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  1. Ooh that might be it.
  2. Graphaloper?
  3. Oh I like this. I don't have the gaming time to do this type of challenge but I always enjoy reading about them. How much mapping are you able to do?
  4. I also could not interact with Jeremiah after turning in the ear. It seems like a bug. Re the box:
  5. Hatchet is generally regarded as the best option for wolves. It does fast damage, so the wolf departs faster and there's usually less damage to you and your clothes. Knife kills the wolf too, of course, but it struggles with you for a bit longer. Your tool has a small chance to break during a weapon struggle -- more likely the lower the condition. On topic, I think I found a knife somewhere in episode 1, but I can't remember where. Maybe that house up on the hill on the opposite side of the road (and town) from the Old Mother's?
  6. And fighting off wolves. Also, the starting condition of the hatchets varies, so he may have just gotten a crappy one to start with.
  7. Bean bunnies with a rock then bring them to the Old Mother's house. That way you can harvest the meat with your bare hands in a warm spot. You can also harvest the deer corpses she marked on your map with your bare hands, but you'll need to build a fire next to them to thaw them out first. + Cattails. There is a second hatchet, but it may not appear in the world until further on in the story. I think your best bet is to keep going without.
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Bingo -- this seems to be the trick. I was passing time through the nights in 1 hour increments so I wouldn't miss the Aurora. So I tried sleeping a couple hours into the night and woke to the aurora & Methusela. Phew! Pretty tired atm, so I'll try to finish this off tomorrow. Thanks so much for the hint!
  10. Well, damn. Sure hope I'm not bugged again... it's taken such a long time to get to this point. I guess I'll try the control room door itself but that seems pretty unlikely. Will already did that in the cutscene, would we have to do it again?
  11. what is supposed to happen? I didn't know anything was amiss, other than this taking a loooong time.
  12. I touched the elevator button and got the mission updated notification. I have slept since then, during the day in one of the trailers by the dam. I've been staying up all night in the junk-strewn yard in front of the dam to watch for Methusela and the Aurora. Nada.
  13. No Methuselah in my world yet. Did I miss a step? I'm definitely on the "enter the dam at night during an Aurora" step of the story, and Jeremiah has nothing more to say to me.
  14. The wolves brought the meat to me... I didn't even have to hunt really.
  15. I just ate wolf during that. TG there's delivery to all parts of ML.
  16. Yep I pushed the button and got the mission updated thingie, but no change to the journal. No aurora yet, either, after 3 more nights. I'll keep trying.
  17. Thanks for the insight. I've been camped outside the dam for quite a few days now... no aurora. I'll try touching the elevator.
  18. Have you ever scared a wolf with one? If it didn't scare the wolf, how close were you when you switched the flashlight on? The story implies that, as an electric light, the flashlight should scare wolves. I've been lugging one around with me but I haven't had an aurora + wolf to test it. A few people on reddit are saying the flashlight is ineffective to scare wolves but without providing situational details. (For example, flares, torches and campfires are all ineffective if you light it after the wolf is charging.) Has anyone tested this? I'm trying to decide if my flashlight is worth keeping...
  19. THIS seems likely to be what the quest was designed to have you do. Great tip!
  20. EDIT: more detail, since my original response was late at night and sort of terse. Sorry about that. I think there are a lot of factors that influence whether a predator attacks or flees. You show a simple case with just one factor in play: visual proximity. Good test, actually, but it doesn't prove that wolves always flee. Other factors seem to include: Whether you've engaged the animal by shooting it Pointing a rifle or bow at the animal Whether you are an attractive target: low condition, injured, exhausted, overburdened Whether you are more attractive due to smell -- bleeding or carrying meat Whether the animal animal has already engaged you (charge!) Which game mode (Pilgrim, Voyageur, etc). This seems to influence the presence and intensity of the AI behaviors listed above Special story scripting, as for the Old Bear in the story. This seems to override the AI behaviors we see in the sandbox In the case of the sandbox wolf who treed me, several of the above factors were in play. It was interloper, I had 3 smelly bars of meat on me, I was low condition, had a sprained wrist and, as usual with interloper, headed for hypothermia. I honestly don't know which factors influenced that particular wolf not to flee, but he didn't. I don't know which factors caused the story bear to relentless try to reach me on the shelf after I'd shot him, but he didn't flee. But I'm seeing more here than can be explained by where an animal can path.
  21. Thanks @dmbjt and @Pablo the Argentinian -- I'll check it out
  22. ^Either this, or a bad turn of events. Hats aren't super critical on most difficulties but the Frostbite timer starts fast on Interloper. Without a hat, Frostbite would be very hard to avoid. I spent 125 days of a 135-day interloper run hanging at the beach in DP. Beachcombing brought me enough cloth, metal, and saplings to stay ahead of my needs -- with care. Firewood too, but gathering sticks and coal the usual way was easier and less risky. It brought me plenty of meds and an occasional fish for lamp oil too. But never a hat that wasn't already ruined.
  23. I think a much better way to put is "not interesting to me." I think a lot of the story is relevant to folks who have personally experienced some of the hardships it depicts: a job lost to a changing economy, divorce, the death of a close loved one. I didn't mind the tasks for the NPCs either, and enjoyed it quite a bit in some parts. I've been in the "Trust" situation in real life, sort of, joining a tiny, remote community in Alaska and having to earn my place in it by working. Seems credible enough to me. Whether it makes for generally fun gameplay is a valid question, however.
  24. I guess we differ on the "rules" about whether shooting from such a spot is legit in Hinterland's book. Maybe @Patrick Carlson will weigh in. For example, I've seen dozens of videos and screenshots over the years of folks shooting a bear through a broken window on the farmhouse porch and I'm sure Hinterland has too. Personally I think it's "by-design", else they could have plugged the hole cheaply by just adding an invisible wall. Sure doesn't seem arbitrary! During the story the bear didn't "activate flee mode" because it couldn't reach my ledge, It continued to try to reach me. I had to fear it away using the distress pistol before I could progress the story. I had a similar experience recently with a wolf in my Interloper sandbox... it treed me and wouldn't give up. I invite you to test it yourself, the AI seems smarter than in the past.
  25. Interesting perspective. If I were in this situation in real life I would absolutely try to find a spot where I could shoot the bear but he could not reach me. It honestly never occurred to me that the game didn't intend for us to climb down rocks or shoot from unreachable spots. In fact, spots like hunter's blinds and the porch of the PV farmhouse seem specifically designed to allow this. I do agree that the bear in this particular quest seems over the top. The agro range was incredible. Even so it was hard to get a shot off when he charges for such long distances. I think it would benefit from being toned down to The Hunted levels.