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  1. Thank you for taking the time to type that,; there''s definitely a few things in there that be incorporated into TLD to give the wildlife, and game play, a little more depth.
  2. I really don't understand the hatred of getting cabin fever, it's actually a mechanic of the game I like! Despite it being a bit odd that I have to take precautions to not get CF I like that there's a threat over you that you need to keep in mind (I find it a slight cop out that there's even a warning to the player, hell I'd even welcome a bit of randomness rather than the current stiff rule of getting it after a precise set amount of time indoors). I like it because it stops me from playing safe and just staying indoors, it effectively encourages me to get out. If I feel I've been in too much and that the onset of CF could be imminent then I'll plan a trek to collect something from somewhere, or to explore or whatever and stay outside for the duration. There is absolutely no reason for people to be getting CF when you know there's a danger of it and you take the precautions to prevent it. "Oh but it forces me to go out in a blizzard!", well isn't it your fault for not planning for it? You've known it was a threat yet you spent your time indoors when the weather was nicer, maybe doing all your cooking or clothes mending indoors rather than outside when it was safe. There have been times when I've had blizzards every day for a few days but it's never been constant through the day and night for a week on end, there's always been breaks in the weather. Go out at night if needs be. Besides that, it's just a blizzard. Cold, disorienting, yes, but surely everyone has survived them easily enough sheltering behind a rock with a fire going? And now we have the ability to make our own shelters, which I love the idea of, but I've yet to find a use for one when there is always a place to shelter (cave, barn, hut, etc) not even five minutes walk from any point on any map to sleep the CF away. Preventing CF isn't difficult, curing CF isn't difficult, but having it there over our heads adds a little extra spice to the gameplay. In my opinion we need the game to be harder to survive, not easier to live. We need this threat in the game and we need even more threats if this truly is a survival game. For starters how about a lightening strike on, say, PV Farmhouse, which sets it on fire and burns it to the ground while you're still in it. Goodbye precious supplys, goodbye safety net, hello excitement! Oh I just can hear the rants in forums now if THAT were to happen.
  3. When playing Skyrim I use a mod called Campfire which does this. After a hard day''s graft killing vampires, trolls, and the undead, there''s something very satisfying about lighting a fire, setting up the pot, and making a stew from food you've gathered/hunted.
  4. Maybe you can only fish where bears fish.....maybe bears are attracted to the smell of caught fish the player 'emits' when fishing or carrying fish. Maybe bears will defend their fish/fishing territory from players. I don't know if that''s normal bear behaviour. We don't have bears here in England.
  5. Well unlike wolves, scaring a bear shouldn't be easy. I never kill the bears because they pose such a risk to me (I don't want to get a cheap kill by quickly diving into a car/hut/cabin). How about the player has to fire an arrow that lands VERY close to the bear for it to be spooked into running away. If the arrow hits the bear then it charges the player. If the arrow lands too far away then the bear has no reaction, leaving the player one arrow down (no player will go to collect an arrow from a nearby bear) and deciding whether leave the arrow there or risk firing another arrow, potentially losing that one as well or accidently hitting the bear making it charge the player. I'm not sure. Maybe it'll be too much risk to the player to bother with. Then again, if the fish you could get was a large salmon that could give you at least 1500 calories then that might be a big enough incentive...especially on Interloper in regions without fishing huts. Then again, who needs fishing huts when the streams are flowing?
  6. Just letting the devs know of a couple of minor scenery issues I've come across recently. The first is in Coastal Highway, arriving from The Ravine and following the track down, then off-track past the isolated cabin. At the end of the video there also appears to be an invisible wall. This might be intentional but it's the first I've come across: The second clip is in Timberwolf Mountain, between a waterfall and a cave (where a bear hangs out). I've highlight TWO scenery issues in this clip:
  7. Just had this happen to me in the Abandoned Lookout in Coastal Highway. I chopped up the bench and upturned chair, lit a fire to make some water, left the lookout and climbed down the two ropes to the cabins below, looted them, then climbed back up the ropes and back up into the lookout. Both the bench and chair had rematerialised.
  8. I started a new Stalker game in DP and after three or four hours, staying in DP only the framerate really starts to take a hit.This was instantly resolved by saving then loading the save. After getting myself killed I started another new Stalker game in DP, and again staying in DP after 3 hours play (i'm on Day 11) the framerate again gets worse. In this clip i'm turning around a lot to how choppy it is, then I save/reload and you can see a big improvement.
  9. How odd. I often come across three rosehip bushes at a time and I could have sworn I used to be able to make a drink after harvesting them all. You know, I think I've had this issue as well a few weeks ago. It wouldn't allow me to make a drink with 24 rosehip so I after harvesting some more later on I calculated that i'd used 33 rosehips to make one drink. I thought I'd made a mistake at the time but now you've mentioned it.....most odd.
  10. I occasionally get the message asking me if I own a particular downloaded game, although I haven't with The Long Dark. Try this: http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/store/insert-disc-purchase-digital
  11. I was just in Desolation Point near the bridge above Scruffy's Cave trying to get to the dead deer to collect feathers when I got mauled by a bear. Health down to 20% I went into the nearby cave to warm up, I opened up my inventory and saw a fair few of my clothing had been damaged in the mauling.....plus a load of clothes I didn't have before. This screenshot shows all the clothes. The ticked ones are the only clothes I had before the fight, I was carrying no spares:
  12. I've noticed on the roadmap that there's going to be another season that I'll assume means warmer. If so, and the rivers/streams are flowing then I'd like to see the bears trying to catch fish like they do IRL. This would not only give them something to do besides just plodding about but, like a wolf when it's caught a deer or rabbit, the player could scare the bear off to steal the fish.
  13. This could just be my mind going but was there a time when you could make a rosehip drink by harvesting three bushes, i.e. 8 rosehips a bush x 3 = 24 rosehips? I had a short break from the game last year and since coming back I've noticed that 24 rosehips isn't enough......I actually need 25. I don't know if it's my memory, a bug, or intentional that I need a single extra rosehip from a fourth bush. TL:DR How many rosehips is needed to make a drink?
  14. I've never experienced an immediate framerate drop from the moment a save has loaded in all the hours I've played TLD on my XBox, only after a few hours play, and that gets resolved immediately by reloading the game. Have you tried clearing the Xbox cache? Press and hold the power button on the front of the console until it powers down completely. Unplug the power cable from the back of the console so that the power brick in not connected to the console. Press the power button on the console three or four times. This will ensure that any remaining power in the battery is drained, clearing the cache on the console. Plug in the power cable back into the console. Wait for the light on the power brick to change from white to orange. Turn on the console using the power button.
  15. When you load up The Long Dark, then load up your saved game is the framerate immediately low or does is get worse over time?