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  1. If you buy a Radeon r7-250 or Geforce GT730, both 1 or 2GB GDDR5 (forget DDR3!) you'll be amazed. (If you have at least 400W PSU, you can opt for a Geforce GT740 as well.) And then, you can buy a entry-level laptop (for work you need it, I don't know). So you'll have 2 machines, a laptop for work and a PC for TLD or other games. Don't expect too much from these cards, but TLD will run OK. Here come the use cases: #1 The new VGA card will cost you "x" amount. The new laptop will cost you "y" amount. #2 You buy a gamer-like laptop, and you sell your current PC, the whole will cost you in the end "z" amount. IF "x+y < z" maybe #1 is for you. If not, or the difference is marginal, you should go for #2. Hints: 1. Today's typical screen resolution of laptops is 1366*768. At this res a better IGP of today is more than enough for TLD, namely Intel Core i3-6100H, i3-6167U, i5-6200U, i5-6260U roughly in this order (prices I mean). And here we don't talk about dedicated VGA in the laptop. 2. In case you find a suitable priced laptop saying "Core i3(whatever version)+8GB RAM+Geforce 850M-2GB GDDR5", this could be your option too. Avoid AMD mobile VGA. (Here you can find more info: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-840M.105681.0.html - right side coloumn for browsing different laptop vga specs.) 3. As for laptop, if you can afford, choose one with SSD. It'll be much faster than traditional HDD and consumes less power. 4. I play in FHD, lowest details. Higher details mean (among many goodies) that there's more grass, and I often don't recognize sticks, rabbits, even wolves! Good luck!
  2. Na, kipróbáltam magyarul (eddig sosem néztem, mindent automatikusan angolul játszok... ) Máris találtam hibát, illetve lenne javaslatom. Nem tudom, ide írjam-e, vagy a Steamre? Amúgy tényleg jó érzés magyarul látni a játékot!
  3. Szia Kornél! Tök véletlen, hogy most erre jártam, és megláttam az ötleted. Támogatom, besegítenék.
  4. If you could specify your current computer, I'd say maybe the change of only one part of it would be enough. I saw some rigs running the game, it's not the type that requires top CPU/VGA/etc. (The weakest computer was: Pentium G4500/8GB DDR4 RAM/128GB SSD. It used the Skylake IGP, and went smooth 1920*1080, lowest settings.)
  5. You are right. Thinking of it, I experienced this only once or twice. But the point is, that I don't believe even full-fur clothing would be enough in that case. I made a rough calculation some days ago, and found, that animal clothing is superior by around 10C compared to my present clothing. And this is simply not enough, neither in open caves.
  6. Everything degrades pretty fast in Interloper, being used or not. Before I found my working boots I'm wearing currently, I had trail boots, and I kept them, wasn't sure which one to use. They were in around 95% condition, roughly on day 30. I forgot about them, now checked: 68%, day 109. I won't calculate daily degradation, but experienced the same with normal bedroll, when it was laying untouched in a drawer for couple of weeks. Edit: Sandbox v.393
  7. I have "normal" clothing, nothing special, but I am always around +5/+11 in any open caves. Interloper, 109 days. (I gave the name "open cave" to those, that can not be explored, according to TLD gameplay convention.) In details: 1 working boots/2 wool socks/2 thermal underwears/1 jeans/1 combat pants/2 sweatshirts/1 normal parka/1 ski jacket/1 canadian toque/1 wool scarf/1 working gloves.
  8. You're right, but if Robinson (the most famous survivor so far ) could make it with limited resources, we can make it as well. Think it over: I believe, the game's purpose can't be, or at least shouldn't be, "how many time will pass before you die of cold or starvation/etc" because no one ever will start up the game. It's like the casino-games, where you know you're not allowed to win, so you don't play. Instead, "where is the point you could consider yourself winner". From this point of view the current gameplay lacks many natural opportunities (e.g. flint-stones for fire making after you run out of matches, etc). On the other hand, the current gameplay is unbalanced. After several weeks of Interloper I started a Pilgrim game. First I was feared that I cheat some ways, unintentionally, because in -30C I could effortless walk through a region without freezing, so I would say in different game modes you get weaker and weaker characters, worse and worse physics, chemistry, etc.
  9. Don't pile up so many animal food. Eveything that can be degrade in the game, does it extremly fast in Interloper, even if you place the cooked food out in the snow, in -40C. Things that don't degrade will last forever here as well. I would advise you to make more fishing tackles, I have some 20+.
  10. I got an intentional encounter with fluffy in the upper dam (wanted to loot lower dam). I was 100% and equipped with a forged knife and after the fight I left with 25% condition. So carefully with the wolf fights!
  11. Well, I'm pretty much developed in every areas, but I can't tell how many fires I started or how many meals I cooked, etc. in total, or where were the points I advanced onto new levels.
  12. One notice: Now that I'm looking the pictures, the phenomenon is not very disturbing. In motion, and I mean the gameplay of course, it feels worse somehow.
  13. Hi, Sorry, my real-life work distracted me from the gameplay. So, here they are. I'm in CinderHills Coal Mine now, tried to shoot about the same path every time. (At some other places, especially in the caves at TWM it's a bit worse, I really don't know why.) Obviously, where you can't see the lightsources, those pictures are when I'm running.
  14. It depends on what game mode you're playing in, too. E.g. in Interloper your cooked fish will decrease some 20% in 4-5 days, storing it outside, in -20C. In pilgrim it ”needs” around 2-3 weeks, and the outside temp is -5C. And so on. From this point of view, I think the gameplay is simply unbalanced.
  15. Well, Interloper is very punishing and you need an extreme amount of luck to make it till you can make your first fishing equipments. From that on,it gets a bit easier, after around day 40-60 comes the nearly permanent blizzard/snowstorm, when you think it twice to make a bigger journey (e.g. to another region). I made some 30 runs, and made only 3times to reach my "30th day" birthday :-)