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  1. You're welcome!
  2. I know only one other container that is in the snow like that and that's in desolation point, east side of Hibernia . Was wandering too if there were more. Hope other people found more of those! I have felt bad a lot of times when I stored bear meat above his home. Seems wrong somehow...
  3. Thanks for explaining and showing us this @ThePrivateer! Do you have photos from the kinds of fish you catch too? Are they they the same as in the Long Dark? Here in the Netherlands is not much ice fishing going on either so it's nice to see real Canadian ice fishing... Would trades places with you in a heartbeat... Look at that view!
  4. Yes, the running rabbits have nothing to do with the ones that appear in the snares. Once I saw a rabbit appear in a snare in front of me and there were no rabbits around at that time in that area. I think just an amount of time will have to go by before in some snares rabbits will appear.
  5. Put them in a container or a closet. drawer or locker and they will be gone.
  6. Exactly what I thought when I read this post! @GELtaz is the best!
  7. Can't agree more... +1
  8. Screenshots from my pilgrim 'hoarder' game, brought a lot of stuff back to the camp office to see how many of each item was in a game.(Not done yet!) Found so many rifle rounds in this game! in all the boxes are 10 rounds so that's 82, 10 in my rifle and already shot 36 rounds! And only covered 84% of the maps. Wish I found that many on other playing modes! Am also a huge bookworm and wanted to make a library there. Too bad you can't put books back to back on a shelf... Also some pictures when I was looting Timberwolf Mountain...
  9. It was a lucky day I guess!
  10. This is the Pleasant Valley bunker location video from the same person who made the other video.
  11. You're welcome!
  12. That's weird... I always find at least one on one map. Found this video very helpful in combination with the great maps from @whiteberry-toarda
  13. +1
  14. Update in August? Yay!