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  1. This is #1 wish for the sandbox as a mostly Interloper player.
  2. With respect, I don't agree with dumbing down Interloper. It's supposed to hard. It's supposed to reward game knowledge, including knowing exactly how you contract the various ailments and how to avoid them.
  3. This was an interesting read, thanks. Having spent several years myself in very cold temps and wilderness areas, there are game mechanics that still feel "off" to me too -- even after many hours of play. You mention the continually (and unrealistically) shifting wind, that's certainly one of them. Another is the preposterous ratio of predators to prey. Both of these feel fake to me, contrived. But it's a game and I accept that a successful game is not the most realistic one, but the one that best accommodate the needs of gamers. And many gamers don't have any real life wilderness or survival experience (although folks on this forum are probably the exception). For those others it's not about fidelity to the experience of nature, it's about abstract challenge and competition. "Beating" the game, or getting a better result than the next guy (best time, most loot, most wolves killed while naked wielding a knife, whatever). If they do give feedback about "survival", it's often about the lack of modern comforts and sterile conditions. For myself, I'm more peeved by the wind and the wolves than the worsening weather. I play Interloper, so I never have enough clothing to be cozy outside, and the worse-case weather turns up quite fast. It's hard in the early game, but my playstyle is "meditative with a plan". When I'm not out on the porch watching the sunrise like @Nervous Pete I'm out working to get ahead of my needs and patiently building my reserves one extra stick at a time.
  4. Actually being able to fire the bow when crouched is already in game.
  5. I often harvest frozen carcasses in the few days of Interloper games, long before I have a knife. The trick is to build a fire next to the rabbit (or deer) and thaw it first. Then you can harvest it with your bare hands, including intestines.
  6. Same for me on PC.
  7. Fun story, and good job using your ears. So many players miss cues like this, and the game is full of them.
  8. I'm pretty sure you mean Sardines, not tuna. And Sardines are evil: for some reason they are THE poison food in this game. I've gotta food poisoning from 80%, even 85% sardines a few times.
  9. Thanks, that confirms my experience. This is my experience too, at least for one of my older sandboxes (started in v347), and not checked in recent builds. I'd repaired up my bear bedroll, stored it, and it was already at half condition when I came back to it a couple months later with no use at all. No doubt, but I'm currently doing a 200-300 interloper at a single base, non-nomad, no fishing. Self-imposed challenge; I'm in DP. I haven't even looted any other zones except TWM summit/hut, PV cave/farmhouse/radio tower and CH quonset. I still might try the bear bedroll, but I think I'll wait until I have a third cured bear hide in storage. The ocean brings me enough cloth to stay ahead of repairs on my clothes and normal bedroll, so I can afford to wait.
  10. What's the rate of decay on the bearskin bedroll on Interloper? It's been a few patches since I tried the bear bedroll, but last time I tried it decayed very quickly. I have a couple bearskins in storage (because I find the coat too heavy also), but I worry that if I make the bedroll it will decay faster than I can get another bearskin to repair it. My local bear respawns about every 30 days, then there's the 10 day curing time.
  11. I'd prefer the challenge measured hours slept in the location. I find it so boring just sitting inside staring at the walls.
  12. @mystifeid I think the bigger difference between the PV-TWM transition and the examples you give is that there's a cave with a warm back half (+13C on Interloper) on all three of those routes (Crumbing Highway has a warm basement too). That's 13 fewer sticks you need to pump into a fire for it to warm you up. Quite a significant difference, IMO. I really like this idea, @Scyzara. It's certainly more interesting than a cave, but tbh I wouldn't say no to a cave with a warm back half on this route too.
  13. Cattails often wash ashore for beachcombing. Re mushrooms, I've had starts in TWM / Interloper where the # of mushrooms on a given stump is 1 less than a previous start.
  14. Interloper/Voyageur is the combo I play (because dog meat is my least favorite food )