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  1. Unless you keep your crafted clothing in the best condition possible for optimum warmth.
  2. This has been happening all the time for me recently.
  3. As I don't usually use snow shelters, I can only say this is present as far as I know since the forlorn muskeg snow shelter has this issue as well.
  4. That prybars can break so easily is ridiculous... Granted, metal tools break sometimes but usually in extreme conditions. Heck, I was even thinking that in addition to prybars, we should be able to refill the sewing kits with thread made either from guts or broken down from fabric.
  5. The message you posted above this one is blank, dude.
  6. I don't normally play other games (except for Minecraft on the Xbox One, as titles are still usually pretty expensive and I do own a 360 as well, but I haven't had that specific message come up for Minecraft or any of the Games with Gold downloads I've accumulated. I was just trying to determine first if any other Xbox players were having the same issue, but it seems either no one else is or I'm a severe minority. I will do that and see what they say. I'll get back to you fine folks with whatever I find out from them MS support. Thanks, @Patrick Carlson and @Support
  7. I have noticed that it's not only wolves that seem to "migrate". I used to see the deer near the trappers cabin more often, but it seems they spawn in other places more often. Yeah, I always just take the guts and skin and leave the meat since there's that risk for parasites because it's a carnivore. I notice when I do this, I have several days before the wolves begin to spawn in again. I only take carnivore meat if I'd otherwise starve.
  8. My understanding of veganism is that no animal products are used. Ever.
  9. I've been having a lot of issues where the system stops registering that I own the game in the middle of a playthrough and absolutely refuses to allow me to play and I'm trying to determine whether this is due to my system being a POS, Internet being a POS, XBOX Live being a POS, or something wrong with the game itself.
  10. While that might be a mod idea, I'm looking forward to changing of the seasons.
  11. question

    I honestly don't get why we can't drink the water whilst it is still warm.
  12. In relation, we ought to be able to find resources in the currently inaccessible railcars.
  13. The differences between the male and female survivors that you suggested would add to realism, but I don't see Hinterland doing that. As a female, let me say this, I hate the fact that I get cold easily and especially so during certain times. So I wouldn't be too eager to see that level of realism, though I could get behind starting out with a character that is weaker, and progressively gains the ability to carry more. Though I most often play in Voyager, I always randomize location.
  14. Whilst the needs of the many do often outweigh the few, in the gaming world, oftentimes the system requirements of a game will leave folks slow to update their machine specs behind. I mean sheesh, just the way graphics cards are these days. You go six months and there's already a newer and better card. Take a look at Minecraft. To run that game and zoom around the world at breakneck speeds without major lag, you need quite a bit of RAM as well as a good video card up for the challenge of drawing all those cubes quickly. Personally I would welcome many of the ideas the OP suggested.
  15. Yes! And I've long since thought we ought to be able to make jerky.