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  1. While playing TLD i was thinking a little about story mode when it struck me that we might (80% sure) have humans that we will have to kill in self defence or to save another survivor as shown in your story mode trailer at 1:26 were Will Mackenzie (i assume) kills two other survivors to save the one lying on the ground. So if we got hostile humans in story mode i think that a damage system like the one in Rimworld were very specific parts of your body can be damaged or destroyed could fit really good in TLD. Im not saying that we need to have liver transplants and that but maybe some parts of the system like you will lose some consciousness if in great pain or if you've lost too much blood from your wounds you'll pass out for a certain amount of time or never wake up again if the wounds are too severe when passing out. what i mean with "lose some consciousness" is that if you have lost some consciousness the screen will get darker and you will get wobbly just like when you are really hurt >10% Condition but your character will also do things slower like turning or reloading. If npc's roam in story mode then if you pass out because blood loss then if one of them finds you unconscious then they might save you so you'll wake up in a house somewere after you've recovered. This is a really bad explanation of what i really mean but its 2 past midnight and im tired so can't really do my best or finnish this to 100% but please try to understand and if you wonder about anything just ask me and i WILL reply.
  2. I think it would be nice if we actually opend the door to lockers and safes like the fridge (but all the way) in the gas station in costal highway or in the hydro dam because if we did it would make looting more fun and interesting than just listening to your character poking around in the locker or drawer and then finding nothing. The devs might have their reasons why we dont open them like the fridge and thats maybe because they just havent had the time to do it (because they are working on story mode) or because there's problems with doors moving with the character beeing too close when opening it and that might be why because the fridge does only open a few inches and thats irritating because its quite hard to get a drinks inside through that small opening. This could be solved if devs added a animation for opening drawers and lockers so when you open it your character takes a step back opens it and then you're free to walk around but there is a better solution probably so what do you think? should the safes and lockers get this change or not? come with your own thoughts and suggestions down here about this.
  3. why am i not allowed to talk about realism?!?!? and what do you mean by "2) no "because it's easier this way", what's the point?" well a 3 year old understands why you want to do something easier but were do i want to do something easier all i try to do is to add more stuff to the game to fill the holes thats in the game right now. i have checked the roadmap several times were have i duplicated any of these suggestions? Adding "ENORMOUS" stuff into the game adds more diversity to the game which makes it a better game and i think players would like a new food system because people think its really unrealistic to die if you don't eat for a few days and that your body need like a whole deer to stay on your feet for 2 or 3 days. Serious question here:Are you just a bot that copy paste a 1234 steps awnser without reading the post i spent like 2 hours typing/thinking and researching about all i wrote so THANK YOU!
  4. I know that like 75% of the dev team is working on the story mode but here are a few things i think should be added to the game. Me and a lot of other players does not like the way the current food/hunger system works right now because when you "starve" you die really fast compared to real life were your body starts to break down fats and muscles to keep your body running but in TLD you die in like a day and i do not like that at all. What i suggest is that the devs add body weight that affects you in a lot of ways like your strength and how long you can keep warm in a cold climate and how good you will survive against a attack from wildlife and how much calories you use while moving and sleeping. You should be able to get overweight so you cant carry a lot and you become slow and tiered easily but you can keep your body heat much better and you do not have to eat for a really long time. You should also be able to get under weight which leads to weakness and you can barely do anything physical because your body is running on fumes of energy and even if you get your hands on food after you've been starving for a long time you shouldn't be able to eat a lot because your body is now used to not have a big intake of food for example the jews in nazi Germany who were walking skeletons and when they were saved they had to be given a special diet to not die when they finally got to eat. The devs should also add a flashlight thats high quality(waterproof LED) and one low quality (not waterproof and uses a lightbulb and its weak and has low range) and they use batteries and this is lightweight and much better than the 2 Kg lantern that uses fuel and it takes time to turn on the lantern The HQ flashlight (LED) uses 2 AA batteries and lasts for 5 hours but depending on the power left in the batteries it will give out a weaker light after 2 hours and a quite weak after 3 and the last 15 min is almost useless. The LQ flashlight (normal lightbulb) uses 3 AA batteries and lasts for 3.5 hours and it will give out a weaker light after 1.5 hours and a quite weak after 3 and the last 30 mins are almost useless but this is just how i think these stats should be but i have not look up how much weaker flashlights become after time. The HQFL is a lot more durable because its made out of lightweight aluminium compared to the LFL which is made out of low quality plastic. A nice addition would be to add chemicals/chemistry to the game so you can use normal household chemicals for some useful stuff like here: but you might want to read a chemistry book before using some of them(in game). It would be nice to be able to take down burnt down houses and the fishing huts for planks because they are really not that useful and with the wood we can fuel fires or build a snow sled with them. It would also be useful to be able to blow into your hands when they are cold because thats what you do when they are cold and this could save you from frostbite on your hands at least. why don't the character sweat when it "feels like" +20C when you have a lot of clothing inside or +60C when near a fire for a long time so could we get something that stops us from having like 2 parkas and 8 pairs of pants on while inside like if we are too hot we lose water faster. Will we ever be able to heat up a room because if i burn like 5 cedar wood shouldn't the camp office be quite warm inside for at least over night or a whole day? If anyone that reads this that have seen the movie World war Z will know what i thinks of here so i think it will be really useful to be able to use duct tape and a magazine around your arm to protect it vs wildlife because you do always use your arm to keep the wolf away from your throat if attacked. It would be nice if you could use the antlers of the deer to make bone hooks if you don't have access to metal. Add chocolate bar that contains a high amount of fat. camouflage to be able to get closer to your pray. could be nice to have some dextrose tablets when you're tired so you don't have to use your emergency stim. Don't forget to vote in the polls to show your opinion!
