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  1. Climb down from plane crash?

    Is it possible to climb down from the plane crash rather than up the vines etc... More of a curiosity than anything else. I die every time I try when I spawn there. Wondering if anyone has done it and could you provide a tip plus where does it take you to?
  2. Well its april and no update news yet.

    Not abandoned at all. They keep posting job openings which means they are either losing staff and need to replace or they are expanding. Supposedly there is some new stuff coming shortly
  3. A Difficulty to Call Your Own

    Hopefully we see settings for things that we need like knife and hatchet not just the general loot setting. To my game those would always be in play since you would absolutely see them up there but maybe clothing could be limited or food. Maybe shelter limited etc
  4. Start a fire with the flashlight? Definitely a bug you should report. They do only work during aura for light anyhow. Looks like they forgot to code that in to the fire starting mechanic (a check for aura)
  5. Prepper Caches on or off (does not affect hard coded cache at base of TWM) Knives/hatchets/arrowheads on/off/craft only (on means you can find them or start with them, off means non existent, craft means you cannot find or start with them but you can craft them like interloper) This allows people to better tailor the game to their liking since those things are not specified as settings directly
  6. Transfer Lantern fuel

    Mods for TLD? Really?
  7. Climb down from plane crash?

    @CaveDwelleri would personally just rather have an invisible wall than instant death drop and have to restart a new game
  8. Climb down from plane crash?

    @CaveDwellerFM I like because it generally has decent resources. I also prefer the bow so I go to make arrows asap. Then I head to BR and live. I love the hunting lodge. It is very peaceful with nice views.
  9. Climb down from plane crash?

    So @CaveDweller where do you get moose in DP or CH? Never seen them there but I play those maps very rarely lately...been living in BR and FM
  10. Climb down from plane crash?

    Beach combing and rabbits for you....whoopie. maybe you get lucky and a fat koho washes up...and do the trasnsition zones count in your experiment?
  11. DP needs a fish hut

    Both of the maps with forges are designed to be useful supplements but neither are for longer-term living as they lack things like fishing huts. Does not mean you cannot make a solid run there though. It's all about balance.
  12. Keep TLD As It Is.

    And custom .ode suggestions were always met with no or never from Raph....finally he woke up from his bear nap and listened to his customers....it took him a long time to get that concept. Finally they have something great
  13. Umm it's OB old Bear....Fluffy is the wolf in the dam ....
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  19. Fishing Milton Basin

    Fishing in Milton should be possible for sure. Maybe the hut is dilapidated or maybe just a long treck from the run down cabin (it's not a long walk in TWM from cabin to hut but there is peril nearby....
  20. No rifle spawn in Mountain Town

    Climbing area hut had one for me
  21. The amount of Spam posts lately seems far greater than before. Is there something needing some tuning on your forum server or a patch to the software? It gets old to see it and there are kids in the forums as well as less savvy users who might fall for that crap.
  22. +1 for a test branch now! Only reason I come to the forums is to find out if there is one that I can go get for that exact reason.
  23. How to shoot a bear without getting mauled

    I was so used to the one on CH and hiding in a hut there I totally didn't think he could do it. I was stunned. He took my flare gun, my only weapon. I managed to limp to it. Made my way to to cottage with him right behind me. Shot him and ran inside the hut. Woke up after some healing to a lump of bear meat. So I cut him up and cooked him to raise my skill level.
  24. How to shoot a bear without getting mauled

    I learned the hard way not to shoot from a fishing hut. I did it in ML at the hut nearest his cave. He came right in and cornered me. It hurt a lot
  25. So you ARE listening to the customer! Fabulous! If only more companies actually did that. Thanks!