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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I wondered about it for a while. Finally remembered to snap a pic and post.
  2. For the first time ever, I got sick after cooking tomato soup! it was 20% but I was low on food and I had a nice fire going to boil some water....if boiling water makes it safe to drink why not would the same hold true to soup or any of the other food we cook? The counter argument would be if that can make me sick then I should be able to get sick from anything I cook, randomly water that was boiled, etc. Not sure I should report it as a bug or not. what does the community think?
  3. So that's what I'm doing wrong? I forget to yell at the monitor! Now I know how to succeed! Thanks. ;-)
  4. there have been times on the cliffs where going up from where I came would have been nice, but as a rule I would prefer no jumping, especially with a heavy backpack.
  5. fighting off a wolf without a weapon is pointless.... you need to use fire. plenty of ways to do that without spoiling it for you. the knife or some weapon is a must eventually. hacksaw/axe help a lot though I like the hacksaw most since it opens containers (but not lockers....seems like prybar and hacksaw should open both) food depends where I am going and why as well as what I have available. If I know what I have where I am going too. I might travel with no food at all and just tank up before going. Like if I am going from ML to CH, I can make a few good cups of tea to drink or coffee, eat cattails if I have to. Starvation mechanic I don't use that. Mainly because my assumption is eventually the Devs will counter punch with some seriously negative effects and I will have to redefine my play style. So I choose not to exploit it. Besides that girls character whines a ton already!!! lol In the early days of a game I get my bearings on what is around, try to get to or set up a base of sorts, then make a plan to either stay there or move to a better one. most of it is based on whether or not I have a bow and arrows or if I can craft them quickly. Generally each sandbox for me is a random start (adds to the excitement for me)
  6. I generally leave out the back doo when the house with the porch behind the station is available. out the front when the house to the right with the porch is available. you can usually, bot not always, outrun them to those spots...I will leave it up to you to figure out why I go there....
  7. I hit the ones up top, the ones across the lake up the rope, and the ones just past the bear by the cave.... all in all I found "some" clothes but far fewer than I thought and not many useful ones. the arrowheads really pissed me off though. I even ran down the hill to the bunker on the next map and then over to the argument spot and the cave by the falls.... nada, zip zilch zero.... got another bow and 5 rounds but that was it.... at least the weather has not be hellish as it usually is for me. I will take it. I am keeping a few bits of clothing that cover parts we cannot yet craft. like hats....cough cough.... and I have only just begun to trap rabbits so I need a few days to get the hides cured and the gloves made. can't make socks either. the whole frostbite thing means I have to be sure I can cover myself up. I just don't enjoy the rifle over the bow. if I can get a few arrows I much prefer to bow hunt.
  8. @Ohbal is correct. Found only one in current game. It was in a deer. Lost it to the entry bug in last build still alive in TWM but no arrow heads. Starting to plan my departure. Twenty something days on the mountain. Food isn't an issue as the wolves killed a few deer for me and now I have fish and rabbits. But I have no cloth for anything containers were good for other stuff.
  9. yeah there are a lot of little nuances like that, some have been fixed.. .like ya break down some clothing into cloth but don't drop all the weight, you combine beard and bandage and same ... or you break cloth into multiple bandage and gain weight. The weight is a balancing thing. an imperfect system but still a work in progress. by and large a small increase should not be a bad thing for you as a whole, but, it is odd when it does not make sense.
  10. @Name62 at the end of the shot it showed the rifle at 4.20 kg if I recall...which was what I looked at and would make sense since it had 10 bullets and the rifle unloaded is 4kg. I did not look at much else.
  11. greetings!!!! @Mel Guille the more, the merrier!
  12. @Don Honas absolutely right on. Now perhaps after day 100 or so when the character hits a few maps and beings to believe he/she is alone and the usefulness/warmth etc of the houses/bases starts to go away, perhaps the character would start to create an igloo.
  13. more/different predators with differing behavior (attacking each other as well as us or hunting us down like the old bear does.) foxes/mice that steal your stuff from you and don't offer much in return (mice) fox could let you make a hat though if you trap him. moose are coming but I hope we can do more than just eat them. meaning I hope we can craft more things from them. owls that steal your snared rabbits/foxes if you do not take them after X time passes. swooping down and taking them from the snare or from the field would be cool to see!
  14. perhaps the weight of the 10 rounds is being moved from the bullets item to the gun since it is loaded? sorta like if you add fuel to the lamp, it should drop the weight of your over all fuel but add to the weight of the lamp itself, gradually decreasing as you burn it. at least I think that is what is supposed to happen.