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  1. I wear my wolf coat as the outer layer and my bear coat on the inside. This saves bear coat degradation. The outer layer wears out much faster...I have so many wolf pelts and would rather repair the wolf coat.
  2. I get food poisoning from the granola bars.... never the sardines. You need antibiotics or reishi tea, then some rest. Food poisoning is one of those afflictions I don't worry too much about if I have mushrooms on-hand. (They are everywhere) It is easy to recover from. When you stop fearing food poisonong you'll start eating some pretty sketchy things when in dire need.........
  3. Every single time I see a bathtub in a cabin house I want to melt snow, heat water and take a hot bath! And I would keep that tub filled with snow, let it melt, then boil enough water to warm it up....isn't there a bar of soap on the table in the Trapper's Cabin?
  4. Here's a let's play video...similar yes...but it can't light a firestriker/wooden match/cardboard match/magnifying glass equivalent to the mood and atmosphere in TLD. Maybe the guy shouldn't have also been named William though, seems to be too much of a coincidence....
  5. I don't think it would make sense with clothes because they can't be repaired at 0%. Wearing them wouldn't offer any benefit. Eating 0% food will save you from starvation, you'll get food poisoning at the worst.
  6. no- the picking up ruined items and being able to eat them is a bug. You can't eat them if they are in your inventory.
  7. It's not.
  8. The bear will do it too......something to keep in mind if he starts chasing you.
  9. I also double-click. Perhaps this is a bug...but I'm NOT complaining- if something is ruined you can drop it and when you pick it up you can still eat it! Maybe I'm just brave- or stupid- but I almost never get food poisoning. And I have a LOT of reishi tea. I have avoided starvation several times like this. If you find something raw that is ruined...a salmon by the boats near the lighthouse in DP, for example, take it! When you cook it the condition will go way up.
  10. That's why I have so many wolf pelts. I don't mind them so much anymore...in the daytime. I throw some meat down, hope they don't run off with it...and I usually take them down with an arrow. Sometimes they are too quick and they run away with supper.
  11. I would definitely want to ride the sled.
  12. I would LOVE a sled!! Though there is a 100% chance i would crash into a tree.
  13. .......now i have to go look for them.
  14. .....there are pre-made snow shelters in FM? I thought I had been through that entire map- twice- and I had no idea.
  15. I would love skis... AND snowshoes! Why not both! It is a definite fact I would kill myself skiing....... "You died from massive internal injuries"... which I have done several times already from rock climbing.