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  1. I think so. When you wander to a new area sometimes the game decides to spawn some wolves for you there. But they stop to howl when they first appear,
  2. @mattyboi Try a different sandbox, I bet it solves the problem. I know it's tough to give up on a sandbox you've invested some time into, but the Super Sprain Bug experience is not fun, while the game itself is quite fun otherwise. Most of the time for most of the players, actually, since the bug is rare. BTW, this was the very first issue I reported here, about 500 posts ago. I got told it wasn't a real issue, but even after all my experience with the game since then (about 1200 hours) I still believe it's real bug. Just super rare.
  3. From a gameplay perspective, I don't think it's fun to have the bedroll destroyed so easily. The bear bedroll decays so fast there's already a huge investment for upkeep. Having animal attacks ignore your investment in protective clothes to one-shot the bedroll first just feels cheap. Clothes should go first, and the bedroll take damage only if the player is naked, or has clothing with no protection. IMO.
  4. I'm one of those people who has had a Spraintastic sandbox. Three total, as a matter of fact, in about 250 sandboxes. My guess is that it's a super unlucky "roll" at time the sandbox is created, or maybe a bug. Either way, in my experience this particular sandbox will experience ridiculously frequent sprains forever. I suffered through my first one for about 200 days before giving up on it. But my next sandbox experienced sprains at a normal rate using a dramatically less careful playstyle (I could turn without coming to a full stop first!). The next 50 sandboxes also experienced sprains at a normal rate. Now, if I get several sprains early in a sandbox doing low risk stuff as described in the OP I delete the sandbox immediately, and reroll. The Spraintastic ones just aren't worth my time.
  5. Magnifying glass + sunshine. The trick (esp on Interloper) is having a stockpile of cooked food and water so you can wait a few days for the sun to shine.
  6. I agree the tight time window for maintenance isn't fun. But it takes more than 2 days for it to go below 70% (where cloth is needed), and I make a point of repairing every day or two. On my lnterloper game my snow shelter is about 100 days old now and I've never used cloth to repair it, only sticks. BTW, cloth is renewable. In that same Interloper game I get 2 pieces per week, on average, from beach combing.
  7. I don't think you can directly rotate items for placement. What you can do is drop them on the ground and move your character so you pick them up from a better angle.
  8. Yikes, not good. This is at the rope attachment point that's between the Mountaineer's Hut from the closest loading-screen cave, right? I've been slightly stuck here a couple times, but not so deep as you appear to be. I think I backtracked toward the rope (or where it would be if installed) and got out both times. The only thing I can suggest is to trying crouching, and then see if you can find a way to wiggle out while crouched. I've been stuck a few times elsewhere in the world and usually was able to wriggle out, especially crouched. Just have to be super patient and try every direction. Paging @Support so they can help you get this logged as a bug.
  9. I've had a few. Charged by a mama moose... fortunately she broke off pretty quickly (phew) Had bears raid my camp and one stopped right outside me bitty tent to sniff around. It was a really hot night so I didn't have a fly on the tent, man he looked huge close up. Had a redwood fall over while out hiking in a rainstorm in the coastal california mountains. It fell straight toward me but was about 10m too short to hit me (phew again). I lost a boot during a similar hike while fording the umteenth flooded creek of the day. I'd gotten too lazy to tie them together and slipped, dropping one boot. It landed upright and zipped off down the stream like a little boat. The last muddy, slippery 10km of that hike I did with one boot. The most "real" survival experience was a day hike with my 72 yr old dad. We'd climb a 1000m foothill near Denali -- more like a big mound of scree than a hill, actually. And then a rain squall came up. Quite suddenly, and so strong the rain drove through my hiking pants, ran down my legs and filled my boots inside just a couple minutes. It also turned the little map we'd gotten from the lodge into a useless wad of wood pulp, lol. We emptied our boots and tried to to find the trail back down... slippery scree is bad footing for an old guy, so it was slow going. We never found the trail. We ended up descending the hill by launching ourselves from one alder bush down into the next. When we got down the creek -- which had been a trickle earlier -- was now a waste high torrent. So I showed my dad how to grab each other's belts and crossed, 72 yr old slo-mo speed (more slippery rocks on the creek bed). And just to make it even better, about the time we got halfway across the folks at the lodge on the far side chased a black bear out of camp. It ran straight for us. We shouted our heads off and it turned at the last second (phew). Anyway, the folks at the lodge were super happy to see us since we were several hours overdue, I think they were planning a search party when we turned up. My small mistake that almost cost us: not putting the map in a ziplock. I do that for backpacking but this was just a day hike so I got lazy.
