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  1. The forcing DirectX9 suggestion solved my longstanding graphics issue with footprint/snowshelter shaders not rendering properly. Many thanks!
  2. Did you do a driver update shortly before you began having problems? I've seen a number of instances in other games, where a driver update caused problems, which were only fixed by doing a rollback to an earlier version. Unfortunately, now and then, buggy driver updates do get released.
  3. Agreed.. given all the changes of late, it would be well worth revisiting this topic.
  4. That was freaky! Lucky for you he got spooked.
  5. Welcome to the forums, Sabbath! That's not a bug. That's a deficiency of your graphics card. It's so old, it cannot correctly render the DirectX11 shaders used for footprints. I know, because I have the same problem with my graphics chip. (Intel HD3000 - whereas the minimum requirement for TLD is actually a HD4000) If you have a desktop computer, and can change your graphics card for a newer one, you can fix it. If you use a laptop, like me, you're stuck with it. (on the bright side, it does sometimes make tracking animals, or backtracking your own footprints, easier!) (See below for possible fix) Edit: And if you think the footprints look bad, just wait until you try using a snow shelter! Edit 2: You may be able to fix this without upgrading your graphics card. I just tried a suggestion in the stickied thread: Steps To Fix Crashes or Major Graphic Issues and it worked for me. Look for the section titled TRY STARTING GAME IN DX9 MODE and follow the instructions. Forcing the game to start in DirectX9 mode has given me normal footprints and snow shelter, at long last! Hopefully it will work for you also.
  6. question

    It's a rare phenomenom, all right.. but I'm actually kinda spoiled.. TLD is one of 3 gaming forums I'm on where this is the case. (The others are Kerbal Space Program and Oolite.)
  7. Actually, a butt-shot counts as a critical hit.. it's my favourite way of taking down deer with the bow. You can sneak up close behind them, wait until they put their head down to graze (this maximises the time it takes for them to realise you're behind them when you stand up), then stand up and take your shot. Most likely one of GELtaz's videos.. he's a bow hunter, par excellence.
  8. question

    And then, when there's only 1 or 2 hours of light left, start running around and around my campsite (or even inside the cabin, if necessary to avoid a wolf), to tire myself out as much as possible before sleeping.. so that I don't wake up fully rested, several hours before daylight arrives. (not to mention, it gets me closer to earning my Free Runner badge!)
  9. Those are just excellent.. almost breaks my heart to point out that there's an 'e' in "journey". I came here after seeing your post about an album in another thread.. great work, sir! Any chance you could post a link to the entire album?
  10. I already do this.. there's no "orienteering skill" needed. In-game, the sun tracks across the sky during the day. Once you know your way around the map(s), all you need to know is the rough time of day (aka hours of daylight remaining), and be able to see the sun (or shadows), and you can easily figure out where North is. That's my standard method of working out what direction I need to move in, any time I don't have any obvious landmarks to go by.
  11. This has happened to me as well, and where I eventually found the hammer was underneath a nearby pile of pallets that I broke down. (And I do mean "underneath".. it wasn't visible at all while the pallets were there.) Had I not needed the wood, I doubt I'd ever have found it.. so just because you can't easily find it, doesn't mean the hammer isn't there. I haven't verified this myself but I read about it in another thread where somebody shot a bear multiple times in the face and it still took a REALLY long time for the bear to die. Somebody made the bleed-out timer reset comment and it seems plausible to me because I watched that wolf bleed for a long time and it was like he came back to life when I shot him with my second arrow... And it still took a really long time for him to die. You may have seen it in the "Is TLD a hunting game?" thread.. it turns out the comment about the bleed-out timer resetting was incorrect. See this post for a better explanation of what's going on. See also the recently updated wiki page on hunting.
  12. You think that's bad, take a look at the water purification tablets. 250 grams for 4 tablets? That means each tablet weighs a whopping 60+ grams (allowing a little for the packaging) yet treats just 1 litre of water. In real life, a box of 50 tablets, that each treat 1 litre, weighs just 18 grams, including packaging. In TLD, 50 tablets would weigh 12.5kg!
  13. To confirm what DarkLightning71 says above, I too have a laptop with Intel HD3000 graphics, and find that TLD runs fine on it. Here are my specs. In my case, as you can see, I have 64MB of dedicated graphics memory (that can't be altered in BIOS), and I find I can run the game full-screen, at the 'Ultra' graphics setting, and consistently get around 14-16 FPS indoors, and around 9-11 FPS outdoors, and occasionally higher. For those used to higher rates, it might not sound a lot, but TLD isn't exactly an action game or online shooter, and it's very playable even at such low frame rates.In fact, when I finally got around to checking my framerate for this post (I've never bothered before), I was kinda shocked how low it actually was, because the game plays quite smoothly, and I've never felt the lack.
  14. Yup.. if anything, the idea that you turned some of their cousins into a bedroll seems to only enrage any bears you may encounter..
  15. As GELtaz has demonstrated several times, to instakill a bear with an arrow, the bear's right eye (ie, the one on your left as you face him) is the spot you need to hit. I've also seen GELtaz instakill a bear with an arrow to the heart.