one to choose what parts of the body clothing covers Now I have a permanent 10 percent reduction in health that could have been avoided if proper warnings had been in place so that I might have had the opportunity to avoid frostbite. Please help?!
  12. I'm not vegan, but I do consider the fact that my food comes from animals, plants, from many places, that there is a lot of hard work that goes into creating a meal to eat long before the ingredients enter the kitchen. So I give thanks to the animals that die for my food, just as I give thanks for the plants that I eat, and for the people involved in the raising and harvesting of said plants and animals for the purpose of food. Death is a part of life and what irks me is when there is waste. You don't simply waste food, and you don't waste parts of an animal. Granted, in the game, I avoid wolf and bear meat because of the parasites (though I understand that on Voyager this isn't a thing and shouldn't worry about it anyway) but I look at it this way, the meat, if not eaten by other animals, will rot, and become part of the earth again. Perhaps, when we see a changing of the seasons implemented, ruined food items will be able to be composted and make growing food easier.
  13. Ah, the easy ways children can be entertained. Your daughter definitely has some good questions though.
  14. I'm surprised no one from hinterland has commented on it yet.... Seeing as widespread it seems to be on Xbox.
  15. In certain areas, like the coastal highway town, I've been attacked by wolf after wolf. I try to make sure I have the rifle and plenty of shells to deal with them though. Still haven't really used bow and arrows yet.