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  1. Not really, I mean exactly what I wrote: the countdown is for the sandbox update But I get your point, a release date could be seen as a new countdown for the most eager of fans. Its slightly different though, and it happens all the time with marketing. For example in a movie, you first get a countdown for a trailer, and while you are watching it you also get the "on theaters on May the 4th".
  2. It seems I would be on the minority of TLD player base who would be extremely happy to receive a big sandbox update... I can definetely wait until the story mode is 100% completed... but I'm eager to see some aspect of the sandbox improved or expanded (AI, cooking, wildlife...and MORE REGIONS!). On the topic though... I have to say that I'm a bit confused as well. I'd bet for a sandbox update + the story more release date.
  3. @Ruruwawa It can be noticed by the clarity of your answer that its not the first time you talk about this Very well exposed! +1 on a whole.
  4. I'm still trying to understand the system. Don't really have any clear strategy yet... but I agree it doesn't really look to have a ton of different variables: get water and wind-resistent clothes on top and try to maximize warm and minimize weight on the rest. I still strugge to understand the amount of weight in clothes I need to pack since the resolute outfitter udpdate... Current clothe weight would only make sense when they are wet. Otherwise it feels weird, I'm having a hard time going down the 8kg of clothes. This feels quite forced and unnatural, but It could be that I just need more time to adjust to the change.
  5. Oh my, after all, it seems "soonday" is coming! PS: and now we now that "soon" is a 2 months time lapse in dev's slang
  6. The only thing missing is the backpack being actually... a backpack, that you can remove from your body I mean, why would I risk all my gear if I can leave it safe a few meters back while I try to get that particular item the sea just broght to shore? What I do is to hunt for these things naked. I leave all clothes in the ground before trying to grab anything. Edit: I've seen stuff in CH as well
  7. A GPS working after the geomagnetic storm? Don't go showing that to everybody, it could cost your head! PS: nice work!
  8. Great discussion guys. I had mixed feelings about this topic, at first my position was closer to @togg's but I can say that while reading I've kind of switched sides. At the end of the day, if you can learn interesting and useful things while enjoying a game, why not take the step? Point of agreement: 99.9% of TLD players will go for the head, and we won't have to hunt (hopefully) in our lives. This seems to be the biggest "con" to me. That said, I'm thankfull to @cekivi @mattyboi @Shane Retterand @Boston123 for the information shared. I hadn't ever thought about it that way and it makes perfect sense. The mind-picture of the poor deer with the jaw broken was heart-breaking. I also think including ethics into TLD would fit quite well. Maybe the hunting books, besides increasing the skill, could include actual information about how to hunt the different wildlife in the form of ilustrations so any player can learn the way the game works.
  9. Yeah, I don't like to see games downvoted in a childish way either. And I share your respect for self employed creators... but (and I'm again talking about the early access and kickstarter system in general, not about TLD) its important to remember that they are able to jump into those creative endeveours thanks to the crowd founding. I love the system and I'm a constant baker, my point is just about the necessity for the projects to run cycles understandables for those crowds. Otherwise the crowd founding could get a bad name and lose force. And please let me just make very clear that I'm not currently complaining about this game or how Hinterland if managing deadlines. I've very much enjoyed every single communication they have made since I joined the community. I was just digging into the interesting topic you opened talking about people "complaining" about timelines in Steam's EA reviews. Sorry if it went too OT, and apologies to the OP. While I'd like to keep going, I'd rather have it done in a different thread to avoid derailing even more.
  10. Well, take it as my humble opinion, but that sign is there not to avoid anyone to complain... but to avoid legal issues That's a Steam disclaimer, present in every single EA game in the Store. I don't know what most of the people do, but before I click on "buy" I tend to read what the developers have to say. Here is an example (not TLD). Obviously I'm not encouraging bashing devs, firing up flames in forums, or any short of bad behaviour. But complaining is not a bad thing if is done with respect. Criticism is not a bad thing. Critics are what makes us improve, and what usually let us see the forest behind all those trees. (Edit: by the way, quotes are always better when they include full sentences, otherwise it would lead to missinterpretation of the original meaning. Bolded part below for reference) I think people is completely entitled to buy an Early Access game and them complain about the time it takes to deliver the product, when it surpases the original estimations... I agree, we went too OT... I think you guys see the action of complaining in a harsher fashion that I do. I don't want to take this post hijack much further, but: 1 & 3. Its always part your own fault when you understimate the time it will take you to do something. Pointing the finger to the people rushing you will never fix the root cause. I'm not "bashing" anyone here. I think you are trying to make me realize developers are real people with feelings (thanks for the hint ) in order to deny a simple truth: is the real people who make mistakes. I dont want to hung them in the square, I'm not insulting anyone, I just said that, after deadlines are surpased, people should have at least the right to complain... in a polite way. 2. This was never a conversation about the money. Bottom line: the future will be better if we all give the best we have, while remaining open to hear other's people criticism about our actions without feeling so personally hurt that any improvement is denied by proud
  11. @cekivi Project Zomboid, The Forest and Stranded Deep are the ones I was referring to
  12. Interesting topic. Here is the thing... I think people is completely entitled to buy an Early Access game and them complain about the time it takes to deliver the product, when it surpases the original estimations... Which is, sadly, most of the times. Most of the EA projects tend to provide a generic and "approximate" release date (ie, summer 2017), which is then constantly moved forward. During 2014 I decided to jump into three early access games, and none of them is completed three years later. I understand the timelines being modified by either unexpected issues or an increase in the game scope based on the success of the EA campaign, but I also understand and feel the frustration around waiting for something during several years. I love the EA concept, and I love to have the chance to experiment first hand a development cycle. However I really think that a most realistic approach to deadlines is needed if this system wants to have any future. Its certainly not the case with TLD, which is already an incredibly good game worth every penny, but (again, sadly) is not the general rule with early access. Most of them get stuck, they don't get shipped, and if they do, their design cores are downgraded and the final user (and backer) is dissapointed.
  13. Thanks @Timber Wolf Amazing work! The level of detail and analysis of the data brings @Drifter Man back! By the way, maybe we should point @admin to this direction? Sounds like interesting data to present to the QA team. Could be worth a review
  14. Clearly "soon" represents amazingly well the theory of relativity