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  1. My new desktop wallpaper
  2. Lol Game of Thrones season 5 finale!
  4. Sorry to hear that, wishing @bethany every success in future endeavours.
  5. Problem with that is if your name is @GELtaz the game will start to look like an Alfred Hitchcock movie
  6. Some of the places I've worked you needed a safe as some people thought the fridge contents were fair game!
  7. I had a fun food poll on here once suggesting spam and marmite but took it down as some take polls too seriously and were asking for edits and additions good ole compo:
  8. Don't think I've noticed a post since GDC in last month, neither here or on steam...
  9. How factual this is I don't know but:
  11. paper money is plastic these days and melts instead of burning
  12. I'm like Jon Snow, I know nothing
  13. I have indeed but can't say more without a possible spoiler alert or getting into trouble with admin