  10. @Jolan Yikes, that's bad! I have 1200 hours into the game (PC) and several 50-100 day stretches where I used the snow shelter and I've never seen it. I wonder what causes it.
  11. This was a good read, thanks for sharing. I've never considered -- for lack of a better word -- roleplaying a particular survivor who thinks differently than you, but I can see how it makes for a pretty engaging way to play the game. Think I'll try it! I'd love something like this too. Even if it's an extra last page in the same journal we can export that shows a more detailed account of the final 24 hours, using the stuff they already track. Location, animal attacks, injuries, afflictions, condition, cause of death, etc..
  12. Glitch? Can you elaborate? I use one a lot (daily on my current Interloper) and I don't know about this.
  13. I agree. Once you are comfy it's oddly more boring than Voyageur or Stalker where your clothes are equal to the weather so you can explore, or just do something spontaneous.
  14. I'm averaging about 1650 kcal/day for the first 100 days. I don't trap rabbits currently because I have a lot of food. But I made a lot of rabbit chips on my way to cooking 5 -- that's one thing fishing makes easier. And yeah, summit. I've been starting either in PV or TWM and going to the summit in the first couple days. Makes for a good start!
  15. The whacky thing is that I have another 50 days of both meat and water stockpiled already, plus 600 sticks and 150 coal. And I'm not working hard... only 32% of the world map uncovered and most days are quite leisurely. I have a 50+ day run on ML and another on CH where I mostly fished and the hunting-not-fishing way seems much easier. Far less time and condition lost to gathering fuel. And matches. I've used 1 match in the past 50 days.
  16. I'm using a showshelter in a lee in my current Interloper game -- it's awesome! I'm about 100 days in and I've never FISHED (because I'm off the beaten path) nor had cabin fever. *hugs snow shelter*
  17. Another tip in a spoiler
  18. Day 45 is quite good for a first Interloper run. I died horribly a few times before I got the hang of it. I have a tip for one of the issues you mention in your post. I'll put it in a spoiler in case you prefer to figure it out for yourself.
  19. I strongly feel all the ailments should be in Interloper. Whether cabin fever is a worthwhile ailment as currently implemented is a different discussion (and a frequent one!). This is a good thread to check out: As I said in that thread, I personally feel cabin fever is a "too much stick, not enough carrot" approach to forcing us to meet the game's challenges (most of which are outside). I don't want to discourage your feedback on the design of Cabin Fever. But if you'd like practical tips on how to avoid it given the current state of the game, just ask.
  20. This is #1 wish for the sandbox as a mostly Interloper player.
  21. With respect, I don't agree with dumbing down Interloper. It's supposed to hard. It's supposed to reward game knowledge, including knowing exactly how you contract the various ailments and how to avoid them.
  22. This was an interesting read, thanks. Having spent several years myself in very cold temps and wilderness areas, there are game mechanics that still feel "off" to me too -- even after many hours of play. You mention the continually (and unrealistically) shifting wind, that's certainly one of them. Another is the preposterous ratio of predators to prey. Both of these feel fake to me, contrived. But it's a game and I accept that a successful game is not the most realistic one, but the one that best accommodate the needs of gamers. And many gamers don't have any real life wilderness or survival experience (although folks on this forum are probably the exception). For those others it's not about fidelity to the experience of nature, it's about abstract challenge and competition. "Beating" the game, or getting a better result than the next guy (best time, most loot, most wolves killed while naked wielding a knife, whatever). If they do give feedback about "survival", it's often about the lack of modern comforts and sterile conditions. For myself, I'm more peeved by the wind and the wolves than the worsening weather. I play Interloper, so I never have enough clothing to be cozy outside, and the worse-case weather turns up quite fast. It's hard in the early game, but my playstyle is "meditative with a plan". When I'm not out on the porch watching the sunrise like @Nervous Pete I'm out working to get ahead of my needs and patiently building my reserves one extra stick at a time.
  23. Actually being able to fire the bow when crouched is already in game.
  24. I often harvest frozen carcasses in the few days of Interloper games, long before I have a knife. The trick is to build a fire next to the rabbit (or deer) and thaw it first. Then you can harvest it with your bare hands, including intestines.
  25. Same for me on PC.