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  1. Pretty much because unless you insta-kill him or you get lucky and he goes in the other direction. You are gonna get mauled if he catches you. It takes too long to equip a second arrow so you probably cannot get of two shots fast enough without getting caught too often.
  2. Maybe they just show up on the welcome screen where you see the pack? perhaps the pack could be a tad bigger and you could see the badges etc on there? a friendly reminder of your feats etc every time you fire up the game.
  3. YES!!! and it should totally piss off the bears! like run at double speed to attack you! if it aggravates the wolves or bears, perhaps it could add to the damage they cause? There should be a % chance randomization that it spooks the prey (bunnies, deer) in the direction opposite your intentions . meaning you are throwing at a bunny hoping to scare it towards a snare, yet you scare it into a frenzied run in another direction, or you try to scare a deer and it rather than spooking it to run towards some wolves, it runs right at you! Besides, if a deer runs at you and hits you (this can currently happen) it should
  4. and maybe it requires 2 tinder rather than one regardless of your fire starting level?
  5. YES PLEASE THIS!!!! AND THIS!!!! However, I have a bad shoulder so I cannot throw super far, not sure how easy it would be to do so without already scaring them by being close. Unless you were up high and throwing said snowball down to spook prey towards a predator.
  6. I would love to see the steam achievements added to the game itself rather than steam so that users on xbox or other systems could have the same. Maybe they do but I don't use it on there so I would not know. It's a cool idea though. Like Scout patches from when we were kids lol.
  7. very interesting, could you provide some details on what it takes to run that? like steam only or xbox etc... and how you did that? It is pretty cool.
  8. Some back story as part of a challenge scenario. Sorta like the one where we go get the flare gun and shoot it. You start with some random affliction etc get thru that then collect some item(s) like the document in TWM perhaps?
  9. Without specific spoilers generally I target from above on rocks where I can jump down to a ledge he cannot reach just bring pain meds. If there is a fishing hut I lure him near it and shoot. Go in and hide then wait til he goes a few places away and fire again until he runs off or dies. Try that technique on wolves for practice. Just have a lot of arrows as hitting the ice with them tends to break the arrows. Head shots are the best for instant kill but real tough. If u get him to stand u will hit him but ya better have a hiding spot one step away. If u can get him near a porch that he cannot access same a s wolves fire at will from there I wish reload would get faster as you level up though
  10. Well others on skeeters ridge do they count?
  11. Bears have not bled like other animals. I shot one with 3 arrows, while at the fishing hut in TWM, while there was blood for a while, I passed a little time fishing while he ran around came out of the hut and the blood was gone, when he finally collapsed, it was pretty clean around him and I went to retrieve the arrows stuck in him. There should likely be a trail near and around a wounded animal for quite some time after it's death, barring a blizzard or terrain that covers it/prevents it. usually good on a wolf kill or rabbit hit with a bow.
  12. Yeah those interloper players just have a death wish
  13. @DragonXIII pretty much sums up my point perfectly. One could easily go either way on it. I prefer that things like skills build upon one another so there becomes an incentive to attain them but that is my personal preference. I was more or less wondering what others think or wondering aloud if it were per chance a bug or something in the works for a crafting type skill. Who knows... we get so little info on what is coming...big teases the HL folks are lol.
  14. If making arrows gives archery a boost, shout making line, hooks and tackle do the same? Perhaps not each in and of themselves or fishing would be too easy to level up, but, if you make the line it takes time to cure the gut, then you have to make or find hooks, then you have to make tackle. So, in that way it is somewhat similar to finding the feathers, curing the sapling, processing the cured sapling into arrows, finding the arrowhead or forging them, and crafting the arrow. Albeit it takes longer so if that is 1 point, then perhaps the tackle is 1/2 point? however, it is a similar process in game and I think, perhaps, it should offer a similar reward towards your proficiency especially since one can imaging that after making arrow upon arrow you would become better at it (make them better, faster, stronger, more accurate, etc.) and you would do the same with tackle, (higher likelihood of a catch staying caught and not slipping off, sharper/batter hooks, stronger line, less breaks etc.) Just my $.02
  15. @Timber Wolf is the expert. See the pics in the Walmart post ;-)