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  1. Depends on how you define it. Some people do the save/reload before dying thing and abuse the saving mechanic yet still count that since their game still says x number of days. Others do not so it's not the same type of measure.
  2. I would say one could do it to counter cabin fever perhaps. Once you got to a certain skill level. Early on when you suck at it perhaps it can bring cabin fever on faster as a trade off so you have to plan the learning as a balance.
  3. Les Stroud and all the other survivalists complain about it all the time and they are doing a week or two at a time with preparation for not eating much. However you can see after a few days of little to no calories they start to slow down, can't think straight, more easily injure themselves etc. But I agree it should be a rolling time line of days so you can't just fill up at the end of the limit on a big bear steak or two, but you have to keep a steady diet going. a quick fill could give you a short term boost like a eppipens do in the game but with the caveat that you gotta rest right after.
  4. so is windproof calculated and used if you have no outer garments? curious
  5. hmm it does say on the launch screen that they are well aware wolves do not generally attack humans.....must be some folks don't bother reading that, whoda thunk it
  6. It makes perfect sense....to you because you have played a lot and developed your style and skills. It won't make sense to new players or people who play different styles. Fully adjustable games we can tweak to our own preference is a viable solution
  7. @Darkestnight good luck with that, it has been asked for quite often for some time now and always met with the same "NO" from the dev team. Sadly because there are many in the community who agree with you
  8. they last a much shorter time but are just as heavy which makes you think...do I want this? I preferred brands except that, unlike the torch you could not relight
  9. well....I watch a lot of Hockey.....err go I can sing both Anthems, not that good at Oh Canada in French but with a little practice.....but no we do things in F here where I live. Quite frankly I did not realize I could change it in the game until I played for a while so now I am used to it.
  10. in a lot of tests I did surrounding temps and wind etc. I found the tend to truncate/round differently than expected. Seems like you have a .9 difference so I would expect a difference of at least 1F but I have seen situations where I expected a difference and there was not one visible. without knowing the totals for all items before and after it is hard to do the math and come up with a definitive answer. I only play in C and not F so you do not necessarily get as fine tuned a number since 0.5555555556 C = 1 F I believe. So, they could be doing the temps all in 1 and then running the final thru a converter? not sure. good catch either way.
  11. this was suggested and logged as a bug during the play testing of the latest branch. Log it again if you want to provide more feedback and they can join the issues together. Not knowing the exact temp adds to the element of fear and unknown. Some like it some do not. Even if they make that item useful at harder levels or only available at certain levels in the game it would make perfect sense. From a design standpoint, a theoretical place like this in Canada you would most certainly find them attached to houses and other places. I would love to see it where the "feels like" temp is a set of words/phrases and not an exact #. something like... Frigging cold, mighty toasty, a bit nipply, my balls are earings, (pardon the expressions) but you get the meaning. Then when you find an actual thermometer, it changes the way you think you can now equate actual temps to the feels like given your surroundings, weather, and clothing. Just my opinion. Of course, I would love to have more craftable stuff too but I gotta wait for that.
  12. @MueckE right on! It was rather disheartening to take time to provide honest feedback that the changes were not well received and get the blasted by the owner of the team. Pretty childish on his part. No matter what product you make, not everyone is going to buy it or like it. First impressions are usually the main selling points. I could drive a particular car that I love and the company redesigns it, I may hate the new look and that may make me not buy it or recommend it. It might grow on me, it might not. That is a chance they take in doing so. To complain publicly about it would get a lot of CEO's in serious hot water. Here we tend to be more forgiving. I like to believe that the team has learned from their recent mistakes (some of the changes were not well received, they accepted criticism, and made adjustments.) Some things they added don't immediately seem to be the best decisions to add when there are other higher priority (according to the community) things that could/should be added. However, that is up to them to decide. We do not have all the information they have available to make those decisions. At the end, all you can do is play the game in front of you and provide feedback, to them, and to your friends, etc.
  13. If we could somehow mark the path with posts and flags for the safe path across the ice it would help. Love the grappling hook idea. FM is a tough map to stay a while since the bench and forge are not protected. Sure makes it tough. My guess is it becomes a transition area some day. A long hike across it to another map, maybe a way out!
  14. Thick fog, climbing down TWM...I get to the lake....grrrr oh my wolf right next to me. Down he goes! Phew I think and I keep trudging literally a 4-5 foot visibility in this fog. I make out the massive log near the fishing hut and stumble towards it knowing it will lead to the hut and I can rest a minute there when.....guess who stands up next to me? A bear! Nearly peeded myself. I scrambled up the log took aim with my flare pistol and let the fireworks show begin! Too bad it was so foggy. Did not get to see the show running away. Made it to the cabin but wow twice I was stunned by predators right next to me...not to self no beverages near computer as HL is trying to scare you into knocking them over.
  15. I had it once as well in the cabin in ML had to reload
  16. I leave the fuel door open, but I like the battery idea better
  17. Love the tools idea. that and maybe this fuel would only be useful as a firestarter or to make torches but not lamp fuel. so it has a negative to it as you carry it? otherwise, you could try to get the oil from the engine block and burn that? never tried to burn it personally. wonder if that would be a better lamp fuel. might take too much to code that. since we have tools, and we can open the gas cap, maybe the quality tools make the entire process possible, meaning those tools have a hose in them for doing this and the other tools do not. again another trade off for you to decide.
  18. 110 bullets? wow. nope never seen that many. 20 or 30 maybe. once I have a bow I don't use the rifle. now that we can quarter and carry away meat, the knife is not needed as often either. you take care of business harvest your meat inside or by a fire. once you get the skills up you can do it with bare hands too. I only chop fir trees since the logs last longer. or I break down the cloth chairs for extra cloth. once I have a flare gun it is what I use against bears that get too close. as for why so many heads? well, the maps with the forges I do not play much. one is full of wolves etc and the forge is not protected, the other is bloody cold and not much else on the map once you raid it. So I don't want to return if I do not have to. generally there is enough coal in your first run to make that many anyhow so why not? I tend to shoot the bow from afar and lose a few along the way so its fun.
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  22. I play stalker only and it's hard to find more than a few arrowheads without going all over the maps. If I am close to a forge I make a bunch. It you are going to fire it up ya might as well not waste the heat
  23. really? now I just learned something new! thanks
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  25. absolutely you can do this on stalker. gotta know where to find what you need (arrow heads) and birches...... plus, if you let the wolves kill the deer, you can pick up the scraps. I only go to the forge if I am in desperate need, out of bullets, or I start near it (I usually start random maps). If I am near it I tend to make 20-30 arrow heads at a time even if I leave a few behind, once I fire that bad boy up I don't like to waste my time there, so I load up with coffee, wood, coal, water, food etc.pre cook a bunch of food and water with the wood, then sleep with wood in the bag next to the fire, then, put on some coal and forge away.