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  1. Agreed but the feather spawns don't seem to happen in more than a few places for me. Sticks a plenty after a storm. So much so I barely chop wood much anymore
  2. I lose the background sound like the howling wind from a blizzard if I alt tab out of the game into another window...I tend to do that a lot while playing. if I go inside then back out it fixes itself.
  3. question

    you DO realize that Fluffy's head would get mounted and one would greet him every time you come back in the dam! "Ahh thank goodness you are still right where I left you!" ;-)
  4. has anyone come up with a good base for longer term survival in FM? the house with the forge seems logical but its not the best to resist weather and wolves. the dual entry cave is nice but no workbench or bed.... the box car? seems like no solid area for bases unlike the other maps. what about living in the ravine for a while.... no wolves....deer are around, rabbits, no work bench but damn is not too far away, a few saplings....then there is the area down below.... curious if anyone has tried to stay there for awhile.
  5. The community has a very diverse group here, loads of talented story tellers and artists. I wonder if any of you are talented enough to create some music that Will/Astrid might enjoy were he/she to find a harmonica or make a guitar from some reclaimed wood and gut or drums perhaps? No doubt our survivor would need to get creative to battle boredom over the long haul so he/she might turn to painting with crushed berries and charcoal on the walls, maybe turn to music or whittling some wood figurines etc. The more complex stuff would probably come after the reality of being alone starts to set in... maybe 100+ days maybe 200? If you are talented enough... post it! I would love to see it, I appreciate the art, I can't do it myself...not a lick of talent.
  6. never seen it on pc / steam wonder if it is xbox only?
  7. I think there is already enough stuff to cut up but being able to use the blankets/ bedrolls / rugs and move them makes sense. like move the extra bedrolls in a trailer or in the fishing cabins out into the fishing huts, put a rug on the floor there, or on the walls to add insulation, ... maybe move some of that stuff into the caves so you don't have to carry them all the time. move a fire barrel around or better use the mountaineering ropes for additional tasks. like use it to lift heavy stuff in Hibernia or up a cliff? I would likely cut up a rope into smaller segments and get some reclaimed wood and build a sled of sorts with some plastic crates on it to drag my moose kill....
  8. question

    I find her constant whimpering and whining about the cold dreadful. I love the sarcastic stuff but the whining over and over reminds me of my ex.... lol
  9. story mode will indeed be a welcome change of pace but the stories coming out of sandbox like @Timber Wolf does and others too are amazing in their own right. some more tweaks in sandbox and all kinds of stories could be launched from it. that is part of the beauty of the game, creating your own stories. like when I was a kid and we read books that had choices you made....do this and go to page 7, else go to page 9, etc.... our choices changed the stories. So what happens to my characters is based in part on what I make him choose to do. I love seeing that folks have invented their own challenges too, like the vegan one. more badges and achievements (I posted quite a few suggestions a while back) could add some flare to the game quickly and easily on the code side. yes story mode will be nice I am sure and add a lot of depth. can't wait to see what lies ahead
  10. I was thinking once in a while after eating something hot, hearing that scream from falling down the rope line..... damn burnt the roof of my mouth! s bit more sarcasm and punch drunk humor as the days wear on seems appropriate. like after 50+ days I could give a rats behind of someone else could use this....I would "wish" someone else could use it meaning someone else is around! A random chance to find your camp destroyed by bears and stuff all over the place so you can come back to it and hear @#$@#$#@4 @#$@#$@ #@$%@#$$%#^
  11. Oh my that hurts. 500+ hours of play and that's the one I have yet to do 200 days... I just keep dying but that one is too close. I only sleep an hour or two at a time when I am outside can't take the chance.....I got awoken by a bear and mauled....And I have slept into the lo g dark...I did that one in the hut on TWM! Oops
  12. no kidding.... never found one before though I see on a map I found that there are some. do they behave like the ones in ML where you get one per map and there is always one or no? It was late in a game and I found a food cache....not much left that isn't 0% but the stim was nice.
  13. support

    Stuck deer, pensive pond, right in the dock. Shot him with the bow a few times in the back side to boost my archery score lol. W10, Surface book, i7 16gb ram
  14. so how many fires to level up? does it matter the duration of the fire or the materials used? how many fish? does it matter which fish or the weight of the fish? How much mending to level up? How many hits with the rifle or the bow & arrow etc? I was trying to find this stuff documented and did not find it. just curious if I missed it somewhere. thanks
  15. I love this @Timber Wolf thanks :-)
  16. question

    @Patrick Carlson thank, same map, another geometry glitch? should have awoken to quite a fire, but it keeps the wolves at bay and I sleep outside lol....
  17. question

    signal hill tower these things seem to be coming out of the building, never saw it before but it has been a while since I have visited. as I go around the building they come in and out of focus, which leads me to believe they are a visual bug but I don't want to report without verification from another. W10, surface book, steam
  18. question

    so you agree then @Timber Wolf tis a visual bug to be reported?
  19. I am all for teapots too, but... no thermos... though I would love one, let the teapot/kettle and the percolator act as defacto thermos but only after heating and not for a super long time.... maybe only 3 cup... or a giant one that is 5 cup. I believe the advanced cooking is on the roadmap too. so ... some...day. not my pic so i left their link intact
  20. added perk... pun intended....lol... anyhow, how about with the percolator, it uses more than one coffee at a time (so a cost to it...) and it weighs obviously... BUT... it keeps warm longer, much longer..... than the cup o joe.
  21. UNREAL how different it is for everyone! I have never gotten it from Jerky. Candy bars..yes, sardines...all the time...soup... so I avoid them unless they are above 50% or I am desperate even then I try to eat them when I am near a bed and can safely sleep it off. I was on a few days of antibiotics for eating bear meat...seems to always give me parasites even at my first piece....then a few days into treatment, I got food poisoning from a can of beans I think it was.... ughhh first time I got it from the beans... but WHILE on antibiotics just made me roll my eyes.....since we only have generics...guess I was taking the wrong ones.
  22. That is beautiful!!! Thanks @ElvisHunter and @Timber Wolf LOVE that! I keep trying to play that scenario and he always kills me, I don't have the patience to play with him like @Timber Wolf does! I DO so love the stories though.
  23. How about heading up the tower and lighting his backside on fire from above if he follows...Would love a pic of him on fire lol....The wolves are hysterical on ML with their butts on fire
  24. Good point. Perhaps a limit on time to place and number of subsequent attempts? Bottom line if someone chooses to get around it they will. It is up to the player to abuse exploits or not.
  25. Back porch of the house/homestead in PV ... Was getting cabin fever so I lit a fire on the snowpile at the end of the porch...Spent a while repairing clothes outside