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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

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  1. Those dogs should be afraid of YOU.
  2. He's pretty good! Good use of a beat up old brush, all artists' brush farms have them. An old toothbrush is good for spatter instead of liner brushes, which already wear out too quickly.
  3. and sihirts and socks as well.
  4. There are many things in the game that aren't replaceable with natural resources, unfortunately. Ideally everything should be naturally replaceable and sustainable.
  5. yes, seriously.
  6. Whoa... don't do that in the US! Well-said!! And very true.
  7. There are pots and pans all over the place on stoves.
  8. It isn't what you say, it is how you say it.
  9. Sometimes I have seen a few points of regaining condition from passing time if you are warm in a shelter and all other needs are met. In this situation I would have done the same... get the starvation taken care of and pass time IN BED. If you had a stim you might have been able to make a run for some cattails, but that is taking a big chance. It is a good idea to ALWAYS have cattails on hand for these types of dire emergency situations...collect them and don't use them unless absolutely necessary. The farmhouse isn't really close to anything immediate so that's unfortunate.
  10. There is a bug with eating that I have experienced pretty much every time my character eats. When you select food and start to eat, it does not fill up the hunger level- instead, the water icon appears. There is a long delay in the stomach icon appearing. So, for example let's say my character is starving and I have three pieces of venison. The first one I eat doesn't register at all and the stomach icon comes on screen after I am finished eating the first venison. Once the icon appears it works as expected with remaining food but it is so terrible to be hungry, have food, eat it, and it does nothing to raise hunger condition.
  11. That's awful, I am sorry you had that experience.
  12. Aww I don't know, I feel lonely without my Camp Office Roommate. To be fair when I first started playing I had a terrible reaction, but once you have been alone in the winter for a long time you will appreciate your roommate.
  13. It depends on how close to dying you are. You also have to gauge the temperature so you don't freeze to death..... a few hours at least is ideal but even then be careful. If your stats are low you might have a problem, or if you have a flare gun fire it at the bear and it will scare him (usually).
  14. close the dang window while you are up there.
  15. It frustrates me too...and I REALLY want a way to throw stuff down the cliffs. You can barely carry anything and climb.