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  1. suggestion

    Then I think food preservation of any kind would be a godsend if im honest.
  2. I want things like bobble heads and posters to spruce up my home, thoughts? Maybe a snow globe as well...
  3. I want an interactive healing system that works like the mechanics of the "Dark Cut" flash games, you get mauled? A mini game of you pouring antiseptic and cleaning your wounds, thoughts?
  4. If I want this kind of horror, I just play the evil within, fur ball, if you want horror, just play a different game when your in the mood man!
  5. Mine is Isaac Sterling, an astrophysicist that is well aware of what happened, and saddened by the loss of his two children and wife. What are yours?
  6. I was shimmying across a cliff, glitches through the mountain, and kept on falling forever and ever till I died from exhaustion... immersive. That was in 2014, when the game still had a few bugs.
  7. I think her hair is in a ponytail
  8. Alright, this game is damn cold, now, this cold has beaten the living hell out of all of the survivors dwelling within her, but let us be able to use the blistering cold to our advantage. Hinterland, we should be able to freeze our meat. Now, frozen meat has one advantage, it won't spoil, however, cooking frozen meat will take WAY LONGER! This balancing it out, since it needs to be defrosted. Also, you can have your meat get freezer burn if it is frozen too long, making up to 30% of the meat inedible, this can apply to other things as well, thoughts?
  9. Both are being added, I've talked to Raphael about this very subjects, shotguns (double barrel) and birds like pheasant and geese will be added "soon"
  10. This must happen. The Doc approves.
  11. And don't forget that beards make you warm!
  12. This isn't until dawn... let me blunt, this game has no place for such a thing, unless it was Halloween event or something.
  13. Similar to the leveling system, but WAY more cutthroat, thoughts?
  14. Chapter 7: The Downpour You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's a part of it. -Denzel Washington To say that the rain that followed was a gentle pitter-patter was a serious understatement in Isaacs eyes. It was rain that pelted against the window, flashes of booming thunder, hail, and floods that Isaac saw sweep cars down the crowded streets below. He was stuck in his home, reading all of the magazines that littered the bathroom floor. He read about the past life, it was only a day since the fall, but Isaac knew it was the beginning of the era of chaos... the era of the dark. Isaac heard a noise disturb the rain pelting against the window. He stood up and reached for his gun. Warily, he made his way to the source of the shuffled noise. He peered into a guest bedroom, and a frightened cat exchanged him a single glance and hid under the bed. Isaac smiled, it would take some work, but Isaac knew he just found a friend. Isaac peered under the mattress, a beautiful savannah cat looked at him again and let out a hiss and a growl. Isaac ran back to the kitchen and got some of the last remnants of perishables. Slowly, but surely, the cat made its way out from under the bed to eat. Isaac looked at the cat, "I know how you feel buddy, I know how you feel..."