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  1. @MarrowStone It does have the dude's face at the corner, but if you can't find it elsewhere, I guess this will do the trick. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  2. Although it has happened sometimes that the natural resources (saplings, old man's, mushrooms, etc) did respawn after a major update. I've also seen some of the fishing huts in CH re-load the loot recently. Some times, misterious things happen
  3. I think @AZHockeyNut refers to Stalker, not Interloper Your best bet for arrows are the dead bodies lying arround, specially in caves. Chances are super slim though, I don't think there is a guaranteed spawn of arrows.
  4. Falling doesn't matter, what matters is getting up again! Impressive data as always, master Drifter Man. Your struggle is very useful for the rest of us.
  5. I can't stand the sound. Everytime I hear it I put my lemon-face. I agree is the only sound in game I dislike, the rest are all just perfect.
  6. There is a sign at the door. It could be made a little bit easier to understand, thus rewarding the sharp-eyed
  7. The dark side is strong with this one. Will be really hard to resist the temptation to use it until it gets fixed
  8. That is the ultimate issue in this game. Humans are quite overpowered in this world because we can do many things the animals cannot However, in the game you could add some heavy cons: the feels like temperature dropes when you are up there; no wind protection; should be impossible to make a fire or sleep... and there should be a slight chance for the whole thing collapsing on blizzards and strong winds, which could cause major injuries from the fall.
  9. OMG You are climbing a tree! Does it only work on that one? It would be sooooo cool to be able to do this on some of the trees, in the end we humans have been climbing trees to avoid dangers since our early days. Our bodies are quite well designed for this task.
  10. Oh c'mon, don't get so rational with me now! I was trying to pull the rope and see if a spoiler was to be found in the end I'm completely puzzled about how the gameplay will change beyond sandbox mode, and really hyped to find out!
  11. If there is a topic I don't mind seeing over and over and over is this one I can perfectly picture the shock face when new people get through the door and only find out the mechanism when it's too late. At first it feels like devs are evil people, later on you can only bow to them for this clever flip Don't forget to check the hidden contents in @cekivi's answers if you are still frustrated!
  12. In sandbox mode uh? That extra clarification leads to think that we may find something different in Story Mode? *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* Say no more!
  13. It only makes sense, but on the other hand, it would make collecting water a no brainer in ML, TWM and PV. However an option would be to collect non-potable water from these places, so the tablets and the fire would still be necessary.
  14. My feelings with the new system are on the grey area as well. I appreciate the variety introduced: before the crafted clothes were no brainers, but I don't really enjoy the over-management in clothing. Too many layers to accomplish the same thing. More options are always welcome... but I don't really see the benefits of the new system worth the management and it turns quite heavy on resources like cloth. The movement penalties and weights of some clothing items are a bit over the top. I just had about 4-5 hours of experience though, so my opinion may change in the future. Further tuning is not only necessary but has been confirmed already in Raph's twitter (next patch will add some changes)
  15. Found about this the other day while looking for primitive fire making techniques. I don't think I've seen this mentioned here (if so, I'm sorry) so I though I'd share it: Source (there are several): http://illinoismushrooms.com/Tinder Fungi.html I think this could be particularly useful for Interloper.