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  1. No, the rustic TLD environment after the apocalypse certainly doesn't qualify as urban. The comment was merely a reference to the comparison between the different forms of precipitation and the perception that clean fresh snow could not possibly be harmful as the experiment seems to show that snow is acted upon in ways that the water in our rainwater tanks is not.
  2. Not so good in urban environments it seems where even fresh fallen snow apparently rapidly acts as a sink for toxic organic compounds from car exhausts. http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2016/EM/C5EM00616C?_escaped_fragment_=divAbstract
  3. Actually I think you'll find that as long as a temperature gradient exists, convection in water can be a much more efficient method of heat transfer than conduction (and any radiative heat loss from the water would likely add negligible time to boiling the water). See: https://www.atmos.washington.edu/~durrand/demos/convection_conduction.htm And I'm not quite sure how one kilogram of snow would all start to warm at the same time as conduction from the pot would heat the snow at the bottom first.
  4. Making potassium nitrate from urine and manure is supposed to take months. Like about ten months. If it's cold it should take longer. Given sources of ammonium nitrate (cold pack) and potassium chloride (sodium free salt), saltpeter looks much faster and easier to make. Also, uncombined sulfur is only likely to be readily available in areas of volcanic or geothermal activity. But I like the idea of mixing the saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur before grinding them...
  5. I am probably wrong but as far as the energy requirements are concerned it looks like the time taken to melt one litre of water (one kilogram) from snow should not be too dissimilar to then raising the temperature to boiling point. Assume the snow is at -20°C. The specific heat of ice from -20°C to 0°C is around 2kJ/kg/°C so this warming will take around 40kJ. To transform the snow at 0°C into water at 0°C will require adding the latent heat of fusion (or melting) which for ice is around 334kJ/kg. Total energy cost to melt the snow would be 374kJ. The specific heat of water is around 4.2kJ/kg/°C so boiling the water from 0°C should take 420kJ. However calculating time requirements looks to be much trickier - at least for snow - as it will depend on things like how effectively heat can be transferred to the snow.
  6. 'Bout time he got ya Aren't bears supposed to have molar teeth at the back of their laughing gear? OB looks like he's got a mouth full of canines.
  7. Without disagreeing, the link contains the opinion of a nurse and offers no caveats (such as drug and alcohol use). Also any fairness in a game is highly subjective and it's perception will vary widely from person to person. For example, not too long ago, after walking through a blizzard (nekked), I forgot to put my clothes back on when I went to sleep and died from hypothermia. Frankly it was a relief not to be killed by wolves again. It seems strange that you would bother to do this when in exchange you wish for a dramatically reduced healing rate. Don't worry about climbing ropes - just alternate sleeping and resting and your wish will come true. Afaik this is called Interloper.
  8. Irl your chances of repairing or making a medium carbon steel prybar would be about the same as breaking one - close to zero.
  9. This ability is received upon attaining level 5 archery skill. Even in Interloper this is possible in around 70 days.
  10. The ability of the pc to run a game at any quality usually comes down to the combination of the processor (CPU) and the graphics device (GPU). In laptops good GPU's will only be found in more expensive models but adequate CPU's tend to be found in much cheaper models. At the moment, TLD is a 32 bit application so any new pc will likely have enough RAM. 32 bit address space is around 4GB but the OS needs to use a chunk of this. Last time I checked, TLD was using less than 2GB. You will probably find it hard to buy a gaming pc these days with less than 8GB. The speed of the mass storage device (eg hard drive) will also affect the overall pleasure in using the pc. Having a solid state device as the primary drive with a secondary hard drive is preferable but again this is something that will often be found only in higher end laptops. Anyway it should be the quality of the GPU that primarily drives your purchase of a gaming laptop. Everything else should fall into line behind that. And at the moment the best gaming laptops incorporate the mobile versions of the nVidia 1060, 1070 and 1080 chips. Imho, anything with a 1060 will minimize cost, heat and battery use while still running TLD at high quality/resolution/frame rates. To give you some idea of the cost, try looking at: Portable multimedia laptops with Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics
  11. Maybe this has happened in the very occasional bare handed struggle before I get to a forge although I can't actually remember an occurrence. It does seem like a cruel (but funny) way to die. The vast majority of struggles I have are with a knife and the wolf is most often wearing an arrow. Rather than run away afterwards, it usually decides to take a nap right beside me.
  12. This is the headline I've been both expecting and dreading to see. Looks like mitigation from the ozone hole may no longer be enough to protect Antarctica. As Australia scorches, sea ice spread around Antarctica hits a record low Warmer oceans also provide another undesirable consequence. Oceans are losing oxygen, posing growing threats to marine life, research says
  13. I don't know about still being in the cutscene but I've sure had quite a few attack a second time before I've taken five paces.
  14. Maybe because
  15. Astonishing geomagnetic spike hit the ancient kingdom of Judah At least now I know what to put in the underground bunker. Matches. Lots and lots of matches.