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  1. Yep. What's better, you can start a fire in the fishing hut stove with a mag lens. (I realize your current snowball doesn't have a magnifier, but a future one might.) When the sun comes out on my ML interloper game I beeline for the fish hut to make fire, food and water.
  2. I had this fantasy of setting up a shelter in the 3-way cave at the very edge of the warmth bonus, with a rabbit trap in the doorway of my shelter. No clue whether you can set up a shelter there, or whether the rabbits will set off a trap in that spot... but just imagine how awesome that would be. It's honestly hard to imagine thriving in Interloper without fishing. Yep, it uses a fire so a magnifier is very helpful. And it uses scrap metal and there isn't much of that in TWM. But everywhere else -- it's easy calories with no condition loss. You might need to build a fire, but the weather can't blow it out. Plus fish cooks twice as fast to skill up your cooking faster. And I never get cabin fever because the fish hut counts as outdoors. I use the low condition tackle trick too. On my long voyageur run I've been using the same 5% tackle for more than an in-game month now, lol. Fishing 5 + cooking 5 + firestarting 5 I catch 12-16 fish (12k+ calories) per 8 hour 'cast', and cook them over a few sticks. It's great.
  3. You know, I might. I've learned a ton of subtle details about TWM from this thread.
  4. Me too. This (and especially @Drifter Man 's always great commentary) has been the main appeal of this thread. So I ditched my pantless interloper and rolled a fresh stalker game in TWM.
  5. It won't be me either... I've gone back to Stalker. I like being able to stay outside for a bit without watching my condition count down like a SpaceX launch.
  6. @Timber Wolf I checked my run and I was wrong... the time with the mag lens I didn't get a hammer. To your other point, a toolbox would be a dream! Then you'd have super interesting tradeoffs. Do you break down your lantern for one more piece of metal, etc.
  7. maybe. I actually tried going straight to the summit first and there was no hacksaw at all up there. No idea what was in the hut that time because I just rerolled when I didn't find the hacksaw. Mag lens + hacksaw is a great combo. I think I got the hammer in the fishing hut too that time. (nope I'm wrong)
  8. Without spoiling too much, there's another VERY useful item at the summit that you've never reported, @Drifter Man. Next time you're up there, be sure to look around very carefully inside the plane. You might even whoop with joy when you find it. And... I found one of the warmish spots for a snow shelter. My spot has rabbits close by - very tempting to live there! Except I don't really enjoy Interloper -- not enough time to stop and smell the rose hips for my taste. I did a run to the summit to try it, starting with the mag lens in the hut. (Loads of wind and 2 blizzards, like your run, ugh.) There was a hacksaw at the summit, sitting atop a wooden crate in an impossible-to-miss spot (yay!). Unfortunately no hacksaw on the way up meant no coffee or spare clothing, so I had to tear up my starter clothes to make a snow shelter to rest before the final rope. After looting the summit had no pants (or longjohns) at all! Brrrrr......! And omg my legs are white.
  9. Option B (the one I favor) is to sleep for smaller stretches to conserve fuel (which costs good weather + condition to gather). If it's warm (Feels Like over 0C) and I have high condition, I might try a couple hours at a time with no fire at all. My habit (from something like 800 nights spent in caves and the hut on easier difficulties) is to sleep without a fire for no longer than my current condition / 25. Then I sleep in progressively shorter stretches untilI hit Freezing. Then I get up and make a fire to make water, fish or cook. This gives me the most utility from my precious fuel. Certainly a longer sleep will heal you for more, but it's a huge gamble to sleep for more hours than you have condition to lose to freezing. When I really must heal asap I go for a tea (if available) + 4 hour fire + 4 hour sleep.
  10. The wolf flees when it gets close enough to detect the fire... a few meters or so. It doesn't matter if the fire is successfully started in the end, but you do need to be in the process of starting when he enters fire detection range. If it fails before he gets this close, he won't flee. A successfully started fire does will also cause the wolf to flee. As you say, at least it's a chance.
  11. I have a policy on fresh games, particularly when it's an awesome start: It's always worth the match to start a fire to scare away that game-ending wolf. In fact I always carry a couple sticks for emergency anti-wolf fires until I get better options (decoys or weapons). Sprain an ankle while fleeing? Press 4 and start lighting that fire asap! While the wolf is fleeing you'll have time to choose what to do next (make rose hip tea, hobble away, etc).
  12. Yeah, I meant selecting the lit torch instead of a match in the current firestarting interface.
  13. Can't we do this already too? Improved firebuilding was on the roadmap last time I looked. Maybe it will include some of the flexibility you are looking for. Still it never hurts to point out the current options when they may not be obvious. BTW, welcome to the forums @wildethan!
  14. You already can use a torch as tinder. Harvest it for the stick, then harvest that stick for 2 tinder.
  15. Fox! I'd be happy to see them even as an environment critter, as crows are now. Maybe a subtle warning of a nearby cougar, for example.