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  1. Yeah me too.... if the countdown would be just for a sandbox update I'd feel a bit misled.
  2. I noticed on the steam forum that one bunker (Hunting bunker near Camp Office on ML) has been replaced. Does anyone know if more bunkers spawn on a different location? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822414622
  3. Thanks for the 'magic' tricks @ArmagedDan! I didn't know that!
  4. Can you climb certain trees? This is new to me... Could you tell me where those are? Thanks!
  5. Or sign up for the Hinterland newsletter and this kind of news will appear in your inbox!
  6. Yay! Can't wait!
  7. I saw it too on the same place, I think I even reported it as a bug months ago... But when I shot the bear, he didn't get unstuck, he started running in the same place. After I shot him again he dropped dead. I am so glad I didn't know he could get unstuck, otherwise I would have taken more precautions!
  8. I thought the same thing a while ago when the same thing happened to me in the game! Running buck naked after a wolf... I thought; I am so happy this game is not real and nobody can see me right now! It would be some view to see a naked woman with a knife running trough the snow after a wolf who is scared shitless.
  9. Happy birthday @AZHockeyNut! You're the only one who fooled me today!
  10. Oh te gek! Dat is ook een van mijn dromen om in scandinavie te gaan wonen! Welke regio woon je ongeveer en waarom heb je voor die regio gekozen?
  11. De nederlandse vertaling van dit spel is idd echt tenenkrommend... Misschien heeft de familie van Raph hier de hand in? Hij spreekt zelf geen nederlands, zijn ouders zijn op jonge leeftijd uit Nederland vertrokken. Misschien heeft familie helpen vertalen en is hun nederlands wat roestig... ?
  12. Thanks @Hotzn! Now you've mentioned them I know I've found those before too.
  13. Please tell us where @Hotzn! Have played this game for hours and hours and haven't found more of them.
  14. Don't worry @Vinceofpyrenees, I'm sure this will get fixed soon and we have a trash bin in a future update. More people complained about it... but my experience is that Hinterland watches this forum closely and the things people complain about are often fixed in no time!
  15. You're welcome!