  5. its just that that you CANT do stuff when its night cuz its DARK thats why ITS A PROBLEM please READ and try to undersand what i wrote what we need is a third option Speep,sleep rest,like sleep but you aint sleeping pass time,just pass the time with some cards
  6. well then you get tired and need to sleep on the day and you lose more fluid and food due that you are awake smart guy
  7. have you ever stood in your base fully rested with 9 hrs left of the night and you cant do anything cuz its dark and wolves will rekt you if you go outside well add sleeping pills so you can take a nap anytime good/bad? say what you think here below I I V
  8. suggestion

    do anyone here understand airplane fuel??? you cant just burn it. you need to mix it up with air so its a gas THEN you can set it on fire. thats why you can (can but shuld not) have a lit match on disel and all jet fuels sorry do disappoint you
  9. but we are in canadas wilderness how the FU** are you suposed to find a large town there??!?!?
  10. and with the housing management i ment like small things breaking like a window (somehow) or like you sead water leaking in. i dident know that everything was fried cuz the story is just a storm that drove over the land and the main character crashed with a plane no 1000 lightnings strikeing down in everything is mentioned ever from what ive heard
  11. i wrote "add small generator or maybe allow you to get the dam up and running" OR maybe allow you to get the dam up and running. i undertand that a single small portable generator cant power a large dam and if it do what will it power? nothing i know that a dam generates power.....
  12. how about adding shelter degradation to the game?? anyone that have made it to day around 40 knows that there is almost nothing to do exept collecting wood,sticks,fish,meat,coal and cloth from costal highway so all you do is that and sitting in your cabin that do not get affected of blizzards so why not make walls/windows/doors and roofs degrade slowly or break (hole?) during a powerfull blizzard so you have to maintain you shelter. and while we are on this with shelter maintaining can they add small generator or maybe allow you to get the dam up and running during summer,fall and spring (maybe during the winter) but to fix and maintaining the dam you need lots of resources (add hammer,wrench and other tools like that?) but if you get the dam up and running you will get power and all the houses lights will work 24/7 (add lightbulbs?) electric elements will heat you up if you have poor clothing or a beat up shelter. now when we have power in our shelter we can use the refrigerator and microwave that exist in the most houses in the game. maybe enable cooking on the stove and oven using gas/power? make it possible to coze in a couch under a blanket (add different kinds of blankets?) if you have poor clothing or/and a beat up shelter. (better than just standing there an slowly dying. maybe make it posseble to just lie in the sleepingbag instead of pass time and sleeping so you can sleep/rest/passtime. maybe add tents? (small/medium/large/?huge?) add storm kitchen and maybe add dry fuel+lighter fishing net? may only be used during summer,fall and spring. example:leave a net over night in the water and in the morning you have caught a few fishes make it possible to stab stags and rabits if in range if you dont have any ranged weapons more traps?bigger snares for stags/wolves add salt?other spices salt may slow down the rotting process. add cookies?:) sugar? candy? add skies for basic transport? add more drinks? cherry powder drink like in russian MRE's/hot chocolate?/ make it possible extract fuel from the gas station in costal highway? make it possible to look out of the windows to see how bad the weather is so you dont have to go outside to check. please slow down the degradation speed of tools or atleast sewingkit/whetstone and rifle cleaning kit. add nuts/chips? bowdrill??(bowdrill ) spear? woodenspear need to be sharpen often upgraded spear with arrowhead/arrowheads on it charcoal sacks/bags? firewood bags?(firewood bags) scratch bark of trees? get fat from animals? use to make torches? harvestble carpets? a better scarf maybe? wear 2 at the same time? dubble socks? i do always have 2 on me during the winter add so you can get a cold u get slowed low carring cap and you are weak (add cough syrup/ aspirin and stuff like that to supress the cold's effects now this was me brainstorming some stuff for 15min hope you whant to see some of these things and make sure to support the ideas you like. i dident structure this in any way just wrote it as i came up with the idea.
  13. why not add heatpacks just like in dayz but usefull??