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  1. 1. Interloper. But what @Vinceofpyrenees describes is my dream mode, too! (I play for the immersion, and this would feel much more real to me.) 2. 135~ days (Interloper), 300~ days (Voyageur). Both were lost to the save wipe. 3. For me it's a tie between TWM and DP. 4. Can I have a rifle in Interloper? 5. Hunted 1 6. I have to agree with @MarrowStone here -- Fluffy! 7. Bandage! I'd go naked before I'd travel without a bandage. 8. All of them. 9. Wool Toque. I collect them and keep them repaired as a priority over other clothing since the fun in an Interloper game ends when the hats run out. 10. Hmm, have I ever been lucky? After a blizzard- and wolf-filled run to the summit in TWM, my current 'loper visited the Barn, Farmhouse and Radio Tower then made it to ML without a single blizzard or windstorm. PV was actually sunny and mild! That felt quite lucky.
  2. Pass Time = game saved. You can do it anywhere from the radial menu.
  3. Wow, does this happen if the computer loses power or experiences a hardware problem that shuts it down? In case it does, I'm going to start backing up a copy of my current sandbox file in a separate directory. Seems like a very bad bug!
  4. I play with $5 earbuds most of the time. I have better headphones too, but I prefer the lightweight feel of the earbuds and a friend pointed me to a brand that is surprisingly comfortable for me. It makes a huge difference in early wolf detection. Yay! Hammer is a pretty good "scare wolf off before it can damage you" tool in my experience.
  5. I always just climb up the rocks near the waterfall to get up there, super fast that way. I would be very surprised if wolves can't climb where we can.
  6. Audio cues are how I prevent this. I play with headphones on, and stop and listen to every maybe-wolf (and maybe-bear) sound. it's extra challenging in early Interloper because of the condition you pay, but it beats dying.
  7. Your post is helpful, certainly, but I personally knew all that stuff. I have waaaaaay too many hours into this game.
  8. Good posts, thanks @Renegade30. I got parasites once on Interloper, before FM was in the game. Finding all the mushrooms was a real tour of the TWM regions! (It was also prior to the new scent and aggression mechanics, so easier back then.) I still risk one or two pieces of bear meat early in sandbox, since there's not much to lose at that point. But the real takeaway for me was: push for cooking 5 ASAP. Now I quarter my first bear and make 0.1kg slices of bear meat as time permits and dump them outside. I cook them up when I have fire to spare and throw them away. But cooking an entire bear this way goes a long ways toward skilling up cooking, and then food becomes very easy.
  9. This might be the key point. Does the calculation use the 'native' air temp at the player's current location (i.e., the temp if there was no fire), even when the player is far away from the fire?
  10. Very interesting post! Based on player comments I think there may be a couple more factors affecting outdoor fire duration. @selfless said this on reddit: Also on reddit, @panic4u said this about making a fire that lasted 1000 hours (76 days!): Just guessing here since I haven't tested it myself, but I don't think entering the Mountaineer's Hut would kill the bonus since, like a fishing hut, the world doesn't unload. Sleeping in the mountaineer's hut might reset it, however.
  11. If nothing else, it's a great secondary base. You can hunt the bunnies and deer with little fear of wolves, very close to someplace to warm up. I've even used the scent meter to pull the bear over from Hibernia to kill it close to a convenient spot for butchering, again with littler fear of wolves. It's possible to jack the scent meter up high enough to bring the wolves over too, but with care you can avoid that.
  12. I personally prefer the Riken -- it's centrally located with deer and rabbits right outside the door and a convenient walk to the workbench at Hibernia. The wheelhouse is very sheltered for an outdoor fire. Unfortunately it's not comfy feeling like the lighthouse, and very dark inside. It took a lot of blindly bumping into things to learn my way around. I have this hope that the aurora will add flickering to all the lights inside and make navigation easier. Jackrabbit Island in CH is another favorite, as @Renegade30 mentioned. There's a dip in the rocks behind the house that is quite sheltered for an outdoor fire. (I don't bother with a snow shelter, I just hang out by the fire for chores like repairing, reading books, harvesting bunnies.) Jackrabbit is convenient to rabbits, hunting, fishing and beach combing. The workbench is a little farther (fishing village) but it's not a bad walk and there's beach combing on the way. Since it's outdoors it's great for fending off cabin fever, just build a fire under the workbench while you craft.
  13. Personally I find ML a bit inconvenient for interloper. Lots of blizzards, the deer & rabbit spawns tend to be spread out accross the zone and there aren't many good places for an outdoor fire. Behind the camp office isn't horrible, but it's far from the best in the game. I guess with a bedroll you could live in a fishing hut, but the firewood/ coal availability near the lake isn't great. I find CH or DP much easier. Easier to hunt or fish, better availability for firewood, cloth and metal, better weather.
  14. My point was this: With Cooking 5 you can make meat last basically forever. 0% raw meat can still be cooked, and as long as it's not stored in a container it won't poof. Cook it with Cooking skill 5 and you'll never get food poisoning or parasites, even at 1% condition.