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  1. This is incredibly OT and risky but wait... You can complain to people that have struggles complete a difficult thing as a videogame? This is shocking. Those people have a life, they're normal people. One thing is complaining if someone scam you explicitelly, another if things simply don't work out perfectly. Just to recap it in my head: 1) videogames, especially 3D ones, need a lot of time to make. Everything push the devs to underestimate the time needed, this distorted view is not their fault. 2) Life is hard, if you put 10$ into something and then be half happy it's ok. We are not those that live or die with 10$. Also the point of early is that it's a process that can go well or not so well. 3) Complaining to self employed workers means hurting people deeply. Bottom line: the future will not be better by trying enforcin stricter/realistical deadliness or anything like that. Just learning to manage expectation together in a more relaxed way.
  2. Seems like Astrid to me. If she's not they would overlap and that's no good. Great 3D model by the way
  3. Yes yes of course, I mean it's not about the amount of talking. I wasn't clear. I think it's more about the kind of public that you aim for. A way of giving informations can work for let's say an introduction to the game another can work for those that already like the game and want to see runs of it. Just this
  4. I agree that talking in a more relaxed way is required for the game! I'll come back to this when you will switch to interloper
  5. MMm, could be interesting, could also be only overkill. I mean the first days are already the most interesting and starting 100% always seemed clean to me.
  6. It seems to me that wolves pack are by design a prominent element of difficulty in Stalker. You can find so many weapons that in order to reduce them even a little bit you should first reduce by half all the tools.
  7. Wow nice stories. I got nothing like that to share I guess. Just some solitary hiking where you have not the best shooes on and it's slippery/raining.
  8. Nice. I think the second part is better not because you start talking about TLD but because the flow of discussion seems more fluent and random. I'm speaking for myself but that's what I like in podcasts, the randomness that you get when people talks together without stress or a strict schedule (that should be present anyway). Sooo. The Thing is wonderfull. I had no idea that some people were so aggressive in thinking that there's some kind of "scam" going on because of story mode. I guess it's the price of living in this moment in time and those spaces, sad. But I can definetelly see how a lot of people dismissed the enormous progress and possibilities of the sandbox because of story mode. Maybe in the future (next game) the two things should travel together, I'm sure there're ways. It's also interesting to see that the team feels the need to have some kind of a different relationship with the desires of the players. Also something to explore on next game. When it was mentioned the relationship of the thing and the sense of the outpost isolated and with a menace and the future games I thought again about the spaceship game that Ralph mentioned once. It could have some kind of loose connection, where in the spaceship you discover more about what happened to earth and there's something strange going on. And maybe more action :)) (MAYBE rpg things) And a big ship where seeing stuff in the distance can be usefull. And then the third game will be directly in another world. A zelda/skyrim game but done properly. With a very nice story and strange strange politics going on. Ok bye. Wake me up in 30 years.
  9. This is amazing. Should be the official story mode trailer.
  10. Wait a second I've missed this right? It's not the first first episode, that was zero... The Thing is a big big film, can't wait to listen to the podcast. I also have a little question to make.
  11. They said they'll share something in soon Anyway don't expect story mode to be immediatelly around the corner if that's your thing!
  12. I would also like to know more about the dev process behind interloper, even if it's already pretty clear. Stats would be interesting as well. I'd say 5% of active players play interloper?
  13. I know! Maybe a couple of those 4 I don't know. I'm not hyped at all. I mean I've already played the game way too much so whatever will happens it's ok. At least I'm able to play other things
  14. We have some already, there's room for testing something new I suppose. But yes with story mode a lot of visual stuff will surelly be never seen before, it all depends on their timeline. Anyway the biggest additions for me are always the gameplay ones. The wellbeing system, house customization, wolfpack behaviour + all the npc stuff that I have no idea what they will be. The only cosmetic thing that I really really really would like to see is world streaming. That would be amazing. Also scary.
  15. I'll definetelly come back to interloper with the new update. A few things we can expect: 1) The moose. 2) Some new first person presence. 3) The revolver. 4) New sprain and infenctions. Last update was quite big, I like the clothing system, almost perfectly balanced. Wellbeing system aurora etc should be later on but if they happen why not