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      Rules and Guidelines for the Hinterland Forums   02/24/2016

      The Hinterland Forums strive to be a place that is positive, inclusive, welcoming and comfortable. A community where intelligent, entertaining and meaningful conversations can occur. The rules are presented with these goals in mind. NOTE: Warnings, bans, and lifetime bans are all at the discretion of Hinterland depending on the seriousness of the infraction. Rules and Guidelines for the Hinterland Forums No Backseat Moderating Let the moderators do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the forum rules. If you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the Report () button or simply ignore the offensive post(s), thread, or review. Report Posts to Moderators Should you observe a fellow Community member breaking these rules please report the post or item by clicking flag button located on every item, post, and review. Do not do any of the following: • Flame or insult other members • Bypass any filters • Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) • Bump threads • Derail a thread's topic • Post links to phishing sites • Post spam or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content • Repetitively post in the incorrect forum • Openly argue with a moderator Off-Limit Topics/Replies Do not post any topics/replies containing the following: • Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, or leaked content or anything else not safe for work • Any discussion of piracy will result in a permanent ban from the Hinterland Community including, but not limited to: Cheating, hacking, game exploits • Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke • Posted copyright material such as magazine scans • Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals • Racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination • Abusive language, including swearing • Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads No support will be given to those using cheat tools, or hacked/pirated copies, and any forum users who discuss pirated/pirating software will be removed. Please note that these guidelines may be edited or added to by Hinterland Studio as needed. If there is something you do not agree with, please email info@hinterlandgames.com
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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

      For the latest information on WINTERMUTE (story mode in The Long Dark), as well as details on the final sandbox update prior to our August 1 launch, check out our recent Dev Diary here: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/light-at-the-end/ And while you're there, be sure to have a look at our new FAQ as well: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/frequently-asked-questions/
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      The Long Dark Sandbox **May 2017 Test Branch** [OPT-IN, FORUM PASSWORD, SPOILERS]   05/19/2017

      Hello community, 

      As we did with the December 2016 Sandbox Update, we are implementing a TEST BRANCH for The Long Dark's MAY/JUNE 2017 Update, FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER. This reflects the fact that we have a huge diversity of players on a variety of hardware configurations, and as a small studio we just can’t test them all! 

      The idea here is to provide an early version of the next update, about a week or so before we’d like to launch it officially in the Release branch (i.e. where you are currently getting it), so that we get some extra time to find bugs, crashes, and any other issues before it goes lives for the rest of our community. 
        >>> IF YOU DO NOT OPT-IN TO THE TEST BRANCH, YOU WILL NOT GET IT. I.e. You will not get the Test Branch build "by accident". This should help keep spoilers to a minimum. Here on Official Forums the Test Branch Discussion subforum requires a password to access. The password is: test_branch
      Some details. READ THESE CAREFULLY: 

      * The Test Branch is for STEAM ONLY. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
      * The Test Branch is full of SPOILERS. If you don’t want to see what’s in the next update, stay out of the Test Branch and all its discussions. 
      * The Test Branch is a tool for us to find issues with Work In Progress features. We’re primarily looking for feedback on bugs, crashes, and any major balancing issues. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the appropriate TEST BRANCH sub-forums on Steam and in our Official Community. DO NOT DISCUSS TEST BRANCH FEATURES outside the Test Branch sub-forums. Those posts will be moved or deleted. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the posted bug submission procedures. This will help the development team filter the feedback, eliminate duplicates, and in general ensure we can act on the feedback in a more timely fashion. 

      Our hope is that this new Test Branch process will allow us to ensure we can continue to put out stable Sandbox updates well into the future. 

      We’re very hopeful that the people who choose to opt-in to this Test Branch will approach this as a way to help ensure the updates are as smooth and stable as possible, and not use the Test Branch discussion as a forum to lobby for or against certain features or content. 

      As always, The Long Dark is a community-informed, not community-driven, project. We look forward to enlisting your help in identifying whatever issues we’ve missed in our own internal testing! 

      For more details, please check out the TEST BRANCH discussion forums [SPOILERS!] http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/forum/81-test-branch-spoilers/ (See password info above for access)

      Thank you! 

