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  1. This makes sense to me but it doesn't in general. Stressing your community like this for a new site and new waiting seems rough.
  2. That's what I don't understand as well. It makes no sense!
  3. mmm, then I really don't understand this way of doing it. I mean, I'm not mad or something just because I have so many things to do and game to play that I don't care that much but I don't understand who is the target of this omission. Journalists care less probably if you give so little informations and you're not an enormous software house. Players are excited as it should but would they be less excited if they knew what this countdown is about? There're mainly two options: 1) it's for sandbox or something else strange and they will be disappointed. 2) It's for story mode, I can speak for myself, I would be more excited if I was sure about it. So I really have no clue about the choice. But whatever
  4. Did they get media attention with the countdown?
  5. This has to be speed up someway though, after more than two weeks we are still in the Riken!
  6. It could be fixed together with the animal interaction thing that is written on the roadmap.
  7. Big salaries but in the last podcast he said they've reinvested everything in the game which seems possible. But big salaries
  8. It could be a countdown big-productions-style where a trailer with a release date is presented. Strange to immagine though.
  9. All of this is so strange! If a new sandbox should be released before story mode it should be a little bit before at least for bug testing, feedback etc.
  10. Yes! I know that. I mean the new axe logo VS the logo of the game launcher. The new logo and the fox's logo don't go well together imho.
  11. I'm not that much satisfied by the logo though. I don't know. A little bit too static maybe? The minimalism is excessive I think compared to the old (actual) logo, the game is now moving a little bit away from minimalism in the icons etc so it feels strange. Maybe it's just a little bit too dull. They have trademarked it so I guess they care about it. I love the fox logo!
  12. perfect timing for me! I couldn't have played it on the next weeks :))
  13. Wow I was right Absolutelly false. Making a 3D videogame of this scope takes a lot of work.
  14. New logo and countdown. 22 days. It's strange to have a countdown to an announcement so is this a countdown to story mode? Feels too early! http://www.thelongdark.com/
  15. The only explanation I can come off with for this strange waiting period is that they're coming up with a combo sandbox update + release date for story mode. Maybe they feel confident enough and want to settle the timeframe preciselly to be sure sure?