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  1. Possibly it was a combination of three things: bad luck, lack of caution on your side and the area itself. Bad luck because you suffer a heavy spawn. Sometimes it gets quieter than others Lack of caution because its relatively easy, (especially on the way back) taking the right routes and pausing to hear what's around, to avoid these wolves. The Quonset Garage is a heavy-wolf-area. It has always been that way, so this is something the player needs to take into account when approaching the area or when stablishing a base there. There are a few other areas in the game (PV Farmhouse for example) in which you can face the same thing, so its important to learn to know your way around I'm mainly a Voyager player, and did as well set base on Quonset back in the day... Despite being my main storage for tools, I rarely spend there more than a few days now. Not worth the risk in my opinion. As you say, even if you clean the area the spawn rate seem to be too high to guarantee just a couple of peaceful days. One thing you could do to slow down this spawn rate is to avoid to harvest the corpes completely. If you leave a few grams of meat on them they take more time to dissappear and thus, respawn. Good luck!
  2. You are possibly right, I'm basing my guess on my first games in ML. I seem to recall the spawns being in different places, but its been a while since those games happened... I seem to be stuck with my 400 days game and until FM came it I had almost forgotten how a cat tail looked like
  3. Master Drifter Man is currently taking a break IIRC. @Timber Wolf I don't think there is a fixed number of cattails. In the same way as other natural resources, the spawn locations difer from game to game. Additionally, cat tails are among the resources that get re-spawned from time to time after a big update.
  4. Nice topic for a mod! A few graphic modifications and it could very well work. I'm eager to see what the community is able to do when (if) the modding tools are provided.
  5. It would be quite interesting to see if you can find any of the three you haven't been looking for. IIRC there are 8 caches in ML. There could be a mechanic tagging which cache gets generated in each new game, and maye it won't change until you finally get that discovery. Just guessing, as indeed its odd that 50 new games didn't spawn any.
  6. @Hotzn I really doubt it mate. The game allows you to deploy the rope, I don't think this is the expected result of that action. This looks like a bug and has been around for some time:
  7. @Troxism is right, they keep feeling super random... however I have been experimenting a less painful experiencce on TWM as well during my last couple of hours in that locatio. I wouldn't bet is a game change due to the extreme randomness of the sprains, but it could have happened
  8. Maybe even rude! Jokes aside, I really hope HT has on their plans to add a realistic sky so we can use the stars to get some references.
  9. You got my vote The only logical thing when (if) seasons arrive to the sandbox would be to implement a mechanic for gathering water from a moving source (un-frozen rivers and waterfalls). The mechanic could be implemented sooner and I agree it should come with a penalty in wet clothes.
  10. suggestion

    Not all in game loot is RNG, some items are hand-placed or have a 100% chance of spawning somewhere in the map. Just wanted to throw this here before you discard the skill-behind-book mechanic (which I find interesting).
  11. Once again you managed to start a "snowball" effect that led to a massive game knowledge thread. Any player that wants to get proficient in this game just have to read through this 8 pages to know most of the survival tricks there are to be found in TLD Charge your batteries mate, the next wave may get bigger
  12. +1 Following @Kauffy's reasoning, the rails at the ravine should be fixed as well Its not like you are going to get up there a dozen times. You'll go up once, loot whatever you need and most probably won't ever return to face that hole, so you just have to dodge it once and move on
  13. it works the same as the magic water bottles. A small oil can will appear in your inventory after you cook any fish.
  14. Yo, I'm merely an observer as I rarely step out of Voyager but here is my view. Snares are not working so well, but they are working and producing guts. Use those guts to get fish. As you level it up you'll get rid of cabin fever, you'll have both food AND when cooked, oil, that you can use as accelerant to extend the life of your matches.
  15. You just met Fluffy. Isn't she cute? http://thelongdark.gamepedia.com/Fluffy It's not a bug. Remember to expect a fight when you get to the dam PS: Nice screenshot by the way!