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  1. question

    We just have to wait There's no need to rush things or spoil the surprise.
  2. Don't you people pick up sticks? :-(
  3. Other fun and difficult moments happened. Two sessions maybe three. I got cabin fever again, with two matches and no torch! I went to fish in a cabin near quonset and then realise I didn't have the prybar with me to break ice and didn't want to waste the knife. I left the fire going, went to jackrabbit, cameback on night and had to use the other flare since I forgot the decoy in the hut Also took the wood from jackrabbit. The fire lasted like 20+ hours! I should check on the journal. I slept, fished some but not a bunch and made water. The plan was to be able to survive with this fire a lot of days since matches were gone. Done two torches with the oil. Refueled the lamp. Problem is that in quonset the guts are not all even dryed yet. I was able to make the bow though! Only 3 guts left, doing the snares so early was a mistake. I don't have any animal clothes yet. So the situation seems clear enough. I can leave for PV immediatelly. My condition is still very bad, something lik 40%, but I have everything to recover. I pack up. Without any wood on me I'm at 35kg. I still have to check the lookout, only place missing where I could find matches. The road up is one of the most dangerous in the game after quonset. There's the bear and wolves will pop up in hidden spots near the lookout or coming up. Now I always prefer to go there from the left. I avoid the bear, heat up on the road. When I arrive at the trailer I notice something is very wrong. I forgot the bedroll and I don't even know where! Dammit. I stupidly come back to jackrabbit to check there but of course it's not there, it must be on quonset how did I miss it. Come back to Quonset... yes it's there, I had put it in another locker since one was full. I need it so bad for the valley and Timberwolf. This time I decided to take a different route since this going up is too strange for my taste. I went to the log sort and then took the shortcut for the traile from there. Is this the best way up? Probably! Time to go to the lookup *finally*. Guess what I found there? ... MATCHES! The second box at day 25, future looking better. Time to do the last small trip on Costal Highway. I dropped down to reach the space under the lookout. Find some small stuff there. Went up again. Then the mines. Day 25, another steam on the mine, Pleasant Valley. I'll read a book waiting for this fog to disappear. Then directly right on the unexplored part of the region Some screenshots: Sad match. Dangerous road. Nice colous that you don't see often. Shortcut! Matches <3 + strange texture distortion. 90% and ready to fight.
  4. Quonset it's not impossible but really not a good place to be. You either run from safe spot to safe spot or wait 1h and hope they all left. I'm just leaving it now for Pleasant Valley after spending multiple days going in and out.
  5. question

    At the moment I have one simple idea to solve the problem of finding the audio feedbacks when freezing etc boring or out of touch with your playstyle. Make them ironics from time to time. I get that the character is actually dying but think about it. Let's say after X days of survival your character is more used to take hits in order to do things. So she/he approach even strong difficulties with a different mindset. She know she is dying but instead of being scared she laugh between her teeth about it. It could pop up a percentage of times. The text something like: "The sound of my stomach will keep wolves at bay." "I'm freezing but not as much as that big bear" (if she killed one) etc
  6. It's really cold. Your health becomes your temperature. Yout cannot explore freely anymore but that's how the mode is supposed to work so it's alright. I'm actually planning to go to the summit with that weather
  7. Sad for your death. If it happened it means it can happen... Sleeping outside without a fire is always risky.
  8. Misterious stranger don't just give like Let me know who you are and what it's happening your sandbox.
  9. Played some more. I'm back on CH. Coming back to misanthrope was hard as expected, the wolf is always there. Always. I chased it off with one of the two flare I got but since I sticked on the same, lateral!, path he came back. Big fight, survived with 40%, not bad. Always start smashing before the attack. Problem is I had cabin fever, I got it on the crumbling highway. Kind of an horror screenshot when it popped up. Here there's my blood So I'm on misanthrope and I can't sleep inside, a blizzard hit. I harvest sticks and cloth to pass some time. When it's over I still have 8 hours and energy to use. The only problem is that I can't see really well, pitch black, I drop down of the island on the wrong path and I see a wolf reeeally close. I took the flare out but I don't want to use it. I'm kind of lost, I rushed too quickly off the island, the wolf pass me off but then start running and barking to my previous location. I have meat on me. I drop a decoy and run to the nearest fishing hut. The one on the north not the one near the sea. Anyway. I realise I can't fish since I don't have the tackle yet. I make a big 10 hours fire and sleep there. In the morning there's fog. I have to bring half the misantrope stash to jackrabbit and then come back. I get immediatelly a beautiful transition between fog and white day. Never happened before to me. Wow! Then I start to collect a few more guts on the map and move things aroung. I need way more guts. The birch still need to dry. I'll go to PV only with the bow ready. A few more days. Now I'm on quonset, day 16. Tackle are ready but I don't really need to fish at the moment. A big big concern are matches. I'm down to 2. This is the only playtrough where I didn't find any box in CH. I still need to check the lookout and one traile but that's it. I'll keep going to Pleasant Valley as expected though. I don't want to visit Mistery Lake this time, even if it means dying early. Anyway there's one fixed box in the valley if I really need it. Let's see. (first time I notice this painting! reminds me of the two islands here but there's no highway so I'm not sure what it is)
  10. Yea I'm super serious! I think the game doesn't "breath" that much for pro player anymore. We need longer and interesting walks. I'll probably come back to the Muskeg to retry it.
