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  1. 32 bit (client) Windows can only use 2^32 bits of address space. This address space includes all memory in the computer including various caches, the memory on the graphics card and the RAM. It is perfectly possible to run 32 bit Windows on a computer with 8GB of RAM but more than half will not be used. However it is still possible to utilize more than 4GB of address space with a 32 bit operating system by using Physical Address Extensions - 32-bit Windows Server 2008 Datacenter supports 64GB. 32 bit client Windows operating systems also support PAE but the 4GB limit is locked in. If a computer with 4GB of RAM is running 32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium for example, the video, audio and network adapters might have memory that adds up to 500MB but this device memory is mapped below the 4GB boundary and Windows will only use 3.5GB of RAM. Initially this was to remain compatible with a lot of video and audio drivers that were found on clients but not servers. These drivers were not programmed to expect physical addresses larger than 4GB. (What is important when thinking of upgrading an old computer to a 64 bit operating system is that it contains a 64 bit CPU.)
  2. A friend of mine was originally supposed to be going to Airlie Beach tomorrow for a holiday but it's not looking so great after Debbie crossed the coast there. The cyclone degenerated into a tropical low and proceeded to track south flooding an area over 1200km long before moving back out to sea. Yesterday my area copped between 300mm - 500mm of rain which has produced record flooding. Further south they received 750mm. In one day. It has been chaos. Schools are closed, many roads cut, mass evacuations carried out, people feared dead. Incalculable damage. (Please do not +1 this post)
  3. Afaik the Hinterland team includes two people whose role is described as community engagement. Kerbal Space Program is another favorite (Unity based) game of mine. Check out the community page here. This page, as long as I can remember, has always included weekly updates on the progress of the development of the game. Read the latest here. You will notice that it goes so far as to mention what individual developers are working on (and always has done). The difference between KSP and TLD in this respect is marked. Given that Hinterland has two people whose job might be expected to include the release of news on a regular basis, their silence indicates a decision has been made not say anything until Hinterland is good and ready. And requesting news or complaining about the lack of updates will likely accomplish very little.
  4. Reading the following thread may also help.
  5. It is in the beginning.
  6. It's been a while since I loaded my saved Stalker game but I used it to shoot a couple of wolves. When I entered their detection radius they ran at me for a few metres then slowed to a walk. However, when I aimed the rifle at them, they charged me. Aiming the rifle seemed to have pretty much the same effect as drawing a bow.
  7. Although it's good to see zeroes next to fish caught and eaten at the end of a long run (and also rabbits snared), it can start feeling artificial when you're trapped in a fishing hut by a blizzard... Fifty days supply of meat is a lot of meat if you're not starving yourself. While I could care less how anybody else plays the game, I think it does add extra challenge to never starve. Oh and I voted not to improve the snow shelter. Already it is the key that allows a Pleasant Valley (Interloper) spawn to go directly to the Summit.
  8. Random farting and burping. Not so random when crouching. Will spook the deer you are stalking and increase wolf detection/aggro radii. Suitable exclamations like: "What? Wait, do you smell cookies?" Fart weight display. Important that the optimum weight of 0 grams can be seen particularly after food poisoning.
  9. How a man known as the North Pond Hermit lived 27 years in a forest
  10. Just need to remember that brandishing a torch instantly uses around 10%.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to document your experience. I wish more people would do the same.
  12. When you catch a fish, the hook icon does not indicate that you still have your tackle. Instead it indicates that you have acquired a fishing skill point. When you amass sufficient points you will progress to the next fishing skill level. Different icons will appear for the other skills (cooking, archery, mending,carcass harvesting etc) when you acquire skill points. The ideas for taking non-potable water from a fishing hole and for remembering the last used tool have both been mentioned before but are worth repeating. Both hacksaws and hatchets can be used to harvest saplings. Do we need an interface for an operation that takes about an in-game minute with either tool? I'm not sure about the problem with torches. You can see a usage percentage in the inventory before you select one and again when you pick one up. If you have two in your inventory, side by side, it is easy enough to compare them based on these percentages.
  13. When I hear prybar, I think of the seemingly immortal tools that can lever up one end of an 800kg form panel away from a concrete wall. To be honest, I'd forgotten that flat plate prybars even existed simply because I would never use one but to be fair, for the purposes of TLD they would be fine. This does beg the question of how an average person would go identifying a leaf from a car spring as being suitable for a prybar. It may be a moot point since the existing prybars are more than sufficient to break into every car trunk and locker. The only practical use that remains is to open holes for ice fishing and for which other easily repairable tools like the hammer are available. Even in Interloper it is feasible to totally explore the sandbox in 100 days and then never carry a prybar again. I think that desires for new tools/weapons etc are all very well but as an Interloper player I know that even if introduced these things will most likely never become available to me so above all else I value suggestions that not only add interest to the game but also increase the difficulty.
  14. No, if you look at the methodology of the experiment in the paper (try clicking on the "rich html" button in the abstract linked to) they are examining contamination of the snow after it has fallen. Within an hour the snow has the capacity to absorb appreciable quantities of some nasty things. Interestingly, in the absence of a nucleator (or particle), ice requires very cold temperatures to form in clouds. Some things are better nucleators than others and the better they are the warmer it can be when the ice forms. Supposedly the best nucleators are proteins provided by airborne bacteria but fortunately these are apparently usually plant pathogens (eg Pseudomonas syringae). The same proteins cause water to freeze in plants at higher than normal temperatures damaging the plant in the process. So while the snow may not be contaminated as it falls, the condensation nucleus can be a pathogen. Probably yes. However it seems that a problem with fresh snow is the air content. A video I dug up for another thread talks of nine litres of snow being required to produce one litre of water. A couple of others i watched suggested digging deeper for hard packed snow to help overcome this problem. And I find it pretty absurd that I (as a banana bender) am talking about snow at all.
  15. Since I have the opposite problem with temperature I'm having to learn this as I go along but why does the snow look like it is melting down (and why does the narrator keep repeating this phrase) in this video? Why does he warn not to add too much snow? How much warm air and radiant heat is coming from the water in the bottom of the pot? What is melting the snow that is actually in the water at the bottom? If warm convective air and radiant heat can efficiently melt a lot of snow all at once, how is it possible to dry boil a pot (and put a hole in it)? Another video (with a bigger fire) warning not to heat too much snow : If nine litres of snow have to be added a handful at a time to produce one litre of water, it actually looks like this process is going to take significantly longer than I originally expected. Anyway, there are a lot of people on this site with a better understanding of thermodynamics than me and who doubtless do this regularly, so I'll leave further discussion of how snow melts in a pot to them.