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  1. Very nice! TLD is pretty fantastic for painting ref... I have done about 8 (I think- something like that) paintings based on the amazing landscapes. Happy painting!!
  2. I killed a bear and left some of the meat to cook later because of weight issues. Meat dropped on the ground turned into a Gravity-Defying Meat Tower! This was in Mystery lake right by the Trapper's Cabin. Nature was a mess that day because on the way back to the cabin with my meat, a deer got so scared of me it trapped itself in the fence.
  3. Q: What do you call a frozen rabbit corpse that you accidentally burn in the campfire? A: An Ice Krispie!
  4. i haven't run into any issues with being able to harvest oil from fish with no jerry can in my inventory. The oil goes into my inventory in the lantern fuel bottles.
  5. The solitude, the gorgeous landscape, and the decision-making/problem solving with resources at hand.
  6. It won't help if you have already read all the books... that might contribute to the cabin fever!
  7. The game does not wake you up if you are freezing. If you sleep long enough while freezing you'll die. If you wake up after the allotted sleep time you chose passes, and while you were asleep the temp dropped and you are freezing, you will get that red text YOU WOKE UP FREEZING. You simply woke up before your health ran out.
  8. Stupid dogs...... When there is more than one around get that flare out...or torch....
  9. Yeah LOL I thought Canada Dry was the best substitute!
  10. My daughter is 11 and she loves TLD. She watches my sandbox, she has her own sandbox, and we have a joint sandbox. We also do the challenges together... we even had a TLD party the night we finished the Whiteout Challenge, complete with Lake Whitefish and Coho Salmon. It is a fun way to spend time together and make decisions about what we are going to do. I couldn't find grape soda the night of our party because it was Superbowl Sunday and all the soda was cleared out!
  11. The thought of drinking water wrung out from my clothing is..... unappealing.
  12. I got stuck there once too, is it down the rope near the train car? I had to quit and re-load from the last save point.
  13. I wear my wolf coat as the outer layer and my bear coat on the inside. This saves bear coat degradation. The outer layer wears out much faster...I have so many wolf pelts and would rather repair the wolf coat.
  14. I get food poisoning from the granola bars.... never the sardines. You need antibiotics or reishi tea, then some rest. Food poisoning is one of those afflictions I don't worry too much about if I have mushrooms on-hand. (They are everywhere) It is easy to recover from. When you stop fearing food poisonong you'll start eating some pretty sketchy things when in dire need.........
  15. Every single time I see a bathtub in a cabin house I want to melt snow, heat water and take a hot bath! And I would keep that tub filled with snow, let it melt, then boil enough water to warm it up....isn't there a bar of soap on the table in the Trapper's Cabin?