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  1. Ah, well that's one mystery solved. I'm using Low baseline and "high" empty chance and getting more loot than expected. Because I really have it set to high not-empty chance. It's weird because the Interloper default for this setting (in Custom at least) is High. Another bug?
  2. @Pillock you describe exactly how I'd prefer to learn about the settings. Since this level of detail isn't currently available I'm on my 10th trial-and-error reroll with custom settings. Exactly what the individual setting values affect is often not obvious, even for experienced players. Yes, per-setting info is a lot more text to translate -- with a significant additional localization cost. I'm not trying to trivialize that. But for me this would make the Custom feature far more useful. @Patrick Carlson, since you ask let me point to the four inter-related loot settings. (I exclude the item specific loot settings like sticks and rifle since those are simple to understand and works as expected. Also starting gear, which is fast to test.) But for these four settings, it's hard to tell which knob does what. Baseline Resource Availability -- which items are included at each setting level? How does this value interplay with the other three settings? Loose Item Availability -- which items are affected by this setting? Hatchets, knives and bullets? Or just common loot like sweaters and sewing kits? Empty Container Chance -- why do I still get empty containers when I set this to None? Container Item Density -- how much does this modify the amount of loot? I find it hard to spot the effect of this setting, but maybe I just don't understand what to look for. I'm not faulting the core implementation of the loot spawning system; I'm sure it's provides the flexibility you need as a developer. But man it's hard to understand from the player perspective -- I wonder if it would be easier if you just gave us the mathematical formula!
  3. I have already "done" this once after Wintermute released -- without it finishing successfully. We know it's not possible to earn Feats on custom mode, but what about achievements? It's such a chore to do an achievement in like this in a throw away game. If I have to do it all over I'd love to do it in a game I feel invested in, but that's custom mode these days.
  4. I'm messing around with something like this myself. Like you, I made weather and weather decay as harsh as possible but turned down hunger and thirst. Unlike you, I set struggle damage on the harshest settings. I set wolves and bears to Low so they remain a rare but real threat I can't forget about. So far I'm using condition recovery still at medium. You're tempting me to go for low, because I'm not needing to really manage my condition yet.
  5. I'm using Low baseline loot in my Voyaloper build. I compensated by turning Rifle on, and setting starting Starting Gear Allocation to medium, which gave me a bedroll. Also one each pack of matches, bandage, accelerant and disinfectant. But for me bedroll is the real difference maker from an interloper start. My one wish is that enabling Rifle also enabled broken arrows to be looted for arrowheads.
  6. I think adding a fishing hut to BR is a good idea, on the Crystal Lake/Pensive Pond model. That region is rather remote, and much poorer in resources than other regions -- it needs some love. How is this any different from living in a fish hut in CH? But I agree with your stance about no fishing in DP. DP is so fuel-rich, fishing would make surviving there trivial indeed. FM shouldn't have fishing due to no fish. Muskegs are highly acidic.
  7. If you have time and the weather is on your side, consider harvesting the bear meat and just dropping it in the snow. Meat on the carcass spoils quite fast, but it'll freeze in the snow and last much longer. Then you can haul it back to base a load at a time if you pass that way. In fact, unless a bear dies right on my doorstep, this is the way it always work out for me. I never seem to have 30kg of extra bag space. Also: if you are worried about running into wolves, move the meat during a blizzard. The wolves and bears are hiding in their dens, so you'll only have the cold and visibility to worry about. Obviously this only make sense if you know your surroundings well. Sometimes I'll mark a path from a landmark I know I can find in a blizzard to the meat pile using sticks or tinder or whatever.
  8. I tried that code yesterday to check out the fix to code entry, using plain ol copy/paste. It worked fine, and the tweaks Vince described showed up in the settings.
  9. Some more general advice: make a note of anything important you leave behind in your journal (or someplace not in game)... tools, weapons, matches & firestarters, pelts, other crafting resources. That way you can always go back for something if it turns out you really need it. And don't take much food... there's always some to find if you are willing to fish or hunt. I prefer the nomadic style because exploring (and looting!) a new region is more engaging for me when I don't already have a warehouse full of everything I could possibly need back at base.
  10. It doesn't help existing saves, of course, but I'm thrilled we can now disable sprains and survivor monologue for new sandboxes. It would be nice to adjust sprain chance instead of completely disabling it, but this is a good first step.
  11. Ironically, this might be the one thing I'm willing to mod for. I love the art style of TLD but the moon is an immersion breaker for me. The trees, for example, despite being simple shapes and textures, feel real. The moon feels like a flat billboard hanging in the sky of a beautiful 3d world. For the breath effect, I'd love a mod that suppressed it during screenshots. Otherwise it's ok with me.
  12. This is why I'm not using any mods yet. I've modded other games I loved, and it changed the way I felt about them forever. And not it a good way.
  13. question

    I did this once too. Shot a bear with the distress pistol and he was pathing back and forth between me and a cliff so I thought, hey, perfect opportunity to level archery! I shot/picked arrows out of him a few times. Then the fear wore off from the flare wore off. Let's just say he wasn't amused. #r.i.p.hats
  14. On voyageur you get a 1 day "grace period" at the start with no wolves or bears. Don't worry, they'll arrive and start hunting you shortly. Numbers wise, I think it will be similar to Pilgrim.
  15. I play with the Audio > Voice slider set to zero. Female character. But I can still hear my character's small talk ("I hope no one needs this") very faintly, with a bit of an echo. Very ghostly. Prior to launch, setting the voice slider to zero really turned the voice off entirely.
  16. Does O.B. take a break from stalking you when there is a blizzard?
  17. Sure. The autohotkey site linked in that other post has full documentation. And the script I linked is just a text file, easy to see how it's done.
  18. You can use AutoHotKey on PC with a keyboard. I've described in this post, and there's a "left clicking" AutoHotKey script attached at the bottom of the post. Basically, it left clicks continuously as long as you hold down the F2 button.
  19. I've been camped by the Jeremiah's bunker in FM for five nights now. I sleep all day then Pass Time through the night 1 hour at a time. Still no Aurora. Storywise, I'm on the Survival School / plants step, so I have seen the Aurora randomly in ML. But not in FM... am I doing something wrong? Any tips? thanks!
  20. Interloper in one sentence, I salute you. I believe I made every mistake possible before I got a decent run going on Interloper. I even died of thirst on my first loper sandbox searching for matches in out of the way places. Both recklessness and creativity play a big part in surviving Interloper, especially in the early days. For example: As @The_Materialist mentioned you start to freeze almost immediately on Interloper. But think about it -- that means -10c or -60c really doesn't matter. So you can turn blizzards to your advantage. Say you need to loot an area with a lot of wolves, like the quonset hut, but you don't have any way to defend yourself. Visit during a blizzard when the wolves and bears are hiding in their dens, and move on before the blizzard ends. I use blizzards for travel a lot, and to move big stacks of raw meat (like a bear's worth).
  21. Same spawn, also at night during a blizzard. I froze to death before I found shelter.
  22. The magic number (at least on Interloper) is 22% of hours must be spent outdoors to avoid CF risk. The catch is that only the past 6 days matter. The prior weeks and months before the past 6 days don't come into play at all, so those indoor/outdoor totals in your journal won't help much. As tested by @Timber Wolf, reported here:
  23. This was in the v1.14 patch notes. Might have shown up in v1.15 if your platform didn't get a v1.14.
  24. Fisherman's sweater has been in the game for at least a year before Resolute Outfitter. I think I usually found it in DP back then.
  25. Still dark, except during the aurora. I just have it very well memorized now.