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  1. The parasites are the worst. Suddenly, despite wandering around and going about your day, with a just small condition penalty, you can't read for 10 days.
  2. Yeah, I found a way around. But my objection is that it looks exactly like a crossing. In the exact same map you use a tree to cross a gap between two cliffs. It seems like a good idea that either you should be able to cross this one, or it shouldn't be there.
  3. It doesn't move (that would involve more resources than it's worth, I think). And it definitely looked like it was placed there as a way across the ice.
  4. I was somewhat surprised today when I was walking on a downed tree, and suddenly was told that I'd fallen through the ice. There are a bunch of places in the game where you can use a downed tree to cross empty air, or to get over something, so it seemed very strange that if it's corssing a river, you somehow fall through the ice underneath. Is this a bug, or an unintentional behaviour? As always, I greatly appreciate all the fantastic work that you guys do!
  5. Previously, I found the weight restriction to be a system I had to carefully manage, and it worked for me. The new huge weight of clothes makes it pretty tough, but maybe I've just been greedy with what I wear. I haven't yet had much chance to play with protection and wetness, but they seem like a solid addition. I'd love to see a better backpack added, and have that add 5Kg to your carry weight, as a better pack can make it a lot easier to carry the same amount of stuff. Or, as many people have pointed out, the ability to make a sled. It would slow you down a fair bit, but you could make a big trip to move a bunch of your gear across half a zone. Or it could be a good option when going out on a hunting trip...
  6. So, I've only tried it once so far, but apparently getting mauled to death by the bear counts as winning? I died 23 hours in, when I missed my 6th or so shot on the bugger, and got murdered. And now I've got the feat for completing the challenge. Am I supposed to get that feat, or is there supposed to be a different end game? Who's tried this yet?
  7. I have gotten sick on 60% fresh peanut butter, multiple times. It is a great sadness.
  8. In Newfoundland, we generally refer to them as speed bumps. There are over 400 moose accidents a year, on an island with only half a million people... The damn things are practically invisible at night. Light just doesn't reflect off their coats properly.
  9. I've seen some other great ones posted in other threads as well! I'm starting to think that we might eventually need a community challenge topic board.
  10. Seeing how many days you could survive like that sounds like a fun challenge!
  11. It actually ignored those launch options. However, I was able to fix it, eventually. I disabled the portrait monitor, and reloaded the game. It was still in portrait mode, but things had shifted a bit, and I was able to change the resolution through the menu again. I think now that I've got it set up, it won't break again when I re-enable that monitor. Thanks for the help though!
  12. So, after doing some modification on my PC to support 3 monitors, I immediately was excited to fire up TLD again. Not because of three monitors, but because I'd been without a computer for several days. Unfortunately, the game started on my portrait mode monitor. I managed to get it to start up on my actual primary monitor instead. But the game hasn't noticed. It is now stuck permanently in portrait mode. I went to the options window to adjust the resolution, but every resolution is a horizontal one - 1000 x 1200, 1080 x 1920, etc. Worse yet, I tried another one, to see what would happen. It changed the resolution, and now I'm stuck with it. Why? Because with the new resolution, the OK button is no longer on my portrait mode screen, so I can't change it back! Here's a screen shot, to show what I mean: If I could get any assistance on how to get the game running on good ol' 1920 x 1200, it would be greatly appreciated!
  13. If I found a piano in TLD, I honestly wouldn't be able to scrap it.
  14. I've found it a bit hard to know where to look for things in the forums. I've accidentally posted a couple topics that were repeats, because I didn't find my question when i browsed or searched for something like it, but then later discovered that my exact question had been answered previously.
  15. I have yet to find a single book, other than the ones that are just firewood. Are the books present in the Challenge modes? I didn't find any while doing Whiteout or Nomad. In regular sandbox, I've only most of one region on my old save since the update came out, so I might have just not happened upon any there.