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  2. Update in August? Yay!
  3. Hahahhahaha @Wastelander this is great! I had to laugh so hard when I read this.... I would love to add facts but will have to think about this. But kudos for originality! So funny!
  4. I agree with Wastelanders post above and I already told you before, your style of writing is really intriguing and engaging and really draws you into the story. Only I didn't understand how he suddenly started hallucinating and the part about the monsters. Was that a hallucination or real? But please continue this story, I'd love to read more!
  5. I don't like the idea of down voting exactly for the reasons Scyzara mentioned above. If some people on the forum are out of line, let the mods deal with it. This forum is not a game of scoring points, it's a platform where you can suggest ideas or talk about the game we all love. So I can't agree with this suggestion of down voting. -1
  6. discussion

    Hahahaha @alone sniper, you're funny. You are bored with killing yourself and want more options to do that? Really? Maybe you should change your gameplay... this is a SURVIVAL game. Which means trying to stay ALIVE! So the idea that you mentioned doesn't really fit in the game. I'm sorry but I can't agree with this it. -1
  7. The devs read the forum for sure! I did see comments from devs and Raphael on some topics in this forum. I also noticed that Patrick knows exactly what is going on here. He sometimes asks people to explain themselves further and often with the comment that he will "pass it on", or with a comment that "they will look at it". I think they keep a close eye on some of the discussions over here that interests them, or that they are already working on. But if the devs would engage in this forum like we do, they wouldn't have the time to do their job! They would be bombarded with questions constantly I think. I am very curious what, and if the devs are going to say about this topic, but I have a feeling you'll get a very diplomatic answer with no specifics and are none the wiser.
  8. Send you a PM @GELtaz!
  9. Hi @Crabcus! It's not possible.... yet! Read this, posted in Alpha wish list thread -> http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/topic/6476-make-burnt-out-campfires-disappear-after-a-while/
  10. Thanks for mentioning that! I should be a bit more careful in the future!
  11. Maybe we could write together, or I could help you edit what you write @alone sniper? My English is pretty good but FAR from perfect... Send me a pm with your ideas, I'm happy to help you if you want! You're welcome @Wastelander !
  12. Very entertainting videos as usual! Wasn't sure you were going to make it at the end with all those wolves, but good job @GELtaz! Finishing the Whiteout Challenge in just 3 days (and one hour ) is really fast! I always learn a lot from watching your videos, like new routes to travell, I didn't know you could walk the ridge at the processing warehouse. You mentioned you like feedback about your video's. Got only one little remark. In some of your videos you play your own background music, but when the music in the game is also playing, your character is talking, wind is blowing, animal and other sounds of the game are playing, I find it sometimes difficult to understand what you are saying with all those sounds playing simultaneously. I'm going to try out the Whiteout Challenge now and am going to try to beat you with a couple of hours with all the tips you gave. But I'm afraid it's going to be the same as when I watched you're "Survival Bow Training" video.... You make it look SO easy, and when I try it, well.... let's say it's just different!
  13. Hi @Shyassasain, welcome! You almost killed yourself in pilgrim mode with a slightly off orange soda?? That never happened to me before, not even when the is at 10%. I only get food poisening in pilgrim mode sometimes from wolf and bear meat when it reaches 65% or so... Maybe I've just been just lucky so far...
  14. Hahaha tha's great @Scyzara! TLD to-do and shopping lists....so cool! I'm going to try that too! I already did write some stories and brain-farts in the journal during "down time". But I know myself... walking around in the grocery store with a TLD shopping list on my phone , I will come home with a bag full of beef jerky, canned tomato soup, peaches and rosehip tea!
  15. Thanks @ghost78207! But I'm afraid this story is done for now.... Unfortunately @Docterrok mentioned yesterday he's done with the forum/game (just for now I hope!). He was the initiator of this story, @Wastelander and me just contributed some pieces. Wastelander has written his own fan-fic, it's great! You should read that too! (-> http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/topic/11387-the-longest-dark/) and I am not going to continue "The White Shroud" by myself as is not my story, it's Doc's... Let's hope Doc comes back after a while, I know he has great ideas for the story.