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  1. Well, I meant 'irrelevant' in the sense that it shouldn't prevent you from quartering a frozen carcass, providing that you have the appropriate tools. As for degradation, it should be the same as what it's always been if you use the hatchet or hacksaw on a frozen carcass.
  2. When it was pointed out how hard it was to see the white "aiming dot" against the snow, Hinterland put a thin black border around it to help it stand out better. It wouldn't be that hard to do the same for the white icons on the screen, surely.
  3. This would be a big part of it, I'm guessing. Objects can easily get buried in snowbanks. Next time you're outdoors with some insignificant items in your inventory, try dropping them anywhere some snow is piled up a little. They'll partially or fully disappear under the snow. If you're lucky, mousing over them might help you find them all again.
  4. There is that.. imagine having to share the available food between 3 or 4 people!
  5. Thanks.. that's good to know. I've never had the privilege of seeing more than one wolf engage a deer simultaneously, so I wasn't sure if/how it might work.
  6. To which I can add; If you need to travel with freshly harvested hides and guts, try to get them cured by even just 1% before you head off.. once curing has begun, even partially cured guts & hide are much less smelly..
  7. Watching a playthrough video of @Hadrian's today, I thought I saw his scent-meter go up a notch when he had been attacked by a wolf. Well, I just had it confirmed in my first-ever Stalker game.. (in the moments before I died.. 2 days and 9 hours in! ) If you're losing blood after being attacked, your scent meter will go up one bar, until you bandage the wound. Just something to be aware of, if there's more wolves around.
  8. In just over 5 weeks from now, you'll be able to find out, firsthand.
  9. I'm looking forward to this...
  10. Best solution of all would be, as numerous people here have suggested, that you should be able to nominate your preferred weapon ahead of time, so that if/when a wolf attack happens, there's no immersion-breaking popup asking what weapon you want to use. Edit: Welcome to the forums, @Knightfox80!
  11. Hmm.. that's another one I hadn't realised yet.. (but then, there's not a lot of cars in ML!) That's going to make life more "interesting", for sure. Thanks for the heads-up.
  12. Intentional yes.. but if you've selected the hatchet or hacksaw, the frozen-ness should be irrelevant.
  13. Of course, it was probably carrying that bait that got their attention in the first place..
  14. "I could lie down right here, have a little sleep..."