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  1. You think that's bad, take a look at the water purification tablets. 250 grams for 4 tablets? That means each tablet weighs a whopping 60+ grams (allowing a little for the packaging) yet treats just 1 litre of water. In real life, a box of 50 tablets, that each treat 1 litre, weighs just 18 grams, including packaging. In TLD, 50 tablets would weigh 12.5kg!
  2. To confirm what DarkLightning71 says above, I too have a laptop with Intel HD3000 graphics, and find that TLD runs fine on it. Here are my specs. In my case, as you can see, I have 64MB of dedicated graphics memory (that can't be altered in BIOS), and I find I can run the game full-screen, at the 'Ultra' graphics setting, and consistently get around 14-16 FPS indoors, and around 9-11 FPS outdoors, and occasionally higher. For those used to higher rates, it might not sound a lot, but TLD isn't exactly an action game or online shooter, and it's very playable even at such low frame rates.In fact, when I finally got around to checking my framerate for this post (I've never bothered before), I was kinda shocked how low it actually was, because the game plays quite smoothly, and I've never felt the lack.
  3. Yup.. if anything, the idea that you turned some of their cousins into a bedroll seems to only enrage any bears you may encounter..
  4. As GELtaz has demonstrated several times, to instakill a bear with an arrow, the bear's right eye (ie, the one on your left as you face him) is the spot you need to hit. I've also seen GELtaz instakill a bear with an arrow to the heart.
  5. I'm playing on an old i5 laptop, specs are: Win7 SP1 64bit, i5-2410M @ 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM, Intel HD3000 graphics. TLD plays beautifully.. no performance related problems are apparent.
  6. Might want to do it naked.. otherwise the cost in torn-up clothing might get expensive..
  7. I seem to recall that something similar happens when you break newspaper down into tinder... And something similar (though not as extreme) happens when you make torches. Reclaimed wood, cloth and kerosene totaling 0.55 kg becomes two torches totaling 0.6 kg.
  8. I don't have a problem with the in-game weight limits.. but some (thankfully, not many) of the items are ridiculously heavy compared to their real-life counterparts.. I mean, 16 water purification tabs, or 120 wooden matches, weighs a kilo? Seriously? Maybe on Jupiter perhaps..
  9. I can confirm this works.. had it happen to me totally accidentally just a couple of hours ago. I slashed just as the wolf pounced, it yelped and ran off.. first wolf attack ever (out of 15 attacks in current game) where I've taken no damage at all. Left me rather stunned, actually.. I can see where getting the timing right would probably take some practice.
  10. It's not too bad if the bear spawns at the Unnamed Pond site, and you're based out of the Trapper's Homestead. You can entice the bear to come after you, then dodge into the Hunter's Blind and shoot him from there (he can't reach you in the blind - although wolves can, so be careful). I try to haul all the meat back to Trapper's in just two trips, even if it means being overburdened by 5-10kg. I store it outside until I have it all back, then pull an all-nighter cooking it all, followed by dumping the meat back outside before collapsing into bed for 8 hours. As mentioned above, it does keep much better outdoors, but only once cooked. Even outside, raw bear meat deteriorates fairly quickly. (Oh yeah, there's also a cave located very close to Trapper's where a bear will spawn occasionally. Much riskier spot to hunt him, though.)
  11. Seconded.. nice pic of the dam, too!
  12. I'd like to see this added for unspent torches.. several times I've gone into rapid-click mode when tossing a dozen or so sticks into the fire, only to accidentally throw my torch in as well!
  13. I second the comments about observing them for a while to work out their regular paths. If you then check the snow in those spots, you'll see faint marks of rabbit tracks. Placing the snares directly over the tracks seems to work best for me.
  14. Looks like a nice place to snipe at wolves from..
  15. Any particular reason for not making a few spare arrowheads while you're there?