      The Hinterland Team 


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  1. Just had this bug occur on the summit of Timberwolf Mountain, while playing Hopeless Rescue Challenge, on the latest build.
  2. Tthey wouldn't do this chronically, as eyesite simply doesn't work this way. However, my understanding was that when attacking another ship, it made a lot of sense. You'd be fighting above board in full daylight, and then go below decks into barely lit spaces, against sailors who had been waiting below the whole time. You can't afford to take 5 minutes for your eyes, to adjust, so they'd use the eye patch to keep one eye ready to see in the darkness below.
  3. Last I checked (just a few weeks ago), a LOT of the info in the wiki was wrong. Certainly most of the values in the new clothing system were totally off.
  4. Storing meats indoors is your trouble. They keep for significantly longer, when left outside in the cold. Even just dropping them on the ground outside is fine. I can't remember if they last even longer when stored outdoors in a container. Small note - the hatch in the mountaineering hut is considered "outdoors", for this purpose.
  5. One thing that you can do is write your own maps in your journal. They're pretty rough, but you can put whatever you feel you need in them. And though it might be a little finicky, it can feel like a pretty cool bit of self reliance. For example, when I was first exploring FM, I sketched this out to try and find my way around to the key features (this is from memory, so might be inaccurate):
  6. It seems that since the update that makes timberwolf mountain more rugged, some of the new natural beauty has cut off access to one of the climbing ropes. I climbed down it fine, but that dropped me on a ledge that I had to hop off of. And I can't hop back up, or reach the rope. I think the co-ordinates are x=1500, y=1300. Here's a screen shot as well.
  7. That's a super sweet achievement run!
  8. Botulinum comes from crappy canned food, and turns out to be BY FAR the most lethal substence we know of! Although I'd be OK with a condition gain, as you should kill some forms of bacteria by boiling.
  9. Reviving an ancient topic, but if you're interested in stories of winter survival, I highly recommend Shamen, by Kim Stanley Robinson. Takes place during the ice age, and is a fantastic look at how people survived, before the agricultural revolution. Well written and engaging story, to boot!
  10. It's somewhat tricky. The big key that I found was that it REALLY forces you to change your playstyle (assuming you tend to play it somewhat safe). But it turns out that you can push yourself to travel a LOT farther than you might in a game that you've been at for weeks, and want to be sure to stay alive in. For instance, in a regular game, it would generally take me a couple days to get from starting in the trapper's homestead to the carter hydro dam. I'd probably spend the night nice and safe in the camp office. But in this challenge, since you really don't have much choice, you should be able to get from the homestead all the way to the radio tower in Pleasant Valley, without even really treating things like a speed run. Stopping to nap and warm up in a few spots, naturally. You also don't have to worry about consuming your resources, so to do something like get up timberwolf mountain, go right ahead and use Adrenalin shots to get up climbing ropes that you'd be too tired to climb otherwise. Don't hesitate to crack a flare to keep wolves away. Good luck with it! It's a tough'un, but it's damn fun!
  11. Just curious if there's a way to turn on a feat badge, in the game you unlocked it in. I just spent my 250th hour researching, and would love to get that 10% bonus in the game I'm currently playing. When I pause the game, it shows the other badge that I have activated (previously unlocked), but not the one I just got. Thanks!
  12. Various breeds of husky would not be uncommon in a place like Great Bear Island, and they'd even probably be used as work dogs! That means that for inventory, it should be possible to find or make a dog pack - basically a set of saddlebags. I've got some for my Newfoundland dog (another breed that can survive in the winter cold), and he can easily/safely carry 10 kg of groceries with them on. Here's a picture of one wearing a pack:
  13. suggestion

    I feel like the current descriptions already help with that. Beyond that, I just do the math. By which I mean, when you look at a piece of clothing, you can infer its fully repaired stats from it's condition and current stats. Example (made up numbers, as I don't remember the real ones off the top of my head): You have an urban parka, at 72%. It provides you 1.1 degree of wind protection, and 1.4 of warmth. You then find an expedition parka, at 27%. It provides 0.8 degrees of each. If you're reasonably comfortable with math, you can look at that and estimate that your urban parka maxes out at 1.5/2.0, and the expedition parka maxes at 3.0/3.0. (The estimation is made easier by knowing that you're always ending up with an answer in half degrees). If you aren't comfortable with that kind of estimation, you can use a calculator to divide the bonus by the condition. So 0.8/0.27 ~ 3.0, after rounding. But after you've done it a few times, you'll probably find it easy to do the math in your head anyway.
  14. The parasites are the worst. Suddenly, despite wandering around and going about your day, with a just small condition penalty, you can't read for 10 days.
  15. Yeah, I found a way around. But my objection is that it looks exactly like a crossing. In the exact same map you use a tree to cross a gap between two cliffs. It seems like a good idea that either you should be able to cross this one, or it shouldn't be there.