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  1. Hmm, that's really weird. I mean, there was an issue a while back that did some funky stuff, where there would be flickering on the screen whenever I was near an animal or a carcass, but Hinterland fixed that ages ago. Also, is that with the newest update? I'm still waiting for it to finish downloading the update on my machine (My internet is being very very slow.) so I wouldn't be able to test.
  2. Huh, that's weird, The update just came up for me today. And my school provided internet (that's college dorm life for ya) is being so slow that I've been sitting waiting for it to finish updating for hours and it's not even half done. I do appreciate that you guys try to make sure the game works though! I'm always impressed when it comes to your bugfixes. I just hate waiting to play though.
  3. Whilst I would not be upset if the devs included a caffeinated cola, all the sodas in game are flavors that typically do not contain caffeine. Personally though I'd like to see black tea. If implemented, it would give less of a caffeine boost, but might be more plentiful than coffee. Then again, I live in Washington, USA, so I don't really know whether Canadians are big coffee drinkers or more into tea.
  4. Um, distance, perhaps even ocean currents making it extremely difficult if not impossible to leave the island of your own power.
  5. Not that I've noticed. And I sometimes leave the game running for HOURS during the day. I will keep an eye out though... Maybe makes sure your system isn't overheating?
  6. Okay, good to know, because I she died after attacking me 3 times.. the last two times were whilst I was waitng for her to die and watched as she ran around the turbine room. Luckily my survivor already had very good strong clothing that could take the brunt of the attacks.
  7. The question is in the topic. Does Fluffy ever respawn after being killed?
  8. IMHO, there are certain types of sick where reading a book and learning from it isn't too hard, but there are other types of sick that aren't going to be very easy or you won't learn much from reading. The trick would be to have the game differentiate. Sprained your ankle and have to stay off it a few hours? Okay, go ahead and read a book. Sick to your stomach because you ate something off, not the greatest idea.
  9. Sure, or "Mark Territory. I believe British actor David Tennant was keeping foxes away from his garden by peeing along the perimeter of his yard.
  10. Humans could do this too.
  11. If I recall it took us about 45 min and we had three kids that didn't know jack and were pulling ideas from their rear ends.. However, with adequate planning, I think this could be even better than a snow shelter as is already in game. I don't think the cloth really has anything to do except to serve as something to keep the snow from falling into the little lean-to.
  12. Sounds like superb idea to me.
  13. Actually, that wasn't even what I was getting at. That is not nearly often enough.. In the area I live in right now, the conditions are similar to what the survivor deals with and even when it's not below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the dry air is enough to make bathing or showering more than every other day or so cause severe dry skin, which can lead to severe itching and cause microbes to be able to get under the skin and cause infection. I actually have to apply lotion to my hands after every time I wash them after using the bathroom or before eating because they are so dry right now. The type of heaters that are in my building don't help either because they cause the air to be even drier. I actually wanted to suggest that maybe 3=4 days to a week between baths/showers might be suitable (many elderly people do this because they are exceptionally prone to dry skin) with regular hand hygiene before meals, and maybe daily face, pit, and groin washings with a rag would suffice. However there are many other features I would like to see implemented before this became a thing.
  14. How often would a full bath be required though? I mean these days there is data to suggest that we humans have a habit of bathing too often and thus wind up washing away good bacteria. Wouldn't washing one's hands, face, armpits and groin area and letting clothing air out be good enough most of the time? That could be done with a supply of warm water and soap. Also, that would turn soap into a more important item. Therefore, like lamp oil, we would need some way of creating more. Perhaps we could create lye from the ashes of fires?
  15. Hehe, sorry Vortex. I've been sick and must have read your post wrong. LOL!