  11. Well, I disagree with this! I remember discovering the entrance to TWM. That part of PV is for me already a pretty big detournment for your usual paths in the region. The long walk to the Hut is one of the most fascinating things in the game! I would actually like to have more stuff like that. The game is so tight and controller already. Some suggestive walking spots where you have to pick a good weather or fight are more then welcomed in my game experience.
  12. Customization of interiors is in the roadmap. We just have to wait the right time
  13. I've noticed a couple of bugs/things. The hood of the car that you can see from the back of quonset opening after exit. The FPV shifting inside the car if you reach the right corner on the back seat, it jumps to the left corner. But most of all I think the tea has no effet whatsoever even if in your health tab it says it should. For 10h sleep it's always, depending on the bed, between 32-37 % recovery. Tea doesn't work. I will probably open a ticket about that but first tell me your experience, maybe I'm wrong.
  14. I couldn't resist play some more. Fast recap. Knife and arrows head are done. I left stuff to cure in CH, found a maple on the beach but I still miss birch. Usual path clockwise in CH, I've just avoided the upper east section since I'll get there just before going to PV. I've found zero matches. Weird. I was waiting so bad to find a sewing kit and luckly it appeared on quonset, I'm now at +8 temp with standard stuff. I think the weight balance between all the objects the 30kg etc is perfect. Wolves kept me company on quonset as you can see on the picture. Found the hammer in the car, decided to go to DP directly after quonset. Day 10 now. All good, some cabin fever will probably pop up later but it's no big deal with the bedroll. Next time I'll have to do the clockwise circle of CH again in order to collect the things left behind. Maybe I'll fish one full day I don't know. Then lookout and PV. Then the real big adventure, I hope to be on 100% again for that one.
  15. Ok. I'm not sure someone is interested to read this but still. I wanted to play something, I wanted to try Subnautica but I couldn't at the moment. I need to charge my cart for Master Spy. Soo... back to The Long Dark! Interloper of course. Spawned in Desolation Point. I know I have to run to Hibernia but I do each time the same stupid things and search stuff in the lighthouse and the dark riken, it's just more fun A wolf almost get me immediatelly after the spawning point, brilliant moment of level design from Hinterland. They make clear this mode is no joke. So hibernia and freezing, searchinf for stuff. I find a lantern inside (woow) and the fixed matches. I don't loot everything since it's dark and I don't want to use the lantern immediatelly. I'm not tired enough. I sleep a little bit on a trail and go for an outside walk. I hope to find the deer carcass near the sea but to be honest I don't have enough wood. No deer. Let's go to the cave! I discovered this in interloper, I had no idea it was there. Now I kind of know the layout but I never completelly explored it, maybe I miss something maybe not. Anyway, great find there. A bedroll on the upper view. This has changed my plans for the future. I had started a fire at the entrance of the cave, tried to keep it up harvesting branches inside, I loose it for 2 seconds but manage to keep the wolf away. I take the bedroll. The wolf blocks the down path, I drop down on the center of the cave with a deer (two actually but I only see one at the beginning). I start a fire with a torch there. Poor wolf gets crazy for hours. All good! I survived. It's morning now and I'm more tired. I don't remember where I sleep first for a long time. Probably in the cave with the bedroll. I do both caves and take a lot of coal. I try to go to the secret spot before leaving because there's a deer there and a lot of loot. I manage to do water but a blizzard hit and I can't harvest the deer. Well, bye Desolation Point. Now I'm on Costal Highway. Those first days were fun! I need more clothes so I have to loot the whole map but I don't want to get bored. I realize that since I have a bedroll I can try something new. There's a part of PV that I've never really touched, let alone grasped. The one on the right after the coal mine. Then heading to Timberwolf. I'll find the hammer here in CH, then come back fast in DP in order to do arrows head and knife. Then the main adventure in PV, hoping that the weather will still be nice. Then the summit in TWM. I don't know that map that well. I've done almost all of it but just a couple of times. I like the hut! I'm so sad my computer doesn't allow me to record this. If someone is interested I'll keep taking some screenshots Now I'm on the islands, same as the last time.