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  1. I think guaranteed matches are found in FM because that's the zone you started in (same for DP, PV, TWM). I found matches in a Mystery Lake fishing hut once -- and never again. But between a magnifier and a firestriker ML is actually pretty good for fire starting. Anyway when I get an Interloper start in FM, I loot the FM matches before heading to ML.
  2. @Drifter Man I like the new plan. It'll be interesting to see how it works out for you. Question about your stick map: you don't go up the path toward PV? I often get many of my sticks there when I'm staying at the Mountaineer's hut. I typically just go straight there on a day the middle yellow zone is still repawning. I think you could do it within your "freezing budget" but I haven't timed it.
  3. There are a few possible spots for a firestarter in Mystery Lake on Interloper. I don't end up in Mystery Lake often on Interloper but I can't recall a run where I failed to find a firestarter there. Usually a magnifer too. Matches seem more rare in ML.
  4. Wow, this is huge! I haven't found it to be so, but some folks swear by it. I use them when traveling and they do seem to delay distant wolves from charging. But when a wolf is closely tracking me I use the torch to light a campfire ASAP, before it can burn or blow out. When the wolf flees from the campfire, I grab a fresh torch from the fire and try to break contact. I laughed out loud.
  5. RiP Snowball! 30 days is great though. Build a campfire? I would have done that halfway to the carcass, scare the wolf off, pull a torch and build another fire at the carcass. Far more reliable than a distress pistol shell (which can miss) or a torch (which doesn't scare off the wolf unless you chuck it at him perfectly -- it only holds him off while it's in your hand). I haven't practiced the stone throwing thing much but I've learned it can attract the wolf to you if you are too close. I think throwing from very far away while crouched is the best bet.
  6. I've followed GELtaz for a while and I always enjoy his videos. Yesterday's is good overall too. But there's this thing he does at 12:13 that just blew my mind. I'm not here to spam or spoiler you guys with videos so here's a link to it instead: https://youtu.be/CNsStheEMnA?t=733. The amazing part is just one minute long, if you care to check it out. THIS GAME... omg!
  7. Yep, the container not the wooden crates.
  8. It's great to have you back @Drifter Man, I love your writing style. And your crazy challenges. Breaking down your hammer to make fishing tackle for sewing... now that is a true survival tradeoff! Thumbs up! Definitely try the crate at Deer Crossing -- I've been lucky there with clothes before. I'm rooting for Snowball 41.
  9. Yep. Well thanks to whoever figured it out, and GELtaz for an awesome demo video then. And GIGANTIC thanks to Hinterland for this sort of gameplay. Wow!
  10. Thanks. Sounds like it's a new thing with Faithful Cartographer then.
  11. Yep, that one made me laugh. Just curious: prior to the new rock throwing mechanic, how did you distract wolves?
  12. Thanks for the detailed perspective @SnowWalker. I'm a space nerd so tbh I'd be tempted if all I could do was walk around.
  13. Doh I must have missed those threads. I have more hours than I care to admit into the game (and this forum), and I never knew this trick.
  14. I just watched a YouTube video and I'm just not sure. I don't mind the walking or routine/ repetitive tasks -- to me that's just life in inhospitable places. But the gameplay seems to include a LOT of time interacting with numbers on screens and that part I'm not so fond of. So I put it on my watch list for today -- Summer Sale starts tomorrow, right?
  15. sounds interesting!
  16. I typically come across two magnifying lens in an Interloper sandbox. There's often one in the zone you start in, plus another in ML. And maybe another in one of the other interloper starting zones.
  17. Nope they've been fleeing from fire quite reliably for many months. Maybe more than a year.
  18. Or simply pass time in the bedroll (or a bed) to warm up - sleep optional. And spending the entire hour warming is definitely optional. Mag lens is quite reliable if you are willing to stockpile a few days of cooked food and water. Just plan ahead a little bit and save the matches for emergencies. And travel... although torches make even travel less reliant on matches. Same for me, when I'm in a region with lots of shelters. Hot drinks give the greatest benefit when you are fully warmed up and headed out into the cold. But I do stop to build a fire, warm up and make hot drinks outdoors when I'm traveling in areas without a convenient fixed-temp shelter.
  19. I don't bother with max warmth clothing in interloper, too heavy! And I never get cabin fever risk either. My solution is to hang in places with enough warm buildings that I can nip inside and pass time for a few minutes to warm up (Esc is my best friend!), then back outside to resume outdoor chores.
  20. I wonder how much the new first aid alerts have done to help people avoid this situation. It was easy to miss the "hey, you have cabin fever risk" alert before. Now you get an entire game day of yellow symbol nagging before developing actual cabin fever to figure out how to spend some time outdoors. And it seems like the forum chatter about cabin fever (including reddit and steam) is way down, despite a lot of posts from new players. IMO the biggest flaw with Cabin Fever is the penalty: can't sleep indoors. It works to get people outside but it causes many players to guess wrong about when they must be outside. They think must sleep outside. And that's rarely the case if you deal with the risk instead of waiting for the full blown cabin fever to develop. But even if you fix that cabin fever still an all-downside system. I'd prefer one that's more carrot and less stick.
  21. Looks close enough in my book, even with the hour of pass time -- thanks. Anecdotally (since I didn't actually measure), I didn't notice a big difference until "in the red" for food or rest.
  22. Do you remember the condition of the meat and meat bags? The meat should still hang around at 0%, but I'm not sure about the meat bags. Also, what difficulty are you playing on? The rate of decay varies by difficulty.
  23. @Timber Wolf Nice tests -- thanks for sharing. A couple questions: 1. Edit: Never mind, figured it out 2. What level of rest did your character have? 3. What level of hunger did your character have? These last two might be quite important. Based on hints from support in your similar thread on test_branch, I did a little indirect testing being well fed and rested while looking for steps to reproduce struggle bugs. My effectiveness during the struggle seemed noticeably better, for what it's worth.
  24. It does. Usually there are quite a few rabbit spawns in a zone so if you are willing to travel a little it's not a big issue. But that's harder in FM than most regions due to the lack of shelter.
  25. I worry about bit about the negative impact on gameplay. Is it good for the game that you never need to kill any other animal besides __________ (fill in the blank with your favorite animal to kill)? By requiring different animal types you might actually have to go searching for that deer, especially late game when spawns get sparse. Can't just cheese it by picking up 30 tiny pieces of meat and let the smell-o-meter's Spell of Wolf Summoning bring pelts to your doorstep. It also motivates new players to try new parts of the game. Lots of players are reluctant to kill their first bear but eventually do it because they want to craft the coat or bedroll. And when they do, they are thrilled by the experience. That's great gameplay IMO.