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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

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  1. They have a very real upside of wolves not tending to go out in them. So if you know where you're going, and can handle getting cold, they're a great time to move meat and guts or hides.
  2. I've always assumed that you had a pot on you, due to your ability to boil water.
  3. The water one threw me for a bit, when I started playing. It took me quite a while to realize that I could harvest tinder from sticks, or even from newspapers. So I had to rely on what tinder I could find, from newspapers in houses (just burning them as is), and tinder plugs from cutting limbs. Which was dangerous, without the clothes or experience to survive outdoors. Birch bark wasn't yet a thing, and I didn't yet know that you could get both food and tinder from cattails. Not being able to use Old Man's Beard was a big surprise, as it was always our go to fire-starter in scouts!
  4. Holy crap, that seems to have worked!! Because the file was older, it doesn't have all my progress, but it's much MUCH better than starting over! Thanks!
  5. I can confirm that uninstalling and reinstalling didn't resolve it. Might there be any sort of manual update that could work? Or even a way to take the feats that are active in my current run through, and restore them to my user file?
  6. What about the file user001.cfg, found in TheLongDarkNoSync? Is that something useful? It's dated a month older then the other user001 file!
  7. OK, thanks, I'll try that.
  8. Sigh.... It took me so long to complete all those feats....
  9. No luck finding a backup, at least locally. I presume that Steam Cloud would have helpfully saved my corrupted version over top of my working version? And that it doesn't keep any kind of version history?
  10. Update - the feats that I had turned on for my current play-through are still turned on! But it's still claiming that I don't have any of them done. When I first launched the game in this state, it had the update "!" mark on feats, and challenges, clearly thinking that I'd never even looked at either.
  11. Similar to another discussion going on, but I had a tragedy occur last night. As I entered a cabin, my computer simply turned off. I've recently moved, and haven't really set up my office yet, so my desktop is sitting on the floor. Poor thing overheated. I fired up the Long Dark today, and discovered that while me current playthough is still there, I have zero progress on all my feats, and no history of having completed all the challenge modes. Anyone know of a way that I can restore this? Steam cloud? Anything? I would REALLY hate to have to redo all of the bloody feats....
  12. I distinctly remember having to look out for wolves right outside the camp office, but not having to anymore. They are very nearby, on both the lake, and on the tracks. But unless I am carrying meat, I've been 100% safe, stepping out either door.
  13. While I look at all the stats, I'm primarily concerned with warmth, weight, and encumbrance. So I'll often wear wool mittens, and thin wool sweaters, despite having significantly warmer clothes. The light weight to reasonable warmth bonus is just too good. Footwear is tough, as any footwear that will protect you at all from the weather is heavy. It also kind of irks me that wind protection doesn't do anything, except on the outer layer. It's unintuitive, makes clothing items often much less useful than they appear, and is highly unrealistic. I live in a very windy place, and any protection between you and the wind, at any layer, is helpful.
  14. Wow! That really changes things...
  15. I once ducked out of reality through a crack in the train tunnel to... I think it was Forlorn Muskeg? Might have been to Coastal Highway, but I don't think so.